Great Wall at Huangya Pass (Huangyaguan Changcheng)

Great Wall at Huangya Pass (Huangyaguan Changcheng), Tianjin: Address, Phone Number, Great Wall at Huangya Pass (Huangyaguan Changcheng) Reviews: 4.5/5

Great Wall at Huangya Pass (Huangyaguan Changcheng)

Great Wall at Huangya Pass (Huangyaguan Changcheng)
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Less known to foreigners, another section of the Great Wall also has a Museum, the Beiji Temple, and Bagua City with the Bagua Labyrinth.
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I visited the Huang Ya Guan 黄崖关(长城)section of the great wall with 5 friends from Tianjin city in April 2017. Although Huang Ya Guan pass is listed as one of the sights to visit whilst in Tianjin, please note it is actually closer to Beijing than it is to Tianjin. When it came to planning our trip to Huang Ya Guan pass, the information I was given/ read was a little confusing, hence I am going to write a detailed account of how we got there from Tianjin in case anyone else experiences the same problem.

From Tianjin you need to first take either a coach or train to Ji Xian 蓟县, which takes roughly 2 - 2.5 hours. At Ji Xian you then need to take either a shuttle bus or taxi to the entrance of the great wall, which takes approximately another hour. Based on the advise/ experience of other students who had previously visited the wall and one of our teachers, we decided to take the coach to Ji Xian followed by a taxi to the wall. Therefore the rest of the review will advise from that route.

Online I had read that a coach could be taken to Ji Xian from two different coach stations, neither of which appeared to be located at the main train station. However, a coach can be taken from the main train station in Tianjin (天津站 ). This station appears on the Tianjin metro map as 天津站 and is a transfer line for lines 2, 3 and 9. Some of our fellow students said they had difficulty locating the coach station but we managed to find it no problem. As we were travelling from Tianjin Foreign Studies University I actually found it easier to disembark the metro at 津湾广场 (Jin Wang Guang Chang) and walk to the coach station purely because the station is smaller and easier to navigate. If you opt to do this, leave via exit B and walk over the bridge (you will see the century clock ahead). Follow the road around in either direction. If you walk left and follow it around, there is (at the time of posting) a KFC on the left and the coach station will appear on the right; if you walk right, you will see the ticket entrance to the train station ahead, turn left before you get to that entrance and follow it around, the coach station will appear on the left. (See map: Image (A)).

If you opt to travel by coach you cannot buy coach tickets in advance and will need to get there early on the day prior to coach departure to do so. Tickets can be purchased from the small metal booths positioned at each coach stand. We took the 188 coach marked with the destination 蓟州 (Ji Zhou) (See Image C), which only has one stop (Ji Xian). A one way ticket cost 35¥.

When we arrived at Ji Xian we didn't see the shuttle bus stand immediately and were approached by lots of taxi drivers. One guy approached us and offered to take all 6 of us to the wall and bring us back for a total of 300¥ (so 50¥ per person return). This taxi driver was really nice and also spoke a tiny bit of English, which in addition to the app on his phone made communicating easy. As our group wanted to tour the wall taking different routes, the taxi driver dropped some of us at the main gate, then drove the rest of the group to the gate at the top of the mountain for an additional 15¥ per person. He then waited at the main entrance for us to complete touring the wall. Oh! He also helped us with buying entry tickets and reminded us that we could get student discount (yes, we all forgot about that lol). I have uploaded his card, with We-Chat code on my photos if anyone wants a recommended taxi.

I was in the group who started walking from the top of the mountain, which I recommend if you are not very fit as the wall is quite steep in places. I think in total it is best to allow about 4 hours approximately if you intend to walk both ways. Some parts of the wall do not have proper steps and can be a little slippery underfoot but there are grab rails in place, which I advise you use.

On the way back the taxi driver dropped us off at the same spot where the coach had left us that morning. To get the coach back from here you need to walk around to the other side of the building and purchase tickets inside. The coach to Tianjin departs from stand 4 (at time of writing this post - See image (D)).

Overall it was a great day out and even though I have visited other parts of the wall in the past it was still worth going to see the section at Huang Ya Guan. Although a lot of the wall at Huang Ya Guan is more restored than other sections, there are still some older parts and the views are lovely. If however you only intend on visiting one part of the wall when you are in China then perhaps it is best you research which section of the wall better suits what you want to see.
Written April 15, 2017
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Athens GA993 contributions
This section of the Great Wall features an adjacent walled settlement which has been well preserved. The Great Wall itself comprises three opportunities for walking. To the left, there is an upward climb along a broad wall that is much like seen in photos. To the right, there is a bridged section across a small river. Beyond that, a steep climb up rugged rocks awaits. Each is worth experiencing. We were glad we came here, in contrast to stories we heard about exceptionally crowded venues nearer to Beijing. The Wall likely is on everyone's bucket list.

One downside: at the "truck stops" along the way towards the site, the restrooms were truly appalling. I was told the floor of the women's was covered with menstrual discharge and fecal material; the men's, with the "squatty potties" separate from the urinals, was better, although the wetness and extreme overwhelming odor of urine suggested that not every man was careful with their aim. The astoundingly filthy toilets seem to be a cultural problem. And a turn-off to tourists with different expectations. Choose your shoes accordingly!
Written May 31, 2013
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Robert R
San Diego, CA53 contributions
I leaned some good items reading the reviews here. I went by taxi to the Hebei bus station, took the bus and then hired a driver for the next 4 hours. Make sure to go to the upper ticket booth for the Great Wall, it is away from the main tourist area. I arrived "early" and only saw only about a dozen people! Walking up the first entrance put a big smile on my face. You have to go.
The hiking is rigorous and I was happy to be in shape from lots of biking back home. Take plenty of water to drink, even if it is cool out. Some areas are treacherous, just make sure to hold the hand rail and you will be fine.
I hiked quite far to both opposite ends, by the time I came back to meet my driver, some larger groups with lots of cameras were coming. All 6'6", Caucasian of me photo bombed 2-3 groups, With a couple of frowns from the picture takers I refrained from doing again, I just headed out with a big smile on my face of such a great visit.
The souvenirs were very nice, and a good price, a purchased 3-4 items. For the day I spent about $100USD, well worth it!
25 CNY - taxi to Hebei bus station
50 CNY - bus ride to Jixian
250 CNY - driver from Jixian to top ticket booth
30 CNY - shuttle down from upper ticket booth
50 CNY - bus ride back to Hebei
25 CNY - taxi back to hotel
50 CNY - entrance ticket
200 CNY - souvenirs
I spent 430 CNY on transportation(~$70USD), If you can get a driver from Tianjian for the whole time for less than 500-600 CNY I would recommend this as it would be easier, but maybe not quite as much the adventure!
Written August 31, 2014
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Waverly, IA75 contributions
I've visited this section of the wall quite a few times--I love it. I always take visiting friends and family members to this one and they love it too. Beijing sections are incredibly touristy and crowded, as are the ones in Shanhaiguan/Qinhuangdao. I've never seen crowds here (save for the marathon in May). There are portions of this wall that I would consider "treacherous" with incredibly steep inclines and declines and footholds rather than actual steps. Some of the steps are as high as my knee, so make sure to bring some good shoes and be ready to do some serious climbing. The length is perfect to do in an afternoon or morning, but go on a day when it is not raining as some of the steps feel slippery. Even on a hazy/misty/foggy/smoggy day the views are truly remarkable.

The bathroom facilities are not the best and you will need to bring your own tissue paper. I have been here with my parents, with my children (ages 4, almost 3, and 15 mo), and with friends. When we had our kids with us, we only did about half of the section and then turned around and took the golf cart back down (took us about an hour to hike halfway and back with 3 kids and lots of picture/rest breaks sprinkled throughout). It definitely is not stroller friendly, so I had my youngest in a backpack and while it was difficult, it was doable. My older 2 were really good about climbing the wall and thought it was a great adventure.

Warning: The monks in the temple at the end will solicit you for exorbitant amounts of money if you visit--stand your ground if you don't want to "donate" money, they can be very persuasive. Also, the restaurants near the parking lot and on the road to the parking lot are EXTREMELY overpriced for food that is authentic, but not very good.
Written January 1, 2014
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Neil N
5 contributions
I loved visiting this section of the wall. I've been to seven separate sections, I think. This is not the favorite of those (because it's hard to name a favorite when I like each section for distinct reasons), but it's well worth a go.

To say this is in Tianjin may mislead people a bit. It's in Tianjin Municipality. It's actually closer to Beijing, I believe. To get here from downtown Tianjin (and I'm sure there are other ways, but this is the way I always went), take a taxi to Hebei Keyun Zhan (long-distance bus station in Hebei district). Then, buy a bus ticket for Jixian County. I recall it being about...40-45 RMB each way. It's about a two hour trip. Once it drops you off at the bus station in Jixian, you'll have to take a private car to the wall -- they'll usually wait for as long as you're hiking -- and bring you back. From the Jixian station to the wall is about 30-45 minutes. I paid 100 RMB each time we went. (Maybe I was fleeced a little as I'm a foreigner, but I think this was a fair/reasonable price, though Chinese on the wall tell me they only paid 20 RMB.)

As for the wall itself, it has some nice features. Of all the sections I've been to, Huangyaguan has a nice courtyard/museum/fortress area that I haven't seen at other sections. It also has quite a bit of unrestored section left. (Most of what most people envision when they think of the wall is the smooth, dark brown wall with watchtowers that undulates over hills; this type of wall is here, but only about 1/2-2/3 of the Huangyaguan section is this style -- and it's the renovated section.) To hike from one end to the other is a little over 3 km. It's not too strenuous (nor a stroll in the park). All in all, a great day trip from Tianjin for those living there, or for those who have at least a week to spend in town and want to see something other than high rise buildings.

If you're curious to see some pictures of this section, my photos from both trips are here: (Just go under Great Wall.)
Written February 24, 2015
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Jo M
Liverpool, UK6 contributions
This was a fantastic experience! Travelled from the port of Tianjin to this section of the wall which took approx. 2hrs. We hired a car, driver and tour guide with Beijing Tours for the day and it was worth every penny. This is a really great part of the wall with very few tourists (only came across about 20 people all day!). Excellent views from all heights. Trinket and refreshment stalls at various points as you climb the wall (and they accept US dollars too). Beautiful sunshine added to the amazing experience. You can spend a couple of hours or all day here if you wish (dependant on your ambitions). Steps vary from being small to quite high, and the wall is quite steep in parts (so a good workout!). Highly recommend this section of the wall if you want great pics free of strangers.
Written May 20, 2017
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Albuquerque, NM19 contributions
We had a private driver take us from the heart of Tianjin to this segment of the Great Wall, and it was a beautiful ride. The wall and its views were stunning. We were there from about 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on a Wednesday and it felt like we had the whole wall to ourselves. Great photo opportunities without crowds of tourists in the background. This is the third different segment of the Great Wall that we've visited, and I believe it was the nicest experience of the three.
Written July 24, 2018
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Tianjin, China260 contributions
We went early in the morning about 7:30 and chose to start at the top of the mountain (recommended) for a little more cost. It kicked my butt still but it was beautiful and at that time, literally, no other visitors.
Written January 30, 2017
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38 contributions
We had to take a taxi out of the way to the bus station, take the bus, bargain with taxis to take us up to the entrance and back down again to the bus station, BUT.....the experience there was wonderful! It's totally worth it! We had the Wall practically to ourselves. We were able to take all sorts of pictures and have fun running around because there weren't that many tourists AND we were even there during the Mid-Autumn Festival in October. It's a bit of a hike at times. We had limited time, so we had to rush it a bit and get to the end in 3 hrs. I feel totally satisfied with that visit, but I could have also stayed a bit longer. Other local tourists gave us a nice smile and a "Jia you!!" which means "Put some oil on it!/You can do it!" The views were gorgeous, and my friends who had been to the Great Wall sections in Beijing said this one was definitely more beautiful, more real (not reconstructed), and less crowded-- namely, a much better experience.

I almost forgot- you can even take horses up or down a portion of the Wall if you want!!! We didn't do that, but it looked fun!
Written June 24, 2014
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Portland, OR28 contributions
The great wall in Tianjin is approximately 2h by car from the city. There is a motorway most of the way and the last part is quite pleasant countryside/mountain roads.

If you come to China, you simply must visit the great wall!

The great wall in Tianjin is the best place to visit the wall if you want to see it all without tourists. I have been there twice and the first time we met 4 or 5 other persons and the second time we saw a few persons some hundred meters behind us. (But don't go here on a public holiday...)

Take one of the small shuttle buses from the parking up the mountain and then walk "down". It's a nice, albeit a bit tough, walk. Our friends' 4-year-old can walk it himself so it's not impossible it you're used to walking and climbing stairs. There are no parts that are very narrow and there are handrails where it's a bit steep.

The view is amazing and depending on when you go during the year , it's always different colour surrounding you.

Bring a picnic that you can enjoy in one of the watchtowers.
A trip here can be combined with visit to the Eastern Qing tombs in the afternoon.
Written November 20, 2011
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