Ten-nen Onsen Naniwa no Yu
Ten-nen Onsen Naniwa no Yu
Onsen Resorts • Thermal Spas
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Very good

Hobart, Australia158 contributions
Jan 2013 • Solo
I went here because I thought I should try the onsen experience and wasn't expecting much more than to sit in a warm bath for a while and then tick this one off my list of things to do. However I was really surprised how great this place is and cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who's staying in Osaka for a few days. I enjoyed it so much I went back two days later to get another fix!
It is a little tricky to find, but not too bad. The easiest way is to find the Tenjimbashisuji shopping street, which is a tourist attraction in itself and can be found about 1km east of the Umeda station complex. You need to head north from the end of this arcade (as if you just walked up it to the end and kept going ). After about 8-10 mins start looking right at intersections and you'll soon see the building about a block in that direction. It's a big, beige square building advertising Pachinko, but also with a big red sign for the onsen, picture attached here.

Head into the main door and take one of the lifts up to the eighth ( and top ) floor. This floor is dedicated to the onsen. Once you leave the lift make sure you stop at the wooden step and take your shoes off before stepping up. Walk round to the left and there are banks of lockers for your shoes, you'll need a 100Yen coin to use the locker.

Then go to the ticket vending machine which is right in front of the bench where you take your shoes off. This machine can look a bit intimidating if you don't speak Japanese, but if you look closely the important buttons have English labels. The top left button is the one for adults and costs 750Yen. Then a couple of buttons down there's one for a towel which is 150Yen. This is the small towel you take with you to the baths, rather than a big bath towel. I think there's also a button for a big towel to dry yourself afterwards, but in my experience you can make do with only the small one.
Once you've bought your tickets head to the right to the entrance desk which should have a couple of people behind it and hand them your tickets. They'll give you your towel(s) and then you head of to the right and enter the onsen. At this point the facility splits into genders, women go left, men go right. The doorways are clearly marked in English ( phew!).
Once inside you'll find a room with loads of lockers for clothes. Like the shoe lockers these also need a 100Yen coin. Get undressed and put your clothes and shoe locker key into a locker and put the locker key round your wrist. The only thing you should be carrying with you at this point is that key and your small towel. It felt a bit strange just heading off from my locker completely naked but there's so many other people doing the same thing and not paying any attention to anyone that to be honest I stopped thinking about it pretty quickly!
From here you go through a pair of glass sliding doors, you don't have to stop here on the way in, but you're supposed to dry yourself on the way out so the changing room bit doesn't get too damp. Once through the doors you'll be in the indoor part of the bath complex which contains about 4 different baths you can use. But before you go into these you need to wash your body at one of the shower stalls you'll see right in-front of you. Sit on the tiny stool and use the provided soap to wash yourself, then rinse yourself off with the shower head. You're not supposed to take any soap into the baths so make sure you rinse yourself properly.
Then you can wander around and try all the baths and relax! Make sure you go outside to the rooftop part too, as this is magical. There are various baths out here too together with a big wooden deck to lie on between baths. I just watched what other people were doing and tried the same thing. Make sure your towel doesn't go into any of the baths, I don't think this is critical as I saw one Japanese guy do it, but normally the towel goes beside you on the edge of the bath or on your head.
I thought it'd be more tricky to work out but just by watching other people it's all pretty obvious.
I really can't recommend this place enough, especially in winter when you can watch it snow from your hot bath, just awesome and pretty inexpensive too.
Written January 30, 2013
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Barcelona, Spain65 contributions
Jan 2014 • Solo
I am a big fan of sento and supersento baths and of course Onsen. I have tried many places in japan and i don't think this is a very recommendable first experience.
The place is ok, classic sento and, of course, very clean, but it lacks of any charm and i don't think the water comes from a natural source. It is a basic spa, japanese style. on the other hand it is located in a pachinko commercial building, not very romantic...

For an easy and memorable real Onsen experience i recommend this one in Tsukaguchi, with classic japanese architecture, rocky pool, different water qualities and temperatures, wooden tools and sauna, and the most important thing, only locals from the neighbourhood:


Don't be put off by the location, it is easily reachable in 10m from Umeda in the Hankyu line and the train ride is very nice, the lack of english info is as well not a problem... everything is at the right place and they are superhelpful....
Written January 20, 2014
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Sri Kembangan, Malaysia19 contributions
Apr 2016
This was my first time going to an onsen. It was a rainy day & we had to walk under the light rain but still it was cold because of the wind 😖 So what better way to warm yourself up, eh? 😉

• Bring your own towels. Big towel (keep in locker) to dry yourself. Small towel (bring along to bath) to scrub yourself during shower & cover yourself if you want to.

• Prepare ¥100 for two coin lockers (refundable) to keep shoes & personal belongings separately. Anyway, can ask for change from the reception counter.

• Before you enter the tubs, wash your body & hair thoroughly! Don't want any dead skin floating in the water. Body soap, shampoo & conditioner are provided but unknown brand. So bring your own if you want to keep your hair in tip-top shape.

• Your hair MUST NOT touch or be in the water!! So prepare a hairband & tie your hair up before entering the tubs.

Please prepare your mind & heart at the reception counter. Once you enter.. Bam! Naked people everywhere. It was so awkward, at first! I had no idea where to look & kept my head down the whole time. After awhile, I gotten used to it but still needed to cover my body when changing tubs. Didn't see any Caucasians & it was mostly a mix of Chinese, Korean & Japanese people.

In the end, it was still a nice experience. A mind blowing experience 😆 Free entrance with Osaka Amazing Pass (worth ¥800). But hey, I'm opened for more onsen & sento 👍🏼😁

Written May 14, 2016
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Francesco Moro
Lozzo Atestino, Italy31 contributions
Nov 2019
I wasn't allowed inside for my four discreet and decent western old-school tattoos. It's high time that Japanese onsen owners revise their policies against tattoos, given the fact that nowadays more and more Western people wear them. How about making an exception for them, especially when they are not wearing wide Yakuza-style tattoos??
Written January 20, 2020
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia88 contributions
May 2016 • Couples
Many had recommended to visit onsen if you are in Japan. This was an impromptu decision at the last hour. Things that you should take note
• 1) You need to be completely naked
• 2) There is male & female segregation
• 3) There are cabinets where you can store your items (use coins)
• 4) There is an open shower place to clean your body, before & after soaking in the hot spring
• 5) Take note of the bus / train, even if the onsen opens till late, but train operation might stop earlier than its operation time
• 6) Everyone was naked, & they were doing their own thing, so, nothing to be shy about. You see butts everywhere, if you are shy , just keep your head down and walk quickly.

Good Luck !
Written September 6, 2016
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Sydney, Australia134 contributions
Oct 2017 • Solo
I came to this onsen alone but having read some detailed TripAdvisor reviews (thank you). The staff made it very easy to work out what to do. If you don’t have 100y coins for the locker they give change.
The place is clean and nice to use. I followed the lead of others (like washing your feet with the little bucket for each new pool you enter).
Rookie error - I got the small towel for 150y and then took it in with me and got it wet. In the end it was ok to get the water off but couldn’t really dry myself with it. Might be better to get a big towel and leave in the locker? Everyone takes a small towel in with them.

So the BEST part of this experience was a scrub, wash and massage. It was an extra 7.400y for one hour and completely worth every cent. You get an amazing body scrub with these mitts that removes all dead skin, then a wash and oil massage. They also put a mask on your face and wash your hair. It was amazing. Not gentle like a spa, more businesslike, but my skin is like a baby’s.

Highly recommend a bath and then the scrub and massage!
Written October 2, 2017
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Singapore, Singapore36 contributions
Feb 2015 • Couples
Went there last week. It's located on the roof (8th floor) of a shopping centre. No English sign but its on the right side of floor with 2 big curtains, one to men only section and the other to women only section. Bring enough 100 yen coins as need to leave shoes in locker with one 100 yen coin. There are 2 coin slots one above the other. Insert coin in top slot. Coin is returned on lower slot when you unlock to retrieve items later.

Entry is free with the one or two day Osaka Amazing Pass. Just buy (and bring home) small towel 150 yen or big towel 500 yen or bring your own. Normal entry price is 800 yen. Men and women are in separate areas. Lockers inside with same refundable 100 yen slots. There are many pools indoor and outdoor. Towels are not allowed in the pools. Everyone is naked. You can tie towel over your head or leave at edge of pools. Pools of different temperature from 18 to 41 degrees Celsius. Some are jacuzzis. There are 3 single tubs - very popular as only one person can use it. There's also an area to lie down with mini streams of water flowing from a pipe. Lie on your back and later on your front - very calming, good for meditation and relaxing mind. There's a steam room with a tub of salt for scrubbing body. There's an open area with rows of stools to sit for shower. Shampoo and liquid soap provided. Expect to spend 1 hour (a bit rush) to 1.5 hours.

Location is 8 mins walk north from Tenjimbashisuji 6-Chome Station exit #5.
It is best to have map apps with you in Japan or do your research and print the maps of where you want to go before arrival. Don't count on asking for directions. Majority of the locals don't speak English.
Written March 3, 2015
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Bangkok, Thailand244 contributions
Oct 2013 • Family
This was my second time for onsen in Japan. The first time was with my friends and that was kinda awkward because we were from country where exposing our naked bodies to other people wasn't something we are accustomed to . So, we were kinda shy to each other. It was very funny we tried to find ways covering "you know what", and finished bathing very quickly.

But this time I was all my myself and I absolutely enjoyed the experience because I knew no one. Onsen is true Japanese culture they do like family activities, from kids to elders. That's why it's so normal for them to get naked in bath together and I tried to blend in this time. The outdoor bath was the most relaxing place for me as it's kinda chill outside and felt like heaven when I was in hot water in such a peaceful place. I even fell asleep on the provided wooden deck.

For the direction, I think taking exit 5 from Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome station and heading north is a little closer. Please see the attached map for reference.
Written October 15, 2013
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Bogor, Indonesia569 contributions
May 2018 • Solo
Located on the 8th floor of the building

Direction for first timer
1. First entrance from elevator head to shoe locker on the left side
2. Then go to the machine to get the ticket 800Y for adult or show osaka pass at the receptionist
3. Head into the room woman /man
4. Choose any locker and put your stuff inside, to lock u will need to use 100Y coin but it refunded when u open the locker again
5. Naked and wash ur self and bath

Great Place, Good Maintenance as well

For towel extra 150Y needed
Soap shampoo conditioner are provided as well

After onsen you can enjoy the food at the cafeteria as well
Written May 18, 2018
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Townsville, Australia5 contributions
Jul 2016 • Couples
I wasnt sure if i wanted to buy into the "You must go to an onsen if you visit Japan" idea, but, honestly I am so glad I did. If you are a gaijin like me with very little language skills and know even less about japanese onsen etiquette i advise you brush up before you go, although the visitors to this particular onsen, and the staff, were both kind and helpful. The onsen itself has the traditional male and female sections.Once you get inside there are coin lockers for your personal effects. (Bring a towel if you dont want to pay ¥150 for one) and then showers for you to wash yourself in. You must be cean and soap free before entering. Then there are about six different baths to choose from including personal tubs, an onsen which features traditional water, heated spas and a very cold 18 degree plunge pool. Aside from that there are saunas, though be careful, i found it hard to stay in them for too long! Anyway, lovely place, 10/10. Best of luck
Written July 16, 2016
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