Huangsha aquatic product trading Market

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Huangsha aquatic product trading Market

Huangsha aquatic product trading Market
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Douglas M
By Douglas M
More than a Sliver of Salmon
Jun 2020
After a hiatus of a little over four months caused by Covid-19 and then the rainy season (which hasn’t yet finished) there’s finally something new to scribble about. Over the last month or so we visited BaiYun Shan, YunTai Garden, YueXiu Park, GuangZhou Sculpture Park and GuangZhou Children park (all TA reviewed) but there was nothing special to write about except for the skywalk that now links the Sculpture Park to YueXiu Park. I gather this will eventually link many of the city’s parks but it’s not fully open yet and there are still virus restrictions in some parks and if you’re not a local with the correct apps on your mobile then there can be access problems. We’ll certainly tramp its full length later in the year. Anyway, back to the fish market. Its official name is Huangsha Aquatic Products, but everybody calls it The Fish Market. On the domestic front I like eating cooked salmon for dinner a couple of times a week and SWMBO was complaining that locally this delicacy had become mega expensive at about ¥100 a Jin (500 grams). Something had to be done and she’d been told that salmon at The Fish Market was considerably cheaper, so a visit was called for. As an aside, most of the salmon here sliced thinly and used raw for sushi in the Japanese restaurants dotted around the city. That’s OK but I really like it cooked, especially by SWBO. Occasionally, SWMBO gets smoked salmon steaks from ShangHai which are a very nice treat. We took the 181 bus (wearing face masks and after the driver took our temperatures) from our local bus stop in KeZiLing District to the GZ TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) hospital opposite ShaMian Island. Then we carried on walking towards Huangsha Metro station. Of course, SWMBO perused the medicine and spice market and bought our favorite orange tea which saves us a trip to the tea market south of the river. Not far from the metro station entrance we climbed up the pedestrian walk-way across the monstrous traffic intersection and came down near one of the two ancient foot bridges onto ShaMian Island. SWMBO now declared we were lost, and we’d never find the fish market. I was rather puzzled as there was a definite fishy smell in the air and I mentioned this to SWMBO. One deep sniff and she was off like a bloodhound across the road and after about 100 metres were at to the market’s entrance. All I can say about the market that if comes out of the sea and it’s not a submarine it’s for sale in the market, and the further from the entrance the cheaper the salmon became. Just be aware there’s water and ice everywhere because the aquatic products are expected to be fresh. The smell is also rather overpowering and we’re not yet into full summer, even so SWMBO confessed to wobbly legs a couple of times. Also be aware that the rolling pin on a stall isn’t for rolling pastry but for killing fish, if you’re a little squeamish best not to watch or you won’t enjoy your dinner. After half-a-dozen salmon selling stalls SWMBO found a stall with a nice lady and they had a long chat about salmon. SWMBO wanted to buy a whole Norwegian salmon at ¥40 a Jin but I pointed out that neither of us was strong enough to carry the fish home and besides neither of us knew how to do the necessary to ‘butcher’ the thing. Finally, common sense prevailed and SWMBO bought a small side at a shade over 5 Jin which came to ¥357, say about ¥65 a Jin. The nice lady even cut it into three pieces and packed them in ice for the trip back home. With that we strolled back to the entrance and caught the No. 38 and then No. 238 bus back to our humble abode. We’d saved around ¥150 for the outlay of ¥10 on bus fares. I’m sure we’ll return to the fish market before long for more salmon and maybe a few scallops which is another of my aquatic culinary weaknesses.

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Pablo C
Rosario, Argentina24 contributions
Apr 2019 • Friends
We came to Guangzhou as a part aof a business trip, and during a free night we went to visit this magical place. Seeing the gorgeous variety of living sea food is an amazing experience. You choose the ones you want to eat and they cook it for you. Isn't this fresh food? I seriously recommend to visit and dinner in this place.
Written April 18, 2019
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Long M
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia7,515 contributions
Dec 2013 • Friends
Tourist and short time visitors would visit a supermarket to get their essentials, where it is clean, properly arranged, which helps one to easily find what they want, pick it up, pay and go off,

Even for seafood, where it has been cleaned and ready for cooking.

Huangsha aquatic product trading market? This is a supermarket with the luxury and feel of a supermarket, Everything from the sea is still alive and swimming!

A wonderful place to shop, if you don't mind the smell of a typical fish market, wet grounds, plenty of people running around, with vehicles moving, stopping, honking, whilst one is doing shopping for their seafood here.

Otherwise, do your shopping in a clean supermarket.
Written January 8, 2014
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Kunming, China6,155 contributions
Nov 2014 • Friends
This place is the real deal. Not some sort of purpose-built tourist trap. It's a wholesale fish and seafood market, one of the best and busiest in South China.

I walked around for an hour or so, just looking at the endless variety of fish and crustaceans. Most are being packed and trans-shipped to other parts of China for resale in supermarkets and used in restaurants.

Finally found an area which was set up for selling retail to individual customers. It is a visual treat, because so may options are all in one place.

The way it works there is you buy your seafood live by weight, pay for it on the spot. Then carry it into one of the nearby specialty restaurants, where they will cook if for you and serve it with vegetables and other side dishes of your choice.

Makes for a relatively inexpensive seafood feast, very close to the source. Best for locals and more adventurous tourists. Don't expect any English, and you need to be able to bargain.
Written November 30, 2014
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Perth, Australia11 contributions
Nov 2015 • Friends
Just came back from this place. I read some good reviews on this place and decided to give it a go. Big mistake!
The prices was stated clear on the seafood tanks and all of them priced by the produce weigh. But according to the locals (We checked with the taxi drivers who picked us up there and some nearby shop keepers who are friendlier), these people cheat even the locals!

All their weighing scales are modified to show the produce much heavier. Some experience locals will bring their own scales!

When you ask how heavy they are, they will get the fish or lobster out of the water and weigh for you. They will then hold them aside in a tub with minimal water, when you realize they are too expensive, they say they can't put them back because once taken out, the creatures will die. So they force you to take it. For 1 baby grouper (20cm) + black crayfish (also 20cm) + 2 bamboo clams and 4 mantis shrimps, they wanted to charged us ($1780 RMB!! = $391.17 AUD)

We tried to talk reason to them as we are seafood lovers that we have never paid so much for small portions of seafood. (We expect about $150 AUD), they will not let us go and pulled my friend's T-shirt when we tried to walk away. When we are negotiating more strongly, they called upon other gangster looking friends to surround us. Saying we can never leave unless we pay up. It is a frightening experience as it is our first time there. So we paid $200rmb for a safe passage out.
This incident happened at one of the bigger 2 level restaurant in the heart of this market.

So let this be a warning to all. If you are still sided towards going, before you go, check with the locals first and see what they tell you.

You can go there to look at the seafood, quite a sight, but don't eat there!
Written November 3, 2015
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Singapore, Singapore977 contributions
Jun 2016 • Family
Even the locals visit this place with caution. My local guide warned us of the tricks the seafood vendors will use on unsuspecting customers - switching fish, removing one or two prawns or other items after weighing, modified scales.

My opinion is that the vendors are always trying to pull a fast one. Always keep an eye on the seafood you have selected. Make sure they are alive. Weigh and negotiate the price. If you are satisfied, they will bring the items upstairs.

Upstairs, the restaurant will cook them for a small fee. We also ordered other dishes and drinks. The restaurant cook alerted us to a crab with bad smell. Apparently the vendor packed in a dead crab among other live crabs! I got a slightly smaller crab in exchange but was in no mood to argue with the vendor downstairs.

Overall we were very satisfied with the freshness of the seafood and the delicious cooking. Price was cheaper than HK or Singapore but considered high in China. But then Guangzhou is not cheap for China standard. I would not return again nor recommend to anyone.
Written June 28, 2016
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Singapore, Singapore4,092 contributions
Mar 2019 • Friends
We had a great meal and the seafood was fresh. You can buy the seafood from any of the stalls then bring it to one of the restaurants to cook. We followed the locals and found a popular restaurant on Level 2. It was crowded and they did a good job with our abalone, scallop, prawn and razor clam.
Written March 19, 2019
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Surrey, Canada2,611 contributions
Nov 2018 • Couples
This is a true working seafood market, full of all sorts of live imported and domestic seafood. It's fun to explore and look but if you’re thinking of making a purchase, be careful of the buying/selling practices. Bring your fresh seafood upstairs to one of the restaurants and they will cook it for you. I wouldn’t come here specifically as an attraction but if you’re planning to go to Shamian Island, then you can combine it together.
Written December 4, 2018
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Sorrento, Australia468 contributions
Sep 2016 • Business
We visited the Huangsha Aquatic Markets as part of a Business trip.

It was very interesting to see the quality of products in the tanks and the different species available.

As we are in the fishing industry in Australia, we found it very interesting.
Written September 11, 2016
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Mykolayiv, Ukraine36 contributions
Oct 2015 • Solo
Visited occasionally, but fall in love, even the 2 hour waiting queue in the restaurant didn't change and spoil the experience. If visiting do as follows- arrive, go to restaurant and start queuing, go purchase the fishes, prawns, whatever you like then return to a restaurant and enjoy the most delicious and fresh seafood.
Just make sure that wet floor and fish smell doesn't scary you.
Exceptionally NO ENGLISH. So get ready to communicate with help of fingers and hands:-)
Written October 18, 2015
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Vancouver, Canada2,931 contributions
Feb 2015 • Solo
'Aquatics products market' is just 'Chinglish' translation for 'seafood market'. This is a huge seafood market down by the wharf, next to Shamian Island, and carries a seemingly endless supply of fresh seafood; a lot of which is still alive for freshness. The salmon looked wonderful. If I lived in Guangzhou, I would be down here shopping a lot for my home cooked meals. There are also seafood restaurants in this area. I saw a shop selling salmon sashimi that was very popular among locals. Easy to get to, just take metro to Hangsha stop, cross the bridge to the other side (Shamian Island) but stay right of the island.
Written October 9, 2015
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