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Ultimate Kilimanjaro® - The #1 Guide Service on Mount Kilimanjaro. Every year, we lead over 150 climbs and guide more than 1,000 people. Our clients have included celebrities, film makers, senators, ambassadors, authors, and journalists. We have successfully guided the world record holder for the oldest person (an 89 year old woman), a disabled war veteran (with two prosthetic legs), and a United States Senator to the summit. All agree, you won’t find a better Kilimanjaro. Our expert guides, high quality standards, and focus on safety have made us the top choice for thousands of customers from all over the world. In short, we know what it takes to get you to the summit – in an safe, fun, and affordable way. Thousands of people have stood on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with us. Won’t you join us on the Roof of Africa?
Moshi, Tanzania
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Frances R
1 contribution
Sep 2021
I just did the Lemosho Route with Ultimate Kilimanjaro and had a phenomenal experience. Festo was our lead guide and he was not only a great guide but also a lot of fun to be around. The other three guides (Joseph, Kotlieb, and Safari) were also amazing and I highly recommend requesting them for your trip.

Ultimate Kilimanjaro thought of every single detail. The day before we started there was a very in depth briefing about what to expect, what to make sure you had, etc. Once on the trail there was a team of 30 porters who carried our overnight bags, all the tents/gear, food, and even a private toilet! They handled every little detail. Once we got to camp they would fill up water bottles, provide snacks in the dining tent, direct you to your tent which already had your bag inside, and they even dusted off your hiking boots after each hike. It was an unbelievable level of service. The meals we had were very hearty and delicious and we definitely had way more than enough food.

The trek itself was great. The terrain changed each day, making for great views and scenery. The hikes were challenging but definitely doable. The guides provided ample opportunities to stop and rehydrate without making the pace too slow. The campsites were also great and many had really, really good views of the night sky. Definitely the best night skies I've ever seen - you could clearly see a ton of stars, the Milky Way, and even shooting stars each night. On summit day the guides brought along 2 extra porters so that we had almost a ratio of 1:1 trekkers to guides/porters for help. We got to the summit right around sunrise and it was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced, seeing the sun rise about the clouds along with great views of Meru, glaciers, and the crater.

The whole trip was extremely rewarding and a great time. The other people on the trek were super fun to be around and chat with and also made the experience extra memorable. I can't recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro or the Lemosho Route enough!
Written September 16, 2021
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Saint Paul, MN30 contributions
Sep 2020
It is remarkable how Ultimate Kilimanjaro adapted and enabled a visually impaired senior to successfully summit Mt. Kilimanjaro.
The crew all worked together to look after us like family. I took the 8-day Lemosho route in September, with some schedule accommodation to ensure my safety. The significance of this choice of route is that it has two high altitude acclimatization days (climb high, sleep low) built in. So, I do not think it was entirely luck that I did not succumb to altitude sickness, even during the ascent to the summit.

We were served a wide variety of fresh food (resupplied along the way). The cook magically delivered 3-course meals from a single burner propane stove! I particularly liked the local stew of meat and plantains. The team quickly learnt to give me audio cues and signals to negotiate the many steep rock scrambles. Someone was always on hand to assist me, if needed, especially on the scree descent.

I highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro for their flexibility, professionalism, and care of clients (including the disabled). Embrace the experience, no matter where you on the mountain.
Pole, pole!

Thank you Deus, Happy-God, Richard, Shawn, Emanuel, Albert, Dan, Richard, John, and all our porters for making a dream come true!
Written September 30, 2020
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Jeanne G
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States15 contributions
Jan 2020 • Friends
Ultimate Kilimanjaro provided us a premier experience. It was myself(56), my husband(56) and our 2 sons (20s). Added to our group were 3 other males(2 in their 30s and 1 in his 50s)
Duess and Niko were responsible for getting us to the top. They administered health checks twice a day and were a wealth of knowledge. Richard, our waiter, made sure we were eating right to get us to the top. He always had a “Surprise”. Our cook was phenomenal and even made a delicious celebratory cake using his mountain “kitchen”. Luis always had our water bladders and bottles filled and also accompanied us to the top for extra man power( yes he ended up carrying backpacks), Muhammad had our tents and bags always ready to go, washed our boots and hung our clothes to dry at the end of each days hike. Pascal, well he kept the toilet “fresh”.
Altitude over attitude. Safety was their number 1 concern. Their goal is to get you to the top, as long as your healthy! We had one person leave on day two. An assistant guide and a porter went down with him and accompanied him to the hospital. They reported back to us that all was OK with mild and. They supported us to get to the top as long as we were only tired and they could help but if the altitude was affecting our health that would trump our desire to get to the top. They carried oxygen in case of an emergency. The remaining 6 of us made the summit. They brought 2 “summit porters”. To help us carry our backpacks and to assist us in the final push.
By the end we were all 1 family and everyone called me “mama”.
Everything was very well coordinated and communicated both on and off the mountain.
A top notch company that I highly recommend!
Written January 14, 2020
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Dale B
New York City, NY43 contributions
Feb 2020
Ultimate Kilimanjaro's safety protocols were seriously lacking on our trip. They stated they carried a portable stretcher and that helicopter evacuations were available - when, in fact, neither were true. When one of our group members got extremely ill with High Altitude Sickness - they offered no oxygen, we had to beg for an evacuation, and the company refused to accept responsibility for how it was handled and refused to reimburse the extra costs incurred.

They wouldn't work with our group to resolve the concerns and after three emails stated they would no longer respond to any emails or queries. This is not a company that takes costumer satisfaction seriously.
Written May 6, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.
We conducted a thorough review of the events involving Dale on Mount Kilimanjaro after he and his family made serious accusations about the Ultimate Kilimanjaro team. In the process, we spoke to the guides who were part of his expedition, evaluated his daily health check logs, and reviewed the field notes, including incident logs and guide reports that are generated for every climb. Our findings were communicated to Dale and family. They are presented below so readers can form their own conclusions. 1. Our incident log from the trip stated that "All climbers believed that Dale should have been evacuated before the summit or stopped from attempting the summit." Dale accused the guides of not adhering to the Lake Louise Scoring System (LLSS) that would have prevented him from attempting the summit. The daily health check log showed Dale had few symptoms of altitude sickness in the days leading up to the summit. Despite Dale's suggestion that his LLSS records should have precluded a summit attempt, he only reported having "a little headache" and being "a little tired" - a total score of 2 on the LLSS. This does not qualify for even mild AMS on the LLSS, which requires a score of 3 to 5 for mild AMS. Additionally, Dale's daily health check contradicts his claim that he had been awake for 48 hours prior to the summit attempt. His LLSS questionnaire showed his self reported sleep rating as a "1" (OK, woke a few times) on the night before. The night of the summit attempt, Dale's oxygen saturation level was 86% and his pulse was 75 at Barafu (high camp), both of which are quite good. Many clients with similar readings go on to summit successfully and safely. CONCLUSION: There was no reason to prevent Dale from attempting the summit based on his reported condition and health check readings. 2. Dale stated that he was having "difficulty breathing" during the summit attempt. He stated that he told the guides that he thought he should head back down three times, but was encouraged by the guides to continue the ascent. It is common for nearly every client to experience symptoms of AMS during the ascent to the top and descent back to base camp. Difficulty breathing, or being short of breath, is a mild symptom of AMS and in it of itself does not mandate evacuation. "Difficulty breathing" would not have been regarded as an emergency but as a normal circumstance. He was encouraged to continue like the thousands of clients before him who also were physically challenged on the final ascent. If Dale was in serious condition, our guides were unaware based on his communication, health readings, and performance. Dale and his brothers took exception to the pace of the ascent. One brother claimed they were "almost jogging" and there were "no breaks" during the summit attempt. Our records, and common sense, disprove this. The trip log shows a seven hour time frame from high camp to the summit, which is average (6-8 hours is the typical range). It was not particularly fast or slow, which indicates that the whole group was performing OK. Furthermore, short breaks (5-10 minutes) are normally taken every hour. If conditions are cold and windy, like they were on this summit night, there may be fewer breaks or shorter breaks to prevent climbers from becoming cold. However, to claim there were no breaks at all for seven hours of trekking is absurd. CONCLUSION: On the way to the summit, Dale was not displaying or communicating severe signs of illness and therefore was not turned around. 3. Dale stated that when he arrived back at high camp, he was wheezing and could hardly stand. His oxygen saturation was at 71%. He was evacuated via stretcher off the mountain. Dale's condition had deteriorated during the descent. Contrary to Dale and his brother's account, our guides noted that Dale's oxygen level was 77% not 71% at high camp. Nevertheless, the protocol would have been the same with either reading, to get Dale to lower altitude as fast as possible. We apologized for the misinformation on our website, which previously stated that portable stretchers were carried on all routes. Our guides only carry portable stretchers on the Northern Circuit and Rongai routes as there are no wheeled stretchers, provided by the park, for long distances on these routes. On all other routes, our staff does not carry portable stretchers but relies on the wheeled stretchers located strategically throughout the park. Because Dale's climb was on the Lemosho route, our staff did not have a portable stretcher. Dale and the team had to walk to a location where wheeled stretchers were kept to begin evacuation. We have corrected this information on our website as a result of this incident. Helicopter evacuation on the mountain is conducted by a private company, Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue (KSAR). At the time of Dale's climb, the service was not operating for unknown reasons. We have no control over their business and do not guarantee that helicopter evacuation will always be available. 4. Third party doctors on the mountain administered high altitude medication twice, recommended oxygen, and said Dale needed to go to a hospital. It appears that a contributing factor to Dale and his family's belief that our guides were negligent was based upon advice received from husband and wife doctors encountered on the descent. However, we do not know who these doctors were and what the extent of their experience is in dealing with high altitude medicine. The administration of medication is contrary to the high altitude training that our guides receive. Our training advises against administering Diamox once a client is already descending. The use of oxygen is subjective as well and not always required, especially when an ill climber is visibly and objectively improving - as Dale was. One of Dale's brothers claimed it was the Ultimate Kilimanjaro guides' intention to remain at 13,000 feet for the night. This is completely inaccurate. All evacuations are assessed during the descent to determine whether the condition of the client improves at a lower altitude. If the client’s condition has improved, it is very possible that they may stop at Mweka Camp, which is at 10,000 ft. Dale's oxygen levels were checked at Millennium Camp (12,500 ft) and were at 85%. He had improved, but because he was still coughing, he was evacuated off the mountain and taken to hospital. At the hospital, Dale was examined and released. If it was a severe illness, Dale would have been admitted overnight. One of Dale's brothers stated that the fact that our team was assisted by porters from another operator during the evacuation was evidence of Ultimate Kilimanjaro's crew being "completely unprepared." This is incorrect. The evacuation was completed by one assistant guide, 8 of our porters and 2 porters from other companies. This is the compulsory procedure for stretcher evacuations which is monitored by the park rangers. The company who is undertaking the evacuation has to provide most of the porters, but we have to ensure that the group that is left on the mountain has enough staff to safely continue their climb. Other operators will therefore volunteer some of their porters to assist with the evacuation. This is regular procedure and in similar circumstances, we would be expected to lend porters to other operators for their evacuations. CONCLUSION: We have thoroughly reviewed this account with the guide team, other staff and directors. We did not find that the guides breached any of our safety procedures. We told Dale and his brother that we would work with them to file a travel insurance claim for the expenses that are covered in their policy. This includes hospital bills, extra hotel nights, and the lost days on the mountain. However, Dale and his family threatened to sue if we did not offer a refund for the whole trip (climb and safari) for entire party, including the four members who were unaffected by Dale's evacuation. One member boasted that he had already convinced another party not to book with us and would "go out of their way" to spread negative reviews. Thereafter, we ceased communications with Dale and his family.
Written May 21, 2020
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Ada W
Sydney, Australia7 contributions
Jan 2022 • Couples
Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2022 on the 8 day Lemosho route with Ultimate Kilimanjaro. The route was very scenic, passing through a range of different landscapes. Summit day in particular was more difficult than the other days - we started hiking around midnight and the conditions were very cold and windy (~100kmph winds). However our group of 8 had four guides (August - the lead guide, Ewald, Godfrid and Thadey) and we felt very safe in their capable hands. On summit day, our team of guides went above and beyond to help us reach the summit - they helped with everything from pulling water bottles and snacks out of our backpacks, tying laces, adjusting headlamps to singing mountain songs and chanting words of encouragement to keep our spirits up. There were two hikers in the group that felt unwell from day 2, but the guides went above and beyond to help them (carrying their day packs, monitoring and conducting extra health checks, delivering food to their tents etc). It was comforting to know that had we been unwell, we would have also been well looked after.

We also have to commend the porters and cook, with a special shout out to the guys that looked after the toilet, tents and our waiter. They all worked tirelessly to make the hike as comfortable as possible for us.

I highly recommend doing the Kilimanjaro hike and recommend the team and guides (and in particular the lead guide, August) we used at Ultimate Kilimanjaro!
Written January 18, 2022
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Hong Kong, China82 contributions
Jun 2021 • Friends
Overall what an experience by the entire Ultimate Kilimanjaro team. I was a private group of 1, with 1 guide (Nico), 1 cook (Justin), and 8 porters (William, Lucas, Raymond, Oscar, Dennis, Davis, David, and pascal). The “Dream Team”. I would’ve never made it to the summit without all of their help and hard work. Shawn in booking was very professional and prompt with emails. The entire operation is flawless, and requires just booking, UK will handle the rest from there. There was a driver waiting for me when I arrived at the airport in JRO and took me direct to the hotel. Nico my guide was professional, knowledgeable, and knew exactly what it took to pace myself to get to the summit. (Pole pole) he knew the mountain/trails/and surrounding areas. If you want to eat like a king on a side of the mountain at altitudes ranging from 10,000ft -15,0000ft then Justin is your cook. I had something different everyday (veggie pizza, double burger, steak, banana stew, sandwiches, chicken fingers (amazing), pastas, etc etc). Even for my birthday Justin made a legit birthday cake, WOW! Thank you! All the porters were extremely friendly and nice and very excited for me accomplishing my goal of making it to the top of Africa. I have not one bad thing to say about Ultimate Kilimanjaro or any advice. I accomplished the 8 day Lemosho route which was a perfect pace, amazing views, and gave my body the best chance to conquer the summit. Also the packing list, the guides, the itinerary listed on their website is spot on what to expect. If you want to summit, be comfortable, have great staff and service then UK is the company you want. Health screening 2x daily made me feel comfortable and that they cared about my safety above all, and not just taking advantage of me. Thank you again all! Will recommend 5/5 to anyone interesting in climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and completing your bucket list safely. Asante sana!
Written July 29, 2021
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Mike Azzarello
6 contributions
Jan 2020
I whole-heartedly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro if you are considering taking on the mountain.

My wife and our friend and I decided to climb the mountain and from the day-before briefing all the way to saying goodbye at the hotel we felt like we were in good, knowledgeable, and friendly hands. The level of care, knowledge, service, and fun we had makes them well worth it. It's definitely not an easy undertaking and the team was there every step of the way helping.

Ultimate has a fun, successful, and ethical approach to the climb and made it fun as well as something I'll never forget. It's hard to describe but you can tell when you're on the mountain that all the other touring groups respect Ultimate and it's because they are consistent and incredible.

If I ever decide to go back to the mountain or hear that any of my friends are visiting - I'll sing the praises without hesitation. Thanks Ultimate!!
Written March 1, 2020
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Katie L
6 contributions
Feb 2022
We did a 5 day safari with Ultimate Kilimanjaro and it was an incredible experience. The Tanzanian national parks were beautiful and very varied, the wildlife was unbelievable, the guide and service provided by Ultimate Kilimanjaro were outstanding and the accommodations were top notch. Our driver, Dhili, was clearly both passionate and extremely knowledgable about all of the animals/birds and he took great pleasure in sharing this information with us (not just what animal it was, but its migration patterns, whether it lives alone or is social, mating patterns, etc.) . His ability to find animals/birds was unsurpassed (we saw all of the 'big five' and then some on our safari). Each day he talked with other guides and was constantly listening to the radio to find new animals that we wanted to see and sites to show us. When we wanted to visit a Maasai village, knew exactly where to take us. The vehicles were well equipped, with padded cushions to help with the "African massage" of the rough roads, guide books, binoculars, etc. While other safari companies were serving box lunches, Dhili also set up and served a hot lunch each day at a pleasant picnic site. Our tented camp stay in the middle of the Serengeti was amazing and included a very unique setting, luxurious accommodations, and wonderful service (they even did a special birthday meal for my husband). While there, we sat around a large campfire one night, with hyenas, antelope and giraffe all close by.
We went in February, which is just before the long rainy season, and several months before the great migration, but were fortunate to see many of the animals (giraffes, elephants, water buffalo, antelope) with their babies, which was a unique experience.
We visited Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation Area, the Serengeti and Tarangire National Park. All were different and outstanding in their own right.
While Ultimate Kilimanjaro is very well known for their superior guide service on the mountain, their safari experience is equally excellent and we cannot recommend them enough.
Written February 25, 2022
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Charles R
Jasper, IN2 contributions
Jul 2021
I recently climbed Kilimanjaro with 3 friends using Ultimate Kilimanjaro via the 8 day Lemosho route. We had debated on several different companies before selecting Ultimate Kilimanjaro and we were more than happy with our decision. Ezekiel(lead guide), assistant guides(I wish I could name them all) cooks and porters were on top of every detail and made sure we were comfortable, well fed and healthy for the summit. A member of our group had a birthday enroute and they were resourceful and thoughtful enough to bake a cake!

The equipment was in good shape. Tents were dry and sleeping bags were more than warm enough throughout, even at base camp before summit night. Camp was always setup when we arrived and our tents were cleaned up from the dirt we may have dragged in the night before. (and our shoes were brushed up by the camp leader as we entered camp each day!)

On summit day, the guides really shined by assisting with every need and ensured our entire group made it to the top! It’s not very easy to function with mittens on!

We could have gone with a company that offered a cheaper price but were concerned about the level of service they would provide. Conversely, we were aware of companies that were charging much more and after our experience with UK we all felt that the extra cost could not have improved the experience in anyway. Best value for the money! Thanks Ultimate Kilimanjaro!
Written July 28, 2021
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enrico l
1 contribution
Jul 2023 • Family
We (Dutch family with 3 children, 23-20-16yrs old) went up the Kilimanjaro through the Lemosho route in the 2nd week of July, with a group of 14 people in total. It was truly a fantastic experience. The support and organization from the Ultimate Kilimanjaro was simply amazing. The whole team, from the guides (August, Richard, Meshak, Barak, Joseph, Gotlib), cooks (Reginald), to all the porters (>40) etc was very professional and extremely kind to each and everyone of us. The clear briefings before and after each hike, the health checks twice a day, the attention to details, all contributed to the success and pleasure of the climb. The climb in itself is not technical, but should not be underestimated from the physical point of view. Getting used to the altitude (especially for a Dutch family living below sea level) was sometimes quite demanding, especially on the last climb to the top. I doubt we could have made it without the help of the team. That's why we would highly recommend this organization to anyone envisaging climbing up the Kilimanjaro. The team yells will stay imprinted in our memories for many years to come: "One team, one dream! Non-stop, to the top" Most of all, we will always remember the very nice atmosfere during the whole trip, the beauty of sunrise at the top and carry with us the special bond we felt with the whole team including all members of our group of 14. We feel very privileged and thankful for this beautiful experience.
Written July 31, 2023
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