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New Age superstore featuring psychic readings, aura photos, astrology, tarot and spiritual tours. We carry jewelry, crystals, books, CDs & DVDs, decorative spiritual items for your home.
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Very good

Orlando, Florida3 contributions
Nov 2021 • Family
I had the pleasure of booking an in person reading with Lori in November 2021. The setting was completely relaxing and she was able to tap into some items that were on point. She provided clarity and enabled me to figure out some issues. Fast forward to another telephone reading in February 2022 and we connected again to follow up. She has a true gift and I’m so thankful for her insights and readings. I would highly recommend a reading either in person or via telephone. You won’t be disappointed.
Written February 12, 2022
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Tucson, AZ442 contributions
May 2020 • Couples
We had the pleasure of not one, but 2 amazing experiences with Melinda. First, we had a reading. We were both hoping to have our moms come through in the reading, and they both did. It was incredible. Melinda does not ask for information, she talks to the spirit guides and angels and they help get her the information. There were many examples that proved to us our moms were there. It was such a great experience. She records it, and has you record it as well so you can listen to again at any time.
We also did the UFO tour with Melinda. I was maybe a tad skeptical, but not after experiencing what we saw during the tour. It’ll make a believer out of anyone.

We both highly recommend both the UFO tour as well as the psychic reading with Melinda. It has become a new “must do” for us when visiting Sedona.
Written June 2, 2020
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1 contribution
Sep 2020
I had a fantastic night on the UFO tour with Melinda. We did see lots of objects that certainly appear to be UFO's, I don't know if I'll ever know what they were, but they did seem to be the real thing! The night vision goggles are good quality, they have a low signal-to-noise ratio.
Melinda was wonderful company, explained things well and kept us entertained. I highly recommend this tour if you're into this subject, I will always remember this fun night.
Written September 16, 2020
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Yuma, AZ1 contribution
Mar 2021
I went to the Center for the New Age for my birthday present and was very disappointed. In fact I was disappointed with most of the new age shops in town and the prices that they had on their crystals as well as the psychics. I feel that coming from a town that is close to Quartzite I can get a whole lot better deal on crystals that they have on theirs. I got a lot smokey quartz ball for 40 bucks that they had for 250. That is insane. I think that they buy all of these at Tucson and quartzite rock shows and gem world plus online then sell them there at higher prices. There is no way I am going to waste my money on it. It is a rip off to me being in a tourist area for people who don't know better just like the phychic scam that they have going on as well. I was very disappointed to just get a card reading from the very cards that I use and read for myself the same darn way. I don't have to pay to do that. I got a reading from Vikki which was really nice but she didn't even pick up on the fact that I was with a woman that she clearly seen me with that day. What is wrong with her perception or intuition if she can't pick up on a simple thing in someones life like who they are with? I was not very pleased with the information that I was given because it didn't really pertain to what I was doing in my life when it came to going to college to obtain my BCBA and supervision hours or finding a job in that area. Why would someone suggest for me to do something new and get a job in retail when this is what I am meant to do? I feel like all of this was a rip off and these psychics pull you through the door in order to get more money kind of like how some therapists don't really care what is going on they just bill you to get the money. If they were true then they would need to unwind from the energy and get away for a bit. Why would someone suggest that allergies was Brought on by aggravation and would go away when the aggravation left. If she was intuitive then she would have known it was food allergies and those don't really go away after an aggravation like a friend has moved out of your life. Do what you all want but if you go to Sedona don't expect magic just fact. These people say they are spiritual and act like they are better than the rest but that is how darkness presents itself to be. God and Jesus is the only way and they will try to tell you that Jesus is the ascended master and they are at his level. That is the darkness and they will never be as high as Jesus or GOD. If these were true gifts then they would come from a place of light which is GOD and not a money making avenue for fake people to scam and take in order to make things look glamorous. The UFO stuff is not real neither so don't waster your money! If they want to be known you will be obducted or see it yourself. Follow the light and the truth will be presented to you out of the darkness and shadows where all these false prophets lie. If you want the truth look within and God and Jesus will speak to you. You can get your own cards and do your own reading and trust your own intuition to guide you home. Love and Light_Jess and Family
Written March 7, 2021
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Lida W
Houston, TX1 contribution
Nov 2020 • Solo
I had a reading with Elizabeth. I read a lot of good reviews about her. That was why I chose her, but I didn’t feel any connection with her during the reading. It wasn’t really a reading. I wanted to ask about my future, but she asked me personal questions then led me to speak affirmations word by word after her. It is not really what I am looking for.

Usually I asked how much the reading costs. For this reading, we were going to play by ears bc she said she is going to walk me through a meditation. It might take long. The affirmation didn’t really work much on me and I called to stop the reading and it costs $80.

I think they should differentiate reading and healing session as reading means we need guidance for my life path, healing means meditation or energy healing. Those are very different.

Anyway, Elizabeth is very nice and positive, but I am lost in my life path and want some guidance from higher power. I would prefer do the meditation in my own time. I need a reading, not meditation on phone.
Written November 11, 2020
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Marisa C
1 contribution
Feb 2020 • Friends
I visited the center last week. The receptionist instructed me to a binder of available readers and I flipped through. I didn’t feel a pull in any direction and asked about aura readings. The receptionist focused my attention to Elizabeth Silk and explained about her aura drawings which were new to me as I expected a photograph only. Once I saw an example of her drawings I felt an immediate connection. And lucky me she had availability to see me. Once in her space, I was immediately overcome by powerful emotions and energy and cried and cried. I felt an immense connection to her energy. Elizabeth put me at ease and helped me with some visualizations and healing mantras. She held my hand while she drew my aura and I told her about myself. The drawing is very intense and hard to look at as it represents many difficult feelings I continue to face. However Elizabeth explained that since those colors are behind me, I do not have to worry. The other colors around different parts of my body were explained and made much sense to me. Elizabeth also has the Osho Zen deck which is a deck I started reading from myself for personal reflection and insight. I don’t find many people using that deck so that was another connection. She also let me pull a Rune and she helped to interpret that as well as it was very much aligned to what I have been thinking a lot about lately. Overall I felt I had a profound session with Elizabeth. She has a wonderful warm and healing energy. She makes you feel comfortable even during times of overwhelming emotion. I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to see her again next time I am in Sedona. Her tools and book recommendations are also at the top of my to do and read list!
Written February 24, 2020
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Jessica F
2 contributions
Aug 2020 • Family
AMAZING! All I’ve ever wanted since I was a young girl was to see a U.F.O, and let me tell you that dream came true with Melinda! She is so warm hearted and kind spirited, my boyfriend and I were out here 5 years ago and wanted to try her tour then but didn’t have time so I made sure this time we did! She did not disappoint, her stories were so catching and she is very knowledgeable. My boyfriend (former Marine) was very impressed with the knowledge of equipment and different beings, as well as the “in-world and outer-world” technologies. We will definitely be back and will try to get a private tour because we have so many more questions that we just didn’t have time to ask, even though Melinda was VERY eager to share her experiences with us. we didn’t leave until almost 1.5 hours after tour ended, she even helped me look for my lost earring (grandmothers**) that night!! You will not be sorry with this experience! Thank you Melinda for being there to share your stories and knowledge with us!!!

-Warmest regards,
Chris and Jess
Written August 9, 2020
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Las Vegas, NV399 contributions
Mar 2020 • Couples
We visited the Center for the New Age today since we were in Sedona and that’s part of what they’re known for. The Center is in an older building with really poor parking. The shop itself is a bit disjointed, lots of small rooms and alcoves filled with overpriced crystals and other objects. My husband and I both decided to get a reading while we were there. I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve never had a reading before. Basically one goes through a book with photos and short bios of the psychics. Those available have tabs stuck to the page. I selected Michelle for 15 minutes and my husband selected Eric for 15 minutes. The reading rooms are upstairs and the psychic comes down and leads you upstairs to a small room. My reading was very interesting, Michelle using a couple different sets of cards. My husband’s psychic was more of a counselor, not using any medium such as cards. While both reading were very different, we both enjoyed them and found them beneficial. While we weren’t impressed by the shop, we did enjoy the reading, hence the four star rating.
Written March 1, 2020
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Bling D
1 contribution
Jun 2020 • Family
Attempted to spend money here but was turned away at the door because “during covid children under 18 can’t come in the store”. My child is 6 years old, she’s old enough to know not to touch things without permission or knock displays down etc. Using covid as an excuse to turn away children is 1. Asinine, 2. Discriminatory 3. A loss in revenue

We were wearing masks, and respectful of the concept of limited people in their store in these times. But saying my kid can’t come in because they’d rather other adults only due to the occupancy limit is quite a stupid policy seeing as how parents spend money on their kids all time.
Written June 24, 2020
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Sorry, it’s not about the child’s behavior. I have a 6 year old who can’t come in either. We can only let 6 people in at a time. Large families take up large space. We are giving the children free crystals as an apology.
Written June 25, 2020
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4 contributions
Feb 2020 • Couples
Our UFO tour with Melissa was OUTSTANDING! We were able to see many flying objects (UFOs) in the sky with the Night-Vision goggles we were issued. When we sighted something, we were able to use a lazer to send a signal to it and most times it replied by firing up. We were able to tell the difference between satellites and commercial and military planes. I highly recommend this tour! Melissa had an abundance of info to share. It is such a cool way to spend an evening in Sedona and get closer to our neighbors in the sky.
Written February 2, 2020
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