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Diamond Muay Thai
Diamond Muay Thai is an authentic Thai boxing camp on the picturesque island of Koh Phangan, south Thailand. Our gym offers outstanding technical Muay Thai training for professional fighters, Muay Thai enthusiasts and tourists alike. We provide intensive Thai boxing instruction whilst maintaining a friendly and open atmosphere. At Diamond Muay Thai we are passionate about Thai boxing and see it as our purpose to share authentic, unfiltered Muay Thai with our students. There are many reasons why visiting the gym is a good idea for you. If you are interested in losing weight, improving your fitness…or if you are travelling through Thailand and are looking to experience another aspect of Thai culture- Diamond Muay Thai welcomes you.
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Mäli H
5 contributions
Feb 2020 • Solo
As a solo traveler going to Thailand for the first time I looked at a lot of different gyms and their various train and stay packages. My primary goal coming to Thailand was to train as often as possible, everything else (sightseeing, beaches etc.) was kinda secondary until my mind. (Although Koh Phangan is absolutely full of natural beauty and plenty to do!) The other thing I also was a concerned about when picking a gym was safety being a female and traveling/training alone, I wanted to make sure I would feel welcomed and safe in the gym environment, and feel safe getting around by myself.

I decided on Diamond Muay Thai after reading some reviews and even talking directly to Holly about the environment at the camp, and hearing how many female fighters train regularly out of Diamond, and the close family like community I got a really good feeling about staying here, and boy was it the perfect choice!

Immediately from day one the students, trainers, and the Diamond crew welcome you and make you feel welcome! Jesse, Simon and Jinks are always available to help with anything you might need, including advice about how to navigate the island. There’s such an amazing community here you are welcomed like family. The training is excellent, and great for any level of Muay Thai experience!

My experience at Diamond is one I absolutely will not forget, I had a blast training, I got to fight in Thailand and still have time to experience everything the island has to offer. I spent a month here as a train and stay student and I absolutely will be back! If you are looking for a place to train, vacation, and experience the beauty of Thailand DMT is absolutely a perfect choice!
Written February 27, 2020
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Arnaud F
Brussels, Belgium1 contribution
Jun 2019
I had the time of my life at DMT!
I stayed last summer for 4 weeks and can only but recommend this Muay Thai gym to ANYONE. Whether you are an experienced fighter or a beginner looking to quickly progress, this is the right place!
The gym, the trainers, the people, this island, etc... Everything is worth it. I would recommend, if you can afford it, to stay at least a good week to take full advantage of your experience at DMT.
I will be back!
Written February 6, 2020
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Lars K
Oslo, Norway2 contributions
Nov 2019
A great camp ran by great people. Owners are really welcoming, lovely people. Hard working coaces who will push you hard, but also joke around and create a positive training enviroment. Lots of pad work, bag work and sparring, and a fair amount of clinch work. I stayed at the deluxe apartments (for six weeks), and was really pleased with the accomodation. Spacious, clean, air conditioned apartment, really close to the gym. Post workout-food is excellent, providing important nutrients, for the most part chicken, rice, veggies and eggs. Highly recommend visiting.
Written January 8, 2020
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Washington DC, DC2 contributions
Jul 2016 • Solo
Up front, let me say that I cannot recommend Diamond Muay Thai highly enough after 2+ months there as a train and stay new to Muay Thai.

Owners Simon, Jesse, Mon and Jinks have figured out something special – how to provide tough, world-class training that challenges all levels in an exceedingly relaxed, friendly, and inclusive environment. Not to mention this is on Koh Phangan, the kind of beautiful island that you search in Google Images when you’re fed up with living in the real world.

Don’t just take my word – it speaks volumes about the gym that over the past few years there have been 100+ fantastic reviews, all remarkably consistent in describing their positive experiences at DMT.

The training is intense, and your skills improve fast. The sessions themselves are the standard format found across Thailand. From day 1 the excellent trainers work with you closely on your technique and movement, helping you start from scratch or correcting little kinks to make your knees seriously lethal. As you improve, they push you harder, come at you faster, and teach you more advanced moves, so you always feel like there’s a higher rung on the ladder to step onto.

For those looking to fight (which can easily be arranged), you’ll work more closely with Mon (head trainer and all around cool guy) and/or Chok (famous trainer who’s worked with Cris Cyborg and other MMA fighters), who will give you a hardcore boot camp and get you physically and technically ready to step into the ring.

For me, this was the most underrated part of my time at DMT. The Muay Thai makes you fierce, and Jinks’ sessions make everyone stronger, faster, and more explosive, which pays dividends in training. In a week you’ll get in HIIT circuits, kettle bell workouts, hill sprints, mountain climbs, and ab attacks. His energy is infectious, and ask anyone who’s done his circuit classes – the dance routine warm-ups with his ‘big tunes’ is a highlight of their trip.

Jinks also does 1-on-1 trainings (I did a block of 10, totally worth it), and works individually with each person to help them set and accomplish their goals.

The yoga (twice a week) is fantastic as well – Rosalin is a fantastic teacher who also brings great energy, and tailors her class to help improve core strength, balance, and flexibility for Muay Thai.

At any given time, the trainees, owners, and trainers at DMT make up a big, diverse, slightly dysfunctional (in the best way possible) family. It’s made up of quiet Singaporean software engineers, tough Peruvian female fighters, Scots with great senses of humor, loud Brits and Aussies, Germans who think they are good at sarcasm, etc etc. It’s a mix of men and women, uni students and real adults, partiers and beach bums, people who like to do their own thing and social butterflies. And no matter what, you’re going to be around people happy to be alive and training at DMT!
Written August 26, 2016
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Chris. You are missed!!!
Written January 14, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Slawomir H
Malmö, Sweden3 contributions
Oct 2018 • Solo
I have been training in Diamond Muay Thai in 2016, 2017 and 2018 all combined for 3 months, so I think I can give an honest and detailed review what can be expected in the Gym.
To give a better recommendation/review I will review separately each component.

Accommodation (3/5)
As a part of train and stay package I resided in a Deluxe Apartment with AC. The apartment was alright, but I feel I could have gotten much better conditions, had I booked it separately.
Don’t get me wrong the conditions are decent and the apartment might be like 40m2, but I was missing:
- Dedicated rubbish bins (you had to make use of the public ones located 100m further in the main street- often there was not place in the bins, so people were dumping garbage bags on the side of the road)
- Kettle
- Safe deposit – so that I could keep my passport/ money/ tickets securely
- Microwave
On the other hand the room was equipped with a rice cooker (??) and a fridge.
So I think with the equipment it would be a quick and a cheap fix.
The other thing is that my ceiling was leaking. It was not a huge leak, although it wasn’t fixed in 3 weeks, after I raised that.

Food (4.5/5)
Food was served twice a day from Mon till Saturday. Typically a meal would consist from rice, chicken, egg and veggies. Food was tasty and varied with seasoning (basil/ curry/ masaman chicken).
Food portions were good and there was free water.
Also food was served punctually at 10 and at 18. It was a nice addition that Saturday they had a small BBQ party and different food was served (mashed potatoes, papaya salad, BBQ chicken).
Thing to improve might be the hair in the food. Each other time there was hair in my food. Its not that I am disgusted, but would have been nicer with no hair. Maybe a cook could wear a chef’s hat while cooking?
Its not only this place, as I think Thailand has been notorious for that.

Training Facility (4/5)
Training facility has training mats and is quite big. It has a variety of punching bags, different size and hardness. Also they have 2 rings and truck tires to jump on.
Rings are quite new and the bags are in decent condition. There is some equipment in the shelf , which students can borrow. It’s a very nice change, because in another Thai Gym I have been to, you had either to pay for rent or buy the gear for yourself.
Equipment is in decent/okay condition. But considering its free to rent/ use I think it’s a big plus.
I know that Diamonds are cleaning the facility, but I don’t think its clean enough. I think it should be super strict with cleaning the facility as many fellow students/ fighters can easily develop a skin condition/ bacteria infection.

It’s even worse when you consider that they keep stray dogs in the gym. Especially during rain, there might be up to 5-6 dogs. A lot of fur, a lot of bacteria on the floor. Not to mention there might be some students that are afraid of dogs/ don’t feel save around them.

Trainers (4.5/5)
I have been delighted with most of the trainers in Diamond. In contrary to the other gyms the trainers would never approach you and talk into taking private sessions. I had some pretty bad experience with that with some other gym in Thailand, with trainers saying that they can teach you properly only when you take a personal training.
Not the case with Diamonds. Trainers are well trained, polite and nice. I especially liked Jay, Jom and Nop. Who are really attentive , encourage you to make extra effort, they play with you and keep the training entertaining, yet still productive.
Most of the trainers are also great sparring partners. Dependent on your skill and attitude, they can be tougher at times. However I never received any heavy blow to the head, or anything. Sparring is kept secure and friendly. For more advance students and fighters, the trainers will punch harder to the body and legs, which is a good thing.

I think the best quality sparring is with Tat and Mot Dam. They push you, but still allow you to try things.
Some of the trainers though (but this is not very common) would just keep teeping your lead leg for 3 rounds straight not allowing you to do anything. I think they should be trained not to do that, as its discouraging and does not allow the student to do literally anything.
In 3 months time I had one incident, which I did not like, when Chok started yelling at me when I did not do the drill properly. He said do 10 pushups, when I did, he explained the drill, to which I replied “OK, understand” so he yelled at me again and said to do another 10, to which I did not agree and asked him why? Not understanding if I did anything wrong. So then he came to me and started yelling in my face which I REALLY did not like. In the end I did another 10 and looked at the trainer upset and disbelieving what he was doing. Then he yelled “WHY YOU LOOK AT ME< WHY LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT?” and eventually added that pushups won’t kill me. I think the trainers should be able to handle themselves

I mean this is incidental, I did not have any other problems in 3 months, but I do not think it’s a right trainers attitude. In the end I still don’t know what the issue was and yelling trainer didn’t explain it to me. It only made me dislike the trainer.

Besides that the trainers have been very good.

Muay Thai Training Quality (4.5/5)
The training quality is really good , with excellent ratio of Students/ trainers. I really like the semi-western approach.
In Diamond you won’t find bowing to the punching bags, or learning wai kru or muay boran, which might be interesting , but when you want to train and improve your muay thai is not doing much of use.
Typical training session would consist of:
15 mins skipping rope/ jumping on the tires
2 rounds of shadow boxing
3 rounds of hitting pads
3 rounds of working heavy bag
3-5 rounds of sparring
Pushups/ sit-ups

What I also liked really much is the supervised sparring. Each sparring is supervised by a teacher, who will give hints and also stop sparring if too heavy. They would say LIGHT / LESSS POWER/ or switch the pairs if not evenly matched.

This is very good approach as is reducing injury risk
Yoga Training Quality (5/5)
I really liked Yoga training with Chris. What was good with that is that the classes were not spiritual and concentrated on gentle flexing. Chris has been very attentive and friendly.

The classes has been rather easy, but that’s a good thing though, considering that most of the students have been doing 2-4 hours of Muay Thai per day.

Strength Training Quality (2/5)
I have been disappointed with Strenght training classes. Diamonds primary Strenght instructor was on vacation and they did not have proper coverage.
Once they were able to get Sky (??) which provided excellent training quality. Diverse, innovative, fun training, with warmups, based on few interesting concepts (calisthenincs , animal flow, etc).

Unfortunately most of the trainings were run by one of the Diamonds students, who apparently did not have the knowledge/skill to do that. Repetitive, without proper warm up. I mean, I am not blaming the guy, because who wasn’t a professional and he was doing his best, however, it was disappointing when you expected an instructor, who can actually correct your form or has an actual knowledge.

I think usually the strength training is much better having Jinks onsite, but I am reviewing, what I was a part of.

Scooter Rental (5/5)

I made use of Scooter rental 3 times. Scooters are nice and new and the prices are affordable. Last time I had a small scooter accident (it fell to the side). The owner examined the scooter, but did not charge me for anything.

Actually never had any problems with them. Owners are keen enough to recommend you some repair shop to get your flat tire fixed etc.
Even if I incur the damages on the bike I have got a feeling that they would charge only as much as necessary to fix the bike. So felt really good with them and their bike

Service (5/5)

The owners are really laid -back, relaxed and FLEXIBLE people. Whatever I was bringing up with them , they were trying to help me, which I really appreciate.

Also they seemed to be open for feedback. I mean, with the reservation dates, deposit for reservation , extending scooter rental, getting your passport back they were understanding and attentive.

I really like how they handled their business.

Overall (4/5)

All in all I recommend Diamond Muay thai , however it has its flaws.
However it offers one of the best training camps in Thailand with reasonable /competitive prices
Written December 10, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

2 contributions
Nov 2014
Got there and accomodation was a fan cooled hut with an out door shower for 7500 baht simon is ripping people off!!!
He also told us the website hasent been updated for 3 years!!!
The food there was covered in flys before they cooked it
Written November 12, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Hi Lewis. Thanks for the review- good or bad all reviews are helpful and we will try to improve on any negative aspects of people's stay with us. In regards our accommodation- Sami and yourself were sent an email when you guys first showed interest in training with us stating that the huts are fan cooled. You had actually paid a small deposit on a hut with shared bathroom facilities but I upgraded you to an ensuite as you seem like good guys. Our outside bathroom facilities have high walls for privacy and the open air feel is a big hit with students who appreciate the open air feel in the tropics. I am sorry that you feel that 7500 baht is too much for accommodation and food for a month. I try to keep an eye on the pricing and feel that it represents value for money. I am sorry that you feel that I have ripped you off but on arrival you inspected the hut and told me it was what you were expecting before paying us. Hygiene is very important to us as a Muay Thai gym. The gym is disinfected everyday and kitchen moped and cleaned twice per day. We have never had a problem with sickness or hygiene and it is regretful that you saw some flies around but this is indicative of Thailand in the rainy season. Our website information has always been correct but we are looking at changing the look to give it a fresh and more modern look. We wish you well in the future. It is a shame that you didn't mention any of these things before you left- early in the morning after spending 1 night with us and not saying a word to anybody. We are very open to criticism and have even given refunds to people that have been injured or left the gym early which is nearly unheard of in Thailand. Safe travels and we are sorry that your experience with us was not a good one. Simon Diamond
Written November 18, 2014
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Detroit, MI16 contributions
Jun 2016 • Solo
Diamond Muay Thai is the real deal for Thai boxing! This gym can make a Thai fighter out of anyone, All levels are welcome. The training is superb and inexpensive. I trained here for 5 weeks ( originally it was suppose to be 1 week) and it literally kicked my butt. I had no prior experience. I was a female traveling alone and I never once ever felt uncomfortable. My first week I trained 5 hours a day with genuine Muay Thai fighters. The school provides training in group sessions as well as one-on-one training. I did both. The school provides additional classes such as kettle ball, circuit, yoga, and one-on-one personal fitness training. The school also provides lodging on the grounds if you would like to stay on site which I'm happy I did. One can do one day drop in classes to which is awesome if you just want to check it out. This place makes you feel like you are at Muay Thai summer camp. I have made true and lasting friendships here while also getting my body in banging shape.

While training is intense the environment is laid back and extremely relaxed. There is no room for egos here so leave that at the door.. No matter what level of experience you come with, you will get your butt kicked by one of the instructors - in a good way. For individuals seeking to compete, the school will set up matches with surrounding gyms. Fight Nights are amazing.

The gym is clean and the three owners are incredible! Mon is basically a Thai ninja with a heart of gold (um he killed a cobra with his bare hands.- insane). Jesse and Simon are the best British lads - super fun and funny. Then there is Jinx who is phenomenal as well. Jinx is the man you go to when you want that mean and lean body you always dreamt of. All of these dudes create an environment that cannot be replicated. Their energies are contagious. I want them as best friends all the time because they are spectacular human beings.

Last but not least, I have to mention Pot, Am and Noy. They too are also some of my favorite human beings. Pot is an instructor at the school. Am, Pot's wife, runs the Shake Shack with her mother Noy. The establishment is situated directly across from the gym. The Shake Shack basically saves your life after a hard session of training. Here you will find fresh coconut and banana shakes (protein if you want it), coffee, tea, water, beer, tasty food and all around good company. I love these people so much that I was trying to convince them to adopt me

Overall, this place is magical. No matter what your reasoning is to come here, it will . exceed your expectations! I am so happy I got to train at Diamond and meet such remarkable individuals. Trust me, you won't be disappointed and you will be back.
Written July 3, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Josh T
Los Angeles, CA1 contribution
Jan 2018 • Solo
I lived and trained at DMT for a month between January and February, and I can attest to the positive comments written in other reviews. Here I’ll include some details I didn’t see in other reviews.

Overall Impression
I absolutely recommend training at DMT! From everyone I’ve spoken to who have been to other gyms, they have all told me that they enjoyed their time and learned more from DMT than at any other gym in Thailand. The primary strength of the camp is the quality of people who teach and train there. You will meet wonderful people, each with their own stories (truly inspiring!) from all over the world. It was the most welcoming and open environment I’ve ever been in. Life at the camp is what you make of it, but no matter what, you’ll feel accepted as part of a family.

The Training
The DMT trainers do a great job of tailoring the training to all skill levels (from complete beginners to advanced fighters). The trainer-to-student ratio will always be at least 1:2, and over time you will get to work with most of the trainers.

Below is the typical daily training schedule (Monday – Saturday):
8 am – 10 am: Muay Thai
11 am – 12 pm: Yoga or Fitness
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Fitness or Yoga (whichever was not done at 11 am -12 pm, the order alternates each day)
4 pm – 6 pm: Muay Thai

I would emphasize that although you are invited to partake in any of the training sessions, you are not necessarily expected to do all of them. Many students take parts of the day (or days) off to go on adventures together. It’s an open gym, so if you’re staying there, you can pretty much walk in and train at any time. The gym is fully stocked with general fitness equipment, two boxing rings, and bags/pads/gloves. Impressively, the gym is cleaned and organized after every Muay Thai session -- which is quite rare for gyms!

The basic 2-hour Muay Thai training session begins with warmup (typically 15-minutes of skipping rope, but you can also ride stationary bikes, run, or jump on tires – whatever you want to do!). This is followed by hand wrapping, then stretching, then shadow boxing (during which some of the trainers will go around and help you work on your techniques). After the shadow boxing, the group is divided in half to do either pad-work or bag-work, then the groups switch. Following the pad/bag-work, the trainees pair up for sparring. Afterwards the trainers set up drills for everyone. Each class ends with some cooldown exercises (e.g. 100 knees / 100 teep kicks / bodyweight exercises) and stretching.

All of the trainers offer private 1:1 sessions, which you can schedule anytime by coordinating directly with whoever you want. They are typically 1 hour and cost about 600-700 Baht (~$20) per session (discounted 10-packs are also available). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take advantage of these opportunities (once you find a trainer you like) since they are the most efficient way to learn/polish specific techniques and skills, and help you develop your own style.

Life at the Camp
For those who live at the camp, food is served twice a day (after every Muay Thai training class: 10 am and 6 pm). The dining area is also a restaurant, so you can order food off a menu at any time. The food at each meal is fairly simple (rice, meat, veggies, and an egg), but varies with each meal. Importantly it is very compatible with the training in that it’s nourishing, but doesn’t hold you back (e.g. digests smoothly). You can also order delicious fruit smoothies (with or without added protein powders) to help speed up your recovery. They have a special BBQ for Saturday dinners as well. For the entire month I was there, I thought the food was delicious and I enjoyed the food very much!

The camp is within walking distance (a few blocks) to a wonderful night market where you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious and inexpensive food ($1-5). Many students make a habit of going every night. Since the camp is in the gateway town of the island, there are lots of shops and restaurants nearby (Western, Thai, and other Asian cuisines; $5-10 for a nice big meal).

There’s a wide variety of lodging options available. I stayed in a basic hut (which was the only one available when I booked), but I enjoyed it very much. It consisted of a bed (equipped with a mosquito net), a small table and chair, a fan, a shelf, lights, and a power outlet. The shared bathrooms and showers all have private stalls and were never full (I think there’s at most 9 people who share 3 full bathrooms). Some trainees opted to pay a bit more for rooms with A/C and warm/private showers etc. You may want to reserve your room a few months in advance, especially during the busy months. If you desire, you can also find your own lodging and train at the camp after purchasing classes or daily/weekly/monthly passes.

Wifi is available everywhere at the camp (as well as almost every restaurant/shop on the island).

Right next to the camp is a 7/11 with most of your needs, including an ATM (important for getting cash, which you use to pay for everything in Thailand). There’s also laundry service nearby (which is ready the next day, or a few hours if you pay for express service). This usually costs about $1-1.5 per kilogram, and your clothes comes folded nicely and smelling fresh. There’s also a very clean and professional massage spa next door, which offers a wide variety of massages for very low prices (~$10-12 per hour).

The gyms on the island (including DMT) host Muay Thai fights pretty frequently (there’s about 2 per week). They cost around $20 per ticket, and are worth going to, to cheer on and support the trainers and trainees who fight.

Some additional advice:
- Make sure to bring quick drying clothes and quick drying microfiber towels (you will be rinsing and hang drying clothes outside often, which is difficult to do when it becomes humid)
- If you’re interested in swimming/exploring the waters, you may want to buy/bring some goggles/snorkeling gear. There are beautiful beaches around the island, but I didn’t come across any rental gear. You can probably purchase equipment from the dive shops on the island.
- Ice is available for those sore shins/joints at the restaurant
Written June 17, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Hi Josh, thanks for the awesome review. Really great to hear that you have enjoyed all aspects of the camp and written a great report for others....i will place it on Facebook in a couple of weeks. Thanks again and really happy you enjoyed your time here!! S
Written June 22, 2018
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Sean McKenna
1 contribution
Mar 2019
Bit late writing this review but I can safely say coming here was one of the best decisions i've ever made. Met some unbelievable people that i'll stay in touch with for life! Spent 2 months living and training beside the gym. Truly authentic Muay Thai gym with some great trainers for all levels. Already working towards getting back to the island on a permanent basis, loved absolutely every minute! Simon, Jesse, Jinks, you boys are living the dream, legends! Cannot wait to get back!

Sean McKenna, Ireland.
Written December 29, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Daniel v
15 contributions
Sep 2019 • Solo
If you're not (only) in for Muay Thai, Diamond offers great fitness opportunities as well. The fitness trainer Jinks and I trained daily for three weeks in a row. It was a great experience! I lost weight and got way stronger and flexibel. Jinks makes you push your borders but never in a forceful way, so you make a lot of progress but you still enjoy training. Not less important, the lessons were always fun and varied: we also went for a 'Beach session' and mountainbiking on the island. Last but not least, the Thai food that is served twice a day is varied and delicious. I get to know the others 'students' during breaky/dinner and made some good friends throughout the world. I would recommend Diamond to anyone!
Written September 26, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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