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Flexible and fun tours in Juneau, Alaska. We can be your one-stop-shop for all the highlights you must see in Juneau. Get out to the Mendenhall Glacier, see the historic downtown and don't forget Whale Watching along the breathtaking inside passage. High quality tours booked locally save you money and give you unforgettable memories!
Juneau, Alaska
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Very good

Tauranga, New Zealand190 contributions
May 2018
I had booked this shuttle after reading reviews from Trip Adviser. Pick up was simple, our driver, Rye, was very friendly and informative on the drive out to the Glacier, sharing lots of information about Juneau and the Glacier. Return pick up was hassle free - exactly when it was due! I don't ever book excursions when on a ship because they are much more expensive than sorting out your own. Here we got off our ship walked 100m to the Mt Roberts Tramway and the shuttle was there. Simple and I would recommend.
Written June 23, 2018
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FlyMe Away789
Victoria, Canada663 contributions
Sep 2013 • Friends
I went to the first booth that I saw "shuttle to Mendenhall Glacier" and it was on the "White Bus". I had only heard about the Blue bus, so wasn't sure what to expect. So GLAD that we went with this company over the other. Tom was a fabulous story teller & our bus was only 3/4 full so none of the sardines squished in like the "blue bus". We also could come back at anytime with our return ticket again unlike the blue bus where they were assigned times to come back.

It was the same price $8 per way, but going by the horror stories told by people that took the evil blue bus - we had a wonderful experience. Tom even slowed up when a bear was spotted on the side of the road so everyone could get a glimpse. Terrific company, great service, wonderful drivers.
Written September 16, 2013
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Hudson River Valley, NY64 contributions
Sep 2018
This excursion was a real highlight to our Alaskan cruise. Captain Jordan knew exactly where to go and yes, we saw whales. While accommodating our cameras, he remained very respectful of the whales. Sammy, our on board naturalsist, was knowledgeable and funny.mThe trip to Mendenhall Glacier was a quick and the time there amazing. The topper was actually seeing a mama bear catch a salmon from stream to feed her two waiting cubs. We were on the walkways above stream so the view was a once in a lifetime.
Written September 26, 2018
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Brentwood, TN122 contributions
May 2011
We decided to take a bus to the Mendenhall Glacier at the last minute as we have a couple of hours before a helicopter ride. As soon as we got to the pier there are a number of different tour companies that offer rides to the glacier (all for the same price) and we picked Juneau Tours since they were leaving the soonest. Well first of all you had to walk as far as you possibly can to catch the bus, secondly the bus was 20 minutes late. Additionally, the bus was oversold (it was basically an old - stress old - school bus) so they crammed as many people on as possible and it was standing room only. The bus driver was rude and provided no insightful narrative (the narrative he did provide was to make fun of a homeless person, complain about other drivers and make fun of other bus companies - with nicer buses), and when people complained that they couldnt get on the bus his response was "Well they should pay the $100 and go with the cruise company's tour". The final insult was they drop off and pick up at the end of second parking lot which is about a 1/4 mile walk to the visitor's center. No other bus company uses that lot.

Basically - take any other company and you will have better buses, information about Juneau provided during the trip and shorter walks.
Written June 13, 2011
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Samuel P
Soperton, GA3 contributions
Aug 2018
You wil not see a whale breach the water and they won't tell you that until they get you out there. They say that only happens in the breeding grounds of Hawaii. They will also ask you to go ahead and do a review on trip advisor for them while you are on the boat ride. They ask that you put 5 stars or don't do the review. You will only see a whale tail come out of the water a few times from very far away. You can do the same thing from the shore. After this terrible wast of time and money the crew will beg you for more money because they need help with there college fund and work only for tips. This is a major ripoff.
Written February 13, 2019
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Jamaica Jim
Mechanicville16 contributions
May 2014 • Couples
Our Alaska vacation-bound Crown Princess ship docked in Juneau on June 27, where we had planned two shore excursions for the day - one through Princess, and one which we had booked on our own through Juneau Whale Watch. The former came off fine, but the latter left a very bad taste in the mouth of myself and my companion; read on:

Before leaving for Alaska, we booked an evening whale watch tour with Juneau Whale Watch, from 5 - 7:30 pm. We wanted the late whale watch so that we could have time to stroll around Juneau between the time our earlier excursion ended at 1 pm, and the whale watch began at 5 pm. The ship's all-aboard time was 8:30 pm, so this late whale watch fit in perfectly with that plan, promising to get us safely aboard well in advance of the ship's departure time of 9 pm.

We were instructed to meet the Juneau Whale Watch representative in front of the Mt. Roberts Tramway at 5 pm, and were there well in advance, and easily found the rep milling about among the hundreds of other tourists, where we then identified ourselves and told her that we were there for the 5 pm tour that we had booked.

We were then told that the bus was "on its way" and would be there in fifteen minutes, so we were told to hang out for the time being. Having no other choices, that is what we did. Somewhere around that time, a bus pulled up and we saw the same representative walk over to it, followed by several people; thinking this was our bus, we followed and boarded the bus, handing our booking voucher to the same representative as we boarded. We then sat on the bus for several minutes while it apparently waited for more passengers; while we were sitting there, I happened to overhear another passenger say something about a "glacier tour" in such a way that raised doubts as to whether we were in fact on the bus that went to Auke Bay for whale-watching. I immediately "grabbed" the driver abd asked whether this was the whale watch bus, and he said "no". We immediately dis-embarked and went directly to the representative who said that she had put us on the wrong bus, and profusely apologized. She said that the whale watch bus would be here "shortly" and to continue waiting.

Well, we waited, and waited, and waited. At least once we queried the young woman and asked, "When is the bus coming?" and were assured that it was on its way. Finally, a shuttle bus arrived and we were told that it was the correct bus - it was now at least 5:35 pm, and we were getting nervous about the time. The young woman said that the bus would depart as soon as we boarded, but that in fact was not the case - as the bus sat there for several minutes, with furtive conversations taking place between the driver and the representative who took our booking voucher and who continually put us off. The endless delays, of course, began to erode our sense of trust. Despite being told that the van would depart immediately, it was clear that they were waiting for more passengers (customers) to show up in spite of assuring us that the bus would depart immediately upon our boarding. When we finally departed, it was probably 5:40 pm.

We had also been told by this same representative (whose credibility was being increasingly questioned) that it was also only a "15 minute" ride to Auke Bay, but that was another not-quite-true statement by your folks: It was easily 20 minutes, so by the time we got to the dock, it was after 6 pm. When we arrived at the dock we were met by two red-shirted young men who apparently conduct the tour and pilot the boat. They "chatted us up" for a couple of minutes trying to assure us that the tour would start imminently, and that we would ABSOLUTELY, IN-NO-UNCERTAIN-TERMS, be back by 8:15 pm. In the meantime, several more minutes went by, until another shuttle bus or van pulled up and disgorged half-a-dozen additional passengers who you just KNEW they were holding up the tour for (at our expense), and now seriously jeopardizing the terms of the agreement under which we booked this tour - that it would be a two and a half hour tour departing at 5 pm and returning at 7:30 pm.

It was now well past 6 pm and I once again expressed my concern as to whether a two hour whale watch could happen and get us back to the ship by 8:30 pm. One of Juneau Whale Watch's brash and confident "red shirts" again ADAMANTLY assured us that we would be back to the ship by 8:15 pm, and in the UNPRECEDENTED event that we were not, that Juneau Whale Watch would pay for our air fare and hotel to get us back on the ship. Faint assurance, indeed: It was now pressing 6:15 pm and all such assurances seemed to ring hollow, as we finally boarded the boat for departure.

Just as it seemed we would finally be getting underway, one of the smug "red shirts" came over to us, and, shamelessly 'fessed up that it appeared (despite all assurances to the contrary a few minutes ago) that we would probably NOT get back to the ship by 8:30 pm and that that it would likely be 8:35 pm - "Would that be okay?" he asked?

The answer, of course, was that it would NOT be "okay". - it was the last straw. I had had enough of the prevaricating, stalling jerking-us-around games that this company seemed all so well-trained to dispense to customers, and I said we were DONE and wanted a ride back to Juneau. They said okay and told us to walk back up the ramp where another driver would be waiting for us to take us back to the ship. We disembarked and walked up the dock to the ramp, but as we came off the dock we saw no one or nothing there that looked like a Juneau Whale Watch van or shuttle or bus waiting to take us back to Juneau - no one.. What gives??

As the boat was just pulling away from the dock at this point (probably at least 6:20 pm), I ran back down on to the dock and waved and shouted and asked, "Where is our RIDE??" Mr. Smug Red Shirt yelled at us to walk up the ramp - that it was there waiting for us ("he's right there waiting for you"). Funny, we stilll saw no one "waiting for us" - so we walked up the long drive to the main road and only then saw an unattended Juneau Whale Watch shuttle and another bus with a driver in it. We asked that driver if he was our ride back to Juneau, and he said "No." We explained our situation and then he pointed out where the JWW driver was, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. and seemed oblivious to our situation. Now why hadn't he come down the ramp and said, "I'm here to take you back to Juneau"? Instead, he seemed completely oblivious. After a brief exchange between the two drivers, the NON-Juneau Whale Watch bus driver said he would take us back to the ship, which he did.

We arrived back at the ship around 6:45 pm, sans whale watch, and sans two hours of our precious limited off-shore time in Juneau which could have been spent in a much more productive way than being, for lack of a better word, jerked around and subjected to the endless white lies instead of open honesty and respect. They could have said, right from the start, "This tour is not going to work for you and will not get you back to your ship on time; we apologize and will refund your money immediately." Instead, we got bull****, because greed is apparently a far more important factor than treating people with dignity, respect, and honesty.

The last prevaricating white lie that Juneau Whale Watch told me was that a refund would be processed for us immediately; that did not happen until I contacted them and asked, "Where's the refund?" They finally made the refund, but as far as I am concerned they owed us DOUBLE-our-money-back for the bulll**** and inconvenience that they put us through.

Reputation is the most important thing that maintains your business and customer service is the foundation of your reputation. As far as I am concerned, Juneau Whale Watch is a company to avoid for that very reason, until they learn that customers are not "profit centers" but human beings that need to be treated with dignity, respect, and honesty.
Written June 15, 2014
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brenda C
Atlanta122 contributions
Sep 2018
What a great day we had visiting the glacier and going on the whale watching boat. The staff was all exceptionally helpful and engaging. The whale watching was absolutely amazing and worth seeing. We were on a smaller boat with only 14 people which made our day more intimate and fun. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Written October 3, 2018
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Myrtle Beach, SC25 contributions
Aug 2018
We arrived on a cruise ship and this was our second time to Juneau. We knew best way was to grab one of the local shuttles as opposed to the cruise ship excursion. Went to building (really small shack) on the dock and the attendent was very helpful. First he braced us for the sticker shock of the price increase to $49. He explained the changes in park service fees and local fees.

Bus arrived just before half hour and departed on half hour. Rye our driver guide was great. He was also our return driver and we were the on,y passenger. Allowed him to be very engaging.

The drop off location at Mendenhall and at docks is convenient and a great option since you can go to and leave glacier on your schedule.
Written August 20, 2018
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98 contributions
Jun 2018
Trip was good to the park, you need to be on the lookout on your way back since buses run every 30 minutes back and they fill way too fast
Written June 18, 2018
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London, UK71 contributions
Sep 2014 • Family
AMAZING!!!!!!! we did a whale watching tour with this company, with the deck hand Rachael and Captain T. First off Racheal was very knowledgeable about the whales and spoke with confidence. The Captain was funny, keeping the mood light and making sure we knew the drill. Furthermore both were keen on making sure that we were comfortable with the trip and found out what we wanted to see. They made sure that everyone saw seals and whales, taking us right to the point were we could see groups of both. Amazingly most of our 4 hour tour was covered with seeing the whales. On top of this the great price, this is a must stop tour that you have to do in Juneau as it out shines a lot of the other tours. Your in a smallish group which just enhances the fact that you all get to see the whales. Do not miss this one!
Written September 21, 2014
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