Kifune Shrine
Kifune Shrine
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  • chriscyl
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia134 contributions
    Beautiful place indeed
    The picture of the red stairs attracted me to visit the place. So, added this place into my Japan trip. Went on end Nov 2019 for a day trip to visit Kibune shrine, Kurama-Dera temple and to see the maple leave tunnel at night. Bought the EE Kippu (Eizan Railway 1-day pass Y1200 at Demachiyanagi station and took the train to Kibuneguchi station. On the way, you will pass the famous "Momiji tunnel" that will be illuminated during the night. At the Kibuneguchi station, although we can see landslide on many part of the hills (aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis), the view were still lovely with blooming red maple leave tree, Took the local bus for a 10 mins ride to last stop near Kibune shrine and walked uphill for another 10 mins to the shrine. We were lucky as it was a weekday and there is not many people yet. Although it is a small shrine, people come here to view the beautiful red maple leaves trees and to enjoy the nature. The view is really lovely. You will pass by a lovely river and quaint Japanese houses and shops, as you walk to the shrine. There are a handful of restaurant and cafes if you wish to have a meal. It rained when we were walking to the shrine until we left the place. It was wet and cold and it did dampen our mood but I was still feeling happy. For me, this place is worth coming as it really very beautiful and serene (provided you come early). total journey time taken from Demachiyanagi station to Kibune shrine is about 1 hour 15 mins. Spent about 45 mins there.
    Written September 30, 2020
  • SaoShio
    Otsu, Japan393 contributions
    Peaceful world
    This time, we took a bus from the subway station, 'Kokusai-kaikan' and changed to another small bus to the shrine. There are not so many people visiting, and you can enjoy the quiet and peaceful time. I tried the fortune telling paper (we get a piece of white pager and put it on the water, then the letters will come out on the paper and tells us about our fortune.) There is a small path in the mountain which takes you to the other temple, Kuramadera Temple. It's a kind of hiking! We took the train from 'Kurama' and came back to 'Demachiyanagi' station. (From there, we can get another train to 'Sanjyo-Keihan' which is located in the center of Kyoto.)
    Written May 10, 2020
  • Kai C
    Half Moon Bay, California1,071 contributions
    worth visiting!
    I hiked to Kifune across the mountain from Kurama, walking a beautiful and well-kept forest path. Many shinto shrines on the way, placed into power spots. The shrine is in a narrow valley, and popular. Now is probably a good time to visit, then have lunch on the river. When I was leaving the skies broke into torrential thunder and rain.
    Written August 3, 2022
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Very good

Sydney, Australia554 contributions
Nov 2019 • Couples
We visited in Mid November so the colours were just about at their peak. The walk up to the shrine was beautiful, it should only take about 20mins but we kept stopping to admire the scenery so it took nearly an hour. There is a local bus if you don’t want to walk. The shrine itself was quite nice. The famous stairs were a little on the crowded side as it was lunch time by the time we got their. My fault for not getting their earlier for a better photo op. That being said the crowds weren’t as bad as some of the other temples & shrines in Kyoto. There are restaurants & bathrooms nearby.
Written January 18, 2020
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Sydney, Australia381 contributions
Aug 2019
Great area to visit even in Summer. It's cooler due to the river flowing through, you can also organise a lunch over the river. Definitely worth visiting.
Written August 15, 2019
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Takatsuki, Japan60 contributions
Apr 2016 • Solo
The fresh green around "Kibune-jinja shrine" is very beautiful in about May from April.
In "Kibunegawa river," the preparations for ''Kawadoko'' are pushed forward.
In "Kawadoko", the box is established on the river. The tourist can enjoy a meal at the place.

(1) From Kyoto Station to Kibune to go,
There is the advantageous ticket which is available to Kyoto-city Bus, Kyoto Bus, Keihan Railway, Eizan Railway.
(one 1,800 yen / adult)
This ticket is sold at the following place.
・ Kyoto Tourist Information Center "Kyo-Navi" (in Kyoto Station)
・ Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto (in Kyoto Tower).

(2) From the Osaka area to Kibune to go ,
There is the advantageous ticket which is available to Keihan Railway and Eizan Railway.
"KURAMA/KIBUNE 1-Day Ticket"
(one 1,600 yen / adult)
This ticket is sold at each station of the Keihan Railway or the subway station in Osaka-City.
Written April 29, 2016
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Toyama, Japan16 contributions
Aug 2014 • Solo
1. Easiest access
In case of using Kyoto subway
You can get a bus to Kibuneguchi at Kokusaikaikan station on Karasuma Line.

In case of using Keihan Line
You can get a train to Kibuneguchi at DemachiYanagi station. Please transfer to Eizan Line at DemachiYanagi station.

From Kibuneguchi
There is a shuttle bus to Kibune bus stop near Kifune jinjya shrine (except winter). It takes for 5 minutes.

2. About Kifune jinjya
Though Kifune jinjya shrine is located in Kibune area, it is called Kifune jinjya. That difference of sound is caused by the reason that Kifune jinjya worships god of water. Japanese don't like to use sounds of sonant like B D G・・・ as name of water god.
Kifune jinjya has three shrines, Main shrine, Yuino-Yashiro, Okumiya. Main shine had been located in place of Okumiya, but after getting flood, it was moved to current location about one thousand years ago.
Yuino -Yashiro shrine worships the god of marriage, that's why many young people visit and pray their accomplishments of love.

I think Kibune area is coolest place in Kyoto at summer. Because very clean Kamogawa river crosses this area and some Kyoto cuisine restaurants put wood floor on this river.
And I want to visit Kibune area again in autumn, because trees draw red and yellow beautiful world.

3. My recommendation
If you're active person, I recommend hiking Kurama temple to Kifune jinjya. Kurama temple, located on mountain next Kibune area, has wonderful hiking course.
Written August 6, 2014
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates53 contributions
Jan 2017 • Solo
I trekked to Kifune shrine twice this January, both times it was snowing! After riding the subway from Kyoto station and a bus to Eizan train station, the journey transformed from modern travel to a fairytale winter land. The riverside walk presented countless photo opportunities and the quaint village of Kibune offered places to rest, refresh and enjoy the local food. The shrine sparkled golden bright surrounded by drifts of pillowy snow. Don't miss the onsen, for a relaxing dip in the hot spring. I intended to walk from Kibune to Kurama village across the mountain but the trek is only safe in summer as the path snakes along the mountainside. This is definitely in the top two destinations for my return!
Written April 13, 2017
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Cal8888 Canada
Canada227 contributions
Nov 2019
Being a photographer, I was intrigued by the lovely pictures I saw online and the hype this temple has received - so I decided to give it a visit.


The location really is magical. I decided to take a taxi so I could get there early and arrived just as dawn was breaking so there was NO traffic. And only a handful of other visitors. The homes and businesses that lined the road were softly lit and made the drive up the windy mountain road that leads to the temple almost magical. Even the taxi driver was taken by the early morning beauty of the place and thanked me for letting him come bring me here. I snapped a few photos of him at the Tori gate on his phone.

Definitely the red Tori gate with red lantern lined stairway leading to the temple was impressive on first glance. Especially with the autumn colours in the misty, early morning hours.


Once you get up the stairs - there is really not much to see. You have a small temple with a small courtyard. There is a mountain spring and gift shop. Once the gift shop opens at 9:00am you can get your temple book stamped and pick up some souvenirs and your fortune - which you have to submerge in water to see the magic ink appear. You can also drink and buy some of the magic water.

The HORDES of people started showing up at about 8:30am. Fortunately I was able to get a few 'magic hour' photos before the tour buses started arriving. With each tour bus, another wave of 40 to 50 people. Soon the place was so crowded you could barely walk around.

I decided to take my cue to exit and walked to the bus stop for the bus to the train station (about a 10 minute walk). The walk is pleasant as there is a beautiful mountain stream to walk next to.

At the bus stop there were 10 tour buses and the line up for the bathrooms was about 50 people deep. I hopped on the local bus and we passed 3 more tour buses on the way to the train station (which was about 5 minutes away).

The train station was under construction and there were no English signs saying where the entrance was so it was a bit confusing. The station was unmanned except for a conductor, so make sure you have a PASMO card or similar to make purchasing your ticket easy.

The train back to KYOTO was awesome as it goes through the maple corridor which is pretty cool. The maple corridor is quite short though. Still the autumn colours before we hit the first town were wonderful.


I hesitate to recommend coming here, as by doing so it will make more tour buses come which is totally ruining the magic of this site. It makes me sad...
Written February 1, 2020
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Wellington, UK1,474 contributions
Apr 2019 • Couples
Kifune (close to Kurama)

As we were walking through the village of Hifune we noticed a lovely stairway going up to the shrine on both sides which is very picturesque and makes you feel like your in a tail from ancient Japanese story.

The shrine itself is obviously an important symbol for the village so please ensure you show the same respect for the shrine as the locals do and not like typical tourists pushing locals out of the way to take a snapshot which we regularly see.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility the shrine offers spending time to contemplate and summarise your visit to Kifune.

If your in Kifune take a moment to see the shrine, its quite relaxing and offers a break on your route back to the station.

#garystribe #letsguide #localguides #travelblogger #travelideas #japan #japantravel
Written April 19, 2019
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Canberra, Australia98 contributions
May 2016 • Family
We were passed on the recommendation for this shrine from one of my wife's friends, who is a local.

This place is quite far out from central Kyoto, with a number of train transfers required. From memory, we alighted from the train at the second last stop (Kibune), and walked the rest of the way. Other tourists opted for the bus that's right in front of the train station, but I highly recommend that you take the walk. It is pleasant, and is not too steep.

The walk will take 30 minutes each way, and along the way you will find wonderful trees and water monuments leading up the river. There are various signs along the walking trail (which is on a main road) that will lead you to the destination.

As we got closer, we saw a number of restaurants that were setting up ON the water for the June dining period and it looked absolutely serene. If you make it out here, I would highly recommend it.

The shrine itself is amazing, and we were lucky enough to make it on a day with not many other tourists, and a couple was having their wedding ceremony.

Tranquil and peaceful, this is arguably the nicest shrine in Japan, and I highly recommend it.
Written June 13, 2016
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia54 contributions
Nov 2019 • Solo
The stair view leading to the shrine is one of the most beautiful shot but other than that, there is nothing much up the temple. Besides, there will be constant flow of crowds during peak season (autumn) and if you want to take a photo of that beautiful stair without anyone on it, I suggest either you come super early before 8am or late evening, after 7pm. It's beautiful staircase photo if there is no one on it, but if there are people walking up and down, it looked like any other stone stairs...
Written November 30, 2019
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Bangkok, Thailand4,966 contributions
Nov 2017 • Couples
This shrine is located in Kibune, a small town in a forested valley in the northern mountains of Kyoto City. Best time to visit this place is summer. It's also a beaufitul spot to see autumn leaves in late November. You would need at least half a day to explore this place + walk to the nearby Kurama-Dera Temple, around 1 hour on foot.
Written February 13, 2018
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