Chimelong International Circus

Chimelong International Circus, Guangzhou: Address, Phone Number, Chimelong International Circus Reviews: 4.5/5

Chimelong International Circus

Chimelong International Circus
This 90-minute show is a mixture of The House of Dancing Water and the typical animal circus. The acts take place on and off stage and over the audience.
Suggested duration
2-3 hours
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Very good

Jakarta, Indonesia288 contributions
Dec 2019 • Couples
You have to watch this show if you have the time and budget. It's quite expensive but worth it

You can watch improvised circus that i think China always the best and pioneer. There's a shuttle bus to go to this show from the zoo because it's quite far.just follow the crowd
Written October 28, 2020
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2 contributions
Dec 2019 • Family
My family and I decided to have our Christmas holiday in chimelong hotel. We have booked for a variety of activities. And of course, my favourite event is the circus. At first, a few clowns came out and welcomed us. Then, different kind of animals, such as, bear, lion, tiger came out and show us their amazing skills. After that, the performers showed up and brought us an incredible experience. The most unbelievable part is around 4 to 5 people were riding motorcycle inside a case. I really have no idea how can they do that. It was absolutely crazy and really cool. What a fantastic show!
Written August 1, 2020
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Edmonton, Canada1,613 contributions
Jun 2020 • Friends
We went here with some colleagues and enjoyed the show. The number and variety of animals is a big surprise and it is a pretty good venue. There are lots of performers and acts as well to keep any audience member entertained. This is not at the level of a Cirque Du Soleil act as many will suggest. Regular seating is a free for all so arrive early. Closest metro station is Hanxi Changlong.

The theatre is practicing social distancing and asking patrons to keep their masks on and have alternating seats for couples.
Written July 12, 2020
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Jakarta, Indonesia22 contributions
Jan 2015 • Couples
This location is very accessible for tourists - Take the metro (Orange Line 3) to Hanxi-Changlong station. After exiting the station, cross the bridge to the theme park and there is a free shuttle bus that will take you to the circus.

Admission is charged per person regardless of age. VIP ticket holders aside, the circus allows free seating so try to go on a weekday (because it's less crowded) or as early as you can to grab a good seat. Try to sit as close to the corridor as possible because there will be frequent parades along the corridor during the show and your chances of seeing the performers/animals up close and getting free gifts from them are higher.

There is only one restaurant once you enter the circus and the food is ridiculously expensive, so it's advisable to fill your stomach before you pass through the ticket gate because once you are in there is no way out. Security will scan all bags and belongings to prevent outside food and drinks in the circus.

There are many elements of Cirque du Soleil that you will find in this show yet it was still very entertaining. I'd have rated the show perfect if there was a plot on top of all the great acts, music and choreography.

If you happen to go when the weather is cold, bring a scarf, gloves or an extra jacket because the tent is not equipped with heaters and sitting in the cold for 1.5 hours can get rather uncomfortable.

After the show, walk left from the circus entrance for a few minutes to the shuttle bus to return.
Written February 22, 2015
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Ipswich, UK41 contributions
Apr 2017 • Family
Let me start by saying I hate circuses. The concept of death defying acts for an audience and animals trained to act like humans, appals me - but this circus may have changed my viewpoint.
The show was slick from start to finish, the lighting was spectacular, the music was great, the flames at the top of a fountain of water was amazing, the clowns were funny and the animals appeared to be enjoying the limelight. The show show has the right amount of daring, without being stupidly dangerous. There was no dramatic build ups to stunts that could go horribly wrong. As a result the audience is left to enjoy a performance rather than forced to endure a pseudo-dangerous spectacle. This does not mean the stunts and tricks performed are not without risk, some of them clearly are. There is showmanship rather than showing off. The overall effect is a much more enjoyable show. As a result the show appeals to young children through to adults.
Using animals in circuses is no longer allowed in the UK as it is deemed cruel and demeaning. This is somehow overlooked when Brits visit SeaWorld and watch their animal shows. The use of animals in this circus was not billed as man vs animal, the animals are obviously very well cared for and enjoy performing. At one point a flock of flamingos, which, you may be interested to know is a flamboyance of flamingos - please click that thumbs up/thank you button if you just learned something new ;) - sorry I digress. At one point a flamboyance of flamingos runs around the circus ring - and that is their only role in the entire show! A number of different animals also joined this procession, on display for a few seconds only. While there is nothing new about dancing bears, seeing a bear dancing Gangnam Style (without being forced/coerced/beaten) was very entertaining.
The rest of the show featured trapeze artists, motorcycles, acrobats and clowns, all the acts you expect in a circus. Each one was original, colourful, exciting, entertaining and (dare I say it) flamboyant (sic).
The prices quoted on Trip Advisor seem a lot higher than we paid, but we were fortunate to have a "local" to help us get the best deals. So shop around a bit. The location took a long time to get to as it is on the outskirts of Guangzhou and the show starts towards the end of rush hour - which really slows you down. The audience is primarily Chinese and although English is spoken by many people in the area the show is a Chinese performance.
Finally, my wife (who secretly wanted to run away to the circus when she was young and still books circus tickets to every travelling show) also thought this was the best circus show she had ever seen. So check out the show if you get the chance (...and don't forget to show your flamboyance by clicking on that little green thumb below)
Written May 29, 2017
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Hong Kong, China30 contributions
Jul 2015 • Couples
This circus took me back a few decades in time when I was a child and I thought about my first memories of going to the circus and boy, has global circus entertainment come a long way! I can see how Chang Long has appeal to its domestic audience. The human performers had amazing nimble skill and talent, however, I really struggled with the forced animal performances. Perhaps, the sight of animals on stage triggered my childhood circus memory of seeing animals chained and locked up in ill-sized cages and feeling guilty about my previous enjoyment. I am not sure but the situation challenged me. I am not even sure how these Chang Long animals are treated outside of the show but I could see that the bears had shock collars on and I can understand from a safety perspective why this is necessary, but, it would suggest to me that performing in a circus with such animals is a no-no.
I personally felt torn about partaking in this circus because I really appreciated the artistic, human talent of the motorcyclists and performers, dancers, clowns, acrobats, etc... but the use of animals brought on an overwhelming sense of sadness that left me with mixed feelings. My fury and heavy heart was topped when the show finished with one of the most endangered animals in the world; a white tiger.
If you're fine to see animals in a circus then this experience is your prerogative but for those who have a soft spot for wild and/or fury creatures you should avoid this show.
Written July 23, 2015
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Guangzhou, China1 contribution
Jul 2016 • Friends
The people in the show were great, putting on a well-rehearsed show. But you could see the animals were unhappy being forced to perform tricks. Wounds from bull hooks clearly visible on the sides of the elephants. Monkeys seemed to be literally stuck (through the use of tape) to the bikes they were forced to ride.
Written August 10, 2016
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Su M
San Francisco, CA64 contributions
Dec 2012 • Business
I am all for a good time, and love human Circuses (Cirque d Soleil, Pickle Samily, etc.). However, I feel it is unethical to financially support people that cause unnecessary harm and suffering to animals. When you buy a ticket, you are directly paying someone to treat animals poorly. To say "Oh, it's sad but the kids liked it..."Really? What are you teaching your children and where are your morals? Teach them that it is wrong and then take them to do something wholesome instead, like visit an animal recovery sanctuary or ... really anything that doesn't torture animals.
Written December 27, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia3 contributions
Jul 2011
These are tips i read online and others i made up from my experiene :
1- the show starts at 7:30 but the circus opens at 5:30 so go early to get the best seats.
2- if u don't want to buy a VIP ticket just go early and sit in the 2nd section ( yellow seats ) in the 1st row ( you will be able to lay your legs on the rail and move easily if u want to buy something or go to the toilets and also handshake the performers and see the parade they do between each major act u will also be able to feel the flame from the show )
3- the first section seats get more gifts than the 2nd one but they can't see the parade very well.
4- take some snacks and water and a little fan coz it's Hot and the snacks r a little expensive.
5- to reach the circus take guangzhou metro line # 3 station " Hanxi Changlong" exit " E " and then get on the free shuttle.
6- kids can be annoying with there trumpet like instruments.
7- the price was 250 RMB and it wasn't on a weekend but i think they have a vacation now.

Written July 28, 2011
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Singapore, Singapore3 contributions
Nov 2014 • Friends
1. You can get tickets at the entrance. They start selling at 1230 p.m. $380 for Fri and Sat and other specific dates. $280 for Sun to Mon. See for more details like getting there and seating plan.
2. The park is open at 5 pm. So go early to get a good seat. First row of seats in C and D next to the purple sections are better (see seating plan). There is more leg space in the first row. Do not sit in the section nearest to the stage because you won't get to see the parade between the first and second section.
3. Don't plan to bring in food to eat in the park. Outside food is strictly not allowed. Bags will be opened up and checked for food. They want visitors to patronise the eateries within the park.
Written December 3, 2014
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