Yangmei Ancient Town of Nanning

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Yangmei Ancient Town of Nanning

Yangmei Ancient Town of Nanning
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Fake old town
Dec 2018 • Couples
This town is not ancient. Apart from some beams and stones here and there it's a village build within the last 20-30 years, so to call it an ancient village is out of proportions. Its a nice place though, so if they had just names it what it was its still worth a visit for the fun of it. The old bikes hung on the wall was a fun highlight, and among the few old things there 😉
Written December 4, 2018
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Richard W
Nanning, China3 contributions
Really Old
Jun 2018 • Friends
Take a guild from the area. The vebal history is what makes the town come alive. The main product is peanuts. Interesting how they harvest them. Food was excellent. Doesn't take long to walk through the town. Ask permission before you take close up pictures of people
Written July 22, 2018
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Sydney, Australia33 contributions
Yangmei ancient town
Nov 2015 • Friends
This old town is in a ridiculously inaccessible location on a sort of pensinsula surrounded by meanders of the Yong River. It is about 3 km from a freeway, as the crow flies, but you can't get there from there. I am amazed that our driver even managed to find it. It seemed to be about 40 km driving around in circles to get there. It is close to the new Nanning-Kunming railway, the road crosses under the new railway about four times.
It is an old town, with a lot of new construction going on. There are three or four old buildings that you can actually go inside, some restaurants, shops selling alleged local specialty foods, not all that convincing. Took a boat ride on the river which went about 1 km up the river and then 2 km down the river, saw some limestone formations, only so-so. There is another pseudo old town near Nanning, which is not quite as good as this one, so if you only bother to see one of them, this one.
I am not sure how you would get there, if you didn't have a driver. There were several mid-sized buses in the carpark, so presumably there is some kind of tour from nanning.
Written July 23, 2016
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gurbir S
11 contributions
Just Ok Ok
Feb 2016 • Friends
It was a unique experience but not my type because in reality it is just old village to see. Nothing special about this.
Written February 19, 2016
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China673 contributions
Quiet, natural ancient town with honourable history
Nov 2015 • Solo
Very quiet, a small town where residents are very simple, suitable for meditation. But there is no tourist in 6-7Pm, best to come back on the same day. Handicraft there is special and distinctive.
The first feeling when I came to the ancient town is that it doesn’t like a tourist attraction, but a natural country in my childhood memories. Buildings mainly are from the Ming and Qing dynasties, of which the Qing dynasty building occupies most. The Mottled door telling the vicissitudes of history, in general it is not as fascinating as other famous ancient towns like Lijiang, Dali and Phoenix Town. The scenery is nothing special for a person who has already visited similar ancient town. But I’m not disappointed; still the town has its own style. Yangmei ancient town is suitable for those who seldom visit ancient town and natural country, for visitors stayed a few days in Nanning and can arrange one day trip to visit.
Yangmei Town began to rise in the Song dynasty, for the convenient water transportation at that time. But it also declined as water transportation no longer play key role in modern times. With that said, this historical town has experienced thousands of years. Yangmei developed in the Ming dynasty and is prosperous in the Qing dynasty. What's especially interesting is that Yangmei in Ming and Qing dynasties is the hometown and cradle of “juren”(a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties). There have more than 10 houses where lived the generations with the past glory of "juren”.The oldest “juren” house was built in 1573, Ming dynasty, 400 years ago, few of the remaining brick and wood structure building of Ming dynasty. With blue bricks and green tiles, it looks solemn and elegant outside. Even more impressive is that the interior furnishings and furnitures are also handed down from generation to generation. Today there still lived many juren off springs, lived in the house where their ancestors once lived in ancient times. A juren offspring may still clearly remember the genealogy of their ancestors; they would even whisper to you seriously, "I have multi-generational juren ancestors".
Written December 10, 2015
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Clifton, NJ118 contributions
Yang Mei "not so old" town
Nov 2015 • Friends
This town is approximately 200 years old. Some things in China are 2000 years old. This was an amusing day out from Nanning, but I wouldn't recommend it. Rough roads, lots of flies. Lots of better things to do. They are renovating most of the town. Time better spent elsewhere. In my opinion.
Written November 5, 2015
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Singapore, Singapore43 contributions
It is not an old town
Mar 2015 • Couples
Expect to see something old like Hutong BUT most of the villagers have already tore down the old buildings and were constructing new ones. Thank goodness we took a cab for 17 yuan and catch a public transport for 17 yuan to bring us there. Else we will be wasting money if we have booked a transport for 500 yuan or join a tour group for 120 yuan to do that.
Written March 9, 2015
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Shanghai, Shanghai, China45 contributions
Not much here but it's a great ride
Feb 2014 • Couples
Honestly there's not much here, but if you're in Nanning for a few days and looking for someplace to ride a bike or motorcycle, the ride to Yangmei is a good one, and will take you on a tour of China's backcountry. It's only an hour away, so get here, sit by the river, have some of the fried river fish, have a LiQ beer, and head back. Makes for a nice afternoon.
Written April 12, 2014
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Nanning, China5 contributions
Oct 2013 • Friends
A great place to see how people lived in ancient China. Although some parts have been modernized there is still an old feeling to the town. Excellent food cooked traditionally and a huge amount of locally and traditionally prepared products. A great day trip.
Written December 7, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Singapore, Singapore550 contributions
Faraway Ancient Town
Dec 2012 • Family
Looking for the bus to travel to Yangmei was easy as it is near to the Railway Station. But the bus travels at odd times and we had to wait about a hour before it takes off.

At first the bus ride was acceptable but as soon as it enters the smaller road leading to the villages enroute to Yangmei, we began to notice that the villages brought up their produce or goods and the bus began to get crowded.

Near to Yangmei Town, two gentlemen said to be ticket sellers came up to our bus and asked for entrance tickets to the village! RMB 20 each which we paid! And we were given a few receipts.

Expecting to see Ming dynasty buildings we were surprised that the building there were quite modern. The town seemed to have prospered as a result of tourists visiting. We walked the streets and went to the river where it was busiest. As it was lunch time, we had our lunch at one of the `restaurant' beside the river. It was home-cooked food. We wanted to taste the local chicken but the shop-keeper wants us to buy the whole chicken. There were two of us with a kid, how to eat it all. So we asked for fried 'chai poh' (salted turnip) with eggs. When this dish came we were surprised that the whole plate was full of `chai poh'. How to eat them all?

We visited a manor, a big house said to be occupied by a rich man. I asked if the family are still living there and the answer was yes.

Other than the big manor, we did not explore any other places.

On the way, we saw an old house, said to be the house of a Chinese leader whose picture was hang in the house.

The bus ride has tired us all and soon we boarded the bus on our way to Nanning. It would take us over three hours to arrive at the same bus terminal near to the Railway Station.
Written January 7, 2013
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