Sakunami Onsen

Sakunami Onsen, Sendai: Address, Phone Number, Sakunami Onsen Reviews: 4/5

Sakunami Onsen
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Very good

Deborah N
Jamaica Plain, MA1 contribution
A classic with easy access
Nov 2018 • Couples
I had been here many years ago, and found the open air hot springs built from rocks by the river well maintained and still very charming. There are many types of rooms and plans to choose from, and the restaurant in the hotel. There are very few places to eat outside the hotel, so plan on staying in. Visitors should be aware of the “no tattoos in the hot springs” policy, and you will be asked specifically when you check in. While the large baths are mixed gender most of the day, it is restricted to women for two hours each in the morning and evening for the more modest. They are worth going to see, regardless. They have built various other separated very nice baths, if preferred. Make sure to follow onsen etiquette of washing before going walking down the stairs to the big baths. Most rooms have windows that open the peaceful river side, and you can hear the running water. This place has modestly priced packages and is clearly beloved by families and the elderly.
Written December 2, 2018
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New York City, NY373 contributions
Sakunami Onsens - Iwamatsu
Jul 2018 • Friends
Sakunami is a hotspring / onsen region about 40 minutes from Sendai. There are many choices of ryokans / onsens, but we chose to make a day trip to Iwamatsu Onsen. The reason being that this one had both indoor and outdoor baths, and also both mixed and gender specific baths, so you had the full choice.

From the train station, they have a regular shuttle bus that operates according to the train timetable so it's easy to get to. Upon arrival, the staff were very helpful. We learned that for visitors not staying in the hotel, the onsen hours were 11-1 on weeekends and 11-2 on weekdays so check this before coming.

We had a great experience - the mixed outdoor baths on the bottom floor are beautiful and right on the river, and the womens only outdoor bath about half way down to the bottom floor is spectacular. It has an amazing view and is peaceful - I was the only one there.
Written July 12, 2018
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74 contributions
還會再回來 the great onsen
Mar 2017 • Couples
非常優秀的溫泉!大廳風景很美,離仙台不遠,有很多免費供應的食物,甜點,咖啡,還有電影才會出現的溫泉糰子,超棒的地方😊 我很喜歡這邊悠閒的感覺,可以邊泡湯邊賞雪 the best onsen i had ever have! great food and lovely landscape that you can enjoy with your onsen,the service is great and there are shuttle bus from train station
Written November 9, 2017
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Melbourne544 contributions
A very enjoyable experience.
Mar 2017 • Friends
A selection of indoor and outdoor onsen to choose from - all very good. The day I visited was freezing but the snow flurries make it quite special. Tho the restaurant has a limited lunch menu, there were choices and the food was delicious.
The shuttle service is synchronized with the trains.
A very enjoyable experience.
Written May 13, 2017
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Hannah J
Egerton, UK21 contributions
A relaxing day!!
Jan 2017 • Friends
An amazing day of relaxation. It is easy to get to from Sendai, the baths are great and the views beautiful especially in the snow. There are free cakes, tea and massage chairs making the day even more relaxing. I would go again and recommend to everyone as a place to visit!!
Written January 21, 2017
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Kathryn S
Spruce Grove, Canada3 contributions
Relaxing day trip
Oct 2016 • Solo
Visited Ichinobo as a day trip from Sendai and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Very relaxing, very beautiful and clean, and the price for what you get is extremely reasonable.
However, if you've never been to an onsen/public bath before or if you don't speak/read much Japanese you may find it a little intimidating as there's little English help. So I'll do my best to try to explain as much as possible if anyone would like to go but feels a little nervous.

Getting to Sakunami station from Sendai station on the Senzan line was the easy part.
Upon arriving there, I found I was there a little too early as the bus to Ichinobo (Written as 一の坊) wouldn't arrive until about 9:30 as the bath itself didn't open until 10. It was a rainy autumn day so that was a little inconvenient. There's no English signage anywhere, however there is wifi in the station. Just be sure to check the hours before you go.
When the yellow bus did arrive (there's other buses that come and go, but Ichinobo is the yellow one and it's free to ride there and back.) the bus driver was very kind. We waited for the train to arrive, and when it did the bus was filled with people before we drove to the resort.
We arrived and they had us line up to wait for the bath to open. As we waited, staff came down the line asking how many were in each party and handing out locker keys etc. They also gave each party a paper with instructions on it, but it was entirely in Japanese. While there are pictures on it, it'll help if you can read some basic kanji or at least katakana. (I'll include a picture of it so it can be read ahead of time for anyone interested.)

So I paid the 1300 yen, and locked my shoes (costs ¥100 but you get the coin back when you leave. This is also where you'll find your slippers.) and received the yukata and belt. At this point a staff member who spoke a little english suddenly came up to me to make sure I had understood the paper. I appreciated the gesture, and the staff were always very helpful, although this was the only time I heard any english the whole day.

The locker rooms are on the second floor, past the automatic door and separated into men's and women's. There, you change into your yukata and lock up your valuables. But if you want to bring things with you (i.e your own toiletries,other clothes etc) each bath has a basket you can leave them in. As well, when wearing yukata, fold the left side over the right. You also may prefer to wear an undershirt/tank top underneath.

Once changed, the main bath can be reached using the elevator to the basement. You'll find the large towels just outside the elevator, or just inside the male/female separation.
Enter the change rooms and place your things, yukata, and towel into a basket before going into the bath. Use the shower areas to wash your body (shampoo/conditioner/body wash are provided) before entering the bath. When you're done you can use the free hairdryers/lotions/hairbrushes to get finished up. If you're going into the other baths, ladies will want to keep their hair tied up.

The other baths are easy to find. Just follow the fancy looking hallway up the stairs. It's the same routine in the other baths except there's no shower areas. Each one has a sign outside it saying whether males or females can use it at that time. Try to visit them all, especially the large outdoor one for the breathtaking view. Take your towel to each of the outside baths as they're only located by the elevator and in the main bath. You can take as many as you like as there's staff constantly replenishing them. Place them in return boxes when you're finished with them.

Like I've read in other reviews, they do switch the baths by gender halfway through the day. However when I went (perhaps hours change in the fall?) they closed them at 12:00 and they were changed over by 12:30. So, gentlemen will want to arrive early to fully enjoy the large bath because it's their turn first and the view is too spectacular to miss.

When you're finished with the baths you can return to the locker rooms to retrieve your things and drop off your used yukata into baskets outside. You'll find free drinks, cakes and a popsicle in the common room on the first floor by the entrance. There's also massage chairs and seats outside to enjoy the view. The gift shop also has free samples to try. Make sure to ask when the next bus is so you can get on it in time because it does fill up quickly. However they're pretty much every hour, in time with the train schedule.

After that it's a nice bus ride to the station and an easy train ride back to Sendai.

It's a really relaxing time and I recommend it to anyone who needs a break from the city. The staff were extremely helpful, the baths were all gorgeous (it's so beautiful with the fall foliage; I wish I couldve taken pictures! I actually later found a fallen leaf in my hair.), and it's also a great value.
I hope anyone hesitant will find my review helpful and have a great time! :)
Written October 12, 2016
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West Richland, WA3 contributions
It was like something out of the movies
Mar 2015 • Solo
Easily accessible from Sakunami Station via free yellow shuttle bus, The ichinobu hotel/onsen is a great way to spend the day, and it's really not hard to spend the whole day there. There are multiple Hotel/onsens in Sakunami, but Ichinobu is the only one where you can use the onsen even if you aren't staying at the hotel.

I was amazed at how cheap it was. It was 1300 yen to get in but that included unlimited bathing for the day, access to the comfortable lounge including massage chairs and a great view of the scenery, and access to a free coffee, ice cream, and snack buffet (the snacks, manjuu and konyaku only appeared around after 4pm though).

The baths are assigned to be for just men or just women, and those assignments switch at 2:30, so be sure to plan accordingly. It was a great to bathe for a while then relax in the lounge then go back to the baths after the assignment switched. The best bath by far (open to men in the morning and women in the afternoon) was the rotenburo, which had four different (connected) baths of varying depth, size and temperature. It was outside with amazing scenery and snow was falling the whole time so it had a really serene atmosphere.

I definitely recommend going, as it's very relaxing and quite cheap, and I recommend setting aside a whole day or at least most of a day to go.
Written May 13, 2015
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Stockholm, Sweden23 contributions
Our visit to Ichinobu Onsen
Feb 2014 • Couples
The Ichinobu Hotel / Onsen was easy to get to because the yellow free shuttle was waiting at the train station. Once we arrived the welcome was great but it was confusing because nothing is in English. We paid at the door, got the yukata and towel on the same floor, eventually found the locker room on the 2nd floor and finally found the onsens on the bottom basement floor. One of the outdoor onsens that overlooks the river is definitely the best but note that as of this writing it is for men only until 2 pm and then switches over to women only at 2:30 pm. So time your use accordingly.
Written February 5, 2014
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Edinburgh, UK151 contributions
Excellent onsen
Aug 2013 • Friends
Simple to access via platforms 7 & 8 , Senzen line, Sendai station (costs ¥480), which takes about 30 minutes, where you will be met by a shuttle bus. The yellow one takes you to Ichinobo, which costs ¥1200. A fine and well maintained series of baths await, but make sure that you take in all the outside baths as the signage is a little confusing. Free coffee, tea, and cakes. A very pleasant and well run onsen.
Written August 26, 2013
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David R
San Francisco, CA10 contributions
Perfect for convenience, price, and surroundings
Aug 2012 • Couples
Sakunami Onsen (hot spring) is easy to get to, relatively inexpensive, and beautiful. It is well worth the trip from Sendai, and I would return without question.

First, convenience: Sakunami is probably the most convenient onsen to get to from Sendai, at least if you're reading this review. Why the qualifier? Well, this review is one of the only reviews not in Japanese, which means you're probably not a Japanese citizen, which means you're probably traveling with a JR pass (and, if not, that's probably only because this is the first you're hearing of it: visit for more info), which means you travel for free on any JR trains. Sakunami station is on the JR Sanzen line which departs Sendai station on tracks 7 and 8. Free travel, need I convince you further? If so, I will: Sakunami is one of the only onsens that are accessible by train (spacious and air conditioned) instead of bus (relatively cramped and hot), and if that's not enough, the 480Y ticket to Sakunami is about half the cost of the 800Y-ish bus trip to Akiu. So, convenience: check.

Second, price: as soon as you arrive at Sakunami station, you can board a free shuttle bus for the nearby resort spas. Ooh, resort spas, sounds expensive. Don't be fooled: we went to Ichinobo (一の坊, via the colorful shuttle buses), and we got in for a mid-week discount rate of 1200Y (down from the regular rate of 1500Y). Converting to US dollars, we paid roughly $15 for all of the following: locker, towel, yukata, and slipper rentals; entry to multiple hot spring baths, both indoor and outdoor; and access to the lounge, including as much coffee or tea (hot or cold) as we could drink and as many strawberry cupcakes, sweet potato pastries, and roast-your-own-rice-cakes as we could eat. The baths were of comparable quality to, and the extra amenities much nicer than, those at the resort we went to at Akiu for 2000Y. All told, for an equivalent if not better experience, our day trip to Sakunami cost less than half of our trip to Akiu.

Finally, beauty: Sakunami is worth the visit for its natural splendor. The lounge area was in an L-shape that opened out onto a mountain-view pool. Surrounded by the chatter of cicadas and pine-covered hills, we were so relaxed that we didn't realize we had missed the 4:00 shuttle back to Sakunami station, so we "had to settle for" (i.e. relished) an extra hour of lounge time while we waited for the 5:00 shuttle. The baths themselves are splendid, with a wood-and-stone inn feel for the indoor baths and a very natural feel for the outdoor baths. I thought the men's outdoor baths (plural! two different options!) were nice, sheltered as they were by the mountains and trees, but my fiancee described a breathtaking view from the women's outdoor bath that put my experience to shame. Suffice it to say that you can't go wrong with a trip to Sakunami.
Written August 8, 2012
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