Red Planet Expedition - Day Trip

Red Planet Expedition - Day Trip

Red Planet Expedition - Day Trip
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Our building is located between Sucre and Camacho Street on the Ferroviaria. Av .You will recognized it with its black and orange colors and a sliding door
Uyuni, Bolivia

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Very good

Melbourne, Australia56 contributions
We had read a number of negative reviews in the lead up to our tour so we were well equipped to avoid any potential issues (eg theft, scams etc). We locked our bags at all times (including carry on backpacks), and we were prepared with our own sleeping bags and pillow cases for the sleeping conditions. Food was edible (except breakfast #1) and generally there was enough food to not be left hungry. The highlight was the salt plains and the spa night, but other than that we wouldn’t book this tour again.

The biggest issues we had:
1) Vehicle
- our 4WD was one of two on our tour. Our 4WD was absolutely unroadworthy. The windscreen was dangerously cracked in multiple places and the car was old and dirty. It wasn’t until the last day that we realised the alternative vehicle was new, with inbuilt rear view camera screens, Bluetooth and most importantly was roadworthy. Red Planet really needs to provide safe vehicles with intact windscreens.
2) Tour guide
-Unfortunately our tour guide proved to be a rude and dodgy sleezebag which really let down the experience. His constant sexual references made participants feel very uncomfortable. He was also rude and treated participants as though they were on a primary school trip
3) Numerous additional expenses not listed
-On the first day, we stopped at a “salt factory”. This was the dodgiest tourist experience we have ever had the misfortune of participating in. There was a table of salt, and some Bolivian guy fills up a plastic bag of salt. We are told to “have our cameras ready to watch” the guy proceeds to seal the bag!! That was the show. We were then heavily pressured to pay 5bs per person for privelage (because “they don’t earn much money”). Absolute scam!
-you will need 6bs per person to enter the spa. If crossing the border you also need to pay 15bs to customs for an exit stamp. This was not documented on our paperwork.
-you will need money for water and if you want to buy wine for the spa night
-if you did not bring a towel or toilet paper for the “hotels” you need extra money. Additionally if you’re not prepared to squat toilet in public then you need toilet money too.
4) No shower at accomodation night 2
- we were aware the accomodation would be below standard. Overall considering we flipped the bed covers to only touch clean sheets and used our own sleeping bags and pillow cases (although there are no pillows), the hygiene standard was tolerable. However, on the second night there are no showers in the accommodation. Everyone baths in a mutual spa (which is full of mud by the colour of my bathers), and there is no opportunity to rinse off afterwards. This is an infection risk waiting to happen and is completely unsanitary.

- if we had our time again, we would book only the day trip to the salt plains and return to a hotel of our choice that night. The lagoon day (day 2) was underwhelming after seeing lagoons in Peru, and most of the day is spent driving across a barren desert. The only perk for us is that we wanted to end up in Chile so the transfer via the lagoons worked well for our schedule
- overall, we would not recommend Red Planet because it is quite expensive for much of the same service as the other companies. Their main differentiating feature was the spa at night but there were a few other companies there with us in the spa at the same time.
- we would highly recommend a visit to the Salt Plains as they were absolutely beautiful.
Written January 27, 2019
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Laura W
Birmingham, UK65 contributions
Nov 2015 • Couples
WOW! Just wow! My boyfriend & I had the most awesome time on the 3 day/2 night Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) trip. It's so much more than just the salt flats! Red Planet were definitely the best company for us. Our guide Oscar was fabulous, he gave such amazing information, ran the whole tour really well and his enthusiasm was simply wonderful.

The tour itself follows the same pretty much as a lot of the other companies, with a couple of very welcome tweaks! You go up to the volcano crater on the evening of day 2 (which is out of this world) and then you sleep near the hot spring so you get to use them at night and see the most incredible stars. You see the other groups arriving the next morning to use them and it's packed. We had such a lovely evening with around 15-20 of us in there (plus my boyfriend & I shared a bottle of red which complimented the evening very well!).

You really do see the most amazing things on the tour, and for us we had just the right amount of time at each place. It's crammed full of the most out of this world views and experiences. Would highly recommend this tour to everyone!

So things we loved about going with Red Planet:
- Excellent guide Oscar, incredible knowledge & enthusiasm, speaks amazing English! He was amazing with the photos on the first day at the salt flats and took some brilliant ones of everyone in a variety of crazy positions and even made a video of the whole group. You should definitely ask if he is available when you book the tour!
- Lovely drivers, always professional and courteous. Always felt very safe in the car.
- Comfortable jeeps, 2 in the very back (best suited for us shorter people), 3 in the middle row (plenty of leg room for my 6ft4ins boyfriend) and then the guide in front. Reliable cars, no breakdowns on our trip.
- Luggage tied to roof under tarpaulin to keep the dust/rain off!
- Accommodation on the first night in a salt hotel was really comfy. Big double room with a bathroom. Was very warm and the bed was comfy. Accommodation on the second night was more basic which is explained to you prior to booking, but there were still beds each (I half expected roll mats on the floor!).
- Night hot springs sold it for us! It was a wonderful experience!!! Highly recommend it. It might be cold on the short walk there, but there's changing rooms next to the spring so you can dry off quickly afterwards.
- Good group size, we had 2 cars one with 5 and the guide, the other with 6, so a total group of 11. All were really lovely in our group, we felt really fortunate to have lucked out with our group!

A few things that weren't so great OR that we wish we had been told prior to going:

- Extra money - Although you are told to take money for the entrance fees to a couple of places $b180 (£18) and about hot shower extra $b10 (£1) at salt hotel there is some detail missing about some money you will need. This is particularly important for those people going to Chile afterwards who are trying to use up their Bolivianos. You need $b3 (30p) for the hot springs.Toilets each time cost between $b2-5 (20p-50p) so allow $b20-25 for this depending on how often you'll need them. You are expected to tip your driver so allow some for this, up to you how much. You need $b3-4 (30p-40p) to tip the owner of the salt factory. There are drinks & snacks available to buy at the hostels, roughly $b20 (£2) for a big beer, $b50 (£5) for a bottle of wine and $b15 (£1.50) for a packet of cookies. We didn't know about all the extras so only took the amount detailed in the guide.

- Food - This was VERY hit and miss. Lunches were a hit, really lovely on all 3 days. Breakfast on the last day was good with pancakes, but was horrible on the second day with stale bread and jam the main offering. Dinners on both nights were not good either, general consensus from the group. Red Planet need to up their game on this considering the price they charge. The food is why we've given a 4 rating, as opposed to 5.

- Luggage - If you aren't going to Chile and will be returning to Uyuni then they ask that if you are travelling in a pair or group that you only take 1 large rucksack/suitcase/duffel bag between 2 or 3 of you. This is to allow more room for all the luggage for those crossing the border to Chile. We didn't know this until we arrived and had to pack everything in to one in the office and leave one bag in storage. Not a huge deal, just worth bearing in mind. They have luggage storage available.

The only other thing to bear in mind is that Red Planet are the most expensive company. At $b1300 (£130) it's right at the top end of the scale of what's available. We chose to pay the extra due to the excellent reviews we had read about the great English speaking guides, the safety of the drivers & cars and the night time hot springs visit. We knew we could have booked with a cheaper agency in La Paz for around $b900 or arrived in Uyuni and booked a last minute one with another company for around $b700 (£70). However we have heard horror stories from friends who went with cheaper agencies and did not have as good as an experience as we did. Stories of drunk drivers, regular jeep breakdowns and uninformative guides. For us it was DEFINITELY worth spending the extra.

Make sure you email them directly & book in advance, we saw lots of people come in and try to go on the same day or the following day and they were fully booked.

Overall we absolutely LOVED our trip with Red Planet and would definitely recommend!

- Take high factor sunscreen & reapply A LOT! You are at really high altitudes, plus the white of the salt flats reflects the sun like snow does, so you will get burned without it!

- Lots of layers are needed as it gets really chilly at night on day 2 and at some of the higher sights where it's windy. Zip off trousers for the change in temperature are a good idea!

- Take a big bottle of water and then decant in to a smaller 2 litre bottle for during the day. They'll carry the big one on the roof for you.

- Torch for the hot springs is a must, but make sure you switch it off once you're down there so you don't ruin the atmosphere!

- Cameras/phone can be charged on both nights. But on day 2 the generator is switched off after a couple of hours so best to charge what you need on the first night! They have an extension lead out in the dining room at the salt hotel that you can use if the one in your room is being used by someone else.

Have an amazing trip! Enjoy! Laura :-)
Written November 19, 2015
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Darwin16 contributions
Apr 2011
we booked our 3 day tour through red planet and were not disappointed. the tour stays 1 step behind all the other tours so there are never crowds of tourists around. the food was great, never went hungry. really good driver. our tour guide, oscar, was great...very informative and chilled out.
its worth paying the extra money for the service you get compared to other cheaper companies. one of the highlights of our south america trip!!
Written May 1, 2011
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Marco M
6 contributions
Jan 2020
The guy in answering the whatsapp phone after the simple question "is the trip worth if it's raining all day?" start answering extremely aggressive, saying is not their business to know (I asked only an opinion) and calling me "simio africano" meaning african monkey and other insults, of course loosing me as a client.

Red planet may be good, but untill this kind uneducated people are allowed to work in their office this means zero stars, for a very unprofessional service. I strongly recommend Cordillera Expedition, the second agency i contacted, super nice answering the same question and paying a taxi for me to go to their office to talk and set the payment. No comparison between the 2 agencies. Avoid red planet
Written January 19, 2020
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c m
London, UK2 contributions
Jun 2013 • Couples
We spent days researching the best travel agency to go with aswe knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and we wanted it to be the best it could be. After doing A LOT of research we decided to go with red planet tours, we thought we were paying a premimum price for the best service but this was not so!

We basically paid the extra money (1200 bolivianos each, almost double what most companies charge) because we thought it would be good to have an English speaking guide, little did we know he would be in another truck so we did not actually get any information from him on the journey and when we did stop he did not even tell us anything about where we were.

Secondly we paid extra money for our transfer to Chile, this also did not materialise! Our guide on the day of the transfer told us we would have to pay him extra money if we wanted to have our transfer, money which we did not have! He was asking for 200 bolivianos per person and told us that was the price of the ticket but when we told him we did not have that much he started screaming in our faces and swearing at us. He threatened to take us back to Uyuni and continued screaming in our faces until he then came up with some lies about exchange rates between Bolivia and Chile and then reduced the price of the tickets!!!!!

When we got to the border he told us he had had a radio messege through from head office (something he had previously told us was impossible) saying that they had actually already purchased our tickets!

We waited at the border until a bus turned up and he loaded us on it saying this was our transport. When we arrived in Chile we were told by the bus company that we hadn't had tickets and that Gonzales our guide had told them thatwe would pay on arrival into Chile.

The company have no form of customer service and despite many people in our group complaining we never heard a word back from red planet.

Basically Gonzales is a massive lair and was completely useless as a guide anyway!

My advice is go with a cheap and cheerful company and you really dont need an english speaking guide anyway.
Written August 16, 2013
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Al M
USA11 contributions
Sep 2011 • Friends
It's easy to fall into the trap of the attractive business name and some of the reviews here, but do your research and you won't be ripped off by this company like we were. The prices are far higher than the competitors and the service is no better and in fact often worse. They take huge sums of money and don't provide safety either; their vehicles have problems, our vehicle wouldn't start after the first stop of the train graveyard and needed a spare part (imagine if we'd been 100's of km alone in the desert on day 2 when this happened! freezing and isolated - not a good scenario, people do die in these regions due to the harsh climate so this is NOT of minor significance). The food is terrible, canned tuna, corn, dry rice, and dry chicken if you're lucky, not value for 100's of dollars. The accomodation is not better than what competitors offer. The guide was ok, but you could sense some underlying dishonesty when he said he thought his fellow guide was 'very smart' for deceiving some tourists into thinking they'd seen all the lagoons and completing the tour in 2 instead of 3 days - you almost think he'd want to do the same. Make sure you write down the itinerary fully in the contract.

You need to distinguish between the tour sites and the tour company. Of course you will always leave with amazing memories and photos of the salt flats and lagoons but this has NOTHING to do with the tour company. There are plenty in town, and they are all happy to take last minute bookings, you won't miss out. AVOID THIS RIP-OFF TRAP!
Written September 11, 2011
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London, UK3 contributions
Jan 2019 • Friends
This is the absolute worst service I've ever experienced on a tour. First of all, we were told our jeep was 100% secure and the driver would  be with the car  the entire time. This was not the case. The var was left unlocked multiple times and we are almost 99% certain 3 out of 5 of us had money taken by the driver. It was all suspicious amounts. I had 100 bolivianos taken and 10 USD. My friend  had 100 bolivianos taken and 20 USD and her boyfriend  had 5 USD taken and had carried all his Bolivian money on his person the whole time. It was all small amounts and it felt as though it had been done in a way that we wouldn't notice. Throughout the first day the car continuously drove on ahead without us and our possessions were moved within the car with articles of clothing mysteriously turning up in the front seat. We just didn't think anything of it at the time.

We complained to our English speaking guide Jose the next morning who then contacted the office and his boss. At the start of day 2 we were driven to the office in order to be reimbursed. We were given back our bolivianos but when we asked about the dollars we were told that they would rather kick us off the tour and refund us the two days than give us back our 35 dollars.
We were asked to exit the jeep with our belongings and the tour guide informed us that the rest of the tour would continue without us and we would be left on the side of the road in Uyuni.

In addition to the money,another person in our party had his wireless headphones taken, he had stopped using them when they went flat during the morning. Miraculously when questioned the next morning, the driver was able to produce these, claiming he'd just found them. They were now also miraculously, fully charged.

The owner of red planet  arrived shortly after we'd been asked to leave the car and was by far the rudest, most aggressive business owner I have had the unfortune to come across . He shouted at us incessantly in the street, called us all liars and refused to apologise. He claimed the jeeps were never left unlocked which was then contradicted by his staff, who confirmed they had indeed been left unlocked on multiple occasions and he refused to admit any of his staff could be culpable.

In the end we had to agree to forget about the 35 dollars in order to continue with the tour. The owner aggressively told us he would not reimburse us and that he just wanted us to quit our tour after the one day. He claimed it was a pathetic amount to complain about and that we were tge kind of people to later claim more money or cameras had been stolen.

The only reason we were allowed back on our tour was because the other car ( with another English couple, and an American guy) refused to get back in their car unless we were also able to continue the tour.

The whole situation was completely outrageous. The company would rather refund 5 of us 2 days than accept that they were liable for 35 USD. If the company does not want to be liable then the guides should not say "you can leave all your stuff in the cars. It's safe, we're liable" exact words.

The tour itself is ok but every tour in Uyuni offers exactly the same deal and route, alot of them offer it for a lot less. The lunch food is good, but the accomadation on the second night is very basic and the bedding was filthy. Which considering red planet are expensive I was very disappointed about.

When you arrive at each destination there are about 100 jeeps already there,with visitors using different companies  and personally after that experience I would recommend staying clear of the Red Planet company all together. Red planet completely ruined our salt flat experience and if anything does go wrong and you have to deal with the owner himself. God help you. His approach to a complaint was to punish us.
Written January 18, 2019
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Eat Street Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica14 contributions
This tour company lacked in service in several areas. We were told that vegetarian food would be available for us throughout the three day tour, as requested. Our first meal of the day was only quinoa with three slices of tomato and cucumber. Our quinoa had several pebbles (rocks) in them and the non-vegetarian food, which was llama, had what looked like human hair in it. Our guide was visible and audibly angry when we asked what we could eat as a substitute for the llama meat. The answer was nothing at all. It was noticeable that all other tour groups that sat at tables around us were eating far superior meals.

Later on that same day we were scolded for taking pictures of the sunset when the guide was unable to find us basic accommodation for the night. After a couple of hours of seaching we finally found accommodation. At this hostel that we stayed at the dinner menu for us was one deep fried, yet undercooked egg. We went hungry to bed and the next morning the only thing that we were served was bread. We again looked at the meals of the other tour groups and their meals consisted of yoghurt, pancakes, fruit and all the fixings.

Lunch was suprisingly good and we got hopeful that things were getting better. Unfortunately, as everyone else in our group was served dinner we were totally left out. We asked our guide for dinner and he served one of us six slices of fried cheese. We asked for some more to eat, as we had not eaten in 7 hours, but they would not even give us fries as the others in our group were given. I begged for 10 minutes to please give me something to eat before the guide finally gave in. He insisted that I have a cup of tea for dinner and wait till the morning to eat again. The guide told me that if I wanted to eat that evening that I would have to give up tomorrows meal.

For the remainder of the tour the guide refused to talk to me. It was not much of a loss thou, considering that he did not participate as a tour guide throughout the entire trip, only as a driver.

We picked this company based on good recommendations and do not understand why our experience lacked in so many ways. Our guide is named Leonardo. My advice to anyone reading this is to pick another company. This truly is the first bad review i´ve ever written.
Written November 12, 2010
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Vancouver, Canada4 contributions
Sep 2017 • Couples
I recently did the three day/two night salt flat tour with Red Planet. I booked with them as I had heard they were the best from multiple sources. They have an excellent reputation which comes with an extra cost. I was happy to pay the extra cost with this in mind (they cost 1450 when most similar tours in town also with English speaking guides are 1100/1200bolivianos).

First day was awesome. We went to the
Salt flats and a few other stops. That night we stayed in a salt hotel which was great. The food was decent too. Day two was enjoyable, lots of driving with about 6 or 7 stops for photos at various lagoons etc.

However it was on night two that everything started to go downhill. There were six jeeps that set out the day we left. That night, 5 of the jeeps stayed in one place, with one jeep (my one) being put in different accommodation. We were told in advance accomodation on night two would be pretty basic, so we were expecting a dorm / no showers etc and that was fine. When we arrived there was no running water and no electricity, the dorm was pretty basic but that was okay and to be expected. The toilet was full to the brim of poo and was not usable. There was also no heating and it was freezing even in the common area. We were disappointed to have been separated from the rest of the group but decided to just make the most of it, and have some wine before dinner. My boyfriend then asked the woman who ran the accommodation if we could have two glasses (politely in Spanish). She shouted something he didn't understand back. I said she must have misunderstood, so went to ask her again, and again she shouted at me in Spanish that we could not have glasses. We were completely confused as to why she was so rude.

We then saw that our guide had left our accommodation and gone up the road
to where the other jeeps were staying. We
decided we would go up in the hope they might give us some glasses there. When we got there we realised this accommodation was much more than basic and was FAR superior than where we were staying. This seemed very unfair seeing as everyone on the trip pays the same.

This accommodation had a large kitchen / hang out area with HEATING, they had RUNNING WATER AND USABLE TOILETS and lots of other couples even had their own rooms. They also had very polite staff who were more than happy to give us two glasses. It was simply a completely different experience. Our issue wasn't that our accommodation was basic (as I said we were warned of this, though we did expect usable toilets and running water), the issue was that the other accommodation was significantly better than where we were put, despite all paying the same. There was another group from another company in our accommodation who had paid 1100/1200 for their trip , so we instantly regretted having paid the extra for red planet.

We spoke to our guide about this (as did the others in our group) but he kept saying it was the same (even though it blatantly wasn't as we had seen with our own eyes). Our guide was supposed to have dinner with us at our accommodation, stay on our dorm with us, and go to the hot pools with us. However after we told him our concerns he just disappeared for the whole night and we did not see him again that day. He seemed completely unwilling to take what we said on board.

The next morning at breakfast the lady running the accommodation did not give us any plates or cutlery to eat with. She made us feel ridiculous when we asked for this. Having paid $200 for this tour this was
not what I expected. She was incredibly rude and I am not sure why red planet would contract through someone who treats their customers this way.

Our guide then approached our table and told us that we shouldn't have complained last night, that there was no problem, and that everything was the same. He then said "I am sorry we have to spend the day together". We made sure to let him know that the issue was the accommodation , not how he was doing the tour. But the way he reacted so badly to us giving feedback made the rest of the tour a very negative and awkward experience. He was the representative from red planet, and all we wanted was for him to acknowledge
that what we got was not acceptable.

Our driver was amazing, and told us in Spanish he agreed that the accommodation was far inferior and not acceptable compared to what the others in the group got. I think he was sad he had to stay there too, and was hopeful it we have feedback to red planet things might change.

When we got back to Uyuni, we went straight to speak with the office staff at red planet. They were incredibly rude and laughed in our faces multiple times. They told me I was lying when I said the the other red planet groups accommodation had heating and running water, even though I saw this for myself. We felt that we had been given an 1100/1200 type of tour, and wanted compensation. After much rudeness, they offered us 50 bolivianoes. I felt this was insulting. I tried to explain that this was not about a $10 bed, as this was not what we paid for, we paid for an EXPERIENCE which we did not get in the way the other five jeeps did (if we just wanted a $10 bed we could have done this anywhere). After more laughing and being insulted by red planet staff, we realised we wouldnt be able to sort it out internally, so we felt it was best to leave the office and write a review about our experience so others can make an informed decision before they book.

I also asked the red planet staff member if they will still put future red planet customers in this accommodation and she told me that they will not be reviewing anything. So basically it was a waste time and they don't value customer feedback, or respect the money we invest in a trip like this.

So - what could have been an easily fixed problem turned into a massively negative
experience based on the reaction from our guide and the red planet office staff.
Hugely disappointing as I was so excited to go with red planet , and expected much more respect from this "reputable" company.

I would definitely recommend to go with a mid range option if you are booking a salt flat tour. Red planet are NOT worth the extra
cash and are not all they are hyped up to be. You will have a better trip and pay less with other companies.
Written October 23, 2017
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK32 contributions
Aug 2015 • Friends
I have no idea how such an awful company can be rated as number 1 for viewing the salt flats. I have been on several trips of this kind and can safely say this was by far the most disappointing! It was possibly made worse by the fact I had just done an outstanding trip with G-Adventures!!
First off, the guide meeting us from the bus station in Uyuni clearly got bored of waiting for people and ended up leaving 3 people behind (who were on our bus so were not late). We then had a 3 hour wait before we could actually get into the jeeps because the food wasn't ready...this basically set the tone for the rest of the trip.
The guides, especially Oscar, were incredibly rude (although our driver Juan was friendly and was clearly just following his instructions). At one point they were 20 minutes late to meet us so we went to find them, only to be told we had to wait another 15minutes in the cold because they hadn't finished their coffee!!
The trip was advertised as 4 days,but be aware they do NOT stick to the itinerary you book and it's really only a 2 day trip with the first day being in La Paz pre-night bus, which I'm not sure you can count as part of their trip and the forth day for us was 9 hours of driving in the jeep with none of the planned sights.
Also, be aware you have to pay for the toilets, even in places you stop for meals so always carry change.
It's a shame the tour operators have absolutely zero customer service because the places themselves are pretty amazing, but I'd definitely recommend trying another company to book with!
Written September 12, 2015
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