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Hanamiyama Park
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kim buay p
Singapore, Singapore11,016 contributions
Apr 2022
I did a live-streamed tour with Yusuke from Heygo at this park today. We saw a great varieties of flowers such as the red quince flowers, fields of yellow rapeseed flowers, white magnolia bushes on the hill slope, yellow Forsythia flowers, pink peach flowers as well as cherry blossoms. The flowers are all blooming and creating a paradise here with all the colours. There are many trails to walk to admire the flowers. A visit here is highly recommended and Yusuke is a good guide who gave us many great postcard shots of the beautiful flowers in its natural surroundings.
Written April 10, 2022
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Ken N
Fukushima, Japan161 contributions
Apr 2015 • Family
Disclaimer: I'm a US citizen living in Fukushima since 2008, and imagine spending the rest of my career, even the rest of my life, here. So, maybe I'm biased.

Hanamiyama (花見山、flower-viewing-mountain) is just a short ride from Fukushima Station on special buses that are arranged during peak cherry-blossom season. The people of Fukushima take good care of this attraction, and good care of visitors.

Yes, attendance fell during the viewing season that came a month after the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Roads and rails were still damaged, and people around the world were anxious about the nuclear power plant accident.

Now, Hanamiyama is as busy as it ever was, if not busier. But the beautiful environment brings out the best in already well-mannered people. Strangers exchange cameras to take better-than-selfie group photos. Fast and slow walkers are graciously accommodated on walking paths, and there are always a few less traveled paths (perhaps a bit too narrow or steep for some) where you can enjoy a little solitude even on a crowded day.

People living here year-round can, and do, enjoy Hanamiyama year after year. Why not join us?
Written June 30, 2015
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hfot2 🌸🍁🌸
Vermont6,742 contributions
Apr 2017 • Couples
From the bus drop off parking area to the mountain you walk through a residential/commercial area and you begin to think you might have come to the wrong place. Forge ahead - wondrous sights await. The walk through the village at first seems long and dull. Keep going!

You will pass stalls selling local produce, flower plants, saplings and food. There's a cafe where you can sit down and eat and booths selling drinks. A farmers' market atmosphere pervades the place.

Walking further along, we dawdled at the base taking photos - at some of the spots from which we chose to shoot, we saw signs with icons indicating that this was a prime photo spot - the spots are obvious to a photographer, the signs not really necessary.

A small shrine, a rock garden, a tulip garden with huge koi flags flapping overhead in the wind - we let all this wait until we walked up the trail and came back down, hoping to walk to the top before even more crowds arrived.

There are three trails - we choose the longest to get to see the most. It was not challenging.

The views on the walk up and from the viewpoint at the top were beautiful. Sakura cover the slopes running from near to the far distance. The palette is white, pink and rose, with yellow and red thrown in for good measure. The photo ops are plentiful. Enjoy!

Tips for visitors:
Easy access from Sendai to Fukushima by train (20 minutes) using our JR Pass, then a bus (¥500) to Hanamiyama.

Keep your bus ticket for the return trip. Very well organized transport crew got everyone from the train to the waiting buses in jig time. The yellow-jacketed crew will sell you tickets and give you bus schedules. Ask for a map (some were available in English).

Even in peak sakura with masses of people, there was not a long wait for the next bus and in 15-20 minutes we were at the parking area.

There are (portable/temporary) toilets at the base - use them before you climb up [and after ;)].

To get back to the train station, reverse your trip. Find the bus stop in the parking lot, board the crowded bus (we stood all the way in both directions), and catch train. It helps to get schedules before departing the station for the bus and the train to your destination.
Written February 25, 2018
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Singapore, Singapore545 contributions
The last time I visited Fukushima, it was in mid April 2008.
Fukushima was not in my 2012 itinery. Call it self preservation. But as I was traveling from Aizuwakamatsu towards the direction of Sendai, when the train master announced "we will soon be making a brief stop at Fukushima", I had this sudden urge to see Hanamiyama again. I wanted to see if it has changed with all the bad and harmful reports flying all over the world. I want to see it before it is claimed by another disaster, man-made or otherwise.
The cruel lesson from Tohoku earthquake 2011 has taught me an important lesson. Nothing lasts forever.
The first bus (during Sakura season, they have special bus that goes direct to Hanamiyama) departs from the front of the station at 9.00am. To & fro ticket at ¥500 will be collected at the queue before you board the bus. Keep the ticket as you will need it on your trip back.
The journey took about 20mins. However you will know you are near when the sight of pink mountains greets you from afar.
Stalls selling local produce, food, potted flowers, seeds and fruits were set up. Tourists had already started to pour in even before the first bus arrives. From there, if you are more keen on sight than food, just follow the crowd. There will also be many staff around to give assistance and direction.
The whole of the hills were covered with clouds of pink and white blooms with occasional red breaking the monopoly. Everyone were clicking away furiously with their cameras. Everyone were so excited and elated by the sight of full bloom sakura that everywhere I went, I heard people exclaiming in wonder and awe at the beauty(japanese of course). The Japanese really worship Sakura. I am sure they see this sight every year but every time they see this, their reaction is as if they are seeing it for the first time.
After the earthquake, it was the same everywhere I travel in the Tohoku region. Japanese tourists would give words of encouragement to the locals, Gambatte, Gambatte, hang on, hang on. I wish I can speak Japanese well enough to give them words of encouragement too.
It was a rewarding detour. The crowd was lesser than before but not the beauty. The beauty has not diminished, in fact it was even more dear and breathtakingly beautiful because I know it is not permanent. I was really glad that I came back to Hanamiyama.
Written May 18, 2012
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Unagi Travel
Tokyo, Japan619 contributions
Apr 2018 • Friends
You can take a nice stroll along the slopes and enjoy the beautiful cherry, plum and forsythia blossoms. Only open to public in April.
Written August 3, 2018
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Minato, Japan72 contributions
Apr 2018 • Couples
Visited Hanamiyama Park today - a few days after peak for cherry blossoms.

I feel it is absolutely worth the trip from Tokyo because the colors are just breathtakingly beautiful. Contrary to many similar places that go through one tree or flower blooming one after the other or even just one per season, this park has a composition of early and late cherries, peaches and perhaps almonds, a bunch of Japanese flowering shrubs and trees which I cannot name, canola, tulips and others.

The contrasting colors are often stunning and despite everything being the product of careful landscaping planning the walk still provides for a pleasant “nature” experience.

There are paths between 25 and 60 minutes and admission is free.

The longer paths might provide good views of the snow covered mountains including “little Fuji” towards the West if cloud cover permits.

Strong recommendation: be there no later than 8:30 am to avoid the Shibya-Crossing feel of the whole thing - it got very busy after 9:00. The shuttle bus from the station runs as of 9:00 am but taxis run at a 1550 JPY fixed rate earlier.

You can take the shuttle bus back to the station after enjoying local food, juice, sake etc and after buying local produce to bring home from the multiple vendors lining the access to the park.

For all who are still concerned about 2011: we came past a few dosimetry signs or billboards that all showed levels much lower than your trip back home to visit grandpa. Just enjoy a perfect day of escape from Kanto. Fukushima prefecture seems very beautiful.

Written April 8, 2018
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Singapore300 contributions
Apr 2015 • Family
We could only travel to Tokyo from 11 April and were worried when we read reports of an early blooming of the cherry blossom this year due to the warmth and rains. Checking the Sakura forecast, we made plans to chase the flowers as they bloomed using the JR pass that we have purchased beforehand through JTB in Singapore.

Upon arriving in Tokyo in the afternoon, we rushed to Ueno Park only to be greeted by fallen cherry blossom petals and a splattering of cherry blossoms still hanging on.

The next day, we departed on the 6:40am Shinkasen YAMABIKO
train to Fukushima Station and arrived around 8+am. Exiting via the east exit, we took bus #6 which costs 500¥ 2 ways to Hanamiyama. The staff on hand were helpful and there were English timetables for the bus departures. As we went on Sunday, there were very frequent buses that took 15minutes to arrive at Hanamiyama. We were early and didn't encounter a jam but there were slight delays on our trip back to Fukushima station and the trip took about 20-30minutes.

We were greeted by warm and friendly staff upon arrival and started to see the signs of full blooms. The slight hills were painted in a beautiful arrays of pinks, whites and greens. Before we started on the trails (there were 3 routes of 15, 45 and 60 mins), we were welcomed by a sea of yellow rapeseed plants. Every few steps, we were cheered by exploding sprays of cherry blossoms and a wide variety of flowers planted by residents along the route and sellers hawking their horticultural goods. There were also roses emerging from their buds and embracing the spring days.

In true Japanese zen nature, though it was slightly congested along the trail, the Trekkers were patient with the avid photographers who sometimes blocked the narrow trail while taking breathtaking views of the flora and fauna along with the Koriyama.

For the shopping enthusiasts, there were stalls along the way selling produces of Fukushima such as Yuzu and warm food such as grilled fish and corn. We tried the grilled fish encrusted with salt that tasted surprisingly yummy at 600¥. Speared through with a stick, it was cooked in a vertical alignment over a bed of smoking hot charcoals.

All in all, we spent about 2 hours posing and marveling over the Sakura at Hanamiyama. It is a side trip worth considering from Tokyo!
Written April 13, 2015
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Rishon Lezion, Israel2,336 contributions
Apr 2014 • Solo
Being in Tokyo a little late for the cherry blossom season, I was looking for a place where the trees were still in full bloom. Gladly I found Hanamiyama which was only about 3 hours train and bus ride from Tokyo (bullet train + 500 yen for a round-trip bus). I have seen a lot of parks in my life but never such a beauty. Words or photos cannot describe that. I also liked a well-marked trail with the best hanami viewing spots marked on the map. If you're in the Tokyo area during the cherry blossom season, make sure to visit Hanamiyama, it will make your Japanese trip.

If people maintaining the park read this, I'd like to thank them for giving us such a beauty and only ask to make it a bit more tourist friendly (English maps, etc.).
Written April 26, 2014
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Fort Smith, AR24 contributions
Jan 2013 • Solo
Hanamiyama Park is of much Beauty that it would make you think if it were real or fake. But trust me it is very much a very real park of much beauty every where that you turn. Ponds with the gold fish that all of the children love to feed and they are not the small ones at the fair. They will follow you every where that you walk because they may think that you have food to feed them and trust me the children love to feed them no matter where they are at on the ponds. And walking around the park you will see very much history as it was made decade by decade depending on who was there at the time. The spring brings out the cherry blossoms each year as well as all the other trees starting to green on out. I spent much time in Fukushima every year for that is where much family is buried. I can not go to that area today but if I could sneak in I would and not even think about it. The park is where you can take a picnic for your family and spend the day away from the city, enjoying the peace and listening to the birds and the other animals that are all over the park. If you are with your love and want to spend the day take a bottle of wine with you and do not get in a hurry because it is most wonderful and a wonderful feeling being there. Wear shoes that do not require flat ground because it is not flat ground it is up and down. Many people will not visit today and I very much understand but it is supposed to be considered safe. But the park is most wonderful to see in the spring, summer, or fall though I like it as well in the winter. So do not let the time of the year slow you down on going there just dress for the temperature and go. Well it was not all lucky from the earthquake or the power plants and it breaks my heart every time I go near there for it is not like it use to be and it will someday be back to what it was the day before man made a mistake Tempco.
Written October 5, 2013
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Bangkok, Thailand156 contributions
Apr 2014 • Family
The best place ever!!! This place got 3 stars rating (The highest score) from JNTO website. No wonder why it is crowded even in the morning. Variation of flowers resulted into colourful sceneries. Flee market nearby is pretty lively. The greatest thing of this place is free admission.
Written August 9, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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