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Kamila N
94 contributions
Jan 2020
Na příjezdové cestě je policejní kontrola a nevpustí do oblasti jiné než 4WD auto. Turisty si zapisují (SPZ auta a jméno). Cesta nahoru je klikatá ale silnice je v perfektním stavu. Vyjeli jsme na náhorní plošinu, dali si domácí čaj karak a pokračovali do Wadi Bani Habib. Po cestě nahoru i dolů je hodně vyhlídek, na každé je popisek včetně nadmořské výšky.
V místě coffee shopu ukazoval teploměr 15 st.C, chlapcům bylo zjevně hodně zima. My jsme dorazili v kraťasech. Od coffee shopu nastává klesání.
Doporučuji se na toto místo vydat.
Only 4WD cars are allowed to enter the area. Road is in very good condition, many view points along both sides of the road. Relatively cold at coffee shop place, abt. 15degr.C only, tasty kadar tee there.
From this place you drive downhill to Wadi Bani Habib, very nice place with old village.

Restaurant, shop, bakery, petrol station - just 10-15 minutes from Wadi Badi Habib
Written January 3, 2020
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Nerina C
Perth10 contributions
May 2021
Travel down the windy road to see the most amazing village, Schmook, that is being restored on the mountainside for guests to stay. We had the privilege of meeting Mohammed) who is restoring the houses) and his cousin Hilal. These two super, young gentlemen used their amazing engineering skills and contacts to fix our car so we could travel back safely. The family also gave us fruits and water for Eid. A very special experience. Travelling around you experience the best of Omani hospitality! Please note you must get permission to enter the village but the views on the drive and across to the village are amazing!
Written June 1, 2021
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13 contributions
Feb 2020
We decided to rent a 4x4 and drive oruselves instead of taking a tour, so we didn't learn a whole lot but had a great time nevertheless. The drive up to the top is amazing on its own. I felt we are on a different planet between those huge mountaints. The scenery - until you get to the top - is exactly like that in Star Wars and Mos Eisley. Creepy, yet awesome at the same time - unless you get stuck behind someone who can't drive.
Once at the top you can pick and choose your locations where to take selfies and pictures at an altitude of 2000m+.
We went for lunch in one of the hotels on the edge of what certainly looks like the Rocky Mountains.
I'd recommend to take a walk through some of the villages. They include tunnels under houses and some great terrace farming.
Certainly worth the trip!
Written February 18, 2020
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plymouth1,015 contributions
Mar 2020
One of the highlights of my holiday in Oman. Amazing views across the mountain range and canyons. Nature at its best. Slowly being developed as a tourist destination. Some of the access roads require 4×4 vehicles.
Written March 13, 2020
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Sydney, Australia27 contributions
Dec 2014 • Couples
Before visiting Oman I spent a lot of time reading reviews, blogs and destination guides but still couldn't work out the difference between these three places. This review is to help anyone like me who is struggling to piece it all together.

Jebel Akhdar:
Distance: Only about 40km from Nizwa but steep, windy roads. Takes about 30 mins to get to the check point, then another 20-30 minutes to reach the good view points and villages
Time allowance: recommend 3-5 hours round trip from Nizwa
Rules: There is an official checkpoint before starting the ascent to the mountain - only 4x4 vehicles are allowed beyond that point. There really is no point going just to the checkpoint, the only views worth seeing are past that point. If you don't have a 4x4 you can organise a local tour through your hotel (we did a 4 hour tour for 40 riyals) or hire a 4x4 in Nizwa or Birkat al Mouz
What to see: Mountains, farms, working villages and a hike to an abandoned village. This is distinct from other Omani mountains because of the "terraces" used for agriculture. We went in December and it was quite dry, not the lush green we'd seen in some pictures; but apparently from Feb onwards it becomes more verdant. There are some nice walks you can do between villages, meandering through the terraces and rocky paths. Not physically tiring but difficult if you struggle with rocks and uneven surfaces.

Jebel Shams:
Distance: About 135km or 1.5 hours drive from Nizwa
Time allowance: 4 hours round trip from Nizwa minimum (much more if you want to do the full hike).
Rules: There is no checkpoint, so technically you can take any vehicle up there. However, i would say the road is far more dangerous, steep and windy than the road to Jebel Akhdar and would strongly recommend a 4x4. About 10km of the journey is unpaved, gravelly, sandy road so a low car will get dirty and very likely scratched or even dented from the gravel. Also if you get car sick, take a pill before this journey!
What to see: Mountains, rocky valleys and canyons. There is a walk you can do all the way to an abandoned village which apparently takes 2.5 hours each way. We didnt have enough time so just did an hour round trip of the trail, which was great - wish we had time to do the whole thing. Not a difficult walk as far as we got, some beautiful views on the way. Take layers in December, its really cold at the top although you get hot when walking.

Wadi Ghul:
Distance: on the way to Jebel Shams, about 50 minutes from Nizwa
What to see: Not worth visiting unless en route to jebel shams. I heard it described as the grand canyon of Oman, but to me this is a wrong label - the real canyon views are from the top of jebel shams. Wadi Ghul is a very shallow valley with some farm land at the bottom and an old village on the other side

Both Jebels worth a visit if you have the time (would require a night in Nizwa between the two)
Written January 2, 2015
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Manchester, UK13 contributions
Jul 2012 • Couples
I live in Oman and have been up Jebel Akhdar on a good number of occasions - it is 10+ centigrade cooler than Muscat and a good place to escape the powerful Omani summer. The mountain consists of a substantial high plateau (100s of square km) at about 2000m, with a series of peaks surrounding it rising to about 2800m and numerous spectacular wadis. It's worth spending at least a day up exploring the plateau; if you want 5* hotels your only option is the Golden Tulip Nizwa and driving up the mountain from there (2 hours from that hotel up to the plateau). I don't see any worthwhile day trip to Jebel Akhdar from Muscat because it's 2 hours from Muscat to the base of the climb up the mountain, and hour to the top and night driving is not a great option in Oman in general outside a few big towns (or even in them...).

The hotels up the mountain are OK but nothing exceptional, and camping is a very safe option as long as you are sensible. There's very little by way of western creature comforts up the mountain so stock up in the Lulu hypermarket in Nizwa before making the climb if you need to take those with you... remember you are at 8000ft up a mountain not far from the euqator so make sure a hat and / or sunblock is on the list. Omanis however assure me it does snow up there once every five or so years!!

A 4WD is not optional - the guys at the security services checkpoint before the main climb won't let you up without one! The drive should not however be dramatised - the main route up the mountain is of extremely high quality and you could drive up it in almost anything bigger than a 2CV; however many of the roads going down into the wadis from the plateau or up to the various peaks climbing off of it are fairly hair raising and even if you could you would be be foolish to think about driving them in a saloon. However if you have a strange desire to risk your life or invalidate your hire car insurance you can go and do this in a large number of other places in Oman - there are no such vehicle checks anywhere else.

Hire a 4WD if you aren't lucky enough to live here, buy a copy of the Oman Off Road Explorer (it has a detailed map of the routes on top of the mountain), get a GPS which allows you to input coordinates, and you won't look back - this is the best way to appreciate this spectacular area.
Al-Hoota caves, Nizwa and Al-Hamra are in the immediate vicinity and all worth visiting.
Written November 17, 2012
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Rajkumar Rajasekaran
Muscat, Oman1 contribution
Aug 2019
There are numerous reviews across travel forums which indicate that a 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) is mandatory for driving to Jabal Akhdar. Before our trip, I could not find any inputs if an All-Wheel Drive (AWD), in my case a Mazda CX-5, would be permitted to climb the hill.

Inquiry with local friends had mixed responses - some assured that ROP would allow our vehicle; whereas, few others noted that it will be a pure case of luck if our vehicle was allowed. We went with a sense of uncertainty, and we were just lucky enough to be permitted by ROP to proceed in our own AWD to Jabal Akhdar.

The police personnel at the entry checkpoint enquired a couple of questions like
• Is your vehicle 4WD?
• Is this your first trip or have you come before?

We answered positively to their questions and noted that our vehicle is 4WD. Nothing much then. The police personnel advised us to engage low gear, not to use the brakes too much & to drive down slowly (approx. 40 kmph) while coming downhill. They made an additional check if the number of passengers in the vehicle is as per the seating capacity shown in Mulkiya. If the Mulkiya indicates a seating capacity of 5, make sure that there are only 5 members (including kids) in the vehicle.

Upon reaching Jabal Akhdar, we found quite a good number of AWDs roaming there. So in my opinion, it is not just a luck factor, but indeed AWD vehicles are permitted in Jabal Akhdar.

I am attaching here a photo of our Mazda CX-5 transmission gear knob, which could be useful in confirming if your AWD vehicle too would be permitted up.

There was a brief check/instructions from ROP just before starting our descent downhill; and the instructions were the same as above. So if you own an AWD, don’t be confused (like I was confused prior to our trip), to take your vehicle to Jabal Akhdar. Drive safe and Enjoy!!
Written August 16, 2019
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates4 contributions
Dec 2013 • Family
Jebel Akhdar - Visited Dec 2013

Before I start, let me clarify that Jebel Akhdar & Jebel Shams are two different places, since some mistake both these places being one or very near even though it is not so. Jebel Shams is at a much higher altitude ( I couldn’t visit Jebel Shams this time due to time constraints ) and is a bit far away from Akhdar

My intention was to visit Jebel Shams and I landed up in Jebel Akhdar due to the above said confusion. Guess it would have been a better experience if visited during the right season

Still you have great views, can get some good photographs. Would be great for the first timers on mountains for sure.

However, each new place has its own story to tell. We visited in Dec 2013 but some advised the best time for a visit as June/July ??? during which all over it would be greenery & you can see fruits in all trees. Spotted a couple of Villages on the top. Would have enjoyed probably if during the right time.

Tips :
1) 4WD Mandatory & only 5 allowed in one car. A checkpoint below the mountains so you will not be able to get thru in a saloon car through the route which we went ( If you thought so… ) Not sure if there is an alternative….. even did not spot any saloon cars at the top...

2) 4 WD’s available on Rent below the mountain, towards the entrance of Jebel Akhdar - would be cheaper if rented from there itself. ( we crossed the spot & reached the chekpoint hence we could negotiate the only 4x4 found ( with driver) for 27 OMR from 35 OMR .. Not sure whether we had a good deal since we had no idea about the prevailing rates, since we couldn’t have an alternate option)
Written December 26, 2013
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Gregory G
Dublin, Ireland29 contributions
Apr 2014 • Friends
The Saiq plateau is blown out of the water by Jebel Shams and the drive through wadi bani awf. Don't waste your time going up there it's all about Jebel Shams
Written April 27, 2014
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Nick C
Melbourne, Australia26 contributions
Oct 2013 • Family
This is also referred to as the Oman Grand Canyon by some, there are walking tracks and two or three places you can stay the night in. We prefer camping and in Oman you can just about stop and pitch a tent anywhere you like. But be warned you may think your alone and miles from anyone, then all of a sudden a local will pop by and ask if you want to come back to there house for coffee and snacks. Don't be alarmed this will happen all the time. You can take up their offer or not nobody will get offended. The locals herd their goats all over the place. As for the scenery it is spectacular, worth the long drive up the mountain, you will need a 4x4 so they say but we never took our Wrangler out of 2wd. Also if you camping in the winter months be rugged up as it gets into the negative temperatures at night and even snows up there.
Written August 18, 2014
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