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We are a guided self drive tour into the beautiful interior of the main island in Fiji driving through pristine rain forest with incredible views overlooking the Pacific Ocean and outer islands. The tour leads to a fantastic waterfall where you can have a cooling swim, relax and enjoy our picnic lunch before driving back at your leisure. If you prefer not to drive you can be driven by one of our trained guides. Our tour shows you a different side to this beautiful country. We also offer tailored/custom tours please contact us for specific details.
Pacific Harbour, Fiji

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Michelle R
1 contribution
Jul 2022 • Family
A great morning with Eddie and the team. Lots of fun( and mud), fun for the whole family. The buggy’s are easy to drive and it was a lot of fun for both driver and passenger. The hike to the waterfall wasn’t too difficult but good shoes are a must especially if it has been raining. It was a great experience and a fabulous fun way to see a different part of Fiji- we would highly recommend it to anyone who wants something more on the adventurous side
Written July 2, 2022
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1 contribution
May 2022 • Couples
We had an awesome day out in the buggies. The guys who took us on our tour were great and made our experience lots of fun. Lots of laughing, seeing beautiful spots and MUD!!! great day out, would highly recommend for those that like a little bit of adventure.
Written May 14, 2022
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Hayward, CA11 contributions
Apr 2015 • Couples
We were staying right in Pacific Harbour, so Terra Trek was only a couple hundred meters from our resort.

The buggies are *not* high-performance, so if you're expecting to be peeling out and racing through the hills you're going to be really disappointed. This wasn't a problem (or surprise) for us -- but the buggies did have some issues.

The buggies are older two-stroke, apparently carbureted models and have a variety of issues. To say the least, they're a little fussy. Even at the "base", it took a while for them to get started. Once we were moving they were mostly fine....until you hit the brakes on a downhill (which, yes, you should NOT do...but if it's that or rear-end the other couple in front of you who don't know how to drive offroad buggies...). As soon as the revs drop facing down, the buggy starves out and stalls. If you can two-foot it, you can keep it running, but sometimes you're braking harder than you expect and it just happens.

So, the buggies don't have a working display at all (always says 0mph, always says you're in reverse, etc) and the shifter (automatic) is really sloppy...with no "park". So, you put it in approximately neutral, then wiggle it randomly while turning the key until you manage to trip the neutral safety switch and the thing fires. The other couple did this a bunch of times. We only stalled once while panic-stopping to not rear-end them when they stopped on a downhill for no apparent reason).

We finally make it to the spot where you park the buggies, and hike down to the spring-fed waterfall. Had a really good time there -- if you go, bring water shoes. The rocks are REALLY sharp. We knew to do this (having been to a different waterfall on another adventure) and had a much better time traipsing through the waterfall than the other couple. We also recommend bringing swim goggles -- being able to look under the water to know where the rocks are makes jumping off the big rocks feel much safer.

While we're in the waterfall, our guide sets up a delicious lunch (make-your-own sandwich and fruits).

After lunch, we take some pictures then hike back up to the buggies. We make it about 300m when our buggie's transmission completely grenades out of nowhere. Can't get it into ANY gear. So, our guide calls home base. They argue with him, apparently, and make him try to fix it (there's no way). He (and we) fiddle around with it for a while and confirm that, no, it's completely borked and the base agrees to send up a tech and replacement buggy. Finally, (after almost an hour of standing around, taking pictures of spiders and talking) the tech arrives with a "new" buggy (this one tells you your speed, but is otherwise just as janky).

The rest of the trip back is uneventful (the other couple was apparently a little more comfortable at this point and weren't as nervous about downhills, which made for a much nicer drive for us, as well).

The tour guide was great. The driving (ignoring the buggies & other driver) was good. The hike was reasonable (not a walk in the park, but not bush trekking) and the waterfall was lovely. You should definitely give it a try.
Written May 8, 2015
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Catherine C
1 contribution
Mar 2018 • Friends
While well advertised, Terra Trek's management and overall experience has made it **NOT** worth it!!

Consider yourself warned:

1. At best, each person will spend over $150+ USD to sit in an ATV and follow at a snail's pace behind a truck with the guides in it for about 10-15 minutes. (Especially when there's no mud, there's no fun. Especially.) You then get to a place where the guides take you on a slippery trek down to the waterfall -- if you like this, then I guess it's for you, but we came in with no warning and weren't prepared to hike for 15 min each way. The waterfall itself is fun, but you essentially paid $150 to go to a waterfall you could have done for free. No bueno.

2. At WORST (my experience), the ATV is already sputtering and the engine stop/starting before you even do your test drive in front of TerraTrek. Instead of giving you one of the newer and probably actually usable vehicles in the garage, TerraTrek insists that "it's fine" and takes you out on the ATV. The engine shuts off once about 5 minutes into your ride, and then after the guides get out and wrestle to revive it, it comes back to life for about 5 more minutes before it completely dies out.

Then, you sit in the sweat-filled truck/cruiser with all the guides for what seems like the longest and smelliest ride, until you get to the start of the route where you take a stick and try not to drown in the pits of mud down to the waterfall. I like hiking a LOT (am an avid outdoorsperson) but this was ridiculous and not fun at all.

The guides are cool, you have some fun in the waterfall, and they then feed you some food (make-it-yourself sandwiches, so maybe would cost $4 to put together, tops?). Meanwhile, some of the guides have gone back and gotten your ATV fixed, so that you can drive it back -- slowly and gingerly, of course, because the whole ATV experience of following behind a car isn't even fast and exciting.

Now, for the MOST RIDICULOUS part.

Given that we only got to drive our ATV halfway, we got back to TerraTrek and asked if we could get some sort of refund (even if partial). We didn't pay $150 to ride an ATV for maybe 15 minutes, and also go to a free waterfall and eat $4 sandwiches! The guides said the manager wasn't there, and told us to come back tomorrow morning 8am because she would be there. We said okay, because we lived at the Uprising next door & it would be relatively convenient.

Next morning, 9am (to give them some leeway because 'island time'), we went back to Terratrek. No manager. The guides tried to call her for us, and we were told she would be back after lunch. So we went home.

After lunch, being clever this time, we called Terratrek to check that the manager would be there before we made the walk over. The manager picked up, immediately insisted that the people in the morning had ruined the ATVs, and that because they were people we knew (NOT in the same booking/reservation, mind you -- simply people we knew), she could not give us any sort of refund. While we were trying to explain and ask "hey why don't you just charge them for damaging the ATVs instead?", she HUNG UP. SHE JUST HUNG UP ON US.

Obviously we were upset, and so we immediately 1) talked to a manager at the Uprising who says he knows the owner (not manager) of TerraTrek and would call her for us, and 2) marched back over to Terratrek to talk to this woman who so disrespectfully hung up on us. And, surprise surprise -- guess who wasn't there, even though it was after lunch?

In the end, we never got part of our refund. The owner of Terratrek also insisted that since the other group had ruined the ATV, we wouldn't get any kind of money back. Thus, in essence, Terratrek management screwed up & didn't charge a group for damage, and took it out on the next group who came in that day. ON TOP OF THAT, their absolutely terrible customer service meant that we came in not just once but TWICE after our ATV ride to meet the manager (who we had been told would be there both times) and who wasn't. It was such a waste of our time.

TL;DR you might be paying $150-$175 USD to slowly ride an ATV for a max of 30 min and then go to a (free) waterfall and get maybe $4 worth of food. OR, if you're like me, you paid that amount to ride for a max 15 minutes and get completely awful customer service (see: spending at least 30 minutes going back and forth to Terratrek TWICE after your excursion to deal with management who isn't there when they said they would be; getting hung up on after asking politely for a refund of some sort; and ultimately getting the blame and paying $70+ more than you should have because the TerraTrek management screwed up.)

Seriously. Consider yourself warned, or you'll be like me looking at the charge in your bank account and wishing you could mark it as a fraud alert and get the money back. THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY - EXPECT NO RESPECT. I would give it a 0.5 if I could -- and the 0.5 is only because the guides themselves were quite nice people. Management needs to change, and desperately.
Written April 2, 2018
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Coffs Harbour, Australia15 contributions
May 2016 • Friends
I was a little cautious to book this after reading reviews about how many of the buggies can break down.. but we went with it and it was such a great day! There were four of us and our guide was very informative and laid back, and went out of his way to make sure we had a memorable time. We did the scenic drive and it was absolutely stunning! We wish the drive had been a little faster but it was still so much fun! No trouble at all, and a really fun day, would really recommend this one!
Written May 27, 2016
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fiji1 contribution
Oct 2014 • Friends
A group of us visiting from New Zealand booked this tour. We actually received an extra discount on the normal rate before going. The overall experience was not bad but far from value for money. We had 2 buggies breakdown before making it 2 minutes down the road. We waited maybe 30 minutes for a replacement and continued. Credit where it's due the buggies we ended up with made it there and back. The drive out is very much a slow cruise down a gravel road, there are some hills but this is not off-road it is a formed gravel road all the way. The waterfall and pools are nice. Th picnic lunch is ok. Consists of a panini with choice of ham,chicken,cheese and salad. Some orange slices and an Apple. Perfectly reasonable light lunch. Then a cruise back down th same gravel road and th tour is over. The guide was ok, some other reviews seemed to get more stops and info about crops etc. The woman who was the host, taking money and welcoming etc was very nice really helpful and friendly. So the tour is a cruise in and out along a formed gravel road and a walk to a waterfall. For the money paid we all felt this was terrible value. We can see how if you were perhaps with kids this may be fun for them but for adults, driving a vehicle slowly down a track is boring. We left feeling ripped off. I think I could have got a taxi to a different waterfall in the area and had the same lunch, swim experience we got but for a fraction of the price. In the area you can do a snorkel trip one day, a day on a hobbie cat the next and still have paid less. Hence the feeling of poor value. And we didn't pay the advertised price. We would not recommend this activity to anyone. Spend your money elsewhere and have a better experience. I did speak to the owner, he was surprised at my feedback but as we had already had a discount did not offer any compensation for our disappointing day. He at length explained to me the costs involved and confirmed I understand currency exchange. Frankly a waste of money and time, go elsewhere do other things. Sorry to be so negative but working in the tourism sector myself I know the value of feedback and I hope that our experience would help others get better value and/or encourage terra trek to review pricing.
Written October 11, 2014
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Dear Andrew, Further to your review and feedback. It's difficult to respond to a negative review without appearing defensive but in this case we really don't deserve your poor review based on 'value for money'. Running the 4 hour self drive motorised tour including fuel. maintenance, 20% tax, levy per head to enter the waterfall, road levy license and insurance, lunch, water etc for less than US$150 per person is quite a challenge and in 3 years you are the first reviewer to give us a 'poor' review. My staff and I take pride in our product and are saddened to get this feedback from you based on not being able to give you a second and further discount after you had taken the tour. Of course we cant compete with sailing a hobbie cat we are a completely different kind of tour with totally different overheads and would have been happy to explain this to you before you booked our tour. We note that you are in the tourism industry and live in Fiji. Regards, The Whole Team at Terratrek
Written October 13, 2014
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Brian A
Melbourne, Australia158 contributions
Feb 2019 • Couples
We loved the quad driving and the amazing trails we were taken on. The guys supporting us were great and lots of fun. Apart from the quad trails, hiking to the waterfall was a terrific way to see more of the Fiji bush.

Waterfalls were beautiful and having a swim is recommended. A really nice lunch was provided too.

Thanks Team!!
Written February 15, 2019
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6 contributions
Nov 2018 • Couples
A very fun, day trip. The trip to the falls was incredible. We stopped at various vistas that overlooked the ocean and jungle. We learned a lot of the local history. Bill, our guide was awesome! He put together a delicious lunch overlooking the waterfall. We would definitely recommend this experience.
Written November 4, 2018
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Melbourne, Australia4 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
I highly recommend doing this tour while in Fiji! It was such an amazing experience and one of the best things I’ve done. The waterfall was beautiful and the buggy’s were so much fun to drive! The track was also amazing! The staff are super friendly, our tour guide Sam “Moose” was incredible and went above and beyond for us and made it such a great experience! Would be perfect for a group of friends or couples.
Written May 1, 2018
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Glenhaven, Australia12 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
Loved it. Took our 2 kids, 11 & 5, and had an awesome time. Make sure you put on the insect repellant as soon as you arrive at base (or before). Wear shoes you don't mind getting filthy and wash them off as soon as you get to the falls and when you get back or they will be ruined. No cava, no hard sell souvenirs, no charge for taking photos, just good old fun.
Written June 9, 2017
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