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Tarkwa Bay Beach
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evueta a
Lagos, Nigeria3 contributions
Tarkwa bay beach is a place to be! U can go there with your families, Frinds,love once etc.You can also use the beach for weddings reception! And honey moon...The Tarkwa bay beach is one of d safe beach in lagos.
Written January 11, 2020
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106 contributions
To get to Tarkwa Bay we took a water taxi from the Fiki Marina, under the Falomo bridge, near the Nigerian Law School. Fiki Marina has several decent water taxis that transport visitors from Victoria Island to Tarkwa Bay. The cost for this is N1 000 per person, per way (so N2 000 per person return). We parked our vehicle in the parking lot near the market where security guards were patrolling the area (the nearby market sells beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables), there was no cost for parking the vehicle for the day.

The boat trip took us past the Radisson hotel, underneath Ahmadu Bello Way and past the Lagos Yacht Club, into the harbour, where we turned heading towards the open ocean. Tarkwa Bay is located at the harbour entrance. In total, the trip was around 15 minutes.

Upon arrival, we had to walk a short distance, through the water onto the beach, since there is no jetty for visitors to get out onto. Several of the locals where ready to assist with our coolers and beach bags, but this does come at a price!

We were greeted on the island by 4 local men (and several children) who were haggling and begging. From what we could gather, each of these men were "in charge" of an undercover seating area with beach chairs. THE FIRST THING you should do after arriving at Tarkwa is to establish the price you will be charged. The "beach fee" came to N1 000 per person and this was not negotiable, but be careful, they may want to charge more than this. Once you've paid your "beach fee" an official ticket will be issued to you. Now, you can select where you would like to sit. This however turned into a heated argument between the 4 men, since each wanted us to sit in "their" area. It was my understanding that part of the "beach fee" was given to the "owner" of the seating area, so all 4 men had something to gain. After the men argued amongst themselves, we selected our seats, now we could sit back and relax.

We arrived at the beach at around 11:00 and we were the only visitors. This may have been due to the weather, since it did look cloudy and rainy. This weather did however pass, and it was a lovely sunny day. We had brought much of our snacks and beverages, but we later found out that the locals are also happy to assist with the barbecuing of meat and fresh fish which is also available for purchase. We had a few local craftsmen stop by, peddling some of their handmade goods, as well as a few beggars, but other than that, we were left alone.

We took a swim in the ocean, but several plastic bags and containers made it rather unpleasant. The water also seemed rather dirty, considering which is understandable, considering we were at the harbour entrance. Several massive cargo ships and smaller fishing vessels were constantly going in and out, and made for interesting viewing. The beach itself was relatively clean, since the locals do their best to remove much of the rubbish that washes ashore.

We later noticed the local fishermen returning, and approached them to see their catch. We purchased some fish and this was prepared for us over a barbecue with some rice. This cost us N3 000 per person, the fish was great and the overall experience made it worthwhile!

After lunch we took a walk past the beach towards the ocean where several shipwrecks litter the coastline. According to a reputable website, there are more than 200 abandoned shipwrecks along the Lagos coast, with 4 being close to Tarkwa Bay. The walk to the shipwreck is on beach sand, past some beach houses and local residents and was in total probably about 700m. But in the warm sun and on a sandy surface, turned out to be quite tough walk. The wreck itself is already severely damaged and pretty much stripped, but the rusty vessel is still close enough for a budding photographer to take some nice photo's. From this wreck at Tarkwa, we could clearly see 3 other wrecks further down the coast, but this would be quite a walk and is perhaps advisable to rather do this with one of the locals for company.

There is also a lighthouse on Tarkwa Bay. This is the original lighthouse that guided entry into Lagos harbour. According to the locals, this is roughly a 30min walk from the beach area. We however did not have enough time, but will return on a next visit.

Upon our departure, many of the local children where still haggling and begging for money and many where again quite eager to assist us with our "baggage" in order to get a tip. A few steps through the ocean water and we were back on the taxi on our way to Fiki Marina.

At this time (roughly 15:00) the beach was quite busy with many locals enjoying the good weather (the clouds had passed and it was a sunny Lagos day!). As we were leaving, we even spotted two surfers getting off a water taxi with the surfboards. I'm certain their efforts would have been well worth a watch.


* Make sure your beach bag is waterproof, it may get wet as you get on and off the water taxi.
* Wear your swimming costume, since changing and toilet facilities are not abundant.
* Beverages and food are available for sale, but I recommend to rather take your own.
* Be prepared to be haggled and "harassed" upon arrival. You are a tourist and the locals will try to take advantage of your visit.
* Make sure you establish the price of anything and everything beforehand. It's custom to haggle, so know that they may try to overcharge you.
* There are beach chairs and covers, but this usually "belongs" to one of the locals.
* Take your own towels and if you are planning on doing more than swimming, you should take your entertainment along. The locals did provide a DJ, but I recommend that you take your own ball's, toys, floatation devices and what ever else you might feel like doing whilst on the beach.
* Remember you sunscreen!
* Keep your belongings close by and don't be flashy with camera's, jewellery or other items.
* Jet-ski's are also available for rental, this cost N5 000 for 30min.


We met a local man by the name of Nicholas. He provided a great deal of assistance to us and we where able to haggle prices with him quite easily. He is friendly and helpful and I strongly recommend you ask for him when you arrive at Tarkwa. We paid our "beach fee" to him and he helped us select a nice spot on the beach. He also arranged our beach barbecue and told us about the jet-ski rental which he could arrange for us. He also offered to walk with us to the shipwreck and the lighthouse, but remember, it may cost you money (we opted to walk to the shipwreck alone, without problems).

Enjoy your day on the beach!
Written December 21, 2014
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Prague, Czech Republic107 contributions
We have visited Tarkwa beach on a Sunday afternoon when it was packed with locals and expats. We took katamaran taxi from Fiki marina for 3000 pp. We had to wait till boat was full.
Sailing along lagoon was very scenic, nice to see Lagos from different perspective. Boat trip took about 15 minutes.
Upon arrival you have to soak into the water as there is no jetty. It's recommended to come in swimsuit. Local boys are willing to help you with your baggage.
Immediately after you leave the boat you have to pay beach fee 200 pp an you'll get a ticket. Then we were taken to a beach shade with simple lounge seats and table. They asked for 6500 for 3 persons. After lack of interest from our side they were ok with 500 each. However standard is about 1000 pp. I immediately run into water and swam along the beach. Sea was calm, no waves or current. Sea is pretty shallow and you can walk far.
We had a very relaxing day, some of us enjoying water, other reading in amiable sea breeze.
We left on boat at 16:00 but had to wait almost 30 minutes before it got full.
We'll definitely come back and explore more.
Written February 9, 2017
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Dennis T
1 contribution
This place is terrible. The beach is dirty. After paying admission fee, you still have to pay for tables. The only bathroom is in a neighboring community for a fee. This seems to be an endemic problem at African beaches. Pay admission, still have to pay for substandard bathrooms. No excuse for this. But at least other African beaches, I have visited are clean. Don't come to this place.
Written January 5, 2020
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Angel Michael
25 contributions
Very nice beach far a way from noisy Lagos, my enjoyment started from my journey of boarding a boat to the beach as is the easiest way to get their and it cost as low as 500 naira to the beach and you can board an engin boat from mainly 3 location but I used jetty at marina road which in less than 5mins the passenger boat have filled with 15passanger a boat can carry and boys were readily available to carry us on their back if you don’t want to step in the water as boat can only stop few meter away from the shore to avoid grounded our only problem was paying high 1000 naira to rent a chair and table but entry fee 200 naira was the cheapest among beaches I have visited in Lagos and it’s so amazing as I was able to swim in the beach as my wife have always want to see my swimming skills and we enjoyed ourselves with life guitar guy playing to entertain us with country music and not forgetting the fascinating tarsh house that was provided for us to change when we want to swim and after swimming my Irish wife really find it creative over all it was a fun fill trip and I hope to visit when ever I can
Written August 28, 2018
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58 contributions
I visited Tarkwa Bay for the first time on the worker's day weekend. I had soooo much fun, it was such a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. I wrote a comprehensive review and put up loads of Beautiful pictures on my Blog, Tuke's Quest. Simply search for Tarkwa Bay, it's in the Travel section. I wish more people knew about it/visited it more. I wish the Lagos state Government promoted this place better too. It is definitely a must visit in Lagos.
Written May 21, 2016
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Africairish Queen
20 contributions
Trying to describe and review based upon expectations versus reality!!!. My review is therefore humour mixed with fact. The online photos look beautiful and in reality, the place was not too bad but a long way from what was expected.
It advertises to travel on a speedboat to the Bay, in fact the only way to get there. WOW it sounds luxurious...(smiling). The speedboat is in fact an old rowing boat now fixed with an outboard motor and we sat at the boat depart looking like refugees wearing life jackets that were rescued from the Titanic!! And wouldn't save a duck let alone a non swimming human!! Still the boat ride was fun, also fun watching other similar boats run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and awaiting rescue from a fuel deposit from other boats whilst the onboard passengers were praying heavily to God to preserve their life!!. Upon arrival, we were unceremoniously "piggy backed" from the boat to the shore ( so funny ) and then were charged N200 each to enter. After all this, I have to say that the beach was very clean and the ocean is about the safest you can swim in around Lagos. We got pestered by touts a lot but rented a tent at 1000N right at the furthest end which gave us some peace. Why did I rate 4? Simply because the whole experience was an adventure. Would we revisit? Absolutely.
Thanks for a fun day.
Written July 26, 2018
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Funmi O
Lagos, Nigeria124 contributions
Tarkwa bay I have been to twice . I really enjoy the beach. It is clean and sometimes not too busy. It’s more fun when not too busy. You can surf there if that’s your thing . Otherwise you can just sit and enjoy the scenery and play in the water .
Written May 14, 2018
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Lekki, Nigeria15 contributions
They say a good outing is more of the people in it, add the location for tarkwa bay...
so Lagos is a beachgoing town so...gradually every idyllic beach has been overrun by teenagers and lovers...oh well, every good story has an end. So where does the average privacy seeker go when the weather is just right for a day out in the sun....quite a few options exist. Ranging from top dollar...to just about right. Tarkwa bay sits just smack in the middle, on an island with a shielded beachfront 15-30mins by boat away from lagos island, dependent on where you take off from, less by air...which by the way is cost inefficient and has no proper landing facilities, just take a boat guys...this bay offers at least two distinct levels of privacy, the general beach area which costs relatively less to rent deck chairs, raffia canopies...the more upscale lighthouse area where things get a tard more dearer but for a good reason too, you can rent everything from boats, jetskis, surfing boards, volleyball setups...well almost everything..accomodations arent so upscale..but be rest assured there are affordable places to sleep and if youre an otdoor enthusiast, you'd not regret packing that tent and sleeping bag along...
lest I forget to mention... like the beach itself, everything can be gotten from extremely cheap and risky to moderately priced and safe. Andfor a day trip..plan to head home by 5pm before the waves get choppy if you chose a small boat, even worse when you havent made full day arrangements. Dont bring expensive jewellery and stuff, pack a waterproof bag, a beachball always comes in handy, sunshades too, more for the sand the breeze kicksup....and did I mention, tarkwa bay is the best place to surf in lagos...ask anyone...waves you can catch without breaking an arm
Written August 4, 2018
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Lagos, Nigeria341 contributions
I love this place because it is quite serene seeing as it is away from town and not as rowdy as the other beaches you would find around.

Perfect for a more quiet gathering with your family, friends and loved ones.
Written February 16, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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