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Fujiko F Fujio Museum
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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Very good

Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan162 contributions
May 2019
If you're a fan of Doraemon this will not disappoint. It can be difficult to get tickets but is fun for the whole family. You can see how manga was made in the old days and experience many Doraemon memorabilia. However, it may not be what you expect if you want to see anime. The gift shop will be busy at closing time so I recommend going there before that.
Written April 28, 2020
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Jakarta, Indonesia22 contributions
Jan 2020
for doraemon lovers, must to try visit here
i and my family have second visit here
and I've never felt bored to come here and my kids felt too.

enjoyed the doraemon park and can to be a photo spot and having lunch time at museum cafe with any a lot of menu with the Doraemon theme .
and watching doraemon movie with a new movie and specially can see the journey of Mr. Fujiko F Fujio for created Doraemon .
so i can't felt bored to visit here many times and very enjoyed to stay here..
Written January 21, 2020
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Toronto, Canada35 contributions
Dec 2011 • Friends
Thinking about Fujiko F. Fujio museum, a month after my visit, still warms my heart and makes me smile! :) I have been a Doraemon fan since I was a kid and going to this museum was like having him to come life. There are just as many adults as there are kids there, probably because Doraemon touches many generations and has no cultural boundaries. I thought I'd tell readers here about my experience and tips, from a foreigners point of view.

First off, you need to buy advance tickets, and if you're flying to Tokyo then the best place is to get them right away at the Narita airport at a "Lawson" store because they don't sell them online. I recommend printing out the website instructions in English and Japanese, that way if you need to ask for help it's easier for the person helping you. At Lawson, the tickets are issued from "Loppi" machines which are in Japanese but the staff are happy to help you. The tickets sell out, so if you really want to go, at your specified time, buy tickets as soon as you land in Japan.

The museum is really easy to reach. I recommend going to the Noborito station, it's close to Shinjuku JR. I went on an overnight trip to Hakone and went here on the way back using the Hakone pass (where you go to see Mt. Fuji and enjoy the countryside and hot springs), which is also a great money saver. From there, there is a shuttle, at 400 yen per return trip which runs very frequently and it's just outside the station - plastered in cartoon design and hard to miss. It is walkable too. The neighbourhood feels like the neighbourhood Nobita would've grown up in - cramped streets and all. Later when you look at the museum rooftop playground you can see the skyline of the neighbourhood and it is beautiful.

Anyway, once you get there, you queue up to exchange your machine tickets for the real museum tickets and pick up your hand held audio guide. There is Japanese, English, Korean and I *believe* Cantonese/Mandarin. The brochure guides are in these languages. Not sure about others though. I loved how they made the museum very accessible. (Speaking of which, I noticed it was wheelchair-friendly too. The area's very open, although it's definitely got a lot of people.)

The highlights include original artwork exhibits and a really cool show where they show you the manga being made using lights and special effects, right infront of your face. Unfortunately, it is in Japanese only but I still loved it. There are also blown up manga storylines, of the first Doraemon comics - also in Japanese but anyone familiar with the stories will still laugh and/or cry!

Getting to know the author was amazing too... It was cool to see what his study looked like, to know more about his early days and his family, although there isn't much of a focus on it. How they set up the installation to show his office study was awesome though, it was like a room that seemed to go on forever and you could see all the things that inspired Fujiko F. Fujio.

The "play" areas was lots of fun. I enjoyed the photobooth- yes, those awesome Japanese purikura type photos where you can have awesome borders, text, and fancy decorations - Doraemon themed! Makes a great inexpensive keepsake and it was easy to figure out. The woodcutter's spring was soooo hilarious. Lots of kids getting a kick out of it. From the play area you can also access the Doraemon theatre, which is a Japanese-language show but enjoyable nonetheless.

The rooftop was amazing because you could take pictures with a giant Doraemon, go through the "anywhere door", pose with Nobita, Doraemon and a dinosaur. Oh ya, and if you look into the trees surrounding the musuem at any point you'll see stuff hidden in the forests - little sleeping bags with characters sleeping in them, the "talking dogs" from a Doraemon movie plots, the portable houses from the Nobita's Dinosaur story, etc. The little details were amazing. I saw a guy with some telephoto lenses taking pictures of them and regretted not bringing my own DSLR! (Speaking of photos though, no cameras allowed in the exhibit area where they show original art work, but fine anywhere else like the playground area.)

There is also food - there are 3 venues... (1) there is express take out - with things like a Doraemon red bean snack (his favourite), a cookie/cracker (based on the memory bread), and some Dorami snack which was sold out. This is the fastest cuz people just buy and go. The snacks are also cute! (2) Then there is take out - hot foods, but the lines are super long although the food is character themed, really cute, looked tasty.. I just couldn't bare to wait 30+ minutes for take out. First come first serve seats and even though I only went with one friend we couldn't get a seat inside. Luckily, the patio had a few seats. Open #2 is slightly expensive too. (3) Lastly, there is a sit down restaurant. We thought we mis-read the sign when it said something like '170 minutes' but turns out the wait really was that long!! So TIP ... if you want to sit at the restaurant and order food and drinks, like the cafe drinks with Doraemon designs swirled into it, then you'd better make your reservation before you start browsing the museum. :P

Before you leave, as with any museum, there is a shop, but omg, it is unlike any other shop I've been to... there is sooo much swag. I got a Doraemon plushie that looks exactly like the really fat Doraemon from the first comic book, before he got a bit more "rounded out" in the later part of the series, and also a cup with the woodcutter's springs theme because it made me laugh. I can't even describe what else is there. There is just...a ton. I took forever in the store. But also because there's lots of people. :)

Well, I don't want to write too much more - there's tons more you will see and enjoy for yourself when you go. And the memories will stay with you forever. This was definitely one of my favourite spots in Japan!
Written January 23, 2012
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Louisa K
Jakarta, Indonesia71 contributions
Feb 2013 • Couples
If you are a big fan of fujiko fumio comic books such as Doraemon, Pa-man or Mojacko, then this museum will bring back all those old happy memories. Here are some tips:
1. First, you need to purchase the tickets from Lawson store in advance (1000yen for adult). This museum is packed in the weekends so there will be allocated times to go in.
2. Get there early, from Noborito station there will be a bus to take you to the museum (200yen) otherwise it's about 15 minutes 'japanese walk'.
3. With your tickets, you can get a listening audio guide in Japanese or English. You need the audio device to enjoy the exhibition, there's no written explanation.
4. They will also give you two tiny theatre tickets to watch doraemon movies. The short movies shows every 20 minutes on the 2nd floor.
5. Although its tempting to go see the exhibition straight away, but if its a crowded day, I'd highly recommend to go UP to the Doraemon Cafe on 3rd Floor and GET Seating Numbers. You don't have to wait in the cafe for your spot as you can check the queue online and they will call you by phone. The Doraemon Cafe was the highlight of our trip. They have so many doraemon characters food and its sooooo cute! They even have the 'memory bread' (if you know what i mean?!) We did not get the seating numbers in advance and ended up waiting for 2 hours!
6. Enjoy going around the exhibition room with lots of original cartoon drawn by Fujiko Fumio.
7. Then off to the theatre on the second floor, while waiting you can go get some doraemon souvenirs from the Giant Doraemon Gatcha or a photo sticker booth only for 400 yen.
8. Lastly, after a break/ lunch at the cafe, spend some time at the rooftop for some photos, and visit the gift shop, they have lots of cute character ceramics and even manga cookies!
All in all it was a good trip, if you love doraemon, go for it!
Written March 3, 2013
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Singapore, Singapore302 contributions
Sep 2012 • Couples
Doraemon, a character whom I grow up with. Was really excited to know about the existence of this museum! Getting ticket for this is hard as it requires pre-purchase and you had to buy through the Lawson ticket machine two months beforehand. I'm really lucky & blessed that I manage to find out about this just days before the sales of tickets during the period I'm going, and I managed to get my friend in Japan to help me with buy.

Going there from Tokyo is not difficult. Prob about 30min away. Changed to the bus at Noborito Station. The shuttle bus is absolutely cute! Pink interior with faces of Doraemon & other characters created by the same author. Cost 100yen per way, Suica card can be used.

Upon reaching, we were asked to get in line to go in. There's an english brochure explaining what's inside and floor guide. Upon entering, you can get an english audio guide for free. There were nice display of the original artwork.

At the top level, there's an activity room where you can take neoprints and play gacha gacha. The rooftop had different sculptures of doraemon where you can take picture with. There's a cafe too. My advise is go to the cafe and get a queue number first. I explored everything, went to get queue number before going out to the rooftop to take pictures. By then, I had to wait for about 2hours to get in. So once you completed the exhibits, go straight up to the cafe, take the queue number then join in the fun of other activities.

The cafe was absolutely the best! Everything is designed in relation with doraemon or his friends. It was too cute. Taste was alright too! It is definitely a must go for the cafe. There's a takeaway counter serving other food too. Bought a doraemon dorayaki to munch.

After that, I decided to walk back to the nearest station. Along the way, you get to see sculptures of doraemon and other characters. Gotta keep your eyes open for it. There's a brochure available at the museum (elsewhere might hv too since i saw people taking it to the museum) where it indicates where the sculptures are located at. It is definitely fun to walk along, explore the typical japan neighborhood & look out for the characters.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience! Well worth!
Written October 11, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Perth, Australia961 contributions
Dec 2016 • Couples
My love of Doraemon started many years ago when I was still in primary school. My mum bought me a comic book called Doraemon and she told me to read it quietly when we visited grandma's house. I recall very vividly the little me sitting on the tiled stairs near the kitchen reading my first Doraemon comic very carefully. I finished it and started to re-read it again from the beginning. That was the day Doraemon captured my heart.

Rain or shine, sick or healthy, I had to visit the museum! Hubby didn't have any nostalgic feeling towards Doraemon like I did but he liked the friendly face of the cute and round blue robot cat. I bought my Doraemon Museum ticket through Voyagin and they delivered it to my hotel in Shinjuku.

Japan makes it very easy for tourists to get around independently. We took the express train from Shinjuku station on the Odakyu line to Noborito Station in Kawasaki. The express train took about 20 minutes to get there. We saw a lot of Doraemon related decorations once we arrived at Noborito station.

From the train station we walked down to the outside area of the station. A shuttle bus to Doraemon Museum will be available every 10-15 minutes.

When we first arrived at the museum, we were told not to take photos in some of the rooms. If you're not sure about this, please check with the staff first before you take any photos. The first room that we entered was filled with the archive of Fujiko F. Fujio's original colour artworks. The exhibition was numbered and the English audio guide was really helpful as well. One of the amazing pieces that I saw was the comic book with a story that was centred around the topic of fossil fuels. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the comic book.

In the second exhibition room we saw the temporary exhibition of Doraemon original drawings. There were a lot of drawings that evoked heartwarming stories from the comic books that I read. I remembered in the first manga, Doraemon's body was filled with lines instead of having a solid colour. Those lines were made one by one using a ruler. It must have been a gruelling task because later on they filled in Doraemon's body with his iconic blue colour.

The museum created a replica of Fujiko F. Fujio's work place which showed a couple of two storey tall book shelves in different topics from dinosaurs to space. He even had a mini replica of Nessie (the cute Lochness monster) on his desk.

On the second floor, we learnt more about the life of Fujiko F. Fujio as a husband and father. He was a very creative father and he created mini paper crafts for his three daughters. The whole family spent a lot of time outside and he always tried to draw his own Christmas postcards for his girls. Fujiko F. Fujio created Doraemon after he heard the sound of cat fights when he fell over his daughter's toy one day. He thought a character that can solve any problem will be a great new character for his manga.

From here, we walked past the manga corner which housed all of Fujiko F. Fujio's mangas. A few kids sat to read some mangas when we were there. If only they can eat a dorayaki when they read their manga... ;-).

There's a Fujiko F. Fujio theatre inside a museum. It's a mini cinema that can sit 100 people. We went into the theatre to watch one of the original Fujiko F. Fujio short movies that wasn't shown anywhere else. The one that we watched was the new short movie with Doraemon and Pokonyan as the main character.

The rooftop playground was really adorable. There was a Giant statue that was created from the Woodcutter's Spring story. We also found Perman #2 and Perman #1 statues on the lawn, they were waving at us. The rooftop playground was definitely a perfect spot to take many photos. We took some photos with Korosuke, Q-taro and Dorami as well.

We took more photos outside of the restaurant especially after I saw the big Nessie and Doraemon statue (yas, I was a bit obsessed!). I was so looking forward to the themed restaurant. I knew that the food price would be pricier than non-themed restaurants but it was definitely worth it for me.

I ordered the Pokoritan which was Pokonyan in creamy Neapolitan sauce (1,200 yen). This dish also came with a mini dog and a bowl of salad. Hubby ordered the Christmas special which was Doraemon's rice in beef stew (1,650 yen). This dish came with a bowl of salad in the shape of a Christmas tree. Both dishes were delicious even though we wished to see more beef slices in the beef stew (hahaha).

There was a small souvenir shop that sold food related items such as ankipan (memory bread) from toasted maple rusks and the famous dorayaki. We didn't buy any because I wouldn't want to eat it and probably would keep it forever. We also didn't want to risk breaking the food items when we put them inside our luggage.

We really enjoyed the half day that we spent at Fujiko F. Fujio's Museum. It was a very relaxing time especially since the museum was surrounded by beautiful views.
Written February 28, 2017
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Ali M
Johor Bahru, Malaysia89 contributions
Dec 2013 • Solo
I grew up with Doraemon so the visit really brings back the memory. This museum is not so hard to go. It's the easiest if you take the train to Shinjuku and change to Odakyu line and stop at Noborito station (210 yen). From there, just take the bus with Doraemon designs (200 yen). Take note you can't drive to the museum since there's no parking space provided. Museum ticket is not sold at the museum so you have to book earlier at the ticket kiosk available in all Lawson convenient store for 1000 yen.

You should expect an interesting history of all the mangas and animes done by the author Fujiko-sama and you will definitely love the exhibitions available. They will provide an audio guide for your visit to each exhibition.

I was really happy I visited this museum. Really enjoyed the original artwork displayed, and the staffs were soooo nice to me too! I travelled to Japan on my own and they really welcomed me with open arms. Really made me feel like I was not travelling alone.

The museum cafe is on the top floor. You have to book a number to enter and it can take up to 3 hours to reserve a table. So, first thing you should do is go straight to the 3rd floor and get yourself a number if you want to eat there. The food didn't disappoint too. Delicious and cute with the Doraemon themed food. Price of the food according to other patrons is slightly expensive but to me, the price is the same like the rest of Tokyo so it's normal! You can also get souvenirs before the museum exit so I would strongly recommend you do so.Overall, this museum is a must-see!
Written December 12, 2013
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Jeffrey S
Jakarta, Indonesia2 contributions
Sep 2018 • Couples
I came late 40 minutes because i go to the wrong stasion and when we (me and my wife) que one of the staf explain to the visitor in front of me politely,but suddenly one of the female tall staff came to us and speak in japanese and english that we are late. Visitor behind me confused and with the rude that staff grab our ticket from my wife hand so fast to explain to the visitor behind me with the high tone.noted that i think its ok late 40 minutes,because klook wrong in explanation,it said thai ok late for 1.5 hour. And for us its ok if they void our ticket,but the staff behavior very annoying especially when she grab the ticket and shout and make our vacation mood very bad.i think the goal of fujiko to make everyone happy is ruined by that behaviour
Written September 10, 2018
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Toronto, Canada6 contributions
Jul 2013 • Couples
I'm a big Doraemon fan and grown up with Doraemon. I read all the Doraemon comics in Chinese, as well as some of the other works by Fujiko F. Fujio. I know all the stories by heart. I decided to visit this museum in Japan because I didn't have a chance to attend to any of the recent special exhibitions in various places in Asia celebrating the "100th Year Before Doraemon's birth". In comparison to experiences recounted by others who did manage to attend those special exhibitions, this museum was not nearly as exciting and didn't provide a lot of photo taking opportunities with the characters (although there are a few in the small rooftop area).

However, I did learn a few things about the artist himself and it was nice to see some original works on display. Given the volume of art that Fujiko F. Fujio produced, I was expecting that the museum would have more material (not only about Doraemon, but about his other comics as well). Overall, it was good but I wish there could've been more both from an educational point of view and the "fun" point of view. Also, there weretoo many toddlers running around who are too young to really appreciate or understand the exhibit part of the museum. This is not a theme park and I think some visitors thought it would be more fun for the children than it turns out to be. I went on a Thursday and it was fairly full but not too crowded.

If I could read Japanese, I would've stayed in the manga reading corner for hours! Unfortunately, they only have all of his works in Japanese. The same thing goes with the books in the gift shop; everything was in Japanese and I wish they had some translated versions in stock as those are hard to find even in the home countries where their sale is intended. I was hoping to buy a few missing volumes to complete my collection but did not manage to do so. Surprisingly however, the English audio guide for the exhibits was excellent! Also, I agree with other reviewers that the cafe is awesome!

Buying tickets at the Loppi machine was slightly complicated since I don't know Japanese at all, and everything at the point of purchase is Japanese. If you are from overseas, I would recommend that you try to navigate the Lawson i-tike website http://l-tike.com/fujiko-m/ (where Japanese residents can reserve tickets online before going to a Lawson store to pick up the tickets) hopefully with the help of Google Translate or someone who can read Japanese, so that you know how the system for purchasing works (like how to find the L-code, and get to know how to navigate the screens) as the Loppi machine has a similar architecture as the website. You cannot reserve tickets online if you're not in Japan, mostly because the system requires you to go to a Lawson store to pay within 2 days of making the reservation. Tickets on a weekday are almost guaranteed.

All in all, it was worth a visit, but don't expect too much!
Written July 8, 2013
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Sydney, Australia221 contributions
Dec 2011 • Friends
Visited during Christmas - not too long after it has opened. It was a dream come true for me although at a very high cost. Tickets are only available through the Lawson (convenience store) ticketing system within Japan. For a foreign visitor it was very difficult to obtain a ticket so my solution was unfortunately to get a ticket resold through yahoo auction - at a high cost.

Voice guide was available in multiple languages which is helpful for those of us who do not read Japanese. The restaurant is a must - however be prepared for a very long wait. I finished the tour of the museum at about 11am and already had to endure a 2 hour wait to get in. Would have been helpful if they were able to convert the cafe next door (not much available) to restaurant as well to speed up the flow. I can only imagine that if I were on the 2pm allocation for museum entry then there will be no chance to get into the restaurant to try some of the Doraemon speciality meals.

Would definitely recommend this especially those who loved Doraemon - if you could then aim for the earlier session for sure
Written May 22, 2012
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