Synagogue Church Of all Nations

Synagogue Church Of all Nations

Synagogue Church Of all Nations
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Hermanus, South Africa737 contributions
A piece of Heaven on Earth, Prophet T B Joshua is the most anointed man on the face of the Earth. This will be a journey of your life. If you want answers for your life, if you need direction, if you need healing, do not even think twice. You will be well taken care off, and will never return the same. I have been there 4 times and cannot wait to go again, I hope for the Grace to go 100+ times.
Written September 13, 2008
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Bridgette N
9 contributions
its an honour to pilgrim to scoan. i spent months reading reviews of how to get here and nothing was shedding light so i threw caution to the wind and booked my flight to lagos july 2016 so i promised myself id come back and encourage others that the trip is very much doable. just pray have faith and trust God knows ure situation and will see you through. im from medical report i jst wanted to see the man of God in my lifetime. so u need a visa i went to nigerian embassy in nairobi so you need an invitation and i dint have one. so i read up found that kenyans can get a visa on arrival its for a month so when i landed in lagos i paid 25 dollars for that before lraving the aiport i bought an airtel line and put umm bundles or iinternet was around 4000 naira now naira is for every kenyan shilling its 2naira shillings so whatever naira u jst half it to get in kenya shillings anyway i got a taxi guy stanely nice man took me to scoan 6 thousand thats 3 thousand kenya shillings thats fair considering taxi rates from back home now rem i am student it was on a student budget funded by mom and dad. so i got a hotel near the church it was 4500 naira per night no bed and breakfast. so thats like 2250ksh per night uh huh. i arrived on friday so maybe a few things about lagos 1) its above 30 degrees travel with light clothing 2) electricity is a luxury carry a power bank 3) the cops at the aiport come of as rude please be humble 4) if u eat at the stalls around the church carry flagyl u might get a runny tummy anyway the hotel was okay. just meals are a bit expensive and its not what we usually have at home and food is spicy like chilli so maybe specify no chilly. anyway thats like side notes about the church wow its amaizing its just as u see on tv only gigantic so lovely so i went to enquire about church services at the security gate so i was told service is sundays and monday. sunday official service monday counseling one. he also said i cud talk to an evangelist if i have a serious issue maybe i can get accomodation inside. how nice. she came asked what brought me if i have any problems etc she gave me a small note to remain at the prayer line after service. so i headed back to thr hotel and i chilled out. saturday i went to lagos market in lagos island i paid 100 dollars for the ride and i got nigerian and ghana ankara (this is info for the ladies who love the west african fabrik u need not be bored on saturday) so per 6m its roughly 3500 ksh. anyway come sunday woke up 2:30 am saw my neighbors leave so i rushed i was on the que by 3:30 am we stood for a while the que started to move at about(p. s by then the que had gone round the church) 4:30 am i bought my kenyan flag 100 naira. 50bob so u dnt go straight to church ure searched and also men and women make separate ques so u go to the opposite side of the church and then internationals and locals are separated then first time and subsequent time or second timers are separated to two rooms. u sit here for a while then ushers come by give u a ticket to enter the church u then make a que to enter church and ure also men and women ques separate ure searched once more important to note no food is allowed or soda jst water ladies also carry a big bag to put the morning water i had a tiny bag and had to make due with a polythene bag for my anoiywater and books. so u will enter church by 5am theres gospel playing ushers are settling people. and at 7 the service will begin. praise and worship then an evangelist will preach then from there u will go que outside for the mrning water a cd and two books the mrning water book and the mirror from here now u can have lunch itl be around 12-2 ish to que and get served. i learnt jollaf rice is like pilau only the the pepper my friend. its hot food is roughly 300 naira 150ksh and soda i dnt rem i think 100 naira u eat go back to church by then its testimonies then the annointed man of God comes when the God directs him to come.such an honour to see him even better live. he dint prophesy on the side i was seated tho. when we finished everything till mass prayer it was like 7 oclock. the locals left people from other states and new internationals stayed behind. internationals got extra stickers. then the rest of us with prayer line note got arranged to meet man of God past 11 oclock. to see him is like i dnt even knw its just Gods grace. so just commit ure trip to jesus and have faith pray always God is aware ure heart desires to go. i encourage u i went without church invitation and i saw him. closing remarks carry extra 5000 naira with you. to church. please do ull need it. foreighners i mean like white pple do get preferential treatment. just saying. if ure sick carry a recent medical report. and be patient and humble. if you need help reach out to me. i hope this message helps someone out there to experience God.
Written August 14, 2016
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1 contribution
people ofGod how long the invention is taking for me to receive it I fill out all the questions and I called SCOAN and email no answer what would I do people if any body he any idea please help me to go to SCOAN thank you
Written December 28, 2014
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karen r
2 contributions
I am a physician and I have been to the SCOAN for more than 8 times. In fact this past year, I have been there three times in the past 9 months. My son is 6&1/2 years old and its like a second home for him. In fact, I have been a christian for more than 30 yrs and I have never been to a place where so many miracles happen.

I honestly think that if someone comes back with a negative comment, the problem is more with the person, that is their relationship with God is questionable. At the SCOAN, the battle lines are clear. You are either for light(Jesus Christ) or for darkness(Satan). Granted that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I assure you, if someone comes out with a commet that this place is spooky. They are possessed and have never been there. there is absolutely nothing scary or spooky about this place. It is calm, peaceful.

If going to church is spooky, then that is truly a problem. HONESTLY, IT IS MALICIOUS AND EVIL TO MAKE COMMENTS LIKE THAT WITHOUT ACTUAL BASIS.

I recommend this place very highly for spiritual renewal. The ministry is the most authentic ministry I have ever encountered. The lives that have been transformed by the ministry are too many to count. When was the last time you encountered a ministry that did not have a gimmick or some clever line in getting its partners to give their money. Here there is no coaxing and no begging. They have probably given out more than $50 million already in support of the widows, orphans and needy.

Written June 30, 2014
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Orlando, FL1 contribution
The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is an oasis of spiritual empowerment in the midst of the crowded, bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Visitors from all over the world are treated with warmly and with respect. Everyone is very friendly at the church, including the ushers, who keep everything well organized, in spite of thousands of people attending. The Sunday service is packed with powerful messages, prophecies, and uplifting songs! Prophet TB Joshua, affectionately called “Man of God" provides refreshing insights on how to bring more of God's presence into your life. The prayer line during the Sunday service is a place where you can witness people from around the world being healed and delivered through the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ. The temperature in the church is hot, but the fans make it tolerable. The picture above is of the old holy ground they call "prayer mountain." Today visitors are shuttled via air-conditioned minibuses to a newly built prayer mountain complex, which is a beautiful array of wooden structures overlooking the water and lush foliage, and is completely enclosed by double screens. There is wonderful Christian praise music playing throughout the facility and it is a wonderful place to pray. When the new prayer mountain is finished, visitors will be able to stay and eat there. You can find out more information about the SCOAN by going to and watch past services online. If you live outside of Nigeria, make sure you get permission to go there as a visitor. Be patient, because they receive many requests to visit and it may take several months to receive permission. You can learn more about the church by watching Emmanuel TV: I personally had a life-changing experience at the SCOAN and I am looking forward to visiting there again with my wife.
Written February 16, 2015
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2 contributions
Wow, tha place is like a revelation of God,s promise. It is the City of Zion, the New Jerusalem. As soon as you get there the Holy Spirit surronds you nd you just feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders, you know you are in the presence of God. Oh, what n experience! Please anyone who needs God and wants to experience new life, visit and lodge at SCOAN and you will surely have an encounter with Ancient of Days. I have become a new person since going there and I am now walking very closer with God
Written July 11, 2011
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Western Cape, South Africa1 contribution
I would not recommend it to anyone, having lost good friends to this place. My heart is broken. Don't go!!
Written September 18, 2017
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West Orange, NJ22 contributions
This was an amazing pilgrimage. If you want to visit SCOAN, first go to God in prayer and supplication. I had no visa, no money, no invitation, but I wanted to go.

I asked God, and within 60 days God gave me a financial breakthrough, but I still didn't have a visa and no way to get one. Thirty days from the financial breakthrough, He caused a family friend who needed to go to Nigeria to request an invitation letter from her brother for me.
This family friend DID NOT want to help me initially because she felt Nigeria was too unsafe for a woman to visit alone.

God touched her heart and she helped me.
The third miracle was that my visa was approved AND I was awarded a 2 year visa. I never applied for a 2 year visa, in my heart I wanted a one year because that was the only other option available, but I selected ONE TIME entry, God gave me more than what I asked for.

The fourth miracle is my plane ticket was significantly reduced and I had safe and very clean accommodation.

The church is a blessing and I had the privilege of meeting the man of God, prophet TB Joshua and he correctly prophesied to me.

God is able, just trust Jesus, for He is able and reliable.
Written January 17, 2017
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Petra M
5 contributions
It was indeed a big blessing to be able to attend two sunday services at the SCOAN, Lagos. Although during my time of visit the Prophet TB Joshua wasnt available, nonetheless I was still blessed. I did not regret my going to SCOAN at all. It was a visit worth everything. The spiritual impartation is so real and evident if you go in faith. I am already looking forward to going back to SCOAN next year with lots of testimonies. The trip itself took me 2 years as I waited on SCOAN to send me the invitation letter. This never happened but by the help of a gracious, faithful friend, I was able to secure an invitation letter to visit Lagos. I arrived on a Saturday night and was advised to appear at the gate of the church by latest 4am if am to go into the church. I did as advised, we were put in a temporary tent opposite the church as we waited for the time to get inside the church. Foreigners and the locals sat differently as we waited. The sitting arrangement is on first come, first serve basis. We were then led to the church in a single line at 7am. The service went on till 9pm at night. The longest service I have ever attended But worth everything. I was advised to return back to meet the wise men on Monday morning. I did and I must say it changed my life forever. God is truly with us.

My advise: When going to SCOAN, leave everything for God. Let him direct you every step of the way. Your human effort is not required, otherwise you will meet lots of disappointments if you're in the flesh. They are very strict over there, right from the gate to everything else. The security men at the gate do not allow people in anyhow. In other words the security is too tight. Have your ID on you at all times and the reason for your visit. Do not get mad at them if they seem to be acting weird, they;re simply trying to keep you and thousands of other people safe. I was made to understand that people visit the place for different reasons, so be careful. Do not loiter all over Nigeria as its not considered safe esp for foreigners. Kidnapping has been on the rise. Follow directions that you will get from SCOAN carefully and God will surely show himself strong in your life. The place is very beautiful and clean. The people work so hard at maintaining integrity, honesty and a safe environment and atmosphere of worship. Stay blessed
Written October 13, 2016
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1 contribution
Synagogue is like a home to me, that is because i feel the presence of God as soon as I enter the auditorium. I feel I am back home from a holiday with all my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus and profet tb Joshua as our daddy, advising, directing us,feeding us with the word of God, after which I return back to my station feeling real fulfilled. I have been to synagogue for more than six times now. And this will continue as long as I am alive to serve God. Glory be to God for giving us a new Jerusalem in Nigeria
Written August 11, 2013
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