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Very good

Beckenham, UK1,329 contributions
Lovely beach with OK snorkeling
Jun 2019 • Couples
Fine powdery white sand, good tree cover for shade, surprising amount of ok coral and lots of fish.

100 THB to get in. No "free" water with that. Easy enough to walk from Chalok Baan Kao but easier on the way back as it's downhill.
Written June 11, 2019
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Tampere, Finland19 contributions
Snorkeling on beautiful cemetary
May 2018 • Couples
Nice and quite peaceful beach, quite much colorful fishes also. But bigest minus was corals. Over 90% of corals were dead. Once it has been really nice but nowadays dead corals makes me mostly sad
Written May 18, 2018
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Katrin B
3 contributions
Jun 2017
The most beautiful beach with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy coral reef. I recommend this place and Koh Tao for sure.
Written April 18, 2018
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Salt Lake City, UT1,416 contributions
Beautiful bay good snorkeling
Jun 2017 • Solo
This is the same place as Shark bay. Trip advisor should merge the reviews.

I was too harsh when I rated this bay with only 3 stars last time. I was on a snorkel trip and our boat stopped way out in the water and all you could see was bleak sea bottom and a few fish. When I went back on my own and snorkeled from the shore I found shark bay to be a great snorkel location. It is so huge. You could snorkel here all day and not see it all but you might get bored since it is a lot of the same thing over and over. Shark bay doesn't have the huge boulders for snorkeling around like you find in the East coat bays on koh tao. But there is lots of coral in mounds on the sea bed and there are lots of fish and of course there are sharks. I've seen sharks there every time I went except the 1st time when I went with the snorkel tour. We probably scared them all away with the tour crowd. My wife did see one during the tour.

I've snorkeled at almost all locations around Koh Tao. Here's how I rank the snorkeling after two summers of snorkeling around koh tao. 10 stars being the best snorkel locations. I added a star if the location has a great beach and scenery in addition to the snorkeling:
10 Tanote bay (east), Ao Leuk bay (east), Mango bay (North)
9 Light house bay (North East), Hin wong bay (East), Koh Nang Yuan (North west)
8 Jansom bay (south west), Freedom beach (South), Laem Thien bay (East), shark bay (south east)
7 Sai Nuan beach (south West)
6 Jun Juea beach (south) Not much coral but I saw a turtle here.
I was told not to bother snorkeling at these locations so I didn't.
Sairee beach, Mae Haad beach, Chalok bay
I did not visit Sai daeng beach but understand it's a great place to see sharks.
Written January 4, 2018
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Kyle V
5 contributions
Ultimate relaxation.
Nov 2017 • Couples
Great place to spend a day relaxing. Came in low season so It wasn’t too busy. White sand, turquoise sea! Can’t ask for much more!
Written November 15, 2017
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Warsaw, Poland19 contributions
One of the best beaches on the Island
Aug 2016 • Couples
Stayed here for a couple of days. It's definitely one of the most picturesque places on Koh Tao and there's not so much tourist here. If you are not staying in the Haadtien Beach or Club resorts be ready to face staff trying to get a 100 BHT from you for staying at the beach. Snorkling is good but you have to swim more than 3-50 metres and reach the edge of the bay.
Written September 2, 2016
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Hamburg, Germany7 contributions
Very idyllic
Jul 2016 • Friends
This is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Tao! The beach is covered with these extraordinary trees with hunderets of butteflies (very beautiful!). It is perfect for snorkeling...we even saw a few reef sharks.
You rented a motorbike?-> You have got to come here!
Written August 2, 2016
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Bali, Indonesia105 contributions
Beautiful beach, but average snorkeling
Jun 2016 • Couples
Ao Thian Ok, or Sharks Bay is a beautiful stretch of soft bright-white sandy beach, with stunning contrasting turquoise waters. It is flanked by the Haadtien Beach Resort, which is probably one of the most contemporary and luxury resorts on the island.

We visited the beach on numerous occasions by various means; kayaking from our resort at Saideng, a longtail boat, and via taxi car meaning we walked through the resort and down onto the beach. If you do decide to come via car or bike, be aware that there is a sign which states 100 baht entry pp, however we were very lucky and mooched right in past the resort staff and they didn't bat an eyelid!

If you want to experience a bit of luxury in Koh Tao, this beach definitely gives off that vibe - in comparison to other more relaxed and rustic parts of the island (The crowd tends to be slightly older).

There are beach villas (part of the resort), a couple of fancy bars and restaurants and a pool right on the beach. However, there are a number of longtail boats, kayakers and daytrippers so you don't feel like you are intruding.

The sea is incredibly warm and shallow here, and in our experience barely any waves. It was very warm, and a bit murky. You have to be careful of broken coral underfoot so reef shoes are recommended although don't use this as an excuse to tread on the live corals!

You have to snorkel quite far out to get to see fairly decent underwater life. Its quite murky, and a lot of dead coral. However you will find on the right hand side of the bay, there is a collection of boats which are moored quite far out. If you have the energy to swim that far (fins recommended) you will be lucky enough to discover black tip reef sharks and some different types of fish, which we did not see in other parts of the island.

On the left hand side of the bay, there is a great little rustic Thai beach bar and bungalows which is right next to the Haadtien bar and restaurant. You can only access this by wading through the shallow waters, and up some rocky steps.

Here, you'll find a cheaper more traditional offering of food and drink and a great view of the bay - very good photo opportunities!

The owners are very nice, although service is a little on the slow side if they have a few customers as there are only a couple of people running the kitchen and the bungalows. (I can report great pancakes, and very reasonably priced fruit shakes!)

Overall, definitely not our favourite spot on Koh Tao but a great stop-off point on your adventures.

Toilets - If you are stopping off here, I highly recommend using the loos at the Haddtien resort just behind the pool. They are very nice!

Sunglasses - The sand is so bright-white it can be blinding, so make sure you bring your sunnies, and enjoy the view :)
Written July 3, 2016
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia186 contributions
Very beautiful beach, rocky bottom, beware!
Mar 2016 • Family
The bottom near the shore is filled with dead corals and rocks. Coupled with strong waves, it didn't make for a good experience. My feet was badly cut and bleeding from trying to swim out, and I didn't dare to go too far in case I get tired and the waves decide to feed me to the rocks along the beach. However, even from sitting on a rock, I could see a couple of angelfish, sargeant major, needlefish, trevally... All this near the shore where water was just waist level! Amazing!

Come with a longtail so that you start off with the best parts. And come with friends who are good swimmers so that you know someone's there to help in case anything goes wrong. I was not alone but when one is not a swimmer and the other refuses to go any further than knee-level, it's not much of a help. I did swim out until the... don't know what you call it but the line with floats. Swimming gets easier once you're far out enough to not touch the seabed. But there's only dead corals there.
Written March 14, 2016
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Frankfurt, Germany3,472 contributions
clean and peaceful dreambeach on the southestcoast of ko tao
Feb 2016 • Couples
thian og bay... also named shark bay... is a beautiful place to spend a relaxed and chilled day on the beach. there are enough shadowzones and the fine sandy beach falls gently to the sea. so thian og is nice for families with small children. at both ends there are beautiful rocks and it makes fun to snorkel there. the varity of underwater wildlife is unbelieveble and very easy to reach directly from the beach.
at the southestend there is located a restaurant... the prices for drinks are okay and it is possible to use the toilets.
because there are no longchairs to rent it is necessary to bring the beachbelongings with yourselve. the beach atmosphere was everytime quiet and relaxed and we had a realy pleasent stay there. we enjoyed our time there very much with sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling and when we are back on ko tao thian og bay will be one of our destinations again. we can recomment this beach very much, because there are nearly no waves...the beach is clean, because every resort takes care for the beachsection directly infront of them and the guests were cool and realy relaxed with a perfect mood.
Written March 4, 2016
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