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12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
The Plataforma Samba Show represents the rhythmic and colorful dances of Brazilian folklore, often featuring the prior year's Carnival winning Samba school dancers. There is the option to have dinner before the show, but the real attraction is the Samba dance performances.
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Houston, TX1,186 contributions

Ok...right from the start I am going to tell you that the Plataforma 1 Samba show in Leblon is a tourist trap; but it is a fun tourist trap. I can think of many worse ways to spend a couple of hours in Rio de Janeiro.

The show is more like a Las Vegas review than anything else. It is, as you would imagine, dance oriented with a small band and a couple of singers giving support. The dances range from traditional African movement to high speed ballroom and in between you will see lots of interesting and fun numbers and, of course, samba. The music and the dancing are infectious and you can't help but to have a good time here.

A couple of caveats:

1) Try not to buy anything at Plataforma 1. No food, no drink and no souvenirs. Everything here (even bottled water) is uber-expensive. Have dinner before the show and you should be fine.

2) The show runs about two hours and usually lets out between 11:30 pm and 12:30 am (depends on whether the show starts on time or is delayed while the room fills). So either make pre-arrangements for transportation or go with a tour group that will take you to the show and deposit you back at your hotel afterwards.

The tickets range in price from $25 to 35 dollars per person depending upon whether you buy them at the door, through your hotel or through a tour guide agency.

Prior to the show there are samba ladies strolling around who will take photos with you but be careful as they will want you to let their photographer take the photo and then charge you big money later for the picture. If you are polite and insistent you will easily be able to get a photo of yourself and a costumed Samba Dancer using your own camera (if the dancers won't let you photograph them before the show because they wish to use the house photographer, wait until after the dance finale when the dancers come down into the audiance and snap your photos then).

All in all the Plataforma 1 Samba show is a pleasant way to spend an after-dinner evening and it is family-friendly so there is no problem bringing the young ones along.

Safe travels to you!

George Browne

Written July 14, 2005
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ8,161 contributions
Aug 2010
The kind of program primarily for tourists. Made just to please and entertain them (or us?). Expensive and don´t worth the money but if you want to go to this "fake-folklore-show", you´ll may have fun whilie drinking and eating acceptable food.
Written June 15, 2011
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Johannesburg49 contributions
Despite some negative reviews, we decided to go to Plataforma. The show is very touristy, but it is the only place in Rio where you will get to see all the various types of Brazilian dance and carnival-like entertainment without going during carnival time. I would say that it is a must for all first time visitors. The show is over priced (approx $60 per person) and drinks at the venue were also expensive, but we're still glad that we visited.
Written December 20, 2010
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Bucharest, Romania215 contributions
Aug 2014 • Couples
In spite of having read the bad reviews as well, I had some kind of notion that while visiting Rio in august, we should still be able to get a glimpse of the Carnival feel. Well it would have been better to just watch a youtube clip! We were picked up at the hotel at 19.00 and brought to a restaurant far away from the actual show venue, which was very large and empty (only three other people). The waiters kept bringing you different meat on skewers and you can choose sides and entrees from a buffet. We paid 40 R$ (20 US) for a small beer and a glass of wine. We gave a 50 R$ note and got no change while the guide responsible for the transport hustled us out. We than got to the theater venue, where we arrived at 20.30 and had to wait in a shabby lobby for 30 min before being admitted to an even shabbier theater hall, dirty, rundown and incredibly empty! We were the only ones for about 30 min, then some 15 other couples arrived separately, so the last 30 min we waited with company. Total wait for the show start was 90 min! In the meantime we had ample time to admire the paint that was peeling off, the dirty floors and the rundown costumes of 2 showgirls and showboys. One guys boots were totally ripped, the costumes had most of their seams ripped as well. It was really desolate. Not to mention the tired and bored look on their faces. There were some hostesses who tried insistently to get us to have our pictures taken with the artists, who only smiled briefly for the camera moment and then proceeded to clean their fingernails, talk about hairdressers and stuff or just leaning tired against the scene. The show itself was kitschy as well, only 2 samba numbers. Allthough I must give the acrobats credit, they did a very good job. During the show itself, the hostesses came and tried to shove lame plastic plates with your photo on it down your throat and then give you the damning look if you didn't care to aquire them as a souvenir. About 25 minutes were dedicated to a host calling the names of almost all the countries and trying to get the respective representatives to join in some song onstage, of course to give a further photo opportunity for a hideous plastic plate. Do yourself a favour and stay away. You just feel like a chicken trying to be plucked in a dirty environment. For that money you can have a nice dinner elsewhere and buy a CD with a real Carnival show.
Written August 5, 2014
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Mansoor S
23 contributions
Absolute rip off. Worse than a High School performance. Had to get out and take a taxi back.Do not waste your time or money. A glass of water is $6.50.
Written July 13, 2014
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Orange, CA37 contributions
Oct 2012 • Friends
If you're 70 and have never been outside of Wyoming, you MIGHT enjoy this, if not... I beg you to pass. We were the only non-seniors in the crowd, and barely managed to stay for five or six awful numbers. I ordered a caipirinha for R$17, and it was un-drinkable, so it left the theater shortly before I did. They grudgingly refunded my drink cost, but laughed when I asked for my admission to be refunded.

Folks, this show is awful. It took two numbers for us to be sure we weren't at a drag show, so don't go expecting beautiful women. The costumes are cool, in a Carnival over the top kind of way, and the men were pretty good gymnasts, but that's where the compliments end. The dancing was retarded, and except for one or two dancers who were really trying (who we ended up feeling bad for), the rest looked ashamed and bored. The music is exciting form one song, then it becomes tedious.

When they tried to sell us a plastic plate with our picture with a drag queen on it, that was enough. We left, and felt deeply stupid for spending US $65+. I might have given it a higher rating if we were expecting such a cheese-ball show... And if the drinks were palatable... And if it was free...
Written October 16, 2012
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New York City, NY3 contributions
Apr 2011
Like a terrible rendition of a Disney world show. Absolutely horrible. We walked out in 30 minutes. Avoid at all costs.
Written May 7, 2011
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Jenkintown, PA74 contributions
Nov 2013 • Couples
Sometimes it's good to be a tourist. This show was really entertaining, with a terrific demonstration of capoeira. and samba. I don't understand what these others are talking about when they say "waste of time and money." If you're not going to be in Rio for Carnival, hey, what's wrong with a little taste of what it's like? And by the way, I had dinner there, because I didn't have time for dinner elsewhere, and it was surprisingly good, including the service.
Written October 20, 2014
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northants13 contributions
Aug 2013
We bought our tickets from our hotel and paid 210 reais each (£60) to include dinner. The meal was lovely, so much meat constantly being brought out & accompaniments were great too.
The 'club' for the show was ok, nothing to write home about. Whilst we waited for the show to start a man was playing the spoons....badly. He was getting people up to join in which I guess relieved boredom for a while. The show began with amazing costumes and woman dancing (not looking very interested but later they were smiling their way through their performances so guessed the first dance was supposed to be danced that way?).
The guys of the show were incredible. Dancing & doing acrobatics with a mix of break dancing involved too. They were the stars of the show!
A strange man came out dressed in a flashing hat and appeared to be a Michael Jackson was dreadful. We were totally embarrassed and looking around the crowd the audience didnt know whether it was a serious contribution to the show or simply a complete joke. I genuinely think the guy thought he was good and wanted to please the crowd. It was beyond cringeworthy and he hung around the stage for what seemed an eternity! Terrible addition to the show.
Progressively it got worse & the dances seemed pointless. The dancers are good and the costumes are absolutely fantastic but the whole thing just didnt gel and failed to impress. It was very very amateur and I would most definitely not recommend this show to others in future. We couldnt wait for it to end.
Friends of ours have suggested 'Rio Scenarium' in Lapa as an alrernative so would suggest trying this place instead of platforma 1.
Written August 13, 2013
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Andre M.Skowronski
Warsaw, Poland144 contributions
When in Rome, you have to visit the Pope. When in Rio, you have to experience samba and Carnival. There are two ways to do that: either take part of a samba-rehearsal / samba practice at the premises of a samba-school, or go into a show that mimics these practices.

Unfortunately, although there are more and more Carnival activities throughout the year, if you arrive in Rio between March and August, the best way to see a samba / folklore show is at the Plataforma house. The show has been remodeled and presents every day , yes, I mean everyday, except Christmas Eve and two days during the Carnaval itself, samba performances.

Some people say it is expensive: It depends: You have to avoid buying from the wrong hands. If buy from them, or through their official channels, its price is more than fair.

I would definitely recommend Plataforma for new Rio de Janeiro visitors.
Written April 22, 2010
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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