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Sophie M
London, UK33 contributions
Feb 2016 • Couples
I went by today to enquire (before reading reviews!) and was told by a man there that the yoga school had now closed.
It seems to jut rent out bikes instead.
Can't verify, am only going by what I was told by someone there.
Also I've had response to my emails..
Written February 18, 2016
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Aurora W
Chiang Mai, Thailand45 contributions
Do not go
Nov 2015 • Friends
Mam was more concerned with taking pictures to post to facebook 'for us' than giving proper instruction on yoga moves and techniques. Any of us could have easily broken our noses with the positions she was having our beginner class perform. Please don't waste your time or money.
Written November 27, 2015
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New York9 contributions
Waste of time n money
Nov 2015
Not yoga. No instruction. Not organized. Not nice to people. Not safe. There are yoga classes in Pai.. but not at Mam's..
Written November 7, 2015
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5 contributions
Don't go if you want real Yoga
Sep 2015 • Couples
Goodness me, why didn't I read trip advisor before going to this shambolic event! I concur with the other reviewers that have rated Mam Yoga as 'terrible.' As previously mentioned she performs the postures rapidly without any teaching content or safety advice & then makes everyone do advanced postures for the camera to post on Facebook. It is not in any way a Yoga class, and is certainly dangerous for the novice. It is quite an amusing experience because it is so ridiculous- she changes pose every few seconds, she sings to her cat, takes endless photos for Facebook, tells you her life history with prepared laminated photos, and gives you her phone at the end & nearly forces you to 'friend' her. Essentially, don't go!
Written September 13, 2015
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35 contributions
Most unprofessional yoga teacher
Aug 2015 • Solo
This was the only time I did not research the business on tripadvisor (my bad).
I've done 2 years of yoga in England and Canada and I was very excited to have my first yoga class in Asia.
I saw Mam's yoga studio while walking past and inquired about it. At first she struck me as a very lively and eccentric woman, so I signed up for the class the next day. She said she taught Hatha and we would start the class with Hindu meditation.
When I arrived the next day, she told me to go round the back. It looked like a hippie's deck - quite interesting. It's outdoors and yet safely roofed.
Though the mats were very dirty, I don't think she ever cleans them. Some sweaty ones were drying in the sun. Her cat was running back and forth, which made me nervous, because I'm very allergic.
We were 8 people - apparently a big class already. We were running a bit late; she was disorganised, said she forgot to put music on and turned on her laptop, played with her cat in the meantime...
I was surprised that she didn't give us any instructions for the meditation. I've done a 10-day Vipassana course in the past, but the rest has no experience. All she said was, "no monkey mind, don't think about daily life, travelling to work by bus, car, train...", etc. How about instructions on the breathing? Well, the meditation lasted no longer than 15min or so.
Then, the yoga began and everything started feeling even more unnatural. Again, she wouldn't instruct you. Her English isn't perfect and the terms like "downward dog", "pigeon pose", "cobra" etc were nonexistent. I felt sorry for the beginners. It must've been such a bad experience. There were no guidance or instructions. She wouldn't even bother correcting your poses or ask whether or not you have injuries! Camel pose and headstands - oh my god! Most of the poses/positions didn't even link well with each other.
The last half of the class was a complete freak show.
She would pair you up with someone, juggle you around and make you do poses for her Facebook pictures. I feel ashamed to be on one of them. Headstands can be dangerous.
I really can't believe some people have been returning to her classes. One person has done it 14 times! Why!?
At the end she fed us bananas and rice crackers, while bragging about being a former beauty queen and her modelling daughter. I really didn't care!
In the end I was asking myself, "what happened to the yoga???"
The freak show lasted about 45min and benefitted none of us, except her! We entertained HER and that was all. She wanted us all on her FB and jokingly said, "if you don't tag yourself, I'll kill you!"

The class wasn't terrible, but ATROCIOUS!
Written August 24, 2015
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Brighton and Hove, UK43 contributions
Fun but unprofessional
Jul 2015
This was my first ever yoga class and it was a "beginners class" so I was really excited to learn about the poses and breathing techniques.

We didn't actually get any introduction to yoga, poses, breathing or anything really. I enjoyed the class and would like to do yoga again but I would have liked more guidance.

She had us doing headstands at the end and when one girl couldn't do it (complete beginner) she shouted at her and laughed at her in front of the whole class without offering any constructive help. That pissed me off.

It is true that the last 10 minutes is spent taking facebook photos but I was happy with that as I wanted photos too!

She's an eccentric character, and I think you can either catch her on a good or bad day. She brings snacks for the end of the lesson but this was altogether a bit strange and they way she handled the headstand training was unprofessional!!
Written July 18, 2015
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Brooklyn, New York, United States5 contributions
Jul 2015 • Couples
After reading bizarre reviews about Mam I had pretty much written off a visit to her studio. But then it wound up being only a few store fronts away from my hotel and drop in classes are only 200 baht, so I figured what the will at least be a good story to tell.
Mam turned out to be an amazing teacher! Eccentric, yes, but really sweet, plus 50 years of yoga practice to back it all up!
Her class is purely classic hatha yoga. No trendy frills. But challenging! Plus she hands out delicious snacks afterwards!
Written July 7, 2015
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Katie W
Thailand31 contributions
Complete SCAM! Worst class ever!
Apr 2015 • Solo
Had just arrived to town, saw the sign and inquired. The teacher, a 69 year old woman who said she had been teaching for 40 years, had a 2-hour class available the next morning. She said it was necessary to sign up and pay in advance because of limited studio space and the fact that she often brings snacks for everyone at the end. Wanting to keep my practice going, I agreed and paid. She said there would be 8 people the next morning, the studio was in back and it was Hatha yoga.
When I arrived for class, there were 2 girls entering who said I could follow them - they had been there the day prior. We essentially walked through a house, out a side walk way and entered what looked like a burned down lot with straw mats covering it, and trash in the corner. The teacher joined us and said that her studio had burned down and she had to use this lot temporarily until she could rebuild. She continued on with a host of complaints about the government, and the city, and how slow everyone is, along with some rant about water problems last night and her lack of sleep. After this tirade, she said we would start with meditation, told us to sit quietly and think of nothing. She allowed about 10 minutes of complete silence. Ok, fine, but I could do that on my own. If I'm in a class, I would expect some guided meditation or at least a positive intention to start the class instead of her rants. She then proceeded to take us through random stretches that were popular 20 years ago. When she finally did get to a yoga pose, it was tree pose…. I repeat the first pose of what was supposed to be our Hatha yoga session was tree pose, with no instruction mind you. After this, she asked us to stand sideways and mimic her… she was standing in warrior two and transitioned into a side stretch. Again, no instruction, no coordinated breathing. As she proceeded to move on to another random pose with no flow, I gathered my things and walked out. The two other girls in the class that I followed inside told me just before we began that they had never done yoga. I felt bad that this was going to be their first experience. There is no way that I could have stayed and tried to tolerate 2 hours, open mind or not. What a ridiculous scam - and I paid 200 Baht. Also I was one of four that morning, not one of eight.
Written April 24, 2015
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Will O
15 contributions
a scam
Jan 2015 • Solo
I read the Tripadvisor reviews before going, so I was forewarned that it most probably was going to be an awful experience. Yes, I like suffering. Yet, my expectations were not met: it was an incredibly awful experience. This activity has nothing to do with yoga. Calling this 2 hour session 'yoga' is like selling sea view for a house which lies 500km inland!

1) she is depressed and shared a 'we're all going to die soon' sermon before starting her 'class'
2) not any of the exercises come close to the yoga postures I know of
3) she spend 30minutes trying to motivate us doing head stands
4) she spend 30 minutes taking pictures for FB posts!
5) she has no clue on how to connect with people (at least not the way connectedness works when you're doing yoga)

Nothing positive? Yes. The location.

You want to do real yoga in Pai? see the amazing reviews on Xhale yoga!
Written January 24, 2015
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Abha G
1 contribution
Don't go!
Dec 2014
The worst yoga class ever. Unsafe. She wanted us to take photos that she would post on Facebook afterwards. That was when we were supposed to be resting in chavasana. She basically just wanted cute photos for her Facebook. She was very rude, mean, and self centered. Don't go! You're better off hiking to a vista and meditating.
Written December 24, 2014
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