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Neighborhood: Northern Kyoto
Hot springs and historic temples characterize the leafy landscapes of Northern Kyoto. Acres of tranquil residential streets are interrupted by some of Kyoto's most gorgeous architectural gems, including the majestic Golden Pavilion of Kinkakuji, the serene artistry of the Ryoanji Temple rock gardens, and the bold red paint across the structures of Enryakuji Temple. Once a religious core of the city, the district now boasts some of its most remote and peaceful hot springs, as well as a few of its best family-run mom-and-pop restaurants. A blend of extremely local at its outskirts, and highly peopled at its tourist centers, Northern Kyoto nonetheless retains a halcyon air in harmony with nature.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands188 contributions
Apr 2019 • Solo
There aren't many places where you can just walk peacefully. This is definitely one of the places I recommend. It was one of the places that still had some cherry blossoms in Kyoto during that time and it was definitely worth it. I went in the afternoon and there were about 5 people there, including me. The park was small but beautiful.
Written May 26, 2019
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tala n
Kobe, Japan43 contributions
Apr 2019 • Family
The garden is an amazing cherry blossom fairy land! If you’ve come to Japan for cherry blossoms, this garden is one of the best places. You can enjoy 360 degree views of beautiful cherry blossoms. They update their Facebook page daily during the season, so you can check the status of the blooms. The fee is a bit more than most other gardens, (1500 yen for adults), but definitely worth it!
Written May 4, 2019
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Kyoto, Japan4 contributions
Apr 2019 • Friends
Entrance is 1000yen and full blossom is not here yet on this day. However, it is a perfect date spot. We have seen lots of couples sitting and enjoying the banks in the middle of flowers. It is a little bit hard to reach the location since there is only one bus that goes and it's not frequent. We walked from Kinkakuji to here in 30 minutes rather than waiting for the bus. The garden is not that big but still satisfactory.
Written April 4, 2019
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Tuan L
18 contributions
Apr 2018 • Couples
Cherry blossoms season started early last year, we were in Kyoto in early April 2018 but missing the full bloom.We checked the JP cherry blossom website and found this beautiful garden, went there by taxi and we were not disappointed.This was the most wonderful feeling we ever experienced. The beautiful blossoms, the Nice atmosphere ,the friendly local people, almost no tourists and extremely delicious hot food at lunch were the highlight of this special private garden.
Written March 3, 2019
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hfot2 🌸🍁🌸
Vermont6,621 contributions
Apr 2018 • Couples
Haradani-en, a private garden, was different from every other garden we’ve seen in Japan.

It was a bit past peak but still lovely when we were there on 12 April 2018. We can’t wait to return on our next visit and hope to see it at peak.

The garden is up in the hills outside of Kyoto which explains why the blossoms were still on although the rest of Kyoto was way past peak. Another explanation is that the garden includes many varieties of cherry trees, but especially the late-flowering weeping sakura. It also features azaleas, rhododendron and dogwood, and green sakura as well.

The blossoms on the pink weepers were well past peak but still lovely even though there had been heavy petal fall. The azaleas and rhododendrons were in full bloom.  

Food is available at a few food stalls. Food from outside can not be brought in. We bought two bentos from the stall and we had our own hanami sitting at one of the isolated tables under the trees at the top looking down on a beautiful view.  There also is a restaurant if you want a more formal meal here, but we didn’t want to spend time waiting for a place at a table and then eating when we could be walking under the trees.

It was a wonderfully quiet and peaceful garden up in the hills on the outskirts of Kyoto. There were many visitors there, but hardly the crowds that we see elsewhere in Kyoto. Perhaps the entrance fee or the perceived expense and difficulty of getting here kept the hoards away.

Access need not involve an (expensive) taxi ride. You can get there for free if you have a JR pass and a bit of time. Take the JR bus from Kyoto station and get off at Waratenjin Mae. Walk up the street to the entrance of Waratenji and you will see a man on the sidewalk holding a sign saying something to the effect of “Free shuttle bus stop for Haradani-en” Get on the bus and it will take you directly to the rear entrance of the garden. Total cost of transport: ¥0. Even if you don’t have the JR pass, this way is certainly less expensive than a taxi would be.

Entrance fee for garden is somewhat pricey: ¥1200 weekdays and ¥1500 weekends - but well worth it in our opinion.

I hope this information on access to the garden proves helpful and useful if you plan to visit.
Written January 26, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore270 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
Having missed the sakura full bloom in Kyoto, we decided to tour Haradani for its late blooming sakura and other plantings. We were enchanted! Contrary to some reports that this garden is not crowded due to its location and entrance fees, this is not the case. On the weekday we visited, the garden was very crowded - perhaps the early sakura season has caused more to visit this garden to catch the late blooming sakura. Anyway, best to take a taxi here. And no worries about getting a taxi to leave, there was a taxi stand and an abundant supply of cabs.
Written April 21, 2018
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Hong Kong, China15,491 contributions
Apr 2018 • Couples
We have been to Haradanien during the first week of April as most of the other sakura spots in Kyoto were off season. It was really a headache to go to Haradanien by public transportation by train and then connect with an in-frequent bus line. Entry fee to this garden was on the high side at Yen 1,500 per person but learnt that it would decrease later in the month when sakura trees withered. The garden was really full of trees including variety of sakura trees (late blooming ones or weeping cherry type) and the whole garden became lovely because different colored trees have flowers in-season at the same time. Majority of the visitors here were local people who enjoyed having their lunch in the pre-reserved covered seats. They drank and chatted together happily inside the garden. But for foreigners, I have the following remarks (1) check with the Information Center at Kyoto JR Station on the sakura situation prior to visit as information provided by the garden is limited (2) take a taxi there rather than public transportation which we experienced to be in-frequent (though the garden has shuttle service back to a nearby subway station upon return (3) bring certain snacks/drinks inside if you don't want to purchase the local products (limited due to pre-reservation) (4) bear in mind the atmosphere and environment may be different from other large-scaled gardens run by public organisations despite that all Japanese are friendly towards foreigners. Anyway, you could take nice photos with different colored trees as backdrops. Explore and share the joy with local people if you want, particularly when sakura trees in other tourist spots in Kyoto are out.
Written April 17, 2018
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Leeds, UK48 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
This place was magical, there are so many cherry blossom trees - it was the top highlight of our trip to Kyoto. Did not want to leave this beautiful garden.
Written April 16, 2018
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Melbourne, Australia185 contributions
Apr 2018 • Family
I guess the secret is out. If you've missed the peak of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto or Philosopher's Path is filled with tripods and selfie sticks, come here. They have weeping cherry and other late blooming varieties including some azaleas and rhododendrons.

Do not come on weekends as it is super crowded with local tourists. There are not many foreigners here and staff don't speak English. They open 9am to 5pm and save yourself some hassle and just take a taxi. Allow 2 hours in this garden. They will confiscate your tripod at the gate ~ you get a ticket to retrieve it later. Selfie sticks are OK.

It is a private garden located north west of Kyoto near Kinkakuji. I would suggest you take a taxi to Kinkakuji and be there at 9am. You'll be done by 10:30am. Take another taxi to Haradani-en. Download the Japan Taxi app, it works like Uber except for taxis. Admission for adults is Y1500 and kids Y500. It is well worth it. You are literally walking under canopies filled with cherry blossoms. There are slopes and little valleys filled with them. The paths are dirt and NOT pram or wheelchair friendly.

There are toilet and food facilities. You can sit under the Sakuras and have your bento box or sushi for lunch.

After this you can wander down to Ninna-ji temple for more late blooming sakura and some history / architecture. It is also not too far from the Arashiyama bamboo forest but best to take another taxi. Then you're done for this North West area of Kyoto.

Written April 6, 2018
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Kyoto, Japan61 contributions
Apr 2016 • Friends
I recommend this place to those of you who love exploring places that are not too touristy and this is definitely a local favorite! It is better to visit on the weekdays early in the morning. My friends and I arrived at 9:30 am which is not too long after the garden opens. There were not many people and most of them are Japanese. Don't hesitate to say hello to them because they are generally very friendly :)

I also suggest to learn about the weather condition. It is better to go there mid of April (depends on the sakura forecast). Because we were originally going to visit at the end of April but it was raining the night before our visit (April 14th) and the sakura petals are falling quite many. It was a beautiful sight though! Therefore, I am not sure if there will be many sakura left at the end of this month.

Most of the sakura trees are the shidare type (weeping cherry blossoms), they are somehow eerily beautiful. There are also other type of shidare such as shidare momo etc. All names are written in Japanese though.

Don't forget to check their opening schedules as it may be different from last year. The ticket price is also quite pricey (¥1,500) so you should be prepared.
Written April 14, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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