Arasan Wellness & SPA
Arasan Wellness & SPA
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Arasan Wellness & SPA - a real palace of relaxation and cheerful mind, if you once visit then become obsessed to back again and again. It is a full-fledged infrastructure of the recreation, health and beauty! Arasan Wellness & SPA includes bathing complex, bath suite-rooms, hydropathic, department for detoxification programs, SPA-care and exotic massage, beauty studio, lobby-bar and SPA-boutique!
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Suzhou, China27 contributions
A veteran of bath houses in Morocco, S. Korea, China and beyond, I was intrigued by the rumor of 'the best bath house in Central Asia'. So when I found myself in Almaty on business, I knew I had to check out the Arasan Spa.

It took me a while to find the place (not being able to speak a word of Kazakh or Russian) but eventually I came across the enormous spa on the corner of Ayeteke Bi street.

The building its self is quite imposing; high marble facade with arched windows and a number of large domes on the roof... you get the sense you might be about to enter a mosque or a mausoleum or a theater rather than a spa.

After a while scoping out the entrance I was encouraged to see a steady stream of extremely clean and extremely relaxed looking local men and women coming and going, so I mustered up the courage and climbed the steep marble steps to the reception at the front of the building.

Language again posed a problem when I tried to explain what I wanted (they have signs everywhere, but nothing in English) - but eventually someone with enough English was brought over to explain they offered.

I paid for two hours, and was instructed to buy (rent) sandals and a kind of big white bed sheet thing which doubles up as a towel when you're actually in the spa - but I don't think they're compulsory. The whole lot cost around 4,000 tenge ($21/£14)

The spa itself is separated into male and female sections (men to the right, women to the left) with each section spread over two or three floors.

The center-piece of the spa is a huge circular marble 'vault' with a (freezing) circular pool at the bottom and one of the glass domes as its roof. This space is incredibly light, and there are a number of heated marble seats set into the wall around the plunge-pool for people to lay down or sit and chat.

The rest of the area is set aside for saunas, showers and washing facilities.

Each floor has three types of sauna to choose from: Russian (Kiln-like and scented), Scandinavian (wooden and extremely dry) and Turkish (tiled, wet (steam) and extremely/unbearably hot). They are all large enough to accommodate about 15-20 people.

Immediately outside the sauna rooms are a row of wooden buckets lined up like toilet cisterns above your head with a small rope dangling down towards the marble floor. I watched as a few others stood under said bucket, yanked the cord and were drenched by the contents of the bucket. I naturally I followed suit. The bucket is full of the coldest water imaginable and has the effect of a defibrillator on the heart; shocking you back into consciousness.

I copied as the other guests went from plunge pool, to sauna, to bucket and back to plunge pool. Indeed there are written instructions (now, amazingly in three languages - Kazakh, Korean and English) telling the customers the amount of time you should spend in each sauna, and the ideal 'rest time' in between each visit.

Two hours is more than enough... or else you run the risk or shriveling up or melting away.

Massages are available (on the ground floor), but I presume you have to 'book/pay' for them at reception at the beginning.

Also of note is the interesting habit of the locals - obviously well accustomed to the unique bath-house rituals of Central Asia. Most of the other guests, in addition the the 'bed sheet' I mentioned earlier, wore large conical woolen hats on their heads. Hardly the ideal accessory for a steam room, but I could only presume it was to increase the sweat.

The men also carried with them small bundles of twigs and leaves from either oak, birch or pine trees, bound together at the stems to look like a kind of short-handled broom. Rather than sweeping, however, the guys would use these devices to beat themselves across the back, chest and legs in a kind of exfoliation ritual. Apparently these instruments are called 'Parenie' and work to 'catch the steam' and slap it against you - presumably enhancing the overall heating effect (as if a 90 degree sauna wasn't enough).

I didn't try that. But if it sounds like your kettle-of-fish you can buy them from the shop (by reception) or outside from a little kiosk just right out of the entrance.

All in all, an extremely cleansing, relaxing and entertaining way to spend an afternoon in Almaty. Highly recommended.
Written January 1, 2015
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New Jersey7 contributions
Go to the public spa. Received a fantastic massage earlier today at very reasonable price. Feel like a new man. Highly recommended!
Written September 6, 2014
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Weil am Rhein, Germany188 contributions
I spent about four hours at the Arasan Wellness & SPA, stopping outside the building to purchase the obligatory felt cap and birch branches, and inside for a massage and entry to the spa and baths.

For the equivalent of about 30 Euros, I had full access to the vanya, Swedish bath, Turkish bath, and pools, plus a 45-minute massage on a warm marble slab. The spa is clean, the attendants are friendly—even if conversation is a bit difficult because of the lack of good English—and there is tremendous value for price paid!
Written June 20, 2019
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Geri B
22 contributions
Dear guests and tourists i was two times in the spa. in general a nice spa which i liked very much. But i made a very bad experiance yesterday!! i recognized that out of my locker was STOLEN a big amount of money!! while i had a massage some one must have gone to my locker and took the money out of my bag!! Please be careful and do not true any of the massage staff!! The don't take any responsibility about their massage staff! And be careful about your locker key during your massage treatments!! Never leave your locker out your sight!! The experience which i made was unpleasant and not nice after 9 days of good experiences in Kasachstan!! The staff was not at all helpful and are not trained to deal which such situations such as my robbery out of my locker!! No responsible staff was around. Please be careful to nor leave valuables inside the locker. During the massage always be aware to check your room key!
Written September 8, 2017
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a k
Almaty, Kazakhstan1 contribution
I used to be in this spa one time and really enjoyed my stay , as I got a massage from a Balinese massage therapist. So coming next time I was hoping to get good time again. The administrator offered me massage, and I wanted to get anticellulite massage and they said they don't have this one but they can offer a massage and mud wrap which in total, as a complex, will cost 12000 tenge, which I could afford. During massage the therapist made a few movements with a gua sha scraper and I didnt pay attention to this as I thought this was a part of massage. But they were really insignificant and didnt leave any blue spots which usually visible after gua sha, so I just referred this to inexpereience. When I wanted to pay on the exit - they said my total fee was 20 000 tenge! When in shock I asked where did the price come from - they showed me the check where it was included gua sha massage! I told them I didnt ask for it and nobody actually told me that they were going to give me such a service! but non the less they insisted that the service was given to me and I have to pay. I paid of course but coming home i wrote a letter to their adminisration where I asked to clarify the situation and may be take some measures but I didnt get any reply. So be careful with services as they can charge extra without warranting you. I will never go there again.
Written August 7, 2015
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Los Angeles, California61 contributions
Whenever I'm in a country with any kind of spa/sauna/hammam culture, I always have to give it a try. This is one of the cleanest and largest ones I've been to anywhere in Asia, the Middle East or North Africa.

There are 2 spas connected ... the one with the entrance facing the street is the "luxury" spa, and the one with the entrance facing the park is the regular one. I wanted the local experience, so I went to the regular one.

They have a two-tiered pricing system, so as a foreigner you'll pay several times the local price, but it's still cheap by western standards. I chose the massage option, with unlimited use of the bathing facility, plus rental of towel, sheet and flip flops. I see other people complaining that their towel got wet and they wished they had another ... the sheet is to wrap around your waist while walking around the facility and the towel stays in your locker and you use it to dry off when you're done.

After getting undressed and into my sheet, I was led to a massage area where I got a scrub, stretch, and soap massage on a stone slab. After that I was free to roam the other areas including a pool that is colder than expected, as well as various steam rooms, saunas, showers, etc.

You can also pay for someone to whip you with birch branches in the sauna. Though I didn't do this, they sell the birch whisks right at the entrance.

Walking between the areas, the guys had the sheets around their waists, but during the massage and in the pool, you are naked. Don't let this stop you; it's all a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Written October 23, 2018
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Jens Bech P
Phnom Penh, Cambodia6 contributions
The baths are nice and worth a visit for an hour or two of relaxation. However, the staff is less than helpful and don't really seem to care much (especially for foreigners).

For example, even if you wanted one of the treatments (e.g. Massage or peeling), you won't get much help as staff are taking random breaks so you never know when they are available. Try to speak to them and you get some Russian muffle. English is only spoken at the reception, even though they tell you that there are more English speaking staff inside the baths. Even more frustrating is that the map and description of the facilities is very poor, so that it is easy to miss parts of the baths.

A little bit more customer friendliness would be appropriate and could really help make the place a must see rather than just worth killing a few hours if you have the time.
Written March 20, 2018
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Elizabeth S
London, UK6 contributions
I went for the basic bath experience here (3600 tenge for 2hrs on a saturday) and had a great time.

I've been to some bath complexes where the ladies' section is smaller than / less grand than the men's, but that's not the case here - the architecture and fittings are really beautiful throughout.

It's a bit of a maze inside, but there are plenty of staff around who are happy to direct you even if you don't speak Russian. Some of the signs outside the various steam and sauna rooms are in english too, although the translations are... creative.

In the ladies' section, there are several sections, including "eastern bath" (Turkish wash room with steam rooms and saunas in side rooms), "Russian bath", including Russian saunas and steam rooms next to the cold swimmimg pool, and "Finnish bath" with its own sauna too. If you get lost, ask at the bar, they are very helpful.

Plenty of ladies were using their birch branches in the Russian sauna. I didn't buy one at the entrance as I was worried I would look like a total wally trying to figure out the procedure but if I went back again I would definitely pick one up. You'll know where to do it as there are leaves all over the floor.

I did buy the Arasan felt bonnet (600 tenge) and was glad I did- not only is it awesome and hillarious but everyone is wearing some kind of head gear in the saunas and this one will also be accepted as a "swimming cap" in the pool (for some reason ladies have to wear something on their heads to swim).

I took my own flip flops but hired the towel (400 tenge). I didn't bother with the sheet or the bathrobe and didn't feel I missed out.

It's also useful to take a carrier bag with you to carry any soaps / shampoos, bottle of water, hair grips and of course your felt hat around with you from room to room.

In summary, don't be afraid of this place, have a go! A great Almaty experience.
Written September 2, 2017
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Ottawa, Canada28 contributions
This was a second visit for me - first time was in 1989, in the soviet times. Both visits were incredible! This bath house has finnish saunas, russian banyas and turkish hammams, as well as a large circular swimming pool.There is also a bar/cafe inside, where you can get tea, beer, kvas, food, snacks, deserts. I have been to bath houses in Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Japan, and can tell you that Arasan Baths in Almaty is one of the best in the world. Great place to relax!
Written August 13, 2017
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Jeffrey M
Suzhou, China196 contributions
I came out of the bath feeling light and refreshed, but my mood was soon spoiled. The English menu says “Additional services of the men combined bath” and lists various types of massages, washes, manicures, etc, etc. My reading of this is that these services include, or are combined with, the cost of the bath. In other words, if you pay 8000 KZT for a massage, there is no additional charge for the bath. Before entering, I spoke with the manager to make sure and asked if the price of the massage included the cost of the bath. He assured me it did. But when I left, I was charged additional for the bath. I tried to explain my case but neither the woman at the register nor the manager understood the meaning of “combined.” We used Google translate to confirm, but the manager insisted I had to pay, even though he had personally assured me the cost of the bath was included in the massage. Very poor decision making on his part. He could have at least admitted a possible misunderstanding and asked for forgiveness. Poor customer service training appears to extend down the chain of authority. The cashier, despite her age and pretty looks, was as mean as someone who has seen too many days and suffered too many disappointments.
Written September 14, 2016
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