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We are a personal tour company and our full day jeep tours start at $115 usd per person with a minimum of two people. There may be an additional charge depending on your group size and location. If your group would like to book tours for more than one day, we are happy to give you a discount. The jeeps can comfortably carry 3 to 4 adult passengers or 2 adults and 3 children. We will pick you up around 8:00 am and bring you back in time for dinner. Full day jeep tours include all jeep expenses, any admission tickets, Vietnamese lunch and soft drinks. We have some very popular tours that we can recommend or we are able to customize the tour for your group, such as locations of war history. For more information or to book a tour please contact us, we can be contacted by WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber or Zalo at (+84)76 442 5880. Also by Facebook Messenger at Mick Danang or Jeeptour Danang. Our restored Army Jeeps and motorbikes are the key to get you close enough to enjoy the beauty of Vietnam.
Da Nang, Vietnam

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163 reviews
Very good

Nymboida, Australia25 contributions
Oct 2012 • Friends
This was an amazing tour through the mountains and
Little villages between Hoi An and Hue, taking in Marble Mountan, fishing village, army bunkers, waterfall and lunch by the steam to meandering through the many local villages in the jeep. Such a great experience. Jeremy has a thorough knowledge of the area and culture and makes you feel welcome and comfortable.
Written October 7, 2012
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Vico Equense, Italy10 contributions
Jul 2012 • Family
I had heard about Jeremy's tour from someone else what had just done the day tour with his wife and two small children. He was beaming with excitement in talking about that day with Jeremy. Though it was pricey for our goal of sticking to low key accomodations and spending as little as possible every day, i have to say it was the best day we had in about 4 weeks in Vietnam.

Jeremy finally showed us the Vietnam we had come to see: landscapes of mountains, greenery, traditional villages, away from the honking and traffic of the cities, away from the beaten path, away from the constant stalking faced by tourists in Vietnam.

The 5 of us, my wife, myself and our 3 kids, aged 9, 7, and 5 fit in the authentic Jeep Jeremy took great care to renovate. Unlike other "jeep tours' in Vietnam, his Jeep is the real deal, one used by the Americans during the Vietnam war, with small touches of improvement to make it comfortable to ride in the back. The ride was a lot more comfortable than what i feared initially, and a lot safer than what you'd think at first glance (no seat belts, it's an army jeep). We all had a great time, and Jeremy drove safely and expertly. Keep in mind too that the place where he takes you has very little traffic, and max speed is 25 mph anyway.

I can't recommend enough doing a day with Jeremy and his Jeep to anyone wishing to see the Vietnam as it used to be only 15 years ago in more areas than just the remote ones, including villages entirely in wood, with no cement or bricks. It was perfect for us because we couldn't really do any trekking with the kids, and Sapa had been a huge disappointment in that regard (couldn't trek, so were stuck to the touristy path with all the stalking).

On a side note, Jeremy's price is set so there is no nickle and diming. Unlike with other tours, he covers drinks, tips to locals he depends on, etc. That was a huge relief, as it gets really tiring to be constantly acting as an ATM. Jeremy gets customer service, and i wish him best of luck.
Written July 23, 2012
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Melbourne, Australia413 contributions
Jul 2012 • Couples
Our day seeing the sights of Da Nang was fantastic and doing it by jeep made it even more exciting and enjoyable. Jeremy picked us up and gave us a rundown of where we were going and made sure we were well prepared. While driving Jeremy gave us a rundown on the next stop and lots of facts and history about the area and the people. The good thing with the jeep was that we got to see everything and could take great pics as no windows in the way and plenty of stops (even unscheduled ones). We visited a few off the beaten track places which made it all more interesting. Lunch was in the national park which was nice and relaxing and a pleasant break. Its a fantastic way to see everything and with Jeremy explaining so much we had the most amazing day
Written September 22, 2012
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Matcham9 contributions
Apr 2012 • Family
Oh dear, in the blistering heat with no sun protection we endured the first 2hours and almost headed home. Our children (aged 10 6 & 4) had a very difficult time. The dip in the waterhole was a treat that we all enjoyed and it became more bearable when the cloud cover came over. The scenery and local people along the tour route were amazing. It was then going ok, until the jeep broke down and we were stranded on the side of a busy, dusty road with our children waiting for the possibility of a mechanic to fix. The rudeness jeremy showed to the local people trying to assist was very troubling to us and really ruined the day as we have a great love of Vietnamese people. We are so very grateful for the local family who offered to drive us out of the mountains and showed amazing care and concern. Can't believe that the tour operator requested full cash payment for the tour when we were broken down on the side of the road, even though it then cost us $50 to pay for the taxi home and did not contact us to make sure that we even got home safely.
Written April 18, 2012
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Golden, CO2 contributions
Sep 2012 • Friends
i had heard about this tour from someone we had met during our trip.
the idea of a jeep tour through the countryside is a great one and it WAS fun to ride in the open air and see the beautiful scenery.
however i thought the tour operator to be invasive and insensitive to the locals.
we would stop in their villages, walk into their homes unnanounced, demand that textiles be brought out for show/purchase, pick up squealing livestock without asking anyone whether it was ok. once we even drove into a village tree and busted down one if its branches to the alarm of the children we had attracted with our candy.

it didn't really seem like any of the local adults were happy to see us arrive (although they were very interested in the foreigners and of course the children were thrilled about the candy - their teeth were all rotten so i had mixed feelings about handing them lollipops). not to mention the idea of throwing candies (or any object) out of an army jeep twoard an 80 year old Vietnamese woman - i'm not sure what kind of memories this would evoke for her.

if you want to feel like a movie star for a day handing candy out to local villagers and waving like miss america, and you don't really care about your impact, this tour might be for you.

i did a similar tour in sapa - hiking through mountain tribal villages- and it was wonderful not only becuase it was very off the grid but also because the tour guide seemed to have a real connection, respect, appreciation and deep knowledge of the local culture.
Written September 14, 2012
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I would like to address some of the points you brought up in your review that you did not mention during the trip. You are worried about being insensitive to the villagers, as am I. I have been to these villages many times, usually with my vietnamese partner/interpreter to talk with and work with these people, they know me, and I work hard to NOT be an irritent. I do NOT just walk into the houses, If the doors are open I might poke my head in to say Hello, which is normal and accepted, as they have differnet concepts of privacy than we do in the west. Many times we are invited into the homes for some tea or snacks. I do NOT demand anything from these people, we are thier guests, sometimes I will purchase things from them such as fruit, handicrafts, or textiles, as a way of giving back without just handing out money. I rotate which villages we stop at. We try not to visit the same village more than once a month, because I do not want to interrupt the lives of the people too much. Yes, I did pick up a piglet so you could photograph it, and the woman who owned it was standing right there and thought it was funny watching me get dirty catching a baby pig. Yes, I did snap a small branch off a bush when we stopped at one village. I know now not to park in that spot. It was the first time I had been to that specific village, they had just built a new bridge that gave it road access, you were very happy to be the first tourist ever in that village and all of the women were happy to see you and were checking out your nail polish. I have no idea why you are saying the adult. are unfriendly, on my tours we see nothing but smiles from people of all ages. I went back then next week with my interpreter and apologized for hurting the bush. Most people comment on how nice the teeth are of the villagers, they only eat fresh food, no fast food, no processed food. I do not do tours every day, nor do I give every child candy every tour, at most these kids get maybe 3 or 4 lolipops a year, which, except for red dye#4, I do not think is much different than the raw sugarcane they are always munching on.. As for the older people, they are reminded of when the americans drove around during the war handing out food and candy, but you did not bring any of this up during the tour, you happily handed out candy and took photos. If you have ANY photos of children with rotten teeth, please send them to me and I will take them to the dentist myself, I am here to help the people of vietnam, not ruin their health. The villages in Sapa are very beautiful, but they get hundreds of visitors a week, and get constantly interrupted to pose for photos, There are many good tour guides out there, but there are many tour guides who come from the government in the big cities to keep an eye on the villagers and ensure they do not stray from the script for the tourists. The villages we visit get almost no tourists and just go about their daily lives. We stop by maybe once a month and say hello. I am sorry you did not enjoy your tour as much as some of my other customers. I thank you for your feed back, and as we go back through the villages I will continue to work with the people to ensure it is a positive experience for both sides.
Written October 1, 2012
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Dee D
Hobart, Australia27 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
Hi - I had to give this 1 out of 5, which means that the experience was terrible. This deserves a ZERO out of 5 as we didn't even get to go, read on.....

Well - having visited Da Nang in April 2016, and experiencing Looking Glass Jeep Tours we decided long before we came back with our Brother & Sister in-laws and their 2 children that we would do this tour again, as you can read in my last review it was a pretty good one...

We made contact with Jeremy some time out and confirmed date, time and pick-up location, this time for 2 jeeps as there was the 6 of us. Slow to reply but we got there. I even e-mailed a week prior to confirm the booking, however, no reply - not a big deal we thought as it took him a few weeks to reply initially - that should have been an alarm bell there and then.

On the day we all got up nice and early for the 8:00am pickup - full of excitement and expectation, it was our travelling partners first time to Vietnam and we really had talked it up. So we waited, waited and waited some more. A NO SHOW!!!!

I rang the number twice, left a voice message after a Vietnamese prompt, still no reply.

In my last review I called him laconic and cynical - now I call him just plain rude and arrogant. If you can't make a date then fine, make contact, call, e-mail, contact our hotel and leave a message, at least notify people, I understand that things happen, if there was a problem so be it we could have arranged another time during our stay - but nothing - really?

So my advice to you all is this - if you book it do so with apprehension and make sure that you have a back up plan on the day. Consider another operator - all our other tours booked online prior departure ran like clock work, on time and all of our expectations easily exceeded and all operated by local Vietnamese operators and not an ex-pat.
Written July 26, 2017
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Owner at Looking Glass Jeep Tours I apologize for the late response to your review and I'm extremely sorry about your experience. Unfortunately at that time Jeremy had to leave the country to take care of some personal things. Looking Glass Jeep Tours is back up and running the same amazing tours that it has always done. I apologize and I know there is nothing I can say or do that will fix the problems you encountered. Again I am sincerely sorry. Nguu
Written September 28, 2018
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Southport, UK198 contributions
Sep 2012 • Couples
My wife and I have just returned from one of Looking Glass Jeep Tours, 'The Mountains of Da Nang' and it was absolutely fantastic.
Our guide and owner of the business Jeremy has a great thing going here.

We were taken on an all day tour in his 1960s US Army jeep around the province of Da Nang visiting some of the military sites associated with the Vietnam War and a visit to Marble Mountain,lunch at a great little Vietnamese eating place as well as a visit to see how people of a local village make their living.

I wont go on about the sites because they are all listed in previous reviews of both his tours and of Da Nang in general but his knowledge.good humour and interest in the Vietnamese people is admirable. He carries with him a great little portfolio of pictures taken by GI's and the Press during the conflict and at the same points visited during the tour which he has researched and that enhances the whole experience.

The visit to the local village and boat builder was great and they were genuinely happy to see us as they all waved as we drove through then stopped to watch them at work. Jeremy obviously has a good rapport with them and this is a part of the trip that regular tours do not do so you get to see real Vietnam.
A second jeep was with us and the couple we spoke to had already done a tour a few days earlier and were back for more.

If you are taking a trip to Da Nang then this tour is a must.
Written September 21, 2012
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england40 contributions
Feb 2013 • Couples
Absolutely excellent day.... Neil picked us up before 8 then headed straight out to marble mountain where we saw many things I think you would have missed had you been visiting on your own, also some good stories about it's history and the role these mountains played during the war. Headed to monkey mountain next for some great views and some seriously deserted roads before stopping off to visit the tallest Buddha in Asia. Headed back through down town Da Nang for some great lunch before heading up the mountains the other side and over the Hai Van Pass (made even more famous by the top gear gang who loved this road). Amazing views, scenery and a beautiful cool breeze as you travel through this mountain pass. Stopped at the top for an introduction to Vietnamese coffee which was gorgeous and now my wife's favourite before taking in the extensive views both sides and exploring some old French fortification and also some American bunkers. Travelled down the other side of the pass, again taking in spectacular scenery passing goats, cattle, dogs all just wandering around on the road before heading back through the tunnel. Our favourite part was next heading home through the country side, Neil mixes it up superbly so you never go through the same part twice. This part gives you a real insight into how village folk live, passing paddy fields, typical Vietnamese houses, a Catholic church and even a karaoke bar. I don't know if it was 3 westerners, the Jeep or a mixture of both but the amazing reaction we got and friendliness from the locals was just amazing and really made the day. Back to the hotel for 6 so that was 10 hours of great fun, great sights and interesting facts about the Vietnamese people and their amazing history.

Neil our English guide is clearly very well travelled and well educated and has obviously extensively researched the history of Vietnam and the local area. He lives in Hoi An long term, embraced the culture and seems very involved in the local community, no question went unanswered, he was ultra accommodating around us trying to change some travellers cheques and really is an enjoyable guy to spend the day with. For the money you couldn't hire a taxi for the day, let alone lunch, drinks all day, industrial strength sun cream and all this in an open top Jeep.

Tip. You are in a hot country in an open top Jeep....hat, shades, sun cream a must, you don't get hot as most of the time you are up in the mountains where it is much cooler but obviously the sun is still strong. Read a comment on here about someone moaning about being in the sun all day which I thought was strange as the clues sort of in the title of the company but it's definitely the best way to see the place.
Written February 18, 2013
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Auckland Central, New Zealand15 contributions
Jul 2019 • Family
Such a fantastic day with Mike doing the Da Nang mountains tour. If you want off the beaten track, and insider knowledge galore, then choose a day with Mike. We saw three kinds of monkeys, swam with locals in a secret lagoon, ate cockles for lunch at a restaurant on the water, found special things at Hai Van pass (you’ll have to wait and see), and witnessed this country’s beauty from on high. Five stars.
Written July 9, 2019
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Thank you very much! Thanks for your sincere appreciation, this is the motivation for us to become better. Hope to continue to serve you and your family in the near future. Thank you again. Best regards.
Written August 14, 2019
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Harry K
Perth, Australia2 contributions
Dec 2014 • Family
Jeep is very good, music is good, scenery is fantastic but Jeremy was very negative and although he was knowledgable he was not a very good tour guide.
Written December 29, 2014
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