Baopu Taoist Temple

Baopu Taoist Temple, Hangzhou

Baopu Taoist Temple

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Exciting temple in the park north of the West Lake
Oct 2016
This temple is really nice to visit, especially due to its location in the middle of the park. I didn't expect such a large temple there. Entry fee is only 5rmb.
Written October 31, 2016
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Zurich, Switzerland229 contributions
5 temples for free!
Sep 2015 • Solo
BAOPU is within Lingyin park. Continue past Lingyin temple about 500m and walk up a slight hill, stopping at each building complex, there are 5 of them spread out over at least 1 km as you walk up the hill. I got some nice photos on a rainy day, including one looking down on Bamboo which came out great.
Written September 14, 2015
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Dundas, Canada194 contributions
Scenic Walk to a Beautiful Secluded Temple
Oct 2013 • Solo
When the northern shore of West Lake is too crowded, there's a much quieter scenic walk through the hills high above the Lake that has this temple as its highlight and midpoint. As you are heading toward West Lake down Baochu Road, turn right up a back street before you get to the lakeshore. Go uphill until you come to the path with steps on the right leading sharply uphill to Baochu Pagoda. Visit the tall brick pagoda briefly, then head westward along the ridge along a well-maintained trail. Baopu temple is about a 30 minute walk. There's a small entry fee, but it's worth it to rest awhile in this peaceful spot above the heaving throng on the Bai Causeway. Descend back to the shore of West Lake by Xixia Hill.
Written July 12, 2014
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London, UK51 contributions
A peaceful and historic temple close to the heart of Hanzhou
Dec 2013 • Solo
This temple makes a nice change from the agressive tourism I have found at most of the local Buddhist temples. Its also very historic and has links to some important Daoist texts as well as people. The hill itself is called Ge Hill after the noted alchemist Ge Hong who lived at the site of the temple well before it was founded. He was famous for his work trying to produce a elixir of eternal life. Needless to say he didn't succeed. He did however write the Baopuzi which catalogues many of the receipes he collected. The word Baopuzi supposedly means something akin to peaceful person or patient person and the temple certainly has that feel to it. Very ofetn is quite, just the temple gaurdians and monks/monkettes. If you go around the back there is usually a congregation of old men with their song birds playing cards which is often noisier. There are at least four sections of the temple to explore though you really would benefit from a guide since it is difficlt to decipher the iconography in each section. There is not even anything written in English and its a shame since there are clearly many stories to be told here. I would say this is one of the highlights of Hangzhou and I have been there many times. I hope I will get to go there again before I leave.
Written December 23, 2013
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Sydney, Australia729 contributions
Well worth the effort to see
Apr 2013
We walked to the Temple via the park entry across the road from the Tea Boutique Hotel, along Shuguang Road and about 100 metres east of Huanglong Road . First stop up a steep hill was the Zingujin (Yellow Dragon?)  Cave, which has an amazing cool breeze flowing from it.  After several hundred more steps through a lovely forest with the occoasional scenic glimpses through the trees we arriver at Baopu Taoist Temple.  Entry was 5 RMB per person.  The temple is located on the steep side of the mountain and has several temples that are very interesting with intricate paintings and carvings as well as ornate Buddha statues.  For 10 RMB you can buy a medium sized candle in one of temples and burn it outside. In the upper levels we came across a talking bird that greeted us with a friendly Ni Hao.  It's Chinese vocabulary was better than ours.  Its friendly handler also greeted us and bade us farewell after we inspected the area.  There was also a dining area where several locals were having an early morning lunch. The Temple has several terraces that offer spectacular views across the lake. From the Temple we continued to walk to the east and eventually ended up on the lower part of Boachu Road from which we walked back across West Lake via the Bai Di causeway.
Written April 18, 2013
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