The Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center Simba-Do

The Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center Simba-Do, Ko Pha Ngan: Address, Phone Number, The Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center Simba-Do Reviews: 4.5/5

The Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center Simba-Do

The Scoliosis Rehabilitation Center Simba-Do
Probably this is the world's first scoliosis rehabilitation center by a chiropractor. Over 30 years experience of oriental medical massage & Seitai (Japanese traditional chiropractic) grand master Simba offers specific treatment programs for scoliosis patients. And also he offers an ultimate alternative treatment "Qi-energy trance work" for serious physical body problems such as migraine, tinnitus, sciatica, disc hernia, light scoliosis, etc.
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The area
16/2 LADDA houseSrithanu, Ko Pha Ngan 84280 Thailand

12 reviews
Very good

Eugene U
1 contribution
Great result!
Sep 2016 • Solo
This is a magic) I have hard type of scoliosis, very good doctor in my country was unable to fix it, he told that it is better do not touch it. Simba fixed it very gently, each time have small changes - makes better and better. Now I have much straiter back. I really fill this and other people were surprised to see me. Thank you!
Written September 13, 2016
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Auroville, India2 contributions
very dedicated provider
Jul 2015 • Solo
I am an American trained M.D. with a strong interest in energy medicine. I saw Simba over a period of a month in 2015 and found his work to be both helpful and fascinating. He put 110% of his effort into his sessions with me and helped me deal with some back/neck pain and long standing mild scoliosis. In my opinion if you can follow his instructions carefully for the weeks following his initial session it can be quite transformative. The first session was pretty intense as he uses traditional chiropractic methods along with his ability to work in the energetic field. After the session he instructed me on how to get out of bed, to maintain a straight back, walk for at least 1 hour a day on a level surface, etc. According to him, these instructions are most important 5 days after his initial session. I requested to see him daily to evaluate whether the adjustments he made were maintained and make changes that may be needed. He accommodated my request and I paid the follow up fee of 500 for each session. He also advised me to avoid certain yoga asanas that in the long run were a stress on my spine. I have suffered some trauma since that time and some of my symptoms have returned. Healing long standing back pain is personal journey and Simba can give you guidance in this path. Sometimes Simba was easily irritated with questions and his responses could be construed as a bit abrasive but ultimately the relationship with a provider is a personal one and the only way to find out whether this one works for you is to go try it out.
Written May 25, 2016
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Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand10 contributions
quack massage...stay away.......
May 2015 • Business
i have suffered 14 years with my neck and arms...
so i was told samba was a gran master ,a chiropractor and all round great guy...( if any of that is true )
well to cut it short after 1 session and 2 mini sessions, paying money and be told ( with slight arrogance and confidence ) that i was fixed and would not have to return....
now that i have phoned simba to tell him that i was not fixed and i would like him to forfill what he said , without having to pay any more money ( a matter of principle).
well i was quiet shock to hear him basically change his tune, giving excuses saying that it's my age and the body , what we do etc.... then actually hung up on me! !spiritual healers!
so again guy's , for me was a lot of money again to someone who couldn't do what they said.....
basically this rant is a little to do with the fact that i'm pissed off meeting these people who are quick to speak and take your money, but when they injure you they are not will to correct their mistakes....well at least not unless you give them more money....
May be it's me but i was bought up with respect , for me and others and was taught to be a man of my word....( i'm not perfect but i try)...i seems a lot of people are not of their word , they are only of money....
seem to me to be a lot of stonners sucking peoples money to support their own life styles ....... great future we create......
let me know if any one else has had such experiences ...maybe we should make a list of QUACK practitioners ....
Written May 29, 2015
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Sam M
London, UK11 contributions
Amazing Results
Apr 2015 • Solo
I have had a bad back for quite a few years now, it started when I slipped a disk and this caused sciatica. I keep on top of it by going to a chiropractor every couple of months in the UK. While I was away in Thailand I injured my back and was in desperate need of a chiropractor, luckily I came across Simba while in Koh Phangan.

As soon as I arrived for my session and Simba looked at my back I could tell he knew what he was doing. He adjusted my back in a similar way to the chiropractor in the UK and then started doing the 2 hour energy massage.

This was a strange and sometimes uncomfortable experience but when he finished and I stood up I could not believe the difference, I felt and actually was taller, and my back was so much straighter. I could already feel my back was in a much better way.

The energy massage does leave you feeling drained for the rest of the day and I also had to rest my back for 5 days afterwards but the whole process is 100% worth it.
I would recommend anyone to go to Simba and see for yourself.

You also get a free check up the next day. In England I pay £35 for 15 minutes at my chiropractor. To see Simba I paid 2000 baht but this was for over 2 hours work and the next day check up. I think that's pretty good value. Also since seeing Simba my back is feeling amazing.

Simba himself is a very nice man and speaks very good English.

It's now been well over a month since Simba treated me and my back is still in very good shape. I am very pleased.

Thank you Simba
Written May 17, 2015
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alex m
Bangkok, Thailand1 contribution
May 2014 • Solo
one of the worst experiances of my life, the work is intense and left me feeling like I had been in a car crash one year late and i am still dealing with what he done to me , I had some accupunture in bankokm Chinese hospital which relieved me a lot after the trauma that samba inflicted upon me the work he does is too strong you cannot push somebody into shape in a short time when there body has been out for a long time
Written April 4, 2015
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Eveli L
Tartu, Estonia13 contributions
Amazing enery work!
Jan 2015 • Solo
Simba is amazing, his work is hard to describe in words. It has been a month since I had a session with him. Unfortunately I discovered his services in the last moment, but luckily someone cancelled their appointment and I still had a chance to get one session with him. I do not know about other people experiences, but his work is definitely not for pleasure seekers. The massage was not pleasant sensation, at some point it was pretty painful. And although my appointment was in the morning when I was well rested, after that I felt super super tired. Also the following week was pretty tough for me physically. But what he did is amazing. Before my spine was not well aligned, my hips were misaligned, I had migraine and my ankles were in the wrong position. Right now it is too early to say something about my spine, other than it is definitely way more straight. However, my ankles are perfect now, my balance is better than ever before in my life. Generally, I feel way better. What he did is beyond my level of understanding, it was super powerful energy work. One visit with him gave way better results than two years of chiropractor. It is well worth the money and effort. Simba is really intelligent, helpful and funny aswell :) Thak you, Simba for what you do. I feel that words are not enough to express my gratitude. I plan another trip to Koh Phangan just because of Simba, because I know he can make my spine perfect when I have more time! Thank you and please keep up your work, you are helping so many people :)
Written February 17, 2015
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David S
Ubud, Indonesia10 contributions
Jan 2015 • Solo
I dont care too much what my bodyproblems is called but I know that scoliosis is involved as one of them. I learned a few things from my 2 visits to Simba, one is that most of my physical problems is coming from my non-straight spine. Knee, arms, shoulders, hips, neck and above all backproblems.
I went to so many different therapies last few years , with different results and not one of them comes near this. Its not 100% yet and I will go back next time Im on Koh phangang but the pain in these areas mentioned is almost gone! Very very proffesional.
Written February 7, 2015
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Montevideo, Uruguay3 contributions
Incredible Results!
Sep 2014 • Business
I cannot recommend Simba's work for anyone with spinal related issues. In four sessions Simba had totally transformed my spine from a relatively severe case of scoliosis to an almost straight spine. Whilst the work is strong and left me feeling quite sore for a few days, I knew this was a trifle repercussion for the incredible results. If you adhere to Simba's instructions and allow him to do his work freely on you, I am sure anyone with similar such problems will see outstanding results. Thank you again Simba.
Written October 2, 2014
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Victoria, Canada61 contributions
Oh My Simba!!
Aug 2014 • Solo
Simba is a miracle worker. If you have any nagging pain from years back, he will find it and fix it.
My right arm and shoulder had been in pain for 2.5 months. I had gotten 4 chiro treatments and 11 massages before going to Simba. I've had 4 whiplashes from car accidents (living in Winnipeg of course). My back had become skewed for at least 15 years. I was taking 2000mg Ibuprofen per day to ease my shoulder pain and finally I was directed to Simba. OMG, or OMS! Simba works with his chee (energy). He immediately feels for the distance between neck vertebrae and starts working on the problem. His treatments are 2 hours long. I went for my shoulder, He spent only the last 5 minutes on my shoulder. Wow. What a relief that was. I have not taken an Ibuprofen since. I have full use of my right arm with no pain.
He specializes in treating scoliosis and loves the challenge of any chiropractic ailment you might have. He is right across from the Orion Healing Centre.
The initial visit is $2000 bht or 49.00US. That is quite cheap for a 2 hour effective massage.
Written September 27, 2014
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jasper a
1 contribution
Getting Results
Aug 2014 • Solo
Simba's spinal treatments are amazing, very intense, achieving noticeable results in a very short period of time. I witnessed this in myself and my partner. One of the few spinal practitioners I know of that goes straight to the root of the problem. Anyone with any level of scolioses and adheres to Simba's program will I am sure be very satisfied with the results. He demonstrates with a few treatments how easy it is to reclaim our natural alignment of the spine. Highly recommended for anyone who is dedicated to getting results......
Written August 14, 2014
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