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Akron Art Museum
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The Akron Art Museum invites all people to enrich their lives through modern and contemporary art. Visitors of all ages are invited to learn, play, and grow with our exciting programming designed to educate and inspire. The Museum showcases regional, national and international art created since 1850. The Museum’s collection is presented in a spectacular facility designed by Viennese architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au and includes over 7,000 objects, with a strong focus on contemporary painting, sculpture and photography. New exhibitions regularly present prominent artists in various media including painting, sculpture, photography, video, design, and glass.
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Jennifer W
Matthews, NC11 contributions
Jan 2020
Beautiful glass exhibit. Small museum with a few rooms of traditional and modern art. Special exhibit on video games and artists that really seemed popular with the large crowd of high school students that were in the museum at the same time as me.
Written February 1, 2020
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Markham, Canada80 contributions
Aug 2020
I picked this museum to visit, since I was going to be in Akron for 2 days. I was Not disappointed. This is a very nice, well organized museum. I was expecting a larger museum, BUT my husband and I Always say we learn more from museums like this one, than larger ones.
Written September 27, 2020
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Kausar Wali
Gujranwala, Pakistan2,124 contributions
Jul 2015 • Family
Akron Art Museum is small place to visit for Art lovers. Visitors outside countries expect more like big museums of Washington DC. But art lovers enjoy this place.
Written July 8, 2015
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Douglas N
Akron, OH41 contributions
May 2018 • Couples
The only Art that I saw their was modern art which sucks. The building is a beautiful niclely done building, their was no good exibits their. I would save your money and time by not going to the Akron Art Museum. Go to the Cleveland Art museum instead it's much better.
Written March 31, 2019
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Marsha F
Akron, OH61 contributions
Aug 2017 • Family
I have toured this museum in the past on field trip with students..nothing inspirational and some I personally don't think a table painted purple and placed upside down is art.. this is just my opinion and I admit modern art doesn't appeal to me. If you like classical art ..go to the Cleveland Art Museum..it is beyond wonderful
Written July 9, 2018
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Joy B
Akron, OH24 contributions
May 2016 • Family
The Akron art museum is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. There is free admission on Thursdays and it is a great way to spend time with your family.
Written January 18, 2017
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Akron, OH3,196 contributions
Mar 2016 • Couples
Many local people might not have the time or money to travel to larger cities to visit larger and more well known museums in those places. So consider this smaller art museum worth your time to visit. Social value of coming here is enormous. Much more than a decent small art museum for sure. Without it Akron suffers from an absence of a formal place for admiring and preserving quality. Net working with people with similar interests and tastes should help you form large groups of people who might become your friends. I like to attend many of its activities like lectures and lectures. Community organizations use the museum for promoting their programs and agenda like radio stations. More floor space is needed to display more art. It is difficult to discern quality in modern art these days. I am not sure if our society prepares us to perform this task well. Evaluation is at the heart of this task. We are told to accept so much that is presented before our eyes or put in front of us to look at from house hold appliances and cars and to clothing almost without question it seems. Consumer reports like evaluations change the rules of the game but they should be available for evaluating art as well. Certain brand of intelligence is needed to carry out tis task however. The new garden still being constructed outside will add a new dimension to the entire gallery space inside. A lovely garden space will add a new dimension for urban planning. I am glad that the museum limits its collection and displays to a much shorter time period of art history than do many more conventional museums. For this reason I like what the museum puts on the floor for exhibitions. There is one room where the exhibit never changes as it had been the same there for far too many years. New things need to be placed there. This is the room with shoes in boxes tucked into the walls. While the museum's decision to limit its collection is a wise one - as it will house only art from the middle part of the nineteenth century - the problem of presenting too much art that the lay public might consider to be of questionable value remains. This might turn out to be an advantage as it brings in younger artists who focus on the contemporary world rather than feeling compelled to refer back to a much earlier time or even ancient time and even the fifteenth century for inspiration. Community out reach efforts have brought many people who might not ever visit the building into the museum. This is praise worthy for sure. Loud rock music can be and often is too loud when the art museum tries to cater to the needs of younger people who do to care that much about losing their hearing, This is my principal complaint about the way the museum is used. Many receptions have loud rock music with more amplifiers than musicians. Exhibits are worth your time even though the art on display is different at times.You must read about it before and after the visit. The library must be put to better use. I think that the advantage of the Q cafe is underestimated. Social lives are put together here. Recitals of soft classical music should be scheduled for this place in the auditorium. More films and lectures should become the major point of the museum's educational and intellectual mission. Without the lectures and films the museum loses its advantage of being a school with valuable teaching tools. I have attended many lectures and I now admit that the speakers sometimes need practice in speaking to crowds - like some of them should be screened for their ability to project their voices and to speak to crowds coherently and clearly. Answering questions is another skill that should be developed. On one occasion I attended a tour led by the curator who took us around the gallery to speak about specific art works. Very good! It might bring out the artist in you for attending many of these tours and lectures. There is a truck load of educational value to be found here. Just look for it. The visual audio room requires some time to appreciate. I like it. There is an exhibit of glass work to be seen. Walk around the outside and admire the architecture.The older part of the gallery contains art devoted to painting from an earlier time like nineteenth century and Ohio art - it should be seen too. Many places from the landscape of France are highlighted in this earlier collection. For me this is a valuable place to spend time. Upstairs there are usually two or more newer exhibits containing modern art of a variety of shapes and styles all worth your time - like modern photography. Often the artist comes to the museum to speak about her or his work as was the case several times this past year and during the first three months of this new calendar year. Well worth your time for certain to hear and speak with these people. The new director has brought new life and new ideas for expanding the role of the museum to the entrée community. Much stuff to read at the front counter about art inside and at many near by places around the community. This is one result of the director's effort to bring the community to the museum. Creativity for children is there to be seen and tasted. Many schools have featured their art departments at the museum by displaying the work of their students. Much more modern and contemporary approach to making art a part of your life. Currently there is an exhibit of bright colors attached to the floor and along the walls. I did like the photographs. More places to sit in the galleries are needed. If you want to keep informed about the names of contemporary painters and other artists here is the place to begin that search for knowledge. Large scale exhibits with the artist in house to discuss his work have been most valuable events for me to attend.
Written March 15, 2016
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Wilson, NY83 contributions
Jun 2013 • Family
I've been to many art museums, including those in NYC and I have to say... I was surprised (in a good way) with my visit! It won't take you three days to get through...it's not huge, but its a great way to spend a few hours. If you have kids in tow, they won't look horrified if your child is within 25 ft of a piece like they will in some of the larger museums. Its surprisingly kid-friendly as a matter of fact. My son and stepdaughter, ages 9 and 12, loved it. Admission is extremely reasonable and parking is convenient and not expensive either. Worth a visit if you're in the area...
Written May 23, 2014
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Niles, OH492 contributions
Mar 2013 • Couples
First I would NOT recommend for small / young children. Little at this time to hold their interest. There is a glass exhibit that adults had a death grip on their children to avoid. You should always check the museum to see what is on exhibit to make sure it is something that you would enjoy, as the exhibits do change on a regular basis. At this time there was a a Danny Lyons photo exhibit, an exhibit of a childrens authors' works and drawings (not at children's eye level) and a beautiful blown glass exhibition. There was pop-art, modern art, large fabricated pieces. ...all on the second floor. The first floor appears to have the permanent collections. Most of the art there are paintings from traditional artist. Lots of local arts works on display here. It seemed that the museum strives to have a little bit of everything for different tastes. The museum as a whole would lend itself to an afternoon. It is not overly large, and depending on your tastes, you may not find enough to hold your interest for more than a few hours. But it is a lovely place to view works of arts that are unique to the area. There seemed to be a large number of volunteers/workers who are more than glad to show you around, offer information, or walk through a 'tour' of the museum. We were there on a Saturday and the snack shop was not open. There is a small , but unique gift shop with items varying in price. There is not a lot in the area that appears to be walkable , so you will have to drive to get something to eat. There is free museum parking. One note is that on a March Sunday, the museum was uncomfortably hot, so be sure to dress in layers. I think the admission was $7 per person, but there is discounts for seniors and students. Overall a nice diversion for a cold afternoon.
Written March 28, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Thank you for your review of the museum. You brought up some very good points about checking what exhibitions we currently have to ensure it's right for children and your taste. Sorry about having to drive to eat, but unfortunately we do not have a cafe at this time. Also, we apologize about it being hot in the galleries. It can be difficult to manage such a large building throughout the day and your suggestion of layers is helpful to others.
Written April 23, 2013
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Akron, OH3,196 contributions
Jun 2012 • Solo
Discussions still can be heard about whether or not the stunning architectural design on top of the building was worth it. There is an argument that favors using money to provide more floor space for exhibits and educational functions. A separate auditorum for hearing music is needed. I believe that an argument can be made for showing films in a separate audtorium Foreign fims and art films need to be presented, Cooperation with the art schools at the two near by unversities is needed fot this to take place.The Thursday Night-at-Dusk series that takes place during most of the summer outside does not bring the museum type people to the museum as it has become TGIF time with loud music that pretty much sounds the same. Why must so much of the loud music have little connection with current exhbits? It provides these groups with another chance to display their brand of loud music. I do not know how this helps to increase attendance at the museum. TGIF crowd is not a museum crowd in city like this town Where is the jazz or classical music or authentic folk music? Often there are to many amplifiers. More has to be done to bring musuem type people here The museum needs more floor space for exhibits. A few more chairs for people to sit while looking at paintings or other part of the exhibit would make it a more patron friendly museum. Teh museum membership package is worthy of your consideration as it allows for free admission at other galleries in Ohio. Family Reciprocity arrangements allow you to take advantage of this benefit. Sometimes the food offered for consumption at opening ceremonies could be a little less lavish at a time of recession and maybe more nutritional at all times. On some days the exhibit rooms can be almost empty with only a few people wandering through.The audio visual room is one of the important sources of information about the exhibits but the noise from outside often makes it difficult to hear and understand the audio component. There should be joint academic progrrams with the near bye universities and the art museum combining resourcesto make it possible to acquire a degree in art history.The library is closed too often. The small gallery displaying glass collections was good to see. Sometimes not so good exhibits stay too long. The Anatsui exhibit was one of those exhbits that did not hold together enough content to be worthy of such a long time at center stage. During receptions held inside the museum the music is often too loud with too many amplifiers. Limit the music production to accustic performances and save hearing acuity of people in attendance. The gallery does a good job to bring in local talent of younger people.There are many good reasons to visit this museum The admision price can be too high for certain categories of visitors. The cafe is worthy of a stay but be careful of what you eat too much of. Culinary speeding tickets are issued there with high prices for food that has questionable nutritional value. There should be some better communication with the library across the street for those events that take place at the library but are under the umbrella of the museum. Recent appearance of the film critic is one example where notification about an appearance was not adequate for me. The follow-up requests for information about the material persented at the critic's appearance did not provide desirable results. Also the museum needs to improve the precision of the calendar dates for so many events that are added late to the calendar. The present collection of pictoral art is worthy of a second visit. The gallery tries to establish its current reputation around being the home for art since 1850 - a notable goal to be sure. The director deserves much credit for being at the helm of operations. The museum is responding to contemporary trends in art. Please visit this musem and bring people who need an introduction to seeing art in a gentle manner to become museum people. More visitors are needed for sure. I recommend a visit for many reasons.Try to spend time there on days when admision is free for adults and others. The recorded announcements made available for people who call for making an inquiry about the agenda can be confusing and strain your patience as you have to listen and wait for too many minutes.
Written August 12, 2012
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