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Very good

Yekaterinburg, Russia64,085 contributions
Sep 2019
Great visit to the beautiful, well-maintained vineyards. Our group enjoyed the educational tour. The area is very scenic. Likely, best to come in September, while there are still lots of grapes.
Written December 10, 2019
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Autumn S
16 contributions
Jan 2017 • Solo
I must admit I just had a fabulous visit to Grape Valley, but let me tell you my story and you can see why I suggest you don't go in winter. The buses seem to never come in Turpan, so I decided to take a taxi instead. I asked him to drop me off at the entrance instead of a "looking around place" which may or may not have been a good idea. I walked a km or so until I reached a map of the valley that showed how large it was. I had nothing better to do so I decided to walk the 8 or so km or at least until I was very tired and then I would figure something out. The scenery was breath taking even in winter, so I knew I would enjoy a long walk. About another km or two into the valley a cart with two women and a girl stopped and signaled for me to jump in. Always looking for an adventure I decided there was no harm in it. They asked if I had eaten and then fed me lunch also! After lunch I took a walk further up the center of the valley where it was more residential. After another km or so I passed a man who a minute later turned around and yelled to get my attention. He asked for my ID and I asked if my passport was okay. (I have been asked for my ID card in the most random places on this trip, so I just saw it as another product of a police state.) He then took pictures of my passport page, Chinese visa and me and then said I could go on my way. I decided it was better if I not do the whole valley at this point and headed back on a different road. After another km I was stopped by two police officers in an unmarked car who asked me to come to the police station with them. They were very polite, luckily, and curious about me traveling alone. They finally explained that Grape Valley is closed for the winter and that they thought I must be lost. I explained that I just wanted to walk around and look at the valley, but they said I couldn't. So they escorted me to my hotel. Also, don't come to Turpan in the winter unless you speak mandarin or one of the minority languages. Mandarin has been crucial for me to figure out the weird things people are asking of me. Regardless of the hassle, I loved my visit to Grape Valley.
Written January 23, 2017
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Bacolod, Philippines182 contributions
Oct 2017 • Friends
We went to the grape valley during the low season so nothing was open. We didn't even pay entrance fee because everything was closed. We did manage to at least eat lunch at one of the restaurants along the river before they closed down for the day as ordered by the government.

We had our lunch under the grape vines and while waiting, we were given some freshly plucked ones even though it was off season. They were small, seedless and very sweet.
Written November 6, 2017
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Brisbane, Australia52 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
To me Turpan is one of the most amazing cities in the world . It sits in its own oasis . It grows an almost unbelievable 80% of all of China's fresh and raisin grapes . Even more impressive is that in its 8 km. long valley it is the world's 3rd largest producer of raisins and the largest of green raisins .. A visit to one of the orchards is an absolute must . You will see , in season , how heavy the vines are with fruit .The latter is due partly to the cental spring of the oasis but mostly to the ancient kerez irrigation system about I write in another segment .
Written September 12, 2018
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49 contributions
May 2018 • Solo
Grapes valley 8am hike

My favourite hike of the trip!

The exact GPS trail i uploaded to wikiloc if you would like to follow

I drove into the valley short after the sunrise. There are large gates at the entry to the valley which appeared closed but actually the check point was open. As the police guards were not used to such early arrivals of motorised foreigners it took about 15 minutes for them to find the correct book to write down my passport and car details. It might take less time if you are not driving yourself.

Once inside i drove the upper road through the villages all the way to the middle of the valley and than crossed it all the way down to the river and continued along the river all the way to the end.

the upper road is dry and hot - and even at such early hour it is busy and you can easily find open shop or bakery. I did regret i had my breakfast at the hostel as this road offered some excellent opportunities for a simple local flatbread based meal.

The lower road is just few hundred meters away from the upper one - but it is several degrees cooler to the point I was actually amazed how different it feels. At the north end of the lower road (look for the post office on the map) there is a larger plaza with many restaurants and vendors. Feels as this is the main destination point for the tourists buses later during the day.

Beyond that point both roads merge into one - you are reaching the north end of the valley that now opens up again to the desert. I turned back left on the upper road and after couple of kilometers parked my car at what i believe was the highest point the road ever gets. There is a flat bread bakery here that seems to double as a local social gathering spot - great fast breakfast spot.

From this point i went in between the houses and climbed the highest peak on the east side of the valley. A breathtaking panorama of the valley framed by the desert and mountains along the horizon was probably the most memorable sight on my trip.

Beyond the ridge there are much shallower and completely dried desert style valleys which seems as great for hiking if i had bit more time. The platou beyond the ridge is also accessible by car, as a matter of fact - there is a dirt road reaching all the way to the ridge. Instead walking into those dry valleys i walked along the ridge back south towards some sort of telecommunication tower and took a long winding stairs down back towards the village. A group of young policeman or military was exercising by running up the stairs and later walking down before they eventually jogged along the main road.

Instead of reaching the main road I took earlier right again and walked along the back of the last building or slightly in between them. There is an old cemetery that seems to be also occasionally used as a dump site.

Beyond the cemetery you could turn right into the dirt road that could take you up into the platou. Walking straight takes you inbetween local traditional houses some of which are older than other but probably not very old. You will encounter children playing in the roads and people going along their usual business. All the areas i have been walking up to now are dry and dusty. There is no vegetation growing on the upper side of the road.

I descended to the main street at this point and walked for a short while before i turned left again and descended further down into the green valley. There is narrow row of houses you pass by - before maybe 10m in total away from the main road you enter the plantations. Young boy tried to tell me i should not go any further but i explained I just want to take some pictures and will leave - and he left me alone. An older man gave me a big happy Nihao and so i went down into the plantations. The transition from dry airy space to the green oasis couldn't be more rapid. Initially i walked back south but the road in between plantations seemed to finish in a dead end. I turned around and walk for a good long stretch back heading to the starting point.

Along the way i walked through a quite pleasing large lounge / restaurant. I believe this would probably be one of the nicest spots to eat a lunch in the valley. Far away from roads and the busy touristic car park. The place was in some part using a traditional large decks instead of chairs and had a water channel crossing through the middle. Some of the eating decks were set up right over the channel. As the place was rather large and i believe it might get bit noisy later on during the day. At this time however there were only 2 staff preparing the place for tourists arrival.

I continued along the small creek and eventually diverted up towards the main road and arrived right at the place i parked the car.

All in all it was my favourite hike. If i would do it again i would arrive much earlier for the sun rise and have a breakfast here as well at one of flatbread bakeries.

When looked up online there seems to be multiple mass tourists attractions in the valley. I have no interest in visiting those and was looking for a simple lone hike. Was very pleased and happy to find out it is still possible to do such hike and avoid large crowds. During my time spent in the grapes valley i haven't encountered a single other tourist.
Written May 8, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia115 contributions
Sep 2018 • Friends
Unless you have never seen grapevines, give this place a miss. This place is catered for tourists. Our group was taken to a 'villager's residence' and given slices of watermelon and bunches of grapes while a woman dressed in traditional attire danced to the tune of a folk song. After the performance, one of the guys started talking about raisins. Seriously, he talked about the types and grades, and the mighty health benefits of consuming raisins. I swore I could have fallen asleep. Then came the invitation to sample the raisins and buy them. Mind you, they aren't exactly cheap. What's the whole point?
Written September 23, 2018
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New York, NY521 contributions
Jul 2011 • Couples
It is a tourist trap. 60 RMB per person to drive in and another fee to get in a tourist trap park before walking in a row of hideous overpriced restaurants (charge twice as much as outside and tries to change price after the fact) and shops.

I asked the driver what else is there to do here, he shrugged. I want to walk amongst the vines but at the moment, the bridges down in the valley are destroyed by flood water a week ago and if I understood the driver correctly, he said we could have walked down the valley. Otherwise you're just seeing people's house along side of the road and brick-tiled building where they dry the grapes.

Our driver offered to charge us 40 RMB per person to go through the road next to the tourist entrance road (where his "friend" works) to enter the valley and have some free fresh fruit at the restaurant owned by his "friend". We read similar story about this so we went ahead and did that. I considered the 40 RMB he pocked as tip. But I wished I didn't go to Grape Valley. I wasn't worth it at all. The good reviews here are by Chinese tourists, who seemed very impressed by the fake park where grape vines hang overhead and seems peaceful to walk under in the hot summer heat.
Written July 5, 2011
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Subang Jaya, Malaysia1,006 contributions
Sep 2018 • Friends
A place with breathtaking scenery surrounded by deserts. Good place to take a seat under the vintage frames, savor various grapes and also take beautiful photos. We visited one of the grape farmer and had a dance show performed by his daughter before he promoted his raisins.
Written October 23, 2018
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Malaysia38 contributions
Sep 2016 • Couples
Unless you like to see some cultural dance under grape vines, which you have to pay for it or follow a tour group which you have no choice.. I give it a miss. Grape vines is a norm in Turpan, walking out you can find many grape vineyard that you can visit without paying any fee. Turpan white grape is a must to try when you visit Turpan. Remember the timing when visit the Grape valley or any vineyard , September is the best month.Otherwise not worthy when you will see no grape fruits as season is over.
Written July 24, 2017
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m lee
Kulim, Malaysia218 contributions
Jun 2017 • Friends
We didn't get to taste any fresh grapes as it wasn't the harvesting season yet. It was very hot during our visit in early June (summer). The temperature was hovering around 40 degrees celsius, so visiting the Grape Valley was a great way to escape the heat of the desert and the nearby Flaming Mountains. There wasn't much to do or see here but I was amazed by the fact that this small valley in the middle of a hot desert is the so-called Fruit Basket of China.

The tour also included a visit to an Uighur home where we were treated to a light refreshment and a folk dance. I find that it was actually a tourist trap as the main agenda was to make us buy their products, mainly raisins. I don't deny their raisins were of high quality but that was not the purpose of our visit.

Considering the entrance fee of 75 yuan, I was a little disappointed with this tour. The best time to visit this place is in August when the Turpan Grape Festival is held.
Written July 23, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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