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We provide the methods, guidance and safe space, for you to turn towards inspiration and awareness, to experience self-love and empowerment. Our unique emotional rebalance retreat, was designed to empower you to get in touch with your true potential and reprogram your mind and body to heal.

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Aug 2022 • Friends
The facilitators created a beautiful, safe environment to support the healing process. We did the one week retreat, and it was very intense, leaving us emotionally drained but also full of gratitude and a renewed sense of connection. I really enjoyed my personal sessions with Nadiia, who has a naturally healing presence. Daily morning meditations with Satyaprem and yoga with Steffi were also wonderful ways to start the day. I would recommend this retreat for those who are looking to reconnect emotionally and who are willing to put in the work. My one hope for this retreat (as well as others in the area) is for there to be more connection with the local Thai people and culture.
Written August 17, 2022
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Emma P
Utrecht, The Netherlands2 contributions
Feb 2023 • Solo
It is such an amazing and safe place to be. Staying in the resort is very peacefull with nice food and a good place to have the rest you need after the sessions. The whole program is very good scheduled. And it really guides you through your own journey. After the week it really feels like a journey you followed with step by step learning tools and insights of your emotions and feelings and how powerful the subconscious mind actually is. The guides and teachers have a lot of knowledge and they really make you feel safe which really helps to open up and explore what is stuck inside your body and mind.

It brought me a lot of knowledge about my mind and body. And the impact emotional trauma and certain behaviour has on your mind and also on your body. It really helped me to get more clarity of where it comes from and that really helps to process it. I never realized that these energies can get stuck in your body and influences a lot in your mind. I got a lot of clearness about my past and how these energies influences my well being. The sessions helped to get these come to the surface and i got more clarity about the state I was in. And it gave me insights I never knew I could have. It also helped me understand myself and gave me tools how to go to the next level of my development and journey in life.

I so highly recommend this place🙏 the people are amazing and it really helped me guide to another level in life. Forever grateful💛🙏
Written February 20, 2023
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Croatia1 contribution
Feb 2022
This was my first yoga retreat and I had so much luck with choosing Shakti for an 11 nights stay. As time goes by, I realise it was meant for me to go there to heal, process trauma and advance in my spiritual transformation. As for previous guests, it is difficult to put this process into words because the work we’d been doing has been deep and meaningful. The yoga classes were the best I ever had and all the other practices were a valuable discovery to me- gratitude meditation, rebirthing breathwork, quantum healing, dearmouring… The Leela game with Nadiia (an amazing channeler!) has been mind-blowing, as well as a privately booked regression session with her. Satyaprem and Nadiia are genuinely spiritual people, very gentle and supportive hosts. You will receive from this retreat as much as you’re open to receive and choose your own tempo.
Little did I know that beautiful Koh Phangan is one of most relevant spiritual hubs in the world and that there are many conscious events around the island. Still, by doing some research and attending a few other events as well, I became sure this retreat is the best one due to an exclusive approach and highly gifted facilitators. The shala is beautiful, accommodation is also nicely located at a beach and the food is great… Do not expect material luxury though but a spiritual haven.
Written April 14, 2022
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Sigtuna, Sweden2 contributions
Dec 2021 • Solo
Satyaprem and Nadia may be passionate about the retreat but professionalism is unfortunate lacking in several areas where the biggest one is information. Schedule was sent the same day I arrived, taxi did not pick up from pier for unknown reasons, a huge construction with loud noise all day til late next to the Shala was never mentioned before and which ultimately led me to drop out of the retreat. The menu is for some reason limited to a few dishes and to eat from the restaurants regular menu cost extra. The retreat does not offer private sessions for retreatguest but open classes for everyone to join (except for one session in a week).

When discussing these issues with Satyaprem and Nadia after two days, letting them know I was not willing to pay full price mainly because of the noiselevel in the Shala, one of the them became very defensive, aggressive and verbally attacked me. When another retreat guest heard this she was shocked and told the person the she could not believe her eyes that a spiritual retreatleader acted this was. That led to that person bursted into tears, apologizing for their behavior, admitted they were very stressed and let me know I can pay whatever I feel is reasonable at the end of the week. We all hugged it out, I forgave the person for the outburst and was willing to give the retreat another try.

We had this talk in the afternoon… surprisingly at night I got a message that either I pay full price or i must check out in the morning… so much for a promise. Extremely unprofessional, needless to say I left a few hours later.
Written December 30, 2021
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Dear Isa, we are offering a service that has been found valuable by many. If you had stayed and followed the program, your experience would have been totally different. Instead, you chose to leave after two days, without even honouring your payment agreement. How can you really judge and review a program that you have not even attended? The rest of the guests in your group, had a wonderful transformation experience after your departure. The food we offer, the accommodation and the program itself have been repeatedly rated excellent. We offer so much more than taxi service and good food here. We offer transformation for the ones who are ready for it. We sincerely wish you to find peace.
Written January 16, 2022
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1 contribution
Apr 2021
I went to Shakti Yoga Retreat Center for a 5-day emotional rebalance retreat. I went here because a friend a mine did this retreat a couple of months ago, had an amazing experience and kept suggesting me to give it a try. I’m glad I followed my friend’s suggestion, because it has been for me too a truly interesting experience. The classes/workshops are really varied (mantra chanting, yoga, breathwork, massage, gong bath, etc…) and were led by professional and experienced facilitators. The retreat center where all the classes/workshops take place is just great place in which you feel comfortable and safe to experience all this healing techniques. I have learnt a lot of things and done things I had never done before, and I clearly went through powerful experiences (and that was not only me, basically all the other participants seemed to go through deep experiences as well). I definitely consider this 5-day retreat as an important stage of my personal journey.
I am grateful to Nadiia and Satyaprem who set up and run this retreat, they are really doing an amazing work and I believe a lot of people can have their lives positively impacted by doing this retreat.
Written May 7, 2021
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1 contribution
Dec 2021 • Solo
It was a great retreat for my body, mind, and soul. I was able to gain better connection with my inner being. Due to covid, I was the only one in the retreat so I had the opportunity to have one on one yoga class each morning. Although I've attended many yoga classes in my City, it was my first time learning and experiencing the true essence of yoga. I also enjoyed the daily mantra meditation. I gained a new perspective while observing my mind pattern during neuromapping exercise. I am very glad that I attended the retreat, feeling grateful that I was able to travel and attend during covid. I also love the island. I see myself revisiting the island and attend the classes again.
Written January 24, 2022
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2 contributions
Feb 2021 • Solo
First and foremost my profound thanks to Satyaprem and Nadia for not cancelling the retreat as I was the only client as “you felt I was meant to be there”

Reading the other reviews I realized that the comments collectively sum up the Shakti Yoga experience eloquently. I could repeat it but decided against it since there is a word limit.

I was looking for a yoga retreat and had decided not to do anything but the yoga components of the Programme and relax for the rest of the day. However, by the end of the first morning I decided to experience everything offered thanks to the passion of Satyaprem and Nadia in what they do. For me it was indeed a life changing experience and much more than I ever expected. I would never have believed the emotions and reactions I experienced had I not experienced them myself. I learnt a lot about myself and now enjoy trying to put into practice the knowledge I have gained into my daily life and look forward to the continued learning with Shakti Yoga. I would highly recommend Shakti Yoga to anyone who wants to experience the extraordinary particularly now after the challenges of managing COVID.

Written April 5, 2021
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Amelie M
1 contribution
Feb 2020
It's been a month since I am back from Shakti retreat and I can still see and feel the benefits of it. It was such a wonderful experience! I came there to recharge and connect with myself and it is exactly what I have found. The two hosts, Nadiia and Satya have this amazing positive calm presence to them, that you feel automatically at ease.
The retreat takes place in this Shala located in the middle of the forest, where you can hear the birds in the background, it is just so lovely. The schedule of the retreat is a balance of various healing practices but also free time for self reflection and relaxation at the beach mid-day and time for the sunset. I also took advantage of the massages that Nadiia was offering - the most relaxing massage I ever had!! Hands down!
Finally, the hotel is lovely and right on the beach, where you can have your breakfast while looking at the ocean.
I could not recommend it more!
Written March 6, 2020
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John F
1 contribution
Feb 2020 • Solo
What an incredible experience the Leela Sacred vedic game was... a pure reflection of your true inner being.. Nadiia is an amazing facilitator canalizing information from this eternal present moment! I took some amazing insights with me and it was truly powerfull to share and receive from all the other players present. i recommend it to everyone!
Written February 4, 2020
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates1 contribution
Jan 2020
Living in a big city along with having a busy career and life has led me to forget about one important thing - connecting with my soul and inner-self.

Shakti Yoga Retreat showed me that sometimes stepping back from a hectic schedule needs to be prioritised. It was amazing to connect with other people who have come for the same reason, and ultimately we became like one family.

As well as being surrounded by a group of very interesting people from different parts of the world, each of us had the opportunity to have time for ourselves.

Nadia and Satya were incredible hosts. From day one, I found comfort and a connection on a very different level between us. They did their utmost to create unforgettable and life-changing experiences for not just myself, but for the whole group.

Nadia has a special gift of looking into past lives, and connecting with your spirit. The things that she uncovered for myself were just fascinating.

Overall, the whole experience awoke my awareness and mindfulness of my soul, as well as how important it is to truly live.
Written April 11, 2020
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