Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

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Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
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8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
8:30 AM - 9:30 PM
8:30 AM - 10:30 PM
8:30 AM - 10:30 PM
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YOKOHAMA HAKKEIJIMA SEA PARADISE is a leisure land surrounded by nature. It is located at the tip of Yokohama Bay and is a new generation style amusement park. It is the home of one of the top aquariums in Japan. There is Japan's first surf coaster that swings out over the ocean, an exhilarating vertical fall amusement ride, BLUE FALL. We have specialty shops , great restaurants, a marina and a hotel located among wide grass and flower gardens. There are so many things to do and experience; you will not be satisfied with just one visit. Being at our Sea Paradise creates an ideal setting where man and sea can communicate together.
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Very good

Singapore, Singapore748 contributions
Dec 2019
We went for the countdown 2020 and trains were still running after midnight so it was easy to go back to Yokohama.

The special countdown dolphins show was nice to watch.

The fireworks was awesome but only lasted for a short while.
Written January 8, 2020
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Schio, Italy3,792 contributions
Sep 2019 • Solo
Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population, and the most populous municipality of Japan. It is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Written September 29, 2019
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Southern California87 contributions
Aug 2014 • Family
We made the mistake of getting the 5,050 yen full park pass on a day that was so hot that we stayed in the aquariums. Admission for just the aquariums would have been just 3,000 yen. Full park drops to 3,300 yen for the evening when it makes more sense in August.

Neat thing about this aquarium is that you can get really close to some of the big creatures in the tanks because of the way the tanks are designed. Great chances to take a selfie with ocean sunfish, whale shark, etc. Besides the main aquarium with the show stadium, there are 3 annexes. One is the "Dolphin Fantasy" that looks small in the main square that has the ocean sunfish. A little ways toward the hotel is a touch tank complex where you can pet a beluga and also see sea lions and seals. The "farm" is a off the docks where they keep fish that you can catch yourself. Wrist band get you admission to them all.

Because the escalator going through the sardine tank only goes up, you need the wrist band to go through the aquarium again and again from the bottom.

After the show in the main stadium, they lets you get close to the glass wall of the show pool where the whale shark lives with a school of her friends. There is also a window into the same pool just past the entrance where you can see the whale shark best when the show is going on above you because the fish swims deeper past the window.

The 50,000 sardines in the big tank is amazing. At scheduled times, they get the fish to ball up in sync with a light show. People start gathering about 20 minutes before each show.

It is a long way to get there by train from middle of Tokyo but not bad from Yokohama.
Written August 8, 2014
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Gloria L
1 contribution
Jan 2017 • Friends
i must say that i am more than shocked after visiting sea paradise. i have not been to a zoo for a long time but what i have seen there reminded me of why i do not want to visit another one anymore.
these animals are supposed to be in the wild and not captured in too small cages. i know that many people might not have a problem with that but there were so many cages which were simply too small and you don`t have to be an expert to notice that. for example there was one single eel in an aquarium with nothing but water inside, it could not hide itself and was clearly disturbed and bored by itself, it just swam (as much as it could even move) from one side to the other. this is what i noticed about most animals in there. the polar bear did not even move once while i was there which does not surprise me since it must feel depressed in the cage which was simply too small.
i do not recommend to support this paradise of animal cruelty to anyone who cares about the wellbeing of animals. in my opinion, parks like this should be closed immediately.
Written January 4, 2017
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23 contributions
May 2013 • Friends
Paid to see cruelty. The animals are sad looking in small tanks and cages. The dolphins had sores (possibly because there is not enough space for them to swim and play!). I left the with tears in my eyes :-(
Surely some kids look fascinated to see the animals, but I would never take my children there unless it was to show them on how NOT to treat the animals.
Not to mention I was also disappointed by the organization for the other attractions. There were huge lines and the rides were going without having all seats completed (e.g. 6 seats and only 2 people on them while people in line waited for 1h15min!)
This park is totally over rated. Avoid unless you want to see sad animals and stand in huge lines!
Written May 7, 2013
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Beijing, China5 contributions
Aug 2012 • Family
It's up to you as a tourist to stop going to places where they use dolphins and animals to entertain . You've got to stop bringing your children here and other places like this and teach them that dolphins belong in the wild.
Written July 29, 2013
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Victoria S
Singapore15 contributions
Feb 2014 • Family
I was disgusted to see that a beluga whale had been trained to paint pictures for visitors - these beautiful animals should be in the wild not captive in a small tank I dread to think how they trained it to do this if you have any compassion towards animals you will avoid this place like the plague
Written February 20, 2014
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Careless W
1 contribution
May 2018 • Family
I went to Hakkeijima on May-03,2018.It was one of the worst experience I had of visiting a park/aquarium in Japan.This was my second visit.

I had bought one day pass for each member of the family.Surprising you still need to pay for many rides/attractions even after buying the one-day pass.

Also none of the major attractions were working - blue fall,leviathan and even sea-paradise tower was closed.There were continuous announcements that these are not started for "security" reasons and please go to some "other" attraction.I checked Disneyland/sea and FujiQ on internet and found that everything is working there at this point of time.

AIt seems like the park is either facing severe financial crunch or labour shortage and is coming up with these excuses for not running the attractions.I am stationed in Tokyo and we in the group have taken a vow as to not to EVER GO TO Hakkeijima AGAIN - NEVER AGAIN.It was not only a waste of money but one day of the golden week and the enjoyment of the whole family and friends were sacrificed.Even the show - with dolphins and all have has gone down qualitatively.

Seems like this one is on the verge of closure.Sheer waste of time and money to go there.Even Kasai Rinkai park and aquarium is more enjoyable than this one.
Written May 3, 2018
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Rosie D
London, UK60 contributions
May 2016 • Couples
My partner and I were nearby and read about this place online and thought it sounded fun. The surrounding area is sort of..okay and we decided to visit the aquarium seeing as we were already there. I am floored by all the good reviews for this aquarium, it was easily one of the most depressing places I have ever been. The polar bear in particular was painful to see and I left with tears in my eyes. Please don't visit this place if you have any compassion for animals at all.
Written July 21, 2016
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Arianna E
Japan77 contributions
Oct 2019 • Family
This place was a complete let down, we were expecting a lot more. Now we went with the understanding this wasn't going to be on par with Disney or USJ but wow. For one thing three rides were not running - the roller coaster, drop tower and the barrel ride. With no clear reason as to why. It was a Saturday and the weather was nice. That was probably our hint to go elsewhere but we had driven down, paid the toĺls and figured the other aspects would make up for it. Then when we got into the park itself, it was nearly empty and run down. There was garbage in the water right next to were you have to walk and by the restaurants which offer views of the polluted harbor. It's also the same dirty water you can fish out of and eat fish you catch. My son's reaction, "You can fish here? What if you catch a shoe? "
All of the employees were nice when we interacted with them but they all looked horribly bored. Every single thing was dingy and neglected. The photos I saw on the internet must have been from when the place first opened years ago. It didn't look like that when we went.
The aqua show was lack luster and tacky. Riding the beluga is like riding your dog, unnecessary and cruel. Don't waste your time unless ham-fisted magic tricks are your thing.
As for the restaurants: there is a variety. We ate at Booze Cafe. The ladies working were on point and the food was alright. However, the prices were high, higher even than those at Disney. A plate of curry is ¥1400. At Disney ¥800. For a typical Japanese portion. The furniture and atmosphere was sadly old and tattered.
The water in the raft ride was green fron the algae build up and needed a powerwash. While water in the animal cages is so filthy you could barely see what was in it. It is a cage. They have very large animals in very small cages. No sun light. No fresh air. Its very depressing to see. Two fully grown walruses in a cage that has feces all over the bottom and the water quality gross. I wouldn't get in it out of fear of getting a bacterial infection. Dispicable. This is not a place that encourages conservation it totally exploits the animals and rips off the humans. Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo. All have far better aquariums. Just go to Disney or USJ to get your moneys worth if you want good rides. Do not be a fool. Do not go.
Written October 6, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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