Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico

Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico, Leticia: Hours, Address, Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico Reviews: 4.5/5

Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico

Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Ethnobotanical center of environmental interaction. The park includes a large Collection of endemic plants, fruits of the Amazon, cultural scenerios, and the Aquarium. Here you can see the plants from the Amazon and explore their uses in an interactive experience. You will have a fun and unforgettable time learning about the jungle, and ecological processes we are developing to help the people and the rainforest. At the aquarium you will encounter exotic fish and reptiles only found here in the Amazon.This unforgettable experience is only 15 minutes away from Lecticia.ior citizens, and visitors with disabilities.
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Pablo C
90 contributions
Not worth it
Dec 2019 • Family
Our hotel recommended this tour as being good for children, so we went with our nature-loving eight-year old. The truth is I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, and can’t help but feel a little sad for those who think this is a representative sample of or worthy introduction to the Amazon. The entire walk occurs in a surprisingly small area, where a disappointingly basic selection of plants and trees are covered by a native tour guide, who talks very briefly about pseudo-botany and quite extensively about irrelevant, seemingly improvised personal anecdotes that are sometimes inappropriate for children. Luckily, our son who is usually very interested in fauna and flora, was so bored he’d wander away from the group and missed the worst parts of this woman’s nonsensical spiel, which seemed aimed at making the tour feel longer than it really should be, therefore justifying the admission price. The “aquarium” is an array of a few homemade glass tanks on tables inside a dirty hut, with only the most basic species confined to these tiny glass dungeons. The “rubber museum” is a sparse collection of framed photographs in an even tinier hut, and it’s a shame because the story of rubber in this region is interesting enough to merit a better investment.
Someone who seemed like the owner or administrator greeted us warmly at the entrance and bode farewell at the exit, inquiring if we’d had a good time, but our transportation was waiting and I felt telling him the truth would take way too much time. It’s not easy to say all of this face-to-face, considering there’s just so much to improve. Signage can be more informative and well researched. The aquarium needs to be redone entirely, with a more spacious, humane approach. The museum could be supplemented and expanded. Above all, while it’s great that they’re natives, tour guides need to be more knowledgeable and careful about the content of their discourse.
Written December 25, 2019
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alexandria, virginia302 contributions
Excellent native guide
Jun 2019 • Couples
A summary of how the natives live, housing, plants, and fish. A very good guide who took us to 4 stations explaining how the natives live along the amazon. You can take a tour or go on your own. Pay 10,000 pesos per station. There are also hiking trails. It was very informative. Lunch is also available . Took us about 3 hours.
Written July 4, 2019
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Auckland Central, New Zealand6 contributions
Excellent guide and experience
Mar 2019 • Family
This was one of our first tours in Leticia and we loved it! We learnt so much and got a great introduction to the jungle. We were a mixed group of small kids aged 6 and 8 years ranging to over 70 years and we all enjoyed it.
Written April 7, 2019
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Bruce B
Ottawa, Canada115 contributions
Excellent Amazon jungle attraction
Jan 2019 • Couples
We agree with PaulB, so read his review! We took a taxi out and purchased two of the five activities, had lunch, and purchased another activity. The staff called a taxi to take us back to town. In hindsight, we should have booked the full day, with transport, from our hotel. The lunch was outstanding, the best meal we had in Leticia.
Written January 14, 2019
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San Juan, Puerto Rico372 contributions
Easy Introduction to Jungle, Medicinal Plants, Culture and more....
Nov 2018 • Friends
We went on our last day in Leticia and were happy to find that this is not a over-produced touristy attraction, but a family-run effort to inform guests about the culture, plants and life in the jungle. We only did one circuit - the Cultural Overview which we used to answer questions that we had from tours earlier in the week. The guides were very willing to answer questions and did not limit themselves to a 'script'. If we had more time, I would have liked to do the Amazon products tour as well. Our guide said the lunch was excellent - but we already had other plans.
Written December 2, 2018
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Paul B
Coquimbo, Chile11 contributions
Mundo Amazónico Review
Nov 2018 • Solo
“Fantastic”, “Amazing”, “Unique”, “Unreal”, “Thrilling”, “Unforgettable” are some of the words I could use to describe my experience at Mundo Amazonico.

I took the complete tour (all routes) and each of them was unique and special. The detailed explanation of each plant, fruit, leaves and trees was extraordinary. My tour guide was an indigenous local who was nice & funny but also schooled & educated. There was no question she could not answer.

One of the highlights was traditional lunch. Amazing fresh food using native Amazonian ingredients, natural juice using Amazonian fruits, 100% organic.

The Amazon tea house was another great experience, very educative as I learnt about the native leaves and their natural properties & remedies, such as Copoazú (my favorite), Araza, Açaí, Agueje, etc.

There are also fun & unique activities such as using a local bow for shooting arrows and blow piping for shooting darts.

Last activity for an amazing closure was an hour walk through the Amazon jungle.

Owners Rafael Clavijo & Milena Mayorga are amazing hosts, humble & professionals.

Paul Beltran
Written November 12, 2018
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Kirsty M
Edinburgh, UK32 contributions
Disappointed - perhaps unlucky
Oct 2018 • Couples
On our last day in Leticia we were excited to visit mundo amazonico. We took the bus there (its approx 15-20 mins) and were nicely greeted on arrival. We chose to do the Bio commercial products tour, which was advertised as learning about the products and sustainable processes that are used to produce local products in the amazon, such as honey, making marmalades, chocolates, and including tasting of natural teas (aromaticas). We were under the impression that each tour option is supposed to last around 45 minutes. We understand decent Spanish so we took the Spanish tour.

We were just really disappointed as the tour lasted for about 15 minutes and only consisted of us walking very slowly around a small trail, with the guide occasionally pointing out different trees and fruits. We weren't really told anything about the processes and the guide only expanded upon his pointing out when we asked questions. For example, for the chocolate, he just pointed out the cacao fruit then we moved on. Nothing about marmalades, sustainability, no tasting... It just really wasn't what we were expecting.

After the 15ish minutes we were back at the beginning and the other guide asked us what activity we wanted to do next. We couldn't believe it was finished already. I know 10,000cop isn't a lot of money but we are long term travelling on low budget and it is quite expensive for a 15, 20 mins max tour (especially when you are then expected to do more). We politely complained to the guide and explained that we hadn't tasted the teas or had anything explained. Only then did we get another guide who was more talkative and we tasted teas with him, then he showed us their products for sale in a cabinet. If we hadn't asked, that would probably not have happened. After our experience we decided not to do another tour and return to Leticia.

Perhaps we were unlucky with our guide or the route that we chose, and I generally don't like to write negative reviews (especially as we like to help places promoting sustainability and environmental protection) but we were really excited about our visit here, and disappointed given the other amazing reviews.
Written October 29, 2018
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Eva T
Amsterdam, The Netherlands19 contributions
Family owned, beautiful gardens and very informative
Dec 2017 • Friends
the owners speak English which makes that we learned a lot of extra information about the amazon. We had a great tour and food. Also listening to the shaman's stories was very moving. They work together with the indigenous community. Its a family owned garden and you can see the love they put into it. Definitely a must go to when you are in Letitia.
Written March 2, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Marc F
Sandy, UT227 contributions
Educational Experience & Excercise
Feb 2018 • Family
We had 5 of us on this tour and it proved to be all we had hoped in both a deep learning experience and a lot of walking through the large botanical gardens. This was once a cattle ranch, but proved difficult to manage in the tropical environment. The owner has turned this land into something you don’t want to miss. The talented and knowledgeable staff will impress upon you how many plants are used to help you in your daily life. Not just tropical fruits and herbs, but plants used in RX medications and commercial business. They have earned stunning reviews and awards over the years they have been in business.
This is not a walk in the park. I can only suggest you wear shoes you would wear on a long hike, don’t bring your children in a stroller, it’s not for everyone. Although all that enter will earn a deep respect for all the time and energy they’ve put into building this stellar experience into a rewarding destination.
The primary experience is offered in Spanish without interpretation, I’ve read in reviews arrangements have been made for an interpreter or the owner has offered their time to provide the tour in English. You can take your chances or call ahead, but plan for it in Spanish. There’s a great adventure for you here, try not to miss it while in Leticia.
Written February 21, 2018
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Maineville, OH155 contributions
Jungle light
Nov 2017 • Couples
We tromped through the jungle portion with a guide that did not speak much English. Pretty interesting and an easy way to see the jungle. Garden was better, quite interesting
Written November 28, 2017
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