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United Kingdom54,051 contributions
Oct 2019
Leblon is next to Ipanema and is regarded as more upscale. This is demonstrated in some of the higher end hotels and bars in the vicinity.

The beach is quieter and less hectic than Copacabana. You will still see people playing football, working out and playing other sports.

We took a leisurely stroll early in the morning when it was subdued but we can see the waves crashing through. I later went for a longer walk across the beach in the late afternoon.

It is worth escaping Copacabana beach and explore both Ipanema and Leblon.
Written January 8, 2020
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Minneapolis, MN125 contributions
Feb 2020
My wife and I stayed in Copacabana for eight days but wanted to see the other beaches as well. We took the train to Leblon on a cloudy day, and shopped in Leblon. After shopping we went out to the beach. Since it was cloudy, there were not a lot of people there and we walked the beach and swam a bit too. We had so much fun here. This is the more upscale side of Rio and you can tell by the hotels. The beach is essentially the same as Ipanema but divided by a little creek. We loved Leblon but liked Copacabana the best because it was a bigger beach. But, we would absolutely come back to Leblon!!
Written March 20, 2020
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El Chevere
Miami, FL7,604 contributions
Apr 2015 • Solo
I've been to Rio 6 times and only stay in Leblon...why?....because it is the most upscale, safest. and cleanest of the 3 Zonal Sul beach communities in my humble opinion. I have traveled solo on 5 of these occasions and never once felt threatened. I am able to walk back to my hotel from Restaurant Row late at night (with my expensive watch on) and never remotely ran into anything resembling a threatening situation.

As far as the beach goes,it is true Leblon is the most family friendly section (even has baby stations), which runs opposite to the goals of this active, single male. However, it does have stretches with adults, minus infants, that I enjoy hanging out at and grabbing a couple of hours of afternoon sun. On this most recent trip, I hung at Posto 12 near a "tent/station" that rents chairs and sells beverages called "Beverly Hills"...I sat down near a very attractive and well behaved crowd and enjoyed my time here....people have often told me Posto 9 in Ipanema is the place to be--I disagree. I find the crowd too young (I like looking at younger women, but not teenagers--not THAT young), it seemed every other person was smoking pot, and there was considerably more trash at the seashore (paper cups, straws, etc.) there than I have ever found at Leblon beaches....hang here, you will not be disappointed.
Written April 10, 2015
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Cambridge, MA827 contributions
Feb 2015 • Family
This is a gorgeous beach and extremely nice to be at. Long stretch of cleaner sand and good "barracas" tents with services for tourists. You can drink, eat and basically get whatever you need either at the beach or across from it. It is also friendly for children and right in the middle there is a baby park on the sand. It is nice early mornings and calmer than most beaches in Rio. The down side is that this area is a bit more expensive and you must watch for opportunistic thief's (because this place has more higher income consumers and tourists).
Written February 27, 2015
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Canada169 contributions
Jul 2014 • Friends
i found the more west you travelled along the beach front the better it got. My preference is quiet and lots space for beaches. Here you could sit and relax.

Also Leblon mall is so close. Its a hire end mall. My favorite store FARM is on the top floor. We would come in for a quick coffee and snack and head back for more strolls and relaxation.
Written February 18, 2015
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Houston, TX173 contributions
Mar 2015 • Friends
Leblon beach is just on the other side of the drainage canal from ipanema, but, really, they are contiguous beaches for all practical purposes. Like Ipenama Beach, I prefer to skip Copacabana...it's overly touristy. Leblon has relatively more locals and more of everything you go to the beaches for in Brasil. Faux Pax: using traditional beach towels. Skip these and buy one of the sarong-type sheets sold for about $7 (25 reales) on the beach. Men traditionally stand around visiting with one another, but do also sit and relax and sip caipirinha. Rent a beach chair if you like. There are many vendors right on the beach so if you forget your sarong (also called a CANGA) you can buy one here and use it as a beach blanket/towel...but it's not a towel at all. If I'm uninterested in a particular ware for sale, I usually politely excuse the beach vendors with an "Obrigado, Nao" and most usually move on, unoffended. The sun is HOT HOT HOT here, so wear protection to, from, and during your beach time. I have light skin and I have burned in about 5 minutes when I wasn't protected. Sandals are necessary even in the sand on hot days. Oh, a cool point...many of the beach chair vendors now offer WiFi, which is particularly nice for those of us with high-priced international data plans. Take water with you and a snack...and have a great day! Oh, and don't sit too far forward on the beach as the waves occasionally come up over the gentle rise on the beach.... don't believe me... you'll find out. Sitting plenty back gives you protection, and a better view...of everything ;-) On Weekends, you can see the capoeira dancers/artists practicing on the beach in Leblon, as well as lots of beach volleyball. Enjoy! Beijos!! Tchau!
Written March 29, 2015
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Temecula, CA104 contributions
Nov 2014 • Family
After spending the first half of our vacation in Copacabana, we moved to Leblon to check out Leblon and Ipanema Beaches (they're actually one large beach/neighborhood split in half; together about the size of Copacabana). I actually preferred Copacabana more.

Both areas are beautiful coastlines with huge beaches and stunning views, but the amenities in Copacabana were far better. Leblon and Ipanema are certainly beautiful and great beaches

In planning the vacation, I got the feel that Leblon and Ipanema (especially Leblon) were "hot" and Copacabana was "not" (or was past its prime; more of an old-school vacations spot in Rio). I also heard that Copacabana was a sketchier/shadier area than Leblon. They go so far as referring to Leblon as the "Manhattan of Rio" with vast choices of food and shopping. Having spent time in all the areas, I have to say I'd just stay in Copacabana next time.

While there was certainly some upscale shopping and restaurants in Leblon and Ipanema, I thought the choices, selection and even just the "vibe" in Copacabana were more exciting. I had hoped to end our vacation on a high note in Leblon, but it was a bit underwhelming.

About the only advantage in Leblon/Ipanema was the beaches were far calmer. It was great for the kids and caused us a lot less worry than the rougher surf of Copacabana (where I myself got knocked down by the surf losing my hat and glasses)

Where Leblon/Ipanema were really lacking was just in vibe/feel. They were almost too residential and sterile compared to Copacabana. One of the best things about Copacabana was all the restaurants and bars (called "kioski," I think) right on the beach and coastal highway. You could eat lunch and dinner for an entire week or two at a different location just a few feet from the beach. Some even had chairs right up to the sand if you wanted to relax in a reclining beach chair, sip a drink, have a meal and put your feet in the sand.

Leblon/Ipanema, on the other hand, had a lot fewer choices in the neighborhoods, but REALLY lacking on the beach. While the restaurant choices in Leblon and Ipanema may have been higher caliber (and cost) there was less choice. In Copacabana, I never felt like there were more options across the spectrum and just more going on in general

What was most disappointing is that the "kioski" places along the beach in Leblon/Ipanema, were mostly just bars. There were less of them in general, and the ones that were there often just served beer and drinks without food.

In Copacabana, you just about tripped over places to eat along the beach, but in Leblon/Ipanema, it was hard to even find a good place along the beach to eat a meal in Leblon/Ipanema. So while the surf and sand are similar, I found Copacabana more fulfilling and relaxing. Just be prepared to pay the equivalent of 80 cents to use the bathroom at ANY of the beaches.
Written December 7, 2014
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ93 contributions
Oct 2012 • Friends
Leblon. Ahh. It's def the hipster part of Ipanema beach.
Go to "post 9-9,5" from the tower to the palms on the right and enjoy the smell of success, money and herbs.
This is where a lot of young, fun and creative people hang out and have a good time.
Written April 17, 2013
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Greater Melbourne, Australia25,217 contributions
Nov 2019
This beach is very similar to Epanema and to its west but a little better and the streets at the back of the beach in Leblon are classier and more upmarket than Epanema..
Written November 15, 2019
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Zurich, Switzerland69 contributions
Jul 2019
Upscale Leblon is known for its beach, one of the city’s trendiest, most tranquil stretches of sand. Inland, leafy streets have restaurants ranging from cozy French bistros to lively steakhouses, plus mellow bars for beers and caipirinhas. Shopping options include designer fashion boutiques and Shopping Leblon, a modern mall.
Written September 9, 2019
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