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Tenzan Tohji-kyo
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Very good

Tehachapi, CA59 contributions
Oct 2017 • Couples
This traditional onsen is absolutely stunning and a must-visit.

Tenzan is about a 20 minute walk from town, or a short bus ride away. We walked there from Hakone and it was beautiful but a little bit tight. There are not walkways or often designated shoulders for pedestrians and the road is a bit windy.

There is a pay area outside the entrance where you pay for admittance. You get a discount (100 yen) if you have the Hakone Free Pass.

Upon entering, you take off your shoes and place them in a locker. The front staff take your ticket. Here you can pay for a towel (no towels are provided). I purchased a small white towel for my day's use and has now served as a little souvenir. If you did not bring a towel with you, you pretty much need to buy one unless you have time and ability to air dry.

The baths are located down the stairs and are separated men and women. After the fact, my husband and I compared the two and both sides seem to have similar amenities.

If you do not know the onsen customs, the most important thing is to clean yourself well before entering the pools. There are lockers for your belongings where you strip down. Showers are located just outside the locker area and shampoo/conditioner and soap is provided. Wash thoroughly and women should put their hair up if it is long. The towel can be used for modesty but it should not be used in the water.

The women's side has 6 pools with varying temperatures. One is a milky color and I found to be the best temperature. It was nice walking from one to the other comparing temperatures and cooling off between. There are also some bench areas to sit and relax. The pools are mostly outdoor but covered nicely with trees.

I have a few small tattoos that I covered with bandages. I am not sure how you would fair if you had a full sleeve or moderately sized tattoos. Most everyone kept their business to themselves.

There were a few women with children however their visits were short lived. It seemed that if the child acted up, mom took them out immediately. The entire atmosphere of the place was extremely quiet and peaceful. If you bring a child with you, he/she should be quiet and no splashing. The mother of a disruptive child got some dagger looks from elderly women in the pools.

You can use the towel for modesty. Most women covered their front when entering and exiting the pool, placing it on a nearby bench or rock. I found that doing this got the towel quite wet and when I was ready to leave I had to dry myself with a slightly damp towel. I recommend that if you want a towel for your use in the pools, have another one available to dry off with.

After soaking for a few hours, there is an area to dry your hair and apply makeup. There are also toilets and water fountain.

The entire experience was relaxing and serene. It was a highlight of our trip and totally worth stopping.
Written October 24, 2017
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Vancouver, Canada163 contributions
Mar 2014 • Couples
We were doing the "circle" tour of Hakone (which was amazing) and managed to pick up a brochure for this place when we asked at the train station info booth on arrival. It was the perfect end for our day tour (it is possible to do this on a Tokyo day trip comfortably) and we spent a couple of hours here in the early evening (which was lots of time). We planned on dinner in Yumoto after and then the train back to Tokyo. [A restaurant was hard to find near the Yumoto train station and we ended up going across the river to a hotel that was not great - maybe try eating at the Onsen if possible.]
We were the only non-Japanese (looking and speaking at least ) there but no one seemed to mind. The pools are outside and all the facilities are separated (and presumably duplicated) for men and women. For men there were about 6 pools of varying temperature (one cold) and men of all ages including a few children at times. There were about 15 stool/hose/bucket cleaning stations. There is definitely etiquette to read about first must mostly you can watch and learn. It is a nude facility (not clothing optional) and all you carry is a small towel that you have to bring or rent. I used it to sit on (lots of bums on those rocks and stools outside the pools) but that definitely wasn't the norm. They were used to continually wet and wring over your body or head or just leave on your head (to keep your head warm?). Some used it to cover their genitals when walking from pool to pool. You are allowed to talk but it is definitely a quiet, peaceful and relaxing place. I found a couple of the pools too hot to enter. The setting is kind of a grotto type affair with a couple of the pools covered from rain surrounded by trees and small cliffs. There was also a large tub of salt to cover your body with before going in the steam "hut" which you had to crouch low to get in through the hobbit door and when inside where you sit in two rows on a bamboo matt in two rows of about 5 each facing each other with hot stones and steam at the far end. The only choice really is to sit cross-legged in a yoga pose. It was not expensive and staff helped 9sign language mostly) to pay using the vending machine and then rent a towel. There are lockers. There are no showers. You clean before and after at the stool. If you want shampoo etc you have to bring your own although there was bar soap (?left by someone rather than provided). We didn't know this ahead of time but I think you can buy it on your way in.
This is well worth making time for and feels like a genuine local experience - just be respectful of local customs as much as possible. It makes a perfect day to do the circle tour and then take a bus (you have to get the one that makes all the stops rather than direct) from the lake to Yumoto - it is one of the last stops on the way.
Written April 20, 2014
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Mumbai, India66 contributions
I became a fan of Onsens(natural hot spring) right after my first trip to one of them in Niseko, Hokkaido. I was in Tokyo for 4 days and decided to visit Hakone especially for this Onsen. I must say that it was completely worth it. It is easily accessible by the shuttle bus (1OO Yen) that runs from Hakone Yumoto station.

The Onsen entry charge is 1200 Yen and 200 Yen for the small towel that is allowed inside. You can take towel back home as a souvenir.

There are 4-5 small hot springs with varying temperatures. One of them is plain cold too - you should take a dip in that one too!

Male and female sections are separate so you are always in the company of naked people of your sex only. Women may be allowed to wear a single piece (Niseko Onsen was a mixed Onsen but women are allowed to wear a gown) - I am not sure about this one.

Onsen etiquettes:
1. No clothes allowed - only a small towel is allowed. Your regular bath towel cannot be taken in the Onsen. There is a changing room.
2. Clean yourself thoroughly before entering. Shower is mandatory before entry.
3. Do NOT dip the small towel in the Onsen. The locals keep it over their head - you can either do that or keep it on a rock.
4. Remember that this has spiritual significance to locals - act appropriately.
Written December 30, 2012
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London, UK121 contributions
Nov 2015 • Couples
My boyfriend and I were so nervous about this as well as excited.

We got the tram from the station to the Onsen. When we got there, we took our shoes off and popped them in a locker. We then walked through and separated - I went into the women's area and he went into the men's.

I didn't know what to do; I was the only tourist and all the other ladies around me were Japanese - which I loved! I just followed them; took my clothes off, washed my body and shampooed and conditioned my hair as the other ladies did before entering the Onsen. Shampoo, body wash and conditioner is provided.

Then comes the fun and relaxing part. You step outside and there are several pools to choose from which vary in temperature. They're all warm, some are really hot but so so good. You're free to hop between pools; I tried all of them! There is also a sauna room which I went into too. I was lucky; I was the only tourist throughout the whole experience. Being outside, surrounded by mountains in the fresh air was SUCH a treat. If only I could be there now...

100% recommend this place for a relaxing, unique and refreshing Japanese spa experience.
Written November 20, 2015
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New York City, NY70 contributions
Dec 2019
This onsen was chosen with my wife with months of research before heading out to Japan for a tattoo friendly onsen. With all the reviews and websites claiming that this place was tattoo friendly could not be more wrong. Those who have gone with tattoos were able to slip through but it is technically NOT OK even for this onsen. The lady at the front completely changed her attitude and demeanor as soon as we told them that we had tattoos. The lady made sure we understood that tattoos are NOT OK at all at onsens. The lady berated us and gave us a lecture about how we must act like civilized people in onsens. Maybe we were on her bad day or maybe we made the mistake of talking to her in Japanese which led her to express her opinions thoroughly and made sure we understood her despise for tattoos . That was by far the most humiliating experience ever had in Japan from the 30+ years of visiting Japan. UNACCEPTABLE and power to you if you had a good time at this onsen with your tats! its a shame because the property looks BEAUTIFUL!
Written December 16, 2019
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Dublin, Ireland319 contributions
Jan 2018 • Couples
For those who haven't been to Hakone or an Onsen before, most Onsens don't accept people with Tattoos. This is the only one in Hakone which does.
This is a very nice onsen and we had a good experience. Beautiful setting and friendly staff. It is easy to reach by bus also.
It has separate areas for men and women so couples can't be together.
Overall a good place to visit with good facilities.
As it is not aimed at Western tourists there is limited English language signs and instructions but just follow what the locals are doing.
Written January 12, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia186 contributions
Nov 2017
It a must do in Hakone since it’s famous with hot spring. Been doing research around for Onsen which allowed for peoples with tattoos. This is the one most peoples have recommended.
Took the romancecar from Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto station in an early morning, 7am (85min journey). From the station, depending on the bus schedule, you can either take the shuttle bus or public bus to the onsen. Do check with the tourist info. counter at the exit of the station. The public bus station is across from the station.
It is only 5min distance to the onsen. Cross the road and the onsen is located towards the end.
There is a vending machine outside the onsen, but I bought my entrance from the reception as I was holding the Hakone Freepass (with discount, i think). Fee was Y1,200.
I brought my own towel instead of purchase from the Onsen. There were only very few peoples there since it was still early.
First thing entering the Onsen is to take off your shoes and store in the shoes locker. There are lockers with keys in the dressing room for your belongings. There is a scale machine, which you can measure before and after hot spring. Remember to take a shower before entering the hot spring. Hair shampoo and conditioner are provided. Your might want to bring your own body shampoo for hygiene purpose as only soap is provided.
Went to Hakone on solo and spent 2hrs in the onsen. From bus stop which you got down, you can take bus to other attractions, shrine and cruise. Do check the frequency of the bus once you get down from the bus, in order for you to better estimate your time. As i missed the bus after the onsen, and gotta wait for another 30min.
This is a good onsen. You can even have meal at the onsen if you have time, or to book for a night or two. I didn’t get to have one since it was a day trip in Hakone.
Enjoy your onsen experience!
Written November 25, 2017
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San Francisco, CA42 contributions
Apr 2017 • Family
I can't say have I have been ever more relaxed than taking in the waters of Tenzan.

After a long day of touring Hakone on the Free Pass, I was bit tired and ready to retire at our hotel in Tokyo, an hour and half away. However, my wife and kids suggested we take an onsen/Japanese bath at one highest rated just outside of Tokyo. So with a bit of apprehension b/c of the exposed nature of the experience, I said what the heck, what are the chances of knowing anyone there or ever seeing anyone there again.

We took the B bus in front of the Hakone Tourism office and ten minutes later we were dropped in front of the onsen, nice! Once there we immediately noticed the quietness of the area and toned our communications to a whisper. Before entering we noted a typical vending machine outside, where you pay your admission. Note to those on the Free Pass there is a minor discount, about 10 USD for admission. Walking inside we were immediately greeted by a gentleman that spoke limited English which help us out. First off you need to bring your own "modesty" towel or purchase one of two they have for sale, a smaller one in white with their logo for about 2 USD or a larger plain in colored/no logo one for 3.50 USD, that offers more coverage. We opted for the less modest but logo-ed ones for souvenir sake. Before entering you are to remove your street shoes and place them into lockers with a key. Going down stairs there are two doors, red curtained for females and blue or no curtain for men, this is a segregated facility as most are. Inside the changing rooms are lockers with a banded key to you to keep while using their facilities. In your birthday suit you ware expected to bath thoroughly before using the baths, using the "modesty" towel you purchased earlier, remember the comment about large and small above?

Entering the baths, yes, everyone is the birthday suits and you can use your towel to cover up if your inclined to do so, after a while I just let it all hang out, as I found the baths so relaxing my "give a damn" was broken. I soaked in progressively hotter stone baths taking a break to cool off before entering the next. I did a final soak in cold water pool, which was very similar to ice baths I have taken after long runs to recover.

I was so relaxed my better half I spent more time in there than she did and she noted that she had never seen me so relaxed. It was an easy ride back to the train station on the B buss that the front desk can help you with. Tenzan did the trick to find my "zen" in Japan.
Written April 17, 2017
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Joy D
1 contribution
Jul 2018 • Solo
Do not go here. I went and had a terrible time. Was treated badly by the staff and after a bought my ticket, i had to by a little towel i did not need. I did not want to, but they would not let me in if i did not buy one or give me my money back. To not lose my money, i bought one. The place was not better than a wellness at a pool, so save your money and go some were else
Written July 23, 2018
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Edinburgh, UK1,224 contributions
Mar 2018 • Solo
The restaurant and resting area are by the river, with a couple of cherry blossom trees. The outdoor sitting area was raining pale pink sakura petals when I went in spring. Hot springs are not in a huge area but really nice - 1 wooden half-open indoor tub, a sauna, plus 5 mostly clear outdoor hot spring rock baths on varying levels with gorgeous wooden structures surrounded by greenery, plus little whimsical statues, thatched roof, small cave, bamboo, mini waterfalls... When I went in late March, there were cherry blossom petals floating on the milky hot spring water, with a small butterfly dancing on the side and oranges dangling from the tree - pretty magical!

Shampoo, conditioner & bars of soap (not liquid soap like most places) provided. There are hairdryers but nothing else so bring your own lotion & cotton buds. It's 1300 yen with your own towels and more for towel rental. There's another onsen called "Ikkyu" next door for 1100 yen.

To get here, follow the sign from Hakone-Yumoto Station & go downstairs to 'B' of "Ryokan shuttle bus service" where you can catch a 16 seater orange van with some space for luggage in the back. It takes 10 minutes uphill to Tenzan. There are 2 buses an hour there and back - must have 100 yen exact change. Regular buses cost 230 yen but you can use SUICA.
Written March 29, 2018
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