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Shanghai Disneyland
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Very good

United Kingdom5 contributions
Pretty good
Sep 2021 • Couples
It was pretty good. Overall I enjoyed the experience, but I personally prefer the ones in America as the rides are more exciting.
Written October 31, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Thomas K
1 contribution
Ruined Disney Experience for Chinese and Foreign Couple
Oct 2021
Me and my partner had a bad experience at Disneyland. We purchased two nights at the Toy Story Hotel and tickets for the second day. When we arrived, three members of staff all told us that we needed to go to Disney Town the next morning to collect the tickets. So at 07:00 in the morning, we took a bus to Disney Town..But we were told by the staff there that there was no record or proof that we had purchased the tickets and that we needed to get confirmation from the hotel! So this meant, me and my partner, taking the bus BACK to the hotel only for them to give us tickets to get in to the park. What a mess! It really ruined our mood. At first I thought it could have been a misunderstanding, but we are both fluent in Chinese and English, yet they said the same thing in both languages. Lack of experience? I don't know. But it really ruined our experienced as we didn't get into the park until 10:00am when it was already crowded.
Written October 9, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Austria13 contributions
A place for your inner child
Sep 2020 • Friends
Visited the park in 2019, pre-Covid and had a blast.
The queues weren’t too bad, as we found out we picked quite a good day for our visit and we were able to enjoy almost all of the attractions we were interested in.
Even on a not so busy day, some of the attractions were a bit busy and we were thinking that a fast pass would have been a good idea…but then again, the concept of fast passes is a bit of a wallet burning idea.

TRON ride is a unique experience that was something else and we really enjoyed Star Wars hall - the 2 meters high Lord Vader was stealing the show.
The Pirates of the Caribbean are also a must, as the visual effects are incredible, especially compared to some European parks.

Most of us have been to a few amusement parks and this was one of the better ones - however, you should come prepared, as the prices inside are quite high and English translations are not present everywhere.
Written August 30, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ashley H
2 contributions
Disney Magic With a Billion People…
Jul 2021 • Couples
I am a huge fan of Florida’s Disney World and have been to Disneyland California and Hong Kong. When I moved to China I was very excited to visit this Disneyland the first chance I had. With that said, while the overall experience was fun and had Disney magic, I was a little disappointed. From what I have read the park had changed post-COVID and not for the better.

Bottom Line: if you’re a Disney super fan like me and prepared for huge crowds the beauty and uniqueness of this park is worth it. Otherwise the crowds and long lines without free fastpass make this park a challenge!!

1) be prepared for HUGE crowds. We went on a weekday and I would hate to see it on a weekend. LONG lines for everything, even bag check + entry turnstiles took about 1.5 hrs (standing in hot direct sun). 2) We arrived 1.5 hours before park opened and got in 5 minutes after opening. The line for some big rides (Soarin) was already almost 3 hours. They do sell early access passes so this might be worth it but I think with crowds from the resorts entering early it would still be very busy.
3) Fastpass. This was the biggest and most frustrating change of all. There are NO free fastpass. You can buy fastpass in packages or for single rides but it’s EXPENSIVE- one pass was 180RMB or about $28!! That’s crazy. And with the giant lines…you have to choose either to just wait or pay up. :/
4) As for lines- as a frequent visitor of WDW in Florida I was very surprised that early morning lines were actually longer than late morning-early afternoon. Keep an eye on the wait times in the app and try to ride during the afternoon, parades, etc. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Tron had manageable (1 hr or less) lines during the night shows so this is a good option if you’re not watching the night show. As for the night show, plan to stake out a spot around 6:30 for the 8pm show if you want a decent view of the castle.
5) The food is not good and is very expensive (more expensive than WDW). Many people have posted that you can’t bring in food; this is not the case in 2021. We packed plenty of snacks but in hindsight I wish we would have packed actual lunch/dinner food. If you do have to eat in the park, Tangled Tree Tavern wasn’t bad. The slightly better and slightly less expensive food is just outside the park in Disneytown- a separate area you can enter/exit throughout the day with your park ticket. The ice cream in Disneytown is very good and will only set you back about $5 instead of the $10 charged in the park.
6) The Tron and Pirate rides are amazing!! Even impressed my husband who is not as much of a Disney fanatic. :)
7) The park is beautiful and SO BIG! The attention to detail you expect from Disney was amazing.
8) We live in China so we were prepared for “Chinese” behavior, which may come as a shock to other visitors. Yes, there is a lot of pushing and crowding. And we did see one little boy peeing on the pavement in front of the castle. Be prepared for pushing and other things you won’t see in America. It’s just China and it’s shocking and gross but you aren’t in America after all! Also the shows and rides are mostly in Mandarin and staff generally speaks little English.

also download the Shanghai Disney app and a good VPN (we use ExpressVPN) before you come.

As of July 2021 there are very little COVID measures. You have to buy/book your ticket in advance but there’s no social distancing and infrequent mask wearing.
Written July 7, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Anna L
Hawkshaw, UK18 contributions
Great trip for a foreigner solo traveler
Apr 2021 • Solo
I booked a 2 day pass on the official website before arrive in Shanghai (around ¥800 weekday 2 day ticket).
The subway line 11 arrives straight into the resort! Make sure you buy a return ticket as soon as you arrive! (it will save time when you return)!

Day 1: Great day, weather wasn’t the best! It rained which meant that a few rides were suspended until the storm had passed! There is a parade at 12:15pm which is worth watching! Around a 1 hour and less wait for the rides!

Day 2: Another great day, although this was a Friday. The park seemed much busier. There were 1/2 hours waits for the rides!

There are a mixture of Chinese and western food! The bakery is a much visit!
Written May 22, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Beijing, China87 contributions
Perfect Spring Break!
Apr 2021 • Family
I don’t understand what is the fuss about with most people who visited Shanghai Disneyland. It’s a theme park and it WILL be crowded from time to time. And this is China. There WILL be people.

We visited the park for four consecutive days buying two 2-day tickets each and found this was totally worth it every yuan. The staff at the park are polite, helpful, kind to children and help out however they can. The rides are great! Yes there are queues, and if one plans timings well, like missing the morning parade to do a “Soaring over the Horizon”, or doing TRON during Chinese dinner time, one will find practically no queues. I did buy a fast pass, only because we didn’t want to wait for 60 mins as we wanted to finish Winnie The Pooh ride and go for lunch. It’s a personal choice.

If I were only with adults, queues are no big deal, but with little children I preferred a fast pass one day for a chosen ride.

Food in the park is good. Limited options for vegetarians like me, but one can always go into Disneytown, eat and come back with the same ticket. It’s allowed! I find that extremely convenient!!!

One can never cover everything in the park even after 4 days. It’s really big compared to HK. We loved the park although I wish they should add some specific timings for the English narration of the Pooh ride.

We shall return!
Written May 3, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Chengdu, China1,937 contributions
Wear Comfy Shoes and be prepared to queue!
Apr 2021 • Couples
To enter the park you need to walk from the car park, queue up for the security check, and pass the ticket office, this is a long walk, and took 90 mins. As you must reserve your ticket at least 1day in advance, remember to bring your ID with you ( photo of your passport is fine. The park is massive, today involved a lot of walking and queueing. The top attraction waiting time was constantly three hours so we missed it out but with Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron there was plenty to do.
Left tired but happy twelve hours later
Written April 17, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Alexa C
Shanghai, China422 contributions
good, if you are ready to pay extra 1300 per person
Apr 2021
ADVICES to save time and nerves:

GET Disnay APP in advance . Be VERY VERY early. BUy transparent water-resistant neck purse for the phone to make videos of your rides. BRING your food with you. IT will save you time.

BAD app system. Presumably, you can book a "stand by pass" (which used to be free fast pass ) in the official Disney app, once you have a real paper ticket on hands and link it. BUT....its gets fully booked in the first 10 mins after the first people get in and nothing was available after that. WELL DONE, Disnay! it was a very frustrating part! PLEASE go back to manual stands inside the park where people used to book 1 free pass for every 2 hours!!!!!! it Was FAIR to everyone!

You can buy a fast pass package for single or multiple rides on app. We took most expensive 800 rmb (additionally to 400 rmb ticket) per person. So tot 1300 gives you access to fast pass of pre-selected by Disney 6 rides (we did 7 or 8 in total from 8:40 till 15:00) . It was a nice experience.
The service was good (we exchanged 1 atraction, as there were technical issues with 1 ride on the list. so we changed it, )l personnel was very helpful and well trained.
I gave 3 stars because of the system glitch (was on and off during the day) and the MAIN point because we haven't got a single stand-by pass. This SYSTEM doesn't really work !
Written April 13, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ko Samet, Thailand26 contributions
Crowds and Line-ups a-plenty!
Apr 2021
If you want to spend the day spending lots of money and then lining up then this is your place! We tried to go on a day that might not have the crowds. That was ambitious. I don't think there is every a day like that. It seemed like there aren't a lot of great rides but we did love Pirates of the Caribbean, Roaring Rapids, Tron, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan and Woody's Roundup. We certainly got our step count up as you wander all over all day to try to get to the places with the least line up time. The Disney app is great for letting you know the line times. Food in park is pretty poor as is available seating in restaurants...or lack of. I'd say this was an "okay" Disneyland. People pushing a lot and say good bye to social distancing especially when lining up for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The personal space thing is something to navigate here. Kids peeing through the fence in the line-ups (parents were there) wasn't a good thing.
Written April 10, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Tianjin, China4 contributions
When profits are the magic
Feb 2021
We have moved back to China, now living in Shanghai after many years in the north.
Went to Disneyland with the kids (8 and 6 years old) a well as my wife’s sister and dad.

While we are quite experienced to crowds, Disneyland goes the little extra yard to ensure the full experience of waiting in lines, being pushed, wasting time and at the same time feeling that the whole thing is setup with only one purpose, namely, to get the last RMB out of your pockets before you leave.
It was to be honest not a very pleasant trip and while my wife and I fast agreed that now we have visited this place once and sworn never to come back, it was more surprising that the kids during the day also started to complain. My wiffe’s dad? He left at 6:30 pm as he could not stand it anymore (old grumpy man! :-))
The good
• Overall clean and nice environment
• Some parts of the park were not too overcrowded (comparing to Chinese standards) so walking around between the different worlds was manageable.
• While we did not try very many rides due to waiting in-line, the TRON Lightcycle Power Run was fun (if you can absorb the 50 min wait and further 20 min wait due to a break down)
• The fireworks/light show was impressive (if you can absorb the wait time and the pushing and shoving)
• Easy to get to, Shanghai Subway runs to the door.
The bad
• Pricing. It is obviously not cheap. Please note that the price anchor in China for such things are set high so you will have to pay, which we expected, but again Disneyland just goes that little extra yard to ensure your pockets are completely swiped when you are gone. Entrance price, while not dirt cheap was not really excessive (we paid RMBB 499/adults, 399/children which is ok), however they go to great length to ensure you end up paying extras.
• Food, you must buy food and drinks inside. They have a security check before ticket purchase with the aim to swipe foods from those who brings it (we did not). It adds an extra 30-40 minutes wait-in-line to the experience and we saw quite a few that god food confiscated…my bad feelings started just there. Inside prices are excessive, particular when comparing to standard Chinese prices which on food are low. I will not do a full price list of horrors here, but let me put it this way – I originate from Scandinavia which is by most people (and by facts) considered expensive. In Disneyland their corndog/hotdog on stick like thing was priced with a +100% premium of what a hotdog runs me back in Denmark…so be warned!
• Stores and restaurants are all over and take up a considerably part of the part, in fact in hindsight there are actually only a few attractions given the size of the complex and not lest given the number of visitors they admit in.
• Which leads me the next profit maximizing item, the “jump the line pass”. Having assured that all fun rides are cramped, Disneyland has studied the book “The confessions of the Pricing man” on how to ripe the benefits of this in setting prices that allows you to skip the lines they created. After we arrived and discovered the waiting times for the rides we briefly considered buying one of the skip-the-line passes, but they ran at RMB 1,000 per person (2x adult entrance fee, 2½x children entrance fee) and could maximum be used 8 times! (that is an extra RMB 125 per ride). To be fair they had a whole price range for various skip-the-line passes with allowance for fewer rides, but the price per ride of these were same (actually slightly higher). You come to the suspicion (extremely fast) that it is all a well/evil planned profit maximizing scheme.
The ugly
While everyone that lives in, have lived in or just have been to China knows, crowds are plenty and all over, and this is an integrated part of live, planning and society setup.
So having large crowds in Disneyland was be no means any surprise.
However, it seemed to have surprised the planners as the number of attractions and particularly the capacity of these by no means matched the number of people let into the park at once.
We arrived when the park opened, admittedly go were not in until at least 50 minutes after due to the food swiping exercise at the entrance, but on the advice of my wife’s sister we headed straight to the Soaring over the Horizon ride only to discover that the waiting time was….3 hours! (to be honest I though they were playing me a joke, but no).
They had a standby pass system on the app which allows to the reserve time for waiting later…it does not allow you to arrive at a certain time and then avoid waiting. But that system suffered under crowd pressure as well. I managed to make one booking (for myself) but once I tried to add my wife, children, wife’s sister no more time slots were available…and that was that! (not even mentioning since we were six incl. my wife’s dad and the system only allowed groups up to five it was a bit useless for us)
After the initially frustrations we then decided to get the best out of the day and try as many rides as we could. We tried the Roaring Rapids (60 mins wait), the Dwarfs mining Train (45 min wait), Rex Riders (90 min wait), TRON power race (50 mins wait + 20 mins break down wait) and the Pirates of the Caribbean Battle (45 min wait) plus my children tried the Dumpo ride, the shipwreck, saw a couple of the characters standing within fenced areas and the youngest also went to the sign along with Elsa/Frozen while the oldest was doing the TRON race.
Particularly the Rex Riders was a complete joke. It had a capacity of 20! Low and behold! I guess the person coming up with that idea have never been to China before, at least he did not coordinated with the guy planning for how many to let in on any given day.
We also decided to see the 8pm fireworks/lightshow and was advised to be there no later than 7pm if the children should have a chance to see it. We ended up waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes for the experience and as time passed more and more people showed up ending in constant pushing, shoving and being in constant physical contract with at least the nearest 3-4 people around you (Ironically the recorded announcer was every 15 minutes welcoming people to the event and telling them to keep social distancing and not blocking other people view…yeah right, maybe if you let 10,000 less people in it would be possible). The had reserved areas which had no people but these were for the people selling snacks, obviously!
The really scaring part of the visit came when the show ended as the masses then started to leave. We we quickly decided to carry both children on held each other’s cloth not to lose each other in the black sea of people. It was insane (even for Chinese standards) one step in the wrong direction and we would not have found each other again. So flowing with the masses we (luckily) had to go the exit and the metro station because that was where the masses few to.
To think this is a place for children!

We came to the place around 8:40 am and left around 8:30pm. A full 12 hours, I tried 4 rides, my children maybe 6 maybe 7, we ate once while sitting, we ate a bit while walking, we saw the parade and besides walking from place to place we spent the rest of the time waiting in line.
So be warned, it is a multi-billion dollar brand and by this alone they will attract enough visitors but the experience was noting close to magic, unless it is magic to wait in endless lines and get pushed and shoved.
I ranked it, very generously, two starts, due to the parts mentioned under “the good”, but price and value experience does simply not match up. As a benchmark we in the summer had visited both Tivoli Gardens and Bakken amusement parks in Copenhagen, which are both high recommendable. Here the children tried rides all the time (at Bakken my oldest and I managed to run out of rides on the old wooden roller coaster on our access pass, which meant 10 rides on that ride alone). All within the same time spend and at total price that was half to a third of what we spent at Disneyland and with a much cozier atmosphere.
The final curiosum is that Walt Disney actually build his Disneyland based on the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen after he had visited the park back in the 50s. His successors have failed miserably with that task in Shanghai.
Written February 20, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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