Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls, Supai: Address, Phone Number, Havasu Falls Reviews: 4.5/5

Havasu Falls
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Breathtaking waterfalls amid a beautiful surrounding area.
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Very good

Mark M
Indianapolis, IN19 contributions
Sep 2019
Hike in (7-10 hours) and fly out by helicopter ($85) to get thee best experience going to this waterfall in paradise. No hotels, no air conditioning, no 5 star restaurants. So bring a hammock, a sleeping bag, a campstove with a few Mountain House YUMMY freeze-dried meals and you will never want to leave.
Written February 9, 2020
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Rochester, NY13 contributions
May 2019
The 1st good shot you get of the falls when walking down into the camp is one you will never forget. The busiest of all the falls, but still not that bad. Hang out for the day and swim, take pics, or just sleep in the shade...amazing spot to relax
Written February 25, 2020
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Ramsey, MN423 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
This was an incredible experience to see all the water falls. If you are in poor condition or have physical ailments that make it difficult to walk, this is not for you. The 8 mile walk down is steep for the first 1.5 miles but flattens out after that. The trail is quite rocky so you need to watch your step. We stayed at the lodge and it was nice. It was clean and comfortable. It was expensive but worth it after a long day of hiking. We did the 12 mile round trip hike to see all the falls. The hike after the first falls is very difficult because you have to descend a wall using chains and footholds that are wet. This is not for everyone! The trails are relatively flat after the wall. There are also a couple of sketchy wood ladders that you need to use. You also need to know that on the hike to the additional falls you have to cross the stream three times. There are not any bridges. If you have done the Phantom Ranch hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, this is much easier.
Written March 2, 2020
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1 contribution
Jul 2020
Terrible customer service. We were a finger click away from making reservations this year and then saw the only option is to camp for 4 days, $395/person... I'd rather fly to Mexico than pay that to camp in Arizona... however pretty the falls may be. We're experienced hikers and didn't want to stay more than a day. So I tried calling the reservation office. The lady on the other end was demeaning, passive aggressive, and impatient. She was unable to answer any of my questions and told me to read their website again. No day trips.
Written July 28, 2020
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Tucson, AZ65 contributions
Oct 2016 • Friends
I visited Havasupai at the end of October 2016. The natural beauty is stunning but the way the animals are treated is heartbreaking. On the way down many mule/horse trains passed us going up the rocky trail.They were sweating profusely despite the relatively mild temps. I cannot imagine what it's like for these poor creatures in the heat of summer. There is NO WATER at the top and they carry heavy packs for 8 -10 miles up this trail. I saw one wrangler making his mules RUN up a portion of the rocky trail. Even more disturbing is what I saw when my group entered the village. Run down houses with trash everywhere. Right off the trail I noticed a very skinny donkey with horribly overgrown/deformed and split hooves. It's companions were very thin as well. Just past the village I saw many other skinny horses, and I was particularly disturbed by an emaciated pony that was in a small corral right off the main trail. This pretty much ruined the trip for me, but the following day I came upon a scene near the campground entrance that REALLY upset me. I saw two very thin and exhausted looking mules with pack saddles on, covered in dry sweat. I took a closer look and saw that one had a large abscessed wound on it's right side. I said to the owner " your animals look kind of skinny. " His response was to giggle and say something ridiculous. Please DO NOT use the pack animals until this tribe improves the condition of these animals.
Written January 27, 2017
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San Diego, California12 contributions
Jun 2011
I am trying to book a trip here for next spring and I am officially bailing on it. The way the tribe has this setup is to maximize fleecing you of your hard earned money, which is not what I imagine people want to experience visiting this beautiful location. They now charge $40 a person to see the falls. Even though I am a seasoned hiker, they tell you one cannot day hike in and has to stay overnight in their motel room and pay $145 + tax. Or campground, which I have no desire to bring that equipment in. There is a helicopter that goes out but they tell you how unreliable it is and it too is quite pricey. The fact they want to charge you double if you decide to stay in an empty room same day tells you the motivation of the tribe. None of this takes into account the horrible reviews on this site of the people, food, housing that is there. So whether I helicopter out or stay in their motel I have to pay over $250 for my wife and I to see these falls?!? That is outrageous! Where is the NPS cause they should be running this American treasure, not the tribe! I feel dirty just trying to book this so I will not. Horrible experience.
Written June 8, 2011
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300 contributions
Dec 2017 • Friends
Havasu Falls is one of the best waterfalls I've ever seen in the world for a variety of reasons:

1. After hiking in with our backpacks the whole way, our legs wanted to fall off. When I heard the sound of the water it was like angels singing me a song and we all knew we were close to camp!

2. The water color looks fake in photos, but when you see it with your own eyes..it leaves you speechless.

3. The massive size of this and Mooney Falls is everything you would ever dream of from a waterfall.

Overall, I would highly recommend this hike and waterfall to a friend and would come back again.

I’m a fellow traveler and have always appreciated when people write about their experiences so I can make informed decisions. If this review provided value, please hit that “helpful” button so I know I’m helping others and paying it forward as well. Even if it’s just one person it’s worth it to me. To see more photos, to get insider info/travel details, join me on Instagram: @NeoNorth
Written April 8, 2018
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Scottsdale, AZ1 contribution
Mar 2018 • Friends
We were a large group of young professionals that had planned this trip to Havasupai for almost a year. Havasu Falls is absolutely beautiful but our trip was completely ruined by what we witnessed happening to the pack horses and mules!!! These poor animals were clearly being overworked and improperly cared for! The guides and handlers treated these miserable animals like disposable objects! They all had wounds in various stages of healing and visibly looked to be in pain!! I grew up on a ranch and have a great deal of experience with animals and one of our friends in the group is a Veterinarian we were disgusted!! This beautiful experience was draped in pain and misery these innocent animals were experiencing!! This is a hiking trip and not for everyone!! We all prepared and conditioned our bodies for this trip!! If you can’t carry your own pack then this trip is not for you!! Using abused animals to carry your pack you should be carrying is lazy, Shameful and just plain pathetic!! We will not return to Havasu Falls until Havasupai stops using pack animals!! We are sharing our experience with everyone and on all of our social media platforms!!! This Deplorable, Shameful and absolutely Barbaric abuse to these pack horses and mules must stop now!!!!
Written April 23, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

4 contributions
Mar 2015 • Friends
If you plan to visit Havasu Canyon and Falls, carry your own stuff in. That is, unless you want to directly support animal suffering.

Starvation, bleeding sores and dehydration are the most blatant symptoms of the horses and mules in Supai, but it gets much worse. These poor animals, skinny to the bone, are forced to carry tourists stuff into the canyon. They are roped together at the head and yanked in a line for ten miles in the blazing desert sun-- over and over again. Their legs are bloody from the straps and clearly neglected. Their necks are yanked by the horse/mule in from of them as they stumble on the rocky/rugged ground. Since they cannot see in front of them, they trip and stumble all over the place.

I've read some reviews and one posted in 2010 said all the same things I have said and more. This has been going on for a long long time but most people are too blind and greedy to see/care.

I have worked with horses for most of my life and I know what starvation, dehydration and neglect looks like. It looks like every freaking horse and mule in Supai.

The canyon is beautiful. The river is beautiful. The waterfalls are breathtaking. Unless you are old or handicapped (in which case take the helicopter) CARRY YOUR OWN WEIGHT.
Written March 30, 2015
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Nashville, TN1 contribution
Oct 2018 • Friends
I just returned from a trip down to Havasu. Hiked in and hiked out. Carrying my OWN pack along the way. I witnessed horses being scared of their owner. Tied together to closely to the horse in front of them to even see any terrain in front of them. They are pushed to exhaustion. One paused for a break, but it was not allowed and he was forced to keep going. Other horses are pulled by faster horses, necks extended as far as possible trying to keep up. One horse collapsed at the top. There was no water or resorces along the hike for these horses to stop, not that they would be permitted the time to drink, anyway. If this review stops even one person from going through an outfitter company, or hiring a mule, then I’ll be happy. I’ll keep spreading word to do my part. If it’s important enough to see this beautiful place, go by helicopter or pack your own things out. Please. Save the Havasu horses.
Written October 8, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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