Floatasian Float Spa

Floatasian Float Spa, Shanghai: Address, Phone Number, Floatasian Float Spa Reviews: 4.5/5

Floatasian Float Spa
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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Neighborhood: People’s Square
People’s Square brings with it all the excitement you would expect from the town square of one of the biggest cities in the world. The area around People’s Square and People’s Park is always a abuzz with activity. Oceans of local and foreign tourists flow in and out of the area every day to see grand museums, go shopping and eat at some of Shanghai’s most storied food centers. Shanghai residents, meanwhile, live and work in the many residential and office high-rises. While much of Shanghai stays busy late into the night, this really is an area that never sleeps with glitzy nightclubs keeping people up until the wee hours of the morning.
How to get there
  • Huangpi South Road • 8 min walk
  • South Huangpi Road • 8 min walk
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20 reviews
Very good

Benjamin J
1 contribution
Must try!
Dec 2021 • Solo
Very relaxing atmosphere and unique experience. Time flies so fast during the one-hour session. Really good to release the stress.
Facilities are clean and staff quite friendly.
Would definitely recommend, worth giving a try!
Written December 2, 2021
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Kate F
3 contributions
An excellent meditation experience
Mar 2020
Super nice guys who run the place, very accomodating and helpful. The experience itself was so relaxing and lovely. I found it to be very good for meditation, as someone who is normally quite easily distracted. A bit too pricey for me to do regularly, but my partner and I found a deal and we figured it was worth a try! Very much worth it.
Written March 11, 2020
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Hong Kong, China32 contributions
Awesome experience!
Oct 2019
I can't swim as I tend to float like a rock - straight to the bottom! So my experience at Floatsian was nothing short of epic since this was the first time I have ever successfully floated in water. Additionally, although it took a while to get used to, bobbing about in complete silence/darkness was very Zen-like and allowed me to readily find mindful awareness of the present. =) At any rate, we have since made plans to go every other Sunday as we find this is a great way to relax in preparation for the oncoming week. Note: We found the staff to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Additionally, tank, bathroom, and changing area hygiene was top notch. I highly recommend that you give it a try.
Written October 22, 2019
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Suzhou, China64 contributions
Disappointing chilly ripoff
Jul 2019 • Couples
This was supposed to be a relaxing hour in between work and a long-haul evening flight. I’d have had more fun throwing a handful of folding money into a public pond.

We had two separate rooms, and I opted for the one with the smaller flotation pod. The water wasn’t especially warm, and the room certainly wasn’t, so as I floated with half my body exposed to the air, it rapidly got chilly. I tried rolling over to dip all the exposed parts of me into the water (not my face, obviously), but that just meant my buttocks and back got cold, instead.

The lid on the pod couldn’t be fully closed, so it was lit the entire time with the ambient lighting from the room. So much for sensory deprivation!

After no more than 10 minutes I was too cold to continue, so I got out and had a long, hot shower. The shower was clean and well-equipped; the only part of the experience that actually worked.

Within 20 minutes or so I was out and took my complaint to the man on front desk. He more or less shrugged and said the water was calibrated to “average skin temperature” and then walked away.

My partner enjoyed their session, however. Apparently you are supposed to be suspended in the water with your entire body submerged and only your face out of the water, not floating on top of the water like a plank of wood. I’d need to be a great deal denser and heavier to achieve that because I bobbed around like a cork.

Disappointing, and a very poor response from the manager.
Written July 27, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
I’m very confident that you had a fever or cold that day. It is possible that you feel a little bit chilly if you are moving around in the tank and everyone has slightly different body temperature. But that it was so cold as you describe it…impossible! I’ve triple checked the temperature with different tools directly after your float as something could have been wrong. But the temperature in the room was 28 degrees and the water temperature was 34.8 degrees (exactly as it should be). Before the float I explained for you about the procedure, including that you float on your back, that the saltwater solution covers your ears and about half of your body. I also showed you that the pod you are floating in is slightly open where you have your feet and I also showed you the purple light that you can turn off to have it completely dark. Somehow you didn’t take in any information that day. I’m really sorry that you didn’t understand anything and that you had such bad experience. I remember you as you are 1 out of thousands that had this kind of experience. I personally thought that you were lying to me as nothing made sense from what you were saying and from what you are writing here. But today I spoke to your husband that is a member here and comes here regularly and loves it, and he told me that you actually did felt freezing and that you did float on top of the water and he actually believed you. But I told him that that it doesn’t matter if you are fat or skinny, a part of you will be under water and a part of you above the water. Your experience about that sounds supernatural! Anyway, we are really sorry that you had a bad experience here, that is the last thing we want. Somehow this experience made you write this review weeks after the experience so I understand that it wasn’t pleasant for you at all. I write this 3 days after reading it and I’ve read it many times now and I have had 3 days of deep anxiety because of this. So again, I am, and we are deeply sorry that you didn’t get the real experience. You are more than welcome to come and try it again, (on the house) of course. We wish you all love in the world! Best regards, Theodor Martin, owner and manager of Floatasian Float Spa
Written August 1, 2019
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7 contributions
Great way to relax on a weekly basis.
Sep 2018 • Couples
This is a wonderful spa that's worth every penny. The staff is very helpful, the place itself is very clean and well designed, the bath products that Floatasian provides are amazing (you must shower before and after your floating session). I personally recommend Tank #3, it looks futuristic and it's extremely spacious. After you finish your floating session, the staff will give you delicious ginger shot and some healthy snacks+ coffee/tea.

I also like Floatsian's membership card policy, you can share your card with a friend or your sifnificant other (which is another awesome experience if you have someone to join you during the floating session)
Written September 12, 2018
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James A
3 contributions
A semi-relaxing experience
May 2018 • Solo
First of all it would not be fair for me to rate my floating experience as everyone is different. I'm yet to get the benefits i feel floating meditation can provide, but the epson salt has really benefited my sleep and relaxed my muscles. The facilities, however, are top notch. I have tried two floats and thus have tried two float tanks. Both slightly different with their own strengths and weaknesses. The staff are also fantastic. On my first visit we were provided with drinks and an introduction and after we were given coffee and fruit. They were very accommodating to my wife who did not partake. My second visit, i met the owner who gave me some advice for my next visit. I would like the possibility to spend a little more and extend the time as for me i need a long time to clear my mind. All in all a good experience. I would recommend to try.
Written May 25, 2018
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Shanghai, China116 contributions
Great way to relax and unplug
Feb 2018
Wonderful float spa, with great welcoming founders, Aesop skincare and cold-pressed ginger shots to wake you up from mellow sessions. Options to float in full darkness and silence, or with ambient lights on and soft relaxing music, tank cover open, if you’re uncomfortable with complete sensory deprivation and feel a little uneasy in enclosed space. Great offer for beginners-3 floats in 2 weeks for a special price, and great option to share membership to get the best possible deal. All that transdermal magnesium relaxes and restores after both strenuous workouts and office battles that leave tension in neck and shoulders. Wonderful tool I incorporated into my regular wellness routine.
Written May 16, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Shanghai, China181 contributions
Fabulous way to relax and meditate
Apr 2018 • Solo
I've been to the Floatasian Spa twice and have a package that will allow me to float on a regular basis. This place is fabulous! I think that floating is as relaxing as having a massage and perhaps even more so because of complete silence and solitude in the floatation tank. You have an hour to float in the dense salty water (which makes it effortless to float) and you can start by listening to a short meditation or some nature music and then fade into silence. The silence and the darkness lead to a meditative limbo state where you really unwind and quiet your mind. At the end of the float, all tension in my neck and shoulders is gone. The spa serves up spicy ginger drinks and cucumber water, along with coconut chips, and you leave feeling completely rejuvenated. Highly recommended!
Written April 30, 2018
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Alina Levyz
Shanghai, China33 contributions
Interesting leisure
Aug 2017 • Couples
I had a certificate presented to me offering 3 visits. My last booking was placed with a wrong timing and admin kindly offered me one free visit to apologize for any inconvenience which was really nice.
Very clean and relaxing place, remind me a spaceship with white corridors and clue light in the spa rooms. Was totally worth trying.
If meditation is a familiar thing for you this would be definitely an amazing experience.
Written April 8, 2018
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Alyse G
1 contribution
100% at peace
Jan 2018 • Solo
I’ve been coming to Floatasian since September 2017. Each experience in the tank is super relaxing and peaceful. I come out feeling lighter and clearer in my mind.

The staff are very warm and welcoming, and explain what to expect and how to float from the beginning. After each float, I freshen up in the vanity room, am offered a drink and take some time in a quiet room. Here I take my time, sometimes reading a book. They never rush me to leave!

Floating in magnesium salt dense water with complete sensory deprivation is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! Give yourself a few visits to practice letting go of thoughts, and each visit will become more and more relaxing :)
Written January 28, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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