Capachica Peninsula

Capachica Peninsula, Juliaca: Address, Phone Number, Capachica Peninsula Reviews: 4.5/5

Capachica Peninsula
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Very good

David S
Aldwick, UK86 contributions
Wonderful experience
May 2019 • Couples
After seeing the Uros floating islands, our boat took us across Lake Titicaca to the Llachon community on the Capachica peninsula.
We walked (slowly, because of the altitude) from the jetty up to the main road and into the small town. My wife had taken pencils and notebooks for the children, which were much appreciated.
We had lunch at one of the houses which the owner was turning into a small hotel, and then saw his wife weaving textiles while he showed us how he ground a local plant to make shampoo which brought stained Alpaca wool up to pure white.
He makes his own adobe bricks, and is currently extending the property to provide better facilities for his guests. The food was delicious - homemade soup, followed by trout from the lake.
This was yet another amazing visit.
Written May 26, 2019
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Karlsruhe, Germany1,170 contributions
Beautiful and authentic
Oct 2018 • Couples
We have stayed at Capachica peninsula for three days. We wanted an authentic Titicaca experience instead of the commercialized day tours from Puno. Already when driving through Capachica for the first time coming from the airport, I was sure it was the right decision. It felt really authentic, with small houses, animals, people working at the fields.
We have stayed at the northeastern part of Capachica at the beautiful beach of Chifron at a guesthouse called Inti Wasi. It offers wonderful views of the lake and private bathrooms - the latter one is quite rare in the area. The owners are wonderful people. The islands of Amantaní and Ticonata can be reached quickly by boat. Another nice spot is Llachon, close to the non-commercial Uros islands. We had a nice lunch at Eustachio's house, which is also open as a homestay.
The days spent in Capachica and the visits to the nearby islands are some of the absolute highlights of our 5-week South American trip. I can truly recommend this area for an authentic cultural experience.
Written January 16, 2019
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Calgary, Canada1,689 contributions
Nice area
Apr 2018 • Couples
We passed by the Capachica Peninsula on the way to Amantani Island for our homestay. The land juts into Lake Titicaca with beautiful scenery. There were locals tending to their farms. It had a laid back feel.
Written May 23, 2018
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Joanne H
London, UK600 contributions
Ultimate relaxation
Oct 2016 • Solo
I spent two nights in Llachon on the Capachica Peninsula in a homestay belonging to Calixto Cahui Flores, part of the Asociacion Turistica Kantuta ( The homestay was organised for me by All Ways Travel in Puno and they also transferred me to the peninsula via Uros, but I made my own way back to Puno in a colectivo (S/. 3 to Capachica from Llachon, S/. 5 from Capachica to Puno).

My room was basic but comfortable and with enough blankets to keep me warm in the very cold nights. Food was simple, mostly vegetarian, served with tea. Calixto was extremely helpful and friendly, showing me the way to the peninsula's paths. I enjoyed hiking up to the two viewpoints above the village.

If you want a very relaxing night or two in a beautiful, quiet place where life is slower and tourists are rarer, Llachon is a great choice.
Written October 20, 2016
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Steven W
Sacramento, CA1,229 contributions
Fun cultural stop
Sep 2016 • Couples
We stopped here at the tip of the peninsula as part of a Titicaca tour with Edgar Adventures. There, a local shaman performed a ritual blessing and uncovered a pachamanca lunch that had been cooking underground. The food was great and the culture was very interesting.
Written September 21, 2016
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5 contributions
Llachon hospedaje
Jun 2016 • Couples
Llachon is peaceful and beautiful. You can stay in llachon with numerous hospedajes that will offer an all inclusive experience with locals. It's kind of hard to get there and there's not much information. I hope to write some useful stuff here:

All buses wait to depart until they are full which usually does not take very long.

You start in Puno, take a taxi or walk to the bus terminal for Juliaca, located in avenida Torre at the crossing of Alvarado. You are headed for the bus terminal to Capachica in Juliaca, don't go all the way to the plaza but let yourself be dropped off instead at the bus line azul that will take you to the said terminal.

At the bus terminal of Juliaca, take a collectivo to Capachica and then take another collectivo to llachon

Puno collectivo juliaca 3,50 sol ask for bus line azul to bus terminal for Capachica 0,65 sol
Juliaca collectivo to Capachica 3 sol
Capachica collectivo to llachon 3 sol
Capachica taxi directly to Felix 25 sol

Felix 70 sol, tour to isla flotante 90 sol
Pilar 55 sol
Valentin 50 sol
Written July 2, 2016
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Pensacola, FL883 contributions
Loved my visit to capachica peninaula
Jun 2016 • Couples
I highly recommend the less touristy side of titicaca lake. I stayed at inti wasi which is a small picturesque lodge ran by Walther pannca. You can find his house and book on Airbnb. It was a fabulous stay and he will arrange a tour where you can see llachon and Uros titino. The local people are lovely.
Written June 14, 2016
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Cusco, Peru5 contributions
Amazing landscape with great views and good time for rural photography
May 2015
One of the best options while visiting Lake Titicaca, if you are in Puno. Don't miss it if you are truly interested in rural photography. Great views of active farming plots featuring native and introduced crops. The experience is different than going to Isla Amantani or Isla Taquile. To get to Capachica requires traveling by ground from Puno. If you need transportation better if you hire one supplied or recommended by a local tour operator. Paying to drivers who are out of the tourism biz is not recommended due that you will not give job or incentive people who is certified in tourism, also tax payers or working legally the sector. Have a good trip!
Written March 25, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Otto S
7 contributions
Titicaca lake, sleep and eat with native people
May 2015 • Couples

Feel the spartanic and hard live of the altiplano indigenas. An unheated hut, a small light, a hard bed, a cold nose in the night, a very cold shower in the morning and cooking and eating with a friendly family. Also interessting discussions and a derper vieu in there live an sorrows. You will never get it with the Disneytours from puno to the island. In llachon I got it all and more ----- a forgotten silence in the night, a milkiway of stars and a incredible view from the hill of llachon, there you can see the curve of the earth nowhere better in this extremly clear athmosphere. I love to discover the land and the locals by myself as a insider of tourism by going around of touroperaters. So I took the Bus direct to juliaca and looked for money change. They like to give me 2.5 instead of 3.14 soles for one dollar, nice try. Collectivo from terminal zonal to capachica 3 soles. For the last few miles the taxiconnection refused the normal fee of 6 soles and insists in 40. So i took another collektivo for 2 soles full of indigenas. This smell i remember well from my trip 20 years ago. Searching a family, i and my copine were faced to an offer of 100 soles per room with food at every door, what is overpriced compare to clean eco two bed room with bano, hot shower, wifi and tv you get easely for 40 in normal hostal. I know this friendly slimy smiling „i want your money“ face very well and asked for the reason. Its the order of the tourism president! I smell the influence of unknown connections not to compet their bussines, otherwise they get no guests anymore or worse. At least i found a nice family, they gave it for much less with a realy thankfull face, because they get even more then from the president. But i am not shure next day the“president“ will visit them and take his part of the money. Some tourists think they support with the money direkt into the hand of the poor locals only them, it is not so!
Do not support overpriced offer. Make you know the lokal price level, insist on it an give instead a generous tip when you see a good and motivated effort. Perhaps you feel sad about the poorness and you support the country in paying more because you can easely do it. But in real you support only very few people and you will never know what the taxidriver, the tour- or hotelowner will do with the extra money. The driver will perhaps drink one more bottle instead sending his daugter to school, the tourchef will perhaps buy a porsche and the son of the hotelowner will still get fat in front of the tv instead learning in the university. One is shure in a country as peru, your extra money is only supportig the fact , that a few get richer and ritcher and the most stay poor as ever.
Do not support overpriced offers! In the eyes of locals, you are an dope when you do it and you support there endless avarice on money. Even worser you plant a feeling of enviousness between the locals. By the way quite a lot poor locals think the richness of others is an result of unfairness and its not so bad to get it back, perhaps from yourself. One source of thievery is not the circumstance of different wealth, but like people think how it comes.
Do not support overpriced offers. Tour operators, tourists and crimminals in peru play together. One important reasen to follow tours is to have more security. Do not support the hystery of fear in peru produced by the media poisoned the relation between all people. Nobody trust the other next to him, but 99 percent are ok and would like to live without fear. Start to trust other people, but not blind. Enjoy the low prices and spend your extra money better to real helpfull organisations, who support the health and education of poor locals. Perhaps they will be able to lead this land to a better one, giving all a real chance to have a good live for a good effort.
Do not support overpriced offers. You think perhaps this belongs only to peru! Look at rich switzerland and what happend to tourism in the ancient poor valleys. Some of the locals got very rich. Their avarice, their unwill to reinvest the money and and the elegant way to avoid real competition leads into a endless spiral off rising prices. At the end foreign and even swiss middle klass cant achieve holidays in the own country. What a shame for an Industry they forgot the own roots.
Wow, my longest comment ever:-)
Written May 26, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ithaca, NY151 contributions
Capachica peninsula and homestay in Llachón
May 2015 • Couples
This place was one of our highlights during the trip. This narrow strip of land is located just north of Puno, the main gate to Lake Titicaca in Peru. Despite being so close, most tourists don’t visit this area.
The Capachica peninsula is home to several small communities; we stayed in Llachón. Llachón is one of the most popular communities for turismo vivencial — tourism that’s focused on the experience of staying with local families. However it is a matter of taste but here you do not have to dance or do other stuff as on some of the islands. But you can hike, visited pre-Inca sites, enjoy the rural life, get in touch with people, here they are still very friendly and helpful.
Its easy to get the there grap one of the collectives either to Capachica (then you have to change to Llachón) or there are some direct ones, prices are 4 Soles to Capachica and 3 Soles to Llachón (or seven if it is the direct one). Its takes about 1.45h to get there. We stayed in Kawai homestay with Magno and his extremely friendly and helpful family. Its was a pleasure to be there (Tel: 951-82-5316).
Written May 4, 2015
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