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Very good

Duncan, Canada4,109 contributions
I was a little worried what the Hang Chau Express Boat was going to be like but it was great! It has bus like comfy seats. Had a western washroom on board that was very clean. They gave out snacks and water before getting onboard. They have stage for large bags under the boat. There was also enough room for about 10-12 people to sit outside under the cover area that had bench seats. You also can smoke at the back outside part. We sat at the back the whole time. We really enjoyed the views and taking pictures along the way.
There are 2 different size boats one holds about 35 people the other is about 60. Ours was not full so you could move comfortably. There is windows in the main cabin which were open which gave a nice breeze. If it was full I could see it being a bit claustrophobic inside.

The ride was about 6.5 hour. There was so many boats, people fishing and so on to see. Plus stunning views the whole trip. You have to stop and get off at both Border crossings to have your passports check. Both stops had a booth set up to make small snack purchases. Both crossings were really quick and easy.

Best way to cross the border!
Written May 26, 2020
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Bengaluru, India2,368 contributions
Efficient Speed Boat service from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh. We started just past 7 AM, and reached Phnom Penh just after 1 PM.

The immigration procedures at the Vietnamese and Cambodian check posts were extremely pleasant experiences. The staff hand you the forms to be filled, so you need not bring them with you. All you need are a photograph and the visa fee.

The views along the way are pleasant, the River gets broader as you leave Chau Doc. A trip I have been wanting to do for years, turned out to be a very pleasant and fun experience.
Written September 2, 2015
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david bushell
London, UK20 contributions
Hang chau direct speed boat, Phnom Penh to Chau Doc. Mixed feelings!!!
There are two companies that travel along the Mekong from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc and back, blue cruise @ $45 one way or Hang Chau speed boat at variable cost.
We travelled with Hang Chau which isn't quite as advertised but much cheaper all the same.
Country coaches Took us from Siem reap to Phnom Penh on a 6.30 bus that was supposed to arrive in PP at 12.30 to give us time to find and catch the 1.30pm boat but like lots of journeys that set off on time it ran over by 90 minute so we missed the boat as we didn't get there until 2.00pm. We had not bought tickets so it was only time we wasted.
At the Hang Chau boat office:
They said they could taxi us to met the boat half way at a cost of $120. Way too much but they were offering a pssibility.
They told us that we could catch the following days boat at either 7.30 or 1.30.
The cost being $35 each for the morning and $25 for the afternoon.
I pressed him on the different cost and was told that they were different as the morning one allows you to get there during the day....travel time 5 hours duration.
The reality is that the cost should be $25 for either so he was trying to get $10 each out of us because we plainly had missed a boat. We didn't buy ticket from them then as we wanted to look into other ways of getting there and suspected he had inflated the morning cost. $10 each isn't a lot but it us a hike of 66%.
We went back to the country coaches office and they did a combined travel of half coach and half boat for $19 each to leave at 7.30 so we took that.
At 7.30 we left their office which turned out to be 45 minutes in a bus after picked everyone up and took us to the same office at the dock we had been to the previous day owned by Hung Chau. Which funnily had been walking distance from our hotel.
Upshot was those that had paid $25-35 went straight on the boat and four of us that paid $19 were pressured into paying $6 more to get on the boat there and then, rather than go on a part bus and join the same boat half way along the route, as the boat sat right there on the dock. I must admit if it was my business I would too to save on one extra trip of a taxi.
$6 each is nothing really and certainly less that total $35 asked for the previous day, the subtle coercion (or game of chicken as I like to think of it) last 15 minutes and I was hoping the others would hold on but we all just want to get on..... So they paid the extra $6 each, we paid $4 but the principle is important.
There is no free water or food too, to let you know.

Now there were only 15 of us on the boat, it does hold 50 or so.
The boat didn't leave until 9.00 by the time passports and haggling were over.
We arrive at 3.30pm. (8 hours total).

Funnily I don't have a huge grip with them, they are running a service that at times is 75% empty so you have to except the variance.

I wrote this so that you can be informed and accept that if you get charged more, in many ways you are helping a service survive.....and I would rather that then not have that choice.
Written January 24, 2016
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John V
Washington DC, DC105 contributions
The boat leaves from the landing at the Sunrise Palace Restaurant which is next door to the Châu Doc Victoria Hotel at 7.30am. We had arranged a booking through the Dong Boa Hotel where we were staying but you could book through most hotels.

At 7.00am we were picked up at the hotel by two trishaws who work for and are paid by the Hangchau ferry although they will look for a hand out when they drop you off.

The fare to Phnom Penh is US$25.00 and there will be someone on the landing to collect the fare. This can be paid in either US$ or the equivalent in Vietnamese Dong.

The boat leaves at 7.30am and the first stop is at the border an hour or so later. During the trip you will be given a Cambodian Visa application form to complete. A rep on board will collect your passport and application forms and deal with all the immigration formalities but everyone will be asked to get off the boat and hang around during the process. There is a shop there where you can buy some drinks and snacks.

If you don't have $US's CASH in your pocket this is where you will need to get it. There is a Vietnamese woman in the shop with a bag of cash and she is the only way to exchange your money for US$ which you will need for your Cambodian Visa on Arrival. There is no bank, ATM or other regulated exchange facility here and you can expect a very miserable exchange rate.

So if you are looking to get a Cambodian Visa on Arrival arrange to have $US34.00 CASH before leaving Châu Doc. Credit cards are NOT accepted. The Cambodian Visa is $US30.00 plus the rep from the boat will take an extra $US4.00 to handle all the formalities. You will also need a spare passport photo for the visa application although it need not be the same photo that's in your passport.

After a 20 / 30 minute break it's back onto the boat and ten minutes later you arrive at the Cambodian border post. Everyone needs to get off the boat again and stand around whist the rep from the boat deals with the formalities. After your passport gets its visa the rep will hand your passport back and you will then be required to see the immigration guy who will take your photo and or scan your fingerprints, study your passport and stamp it. The whole process usually takes around an hour depending on how many people are on the boat.

Then back on board for the remaining 3 hour trip to Phnom Penh. The boat will finally tie up at the quey near the downtown area of the city. There is a steep walkway from the quey up to the road so anyone with heavy luggage may find it difficult although there are the usual touts who will help - for a price.  There are also numerous tuk-tuk's looking to take you to your hotel.

Bear in mind that Cambodia uses two currencies, the local Riel and the US$. Most ATM's will ask if you want Riel's or US$'s and both are used on the basis of 4,000 Riels to the dollar.

All up the boat is fine, the seats are comfortable and you are given a bottle of water and a bag of food which contains a cake, a couple of biscuits, a cracker and two little bananas.
Written March 7, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Bournemouth, UK14 contributions
I've written this review because when we were looking into this option I found it hard to get good feedback on this mode of travel.
We booked this speedboat as a alternative to flying or road transport to get from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc. We read some of the previous reviews and had some reservations but were trying to vary our transfers around Cambodia and Vietnam.
Having done this now in May 2018 we don't know what we were worried about!
Our ticket price (at the time cheaper than the other boats) included pick up from our hotel by Tuk Tuk with our cases. Everything worked as planned. We arrived at the 'dock' and were taken into a local restaurant to wait for our boat whilst the staff checked our tickets and documents were all in order. The restaurant was right on the water's edge and worked as a lovely 'waiting room'. We could sit in comfort, have a drink and watch the activity on the water whilst we waited.

The boat was great. Our luggage was taken on board for us. Seats were comfortable and the door at the front was open allowing a lovely breeze to come through.

The journey was smooth and uneventful which in itself was good. Travelling across the water was much more pleasant than the 5 hour transfer we did by private taxi or coach on other journeys. We wish we'd had the boat option for all our transfers we would have gladly taken it.

The border controls at Cambodia and Vietnam were unusual but again uneventful and we were through both in no time thanks to the boat crew. You do need to disembark for both but that wasn't a problem. We travelled in May and there were no queues at either. The fact the crew checked all documents were in order before we boarded meant there were no unecessary delays.
We were given a bottle of water and a packet of biscuits but we took our own water and snacks for the journey. The boat has an inside section with seating and a small outside area with seating as well where you can get a change of view and take photos as your travel from the back of the boat.
The toilet was a pleasant surprise, especially for a boat. It was clean and easy to access.
It is a long trip but it was relaxing, comfortable and as mentioned better than a road transfer in our opinion.
Would we use Hang Chau boat again? Absolutely!
Written June 21, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

London, UK16 contributions
It took me a long time to figure out if I could get a boat myself along the Mekong from Vietnam to Cambodia that wasn't with a tour. A tour would have been lovely, but unfortunately I didn't have time or the money most were charging.

I found this site and blue cruiser. I had seen others posting about speedboats but not mentioning the names of the lines or the emails to contact to guarantee a ticket. However I had seen that they should cost around 25us dollars. I emailed blue cruiser first and they told me it was 55dollars. I was confused and emailed back and asked had the price increased. They said no but they would leave at 7am and arrive between 12 and 12:30pm.

Meanwhile I emailed hang chau tourist and found that it was 25 US dollars to leave at 7:30am and arrive at 12:30/1. Ideal. They also said the visa was 34 US and I needed a photo.

I told blue cruiser I had found one elsewhere for 25 and not to worry. They replied "not worried" which I found rude and said I'd booked the slow boat, even though I was the same running time as theirs. It made me glad I hadn't booked with them.

I was at reception at the time they said but they weren't, so my hotel rang them. Meanwhile I exchanged my dong for dollars at an excellent rate (unlike the border). I stayed at Dong Xanh in case you are curious.

The cyclo turned up and took me. At the end he asked for a tip, which I gave him as he was very sweet and helpful. He then carried my bag to the dock. I paid there.

We waited to get on board whilst they loaded our bags and left about 7:40am.

The boat had cushioned seating and an exit at the front and back, with sliding windows. The scenery was interesting for a while and I took lots of pictures. We went at a leisurely pace and the breeze came through the windows which was pleasing.

A man gave us our visas to fill in and asked us for 34 US dollars. This is where I must tell you that the visa costs 30 dollars, not 34. 4dollars is for them to do it instead of you. I knew this from reading forums. They will make out that this is just the cost though. Some are apparently honest but that was not my experience. I paid the 34dollars because I didn't have a photo and anticipated the next stage and didn't want too many arguments.

They then collected our visas and passports. They offered out cold refreshments for some dong but I had none left and didn't want any in change, plus I had water already. They then gave us a little snack bag anyway. I had two tiny baby bananas and what I think were two lychees. As well as a Swiss roll and crackers and a little bottle of water. I didn't know this was included and was very pleased. It was sweet.

We got to the first of two checkpoints. From reading forums I knew this was not the official border but others didn't. We got off and they took our passports in. We passed our hand luggage through a security belt and sat in the waiting room where you could buy snacks or exchange money. Some did. The exchange rate should have been close to 10000 Vietnamese dong equating to 1800riel. She changed 10000vnd for 1000riel. Absolutely extortionate.

We got back on the boat after about half an hour. Apparently every company makes this stop and every company charges the 4 dollar handling fee despite their boat price ticket. I know blue cruiser do as it said about the charge in their email, at least they said what it was for.

About ten minutes later we got back off at the actual border. Others were confused and I said that this was where we get our visas.

When on land, the man in charge sent me to have a photo taken. I took one next to a chicken behind a building. She then asked me for five dollars. I had seen on forums it cost most people 2 dollars and that a photograph isn't actually necessary but just another money making scheme, so I stood my ground and said no, I had paid the cruise liner for service already. She looked annoyed and marched me to the man in charge of our boat. He said I must pay for the photo. I said it was 30 dollars for the visa and 4 for the service, and the photo is part of that service. I also said I had no more money regardless. He said it is 34 for the visa, I said it isn't, it's 30, and I had read it on the Cambodian and uk embassy site. He then said "everyone charges 34". I said, "yes, for service, the photo is part of the service". He looked very angry and stormed off. I walked after him and said "if it's an issue, give me back my 34 dollars and I will give her the 4 dollars and pay for the visa myself" (you have to line up at the window, which no one does because everyone is ripped off, so there wasn't even a queue). He continued walking. I said I want to know what is going on, he said sit down with the rest of the group. I wasn't sure what was happening then. He slowly gave out everyone's passports in stages. At the end, only three of us didn't have passports and mine was in the final three. He gave it back and guess what... My visa had no passport photo, no-one's did!

We then zoomed across to Phnom Penh. We went so quickly that there was a wake in the water and we had to close the windows for the majority so we didn't get wet, which made it quite stuffy. I was torn between getting wet and a breeze but decided against it as the water was very dirty at points.

We were there by 1:30pm. So half hour outside the window suggested but overall it was a satisfactory trip. The staff were pleasant.

Just a note... The extra charge is the same on every boat ride from the forums I have seen, so I expected it, but most are not aware. That is why I thought I would review. That way, you can be aware that you don't have to pay it if you don't want to and you won't be left behind (although I did worry a bit about receiving my passport last, but again, warnings had said that all of those who refused to pay went last as well, so I was prepared).
Written August 2, 2016
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9 contributions
We took the Hang Chau express speedboat from chau doc to phnom penh on the 22th of july 2019.
I ordered the tickets online/payed online through there website/e-mail communication, this went very smoothly. On arrival to our hostel in Chau Doc (the 21st) there was already a reseat waiting for us at the front desk that confirmed our travel plans for the next day. At 6:30 in the morning we got picked up at our hostel, 10min later we were dropped in front of the speed boat and we could enter directly. The boat was quite modern, 30 or so people could sit in the inside part (with windows) and 10 people or so could sit outside at the back portion of the boat (our boat was only half filled).

When you arrive on the boat you get some papers where you fill in your information needed for the check out of Vietnam and the check in into Cambodia. Next you pay the crew for your Cambodian visa.
For us it was not clear beforehand (I googled it for hours and none of the info was clear) wheter we could only pay in US dollars or if VND were also accepted. So for everyone: YES YOU CAN PAY ON THE BOAT WITH VND FOR YOUR CAMBODIAN VISA!!!! We payed 850.000 VND/person, this is equal to 35 US dollars, so you don't get ripped of by the personnel on the boat (which was something I red on so many reviews).

First we stopped at the VN border for around 30min (everyone had to get of the boat and we waited in a little cafe), a little while later we stopped at the Cambodian border, here we all got of the boat again and around 1h later everything was arranged and the journey could continue. For the Cambodian visa: we all brought pictures, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING A PICTURE AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY MORE WHEN YOU DON'T BRING A PICTURE (also something I read on so many reviews). A webcam takes your picture, you give your fingerprints and that's it.

Around 12:30h we arrived in Phnom Penh.

Everything went really smooth and we all enjoyed the boatride, we defenitely recommend it.
Written July 22, 2019
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55 contributions
I know it's the low season, but I checked the website before we booked bus tickets to Chau Doc from HCMC. It said Daily Depature, boats leave every morning. No way to book ahead; travel agent said no problem, just go when you get there.

We went to Hang Chau's ticket office. The door was unlocked, but no one was there! Finally an elderly man called someone on his cell phone who told me the boat tomorrow doesn't run. Next day, fine, not tomorrow. (Not fine when you have a flight booked.) A real bummer. Make sure you call ahead to verify!
Written June 9, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia194 contributions
I wanted to write a review for this service because I had initially felt a little tentative. Being the cheapest (at $25US) and having to cross borders and get visas etc, I was hoping that all would be well. And it was! Actually the boat was reasonably comfortable and it was a great way to see how life along the Mekong River looks. They organised our visas very professionally and the $5 charge for the service offered was justified in my view. I was very happy to pay it. They gave us a bottle of water and a snack pack along the way and contrary to what others have said, I was even pleasantly surprised by how clean the toilet on board was. We left on time at 7.30am and arrived a little after 1.00pm. Overall, I felt very safe and quite comfortable for the entire trip and would happily recommend them to others.
Written June 25, 2017
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Pasong S
Thai Nguyen, Vietnam3 contributions
From bus station to guest house ,it was free van pick us up. Guest house booked fast boat $25 for each of us and tricycles took us to the boat. No body paid any money at the immigration and each border took 40 minutes. As of 3/4/2017
Written April 10, 2017
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