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CQ Leather Leather dress shoes are meant to be closely fitted to your foot and eventually mold themselves to it. If a shoe doesn’t fit properly, that can’t happen, and you’ll not only end up with ugly creases and cracks in your shoe, you can also hurt yourself
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33 reviews
Very good

2 contributions
Highly recommanded! Good balance between price & quality!
Sep 2017 • Couples
The leather shop "i love shoes" (718, hai ba trung) did a very great job!
The first time we came to the shop we had contact with miss Ly.
We knew very clearly what we wanted and miss Ly understood that too. We ordered a men's leather jacket in Buffalo leather, one pair of men shoes, one pair of women shoes and one leather bag for women.
Miss Ly helped us immediately to find out the right colour, showed us different sorts of leather and compared the price differences.
In only one hour our choices were made and our measures were taken. We payed everything immediately by MasterCard.
The next day the first version of our order was ready. The leather jacket fitted perfect, so was ready to take home. The only adaptations needed to be made were on the shoes (one shoe was a bit bigger then the other and the men shoes needed to become more in shape). Also the pencil on the bag (handmade) needed to be cleaned. The next day all the adaptations were done and we had a perfect result. Everything was exactly as we wanted.
We higly recommand this shop if you want leather items of high quality for a reasonable price. You just need to know what you want, negotiate for a good price and stay for a few days in Hoi An to be sure every adaptation can be made on time.
Thank you miss Ly!! Damien & Laurence
Written September 25, 2017
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4 contributions
Pleasantly surprised
Jul 2017
I walked into this store blindly without reading any reviews as it was next to our tailor.

I had a specific pair of boots in mind and after showing them a photo, they had a similar pair in store which I used as a reference.

Only when we got back to our hotel did I do a google search and was horrified to read all of the negative comments. The terrible feedback must have been enough for them to clean up their act because when I arrived to pick up my boots the next day, they were as I asked and fit like a glove.

The only minor issue was part of the back of the shoe needed to be re-glued (it hadn't come away from the sole but likely would if I had worn them). I took them back the next day and they happily fixed them for me, no problem. No questions asked.

I really hope the negative feedback was a wake up call for this store as Hoi An is super competitive and customers will happily go elsewhere. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and service.
Written July 9, 2017
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James A
17 contributions
Good sandals, dishonest dealing.
Mar 2017 • Couples
The address is 718 Hai Ba Trung St, Hoi An, as shown in the picture above. I had a pair of sandles made here. They fit well and appear to have good workmanship. Negotiated a price of 1,700,000 dng (A$100) for them and left a deposit of 1,000,000dng. They were ready at the appointed time, and I requested to pay in full by Visa with a refund of the deposit, which they readily agreed to. The total amount was increased by 5% (normal), but it was only later that I realised they had charged me US$105, a 25% overcharge at the present exchange rate. My fault for not checking at the time of paying, but I will never go back there, and strongly recommend you avoid this trader because of this dishonesty.
I have yet to see if these sandals go the distance.
Written March 26, 2017
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Seville, Spain20 contributions
You can find better
Nov 2016 • Couples
We found this place by chance and didn't check reviews or anything until after making purchases. The staff were friendly and approachable at first although they were pushier than other tailors in Hoi An and seemed to rush us through. We ordered three pairs of shoes and went through the whole process of choosing leather and colours. The price wasn't too bad compared to other shops in the area although bargaining was difficult and I feel they were overpriced for the final quality of the product.
Once the price was decided the shop assistant demanded full payment as she had to buy the leather, we refused and after quite a bit of discussion she accepted 50% as we said we had no other money or card etc.
We returned the next day to pick up our shoes and the demeanour of the staff was completely different, they weren't interested in assisting us, just wanted the cash.
First thing was that they had got the colours wrong for two of the shoes - the woman was adamant that it was not her fault and that I had forgotten what I had chosen.
The fit was fine and the shoes look good however we haven't worn them in and do not know if they will fall apart but they do look well made.
Overall this was not a complete disaster but given our interaction with the staff and the number of shoe tailors in Hoi An - you can certainly find a better place.
Note this place is now called 'I Love Shoes' and the address is listed as 718B Hai Ba Trung Street (same shop)
Written December 1, 2016
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Lauren W
Cardiff, UK19 contributions
Not Real Tailors or Shoemakers
Sep 2016 • Couples
I feel like a fool.

I went inside 'I Love Shoes' because there seemed to be a broad selection of jackets and that was what I was looking for.
Their leather selection was great and we were offered a reasonable price if we purchased two jackets there and then (one male and one female). They were measuring us up before we'd even agreed to buy anything and were incredibly pushy. We had been in a few shops already but liked the leather here so agreed to a good price.
This is when the problems started.
They wanted payment in full immediately-naturally we declined after reading some horror stories from other tailors and after negotiations we payed half each. The male jacket was more than my jacket because it would need to be broader.
When we went back the next day we found only one jacket had been made which coincidentally was mine - the cheaper one. They said they didn't have the leather for the other one but as I was 'big like a boy' (thanks) the price had gone up from the one quoted after measuring me the day before and the deposit for the other jacket took it to exactly the right amount. $50 more than we had been quoted for my jacket. The jacket was a mess, it was way too small in the arms, too big in the body, the stitching was a mess and the collars and hens were uneven. So we went back again, and again, and again. The girl wouldn't let me tell her what I wanted to fix because "I am a tailor, I know, you not need tell me". As I didn't have time to mess around I insisted that she listen to me but no improvements were being made. My heart sank every time I went into the shop. The new price made it a similar price to what I could get in England but the quality was far inferior. Eventually I told them that I wanted my money back. After all their slogan is "No like=No Pay". The owner of the shop screamed and shouted at us and told us that the money was nothing to westerners and that we were just being picky and should accept poor quality because it is hand made. I've never been screamed at the way this man did, he was like a mad man.
The girl then told us that THEY ARE NOT TAILORS- they outsource all of the work to a factory and the real tailor came and saw the jacket on me and made adjustments as the owner point blank refused my refund.
The jacket looked okay when I left the shop, not great but passable. Now I'm back home I have worn the jacket 4 times and the stitching has come apart, there are tram marks in it and it looks a mess.

I tried to research the shop before I went inside but it must have just changed its name so I couldn't find anything so I have requested that trip advisor update the name to I Love Shoes so that nobody makes the same costly mistake as me.
Written November 6, 2016
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Salzburg, Austria100 contributions
The worst experience of my whole journey - left the shop in tears
Jun 2016 • Couples
After wandering around Hoi An for many hours looking for a tailor that has a particular type of leo-print leather for making slip-ons, I came across "I love Shoes" (former "Everbody's Fashion") where the lady told me she could make the shoes exactly as I wanted. I tried to check the shop's references on the internet but couldn't find any because it obviously changed its name not long time ago (how I found out later). When we told the lady we preferred to have lunch before making a decision, she told us she needed to order the leather NOW and in 1 hour it would be too late because the following day would be a national holiday. Stupidly, since she was so pushy (and we were already tired of looking for a tailor for so long), we agreed on ordering the shoes right away - and also paid the whole amount of money (45$) up front, as she demanded. She told us we could pick up the shoes in 2 days.

However, when we left the shop, I got an unexpected phone call from my family back home, asking us to come home earlier due to personal problems. We decided to try to make our way back home as soon as possible, so even before informing the hotel I immediately ran back to the tailor shop to tell the lady that I needed to leave and that I would like my money back.

What happened next was the worst experience I made during our whole (10 months) journey: the lady explained the whole situation to her boss, three more ladies joined the conversation and suddenly they formed a circle around me, started yelling at me, calling me a liar and shouting that they wouldn't refund me the money. Only 10(!) minutes had passed since I had paid, and the lady insisted that it was too late because she had already ordered the leather and it was impossible to cancel the order.
During the discussion, especially the boss was behaving very aggressively, shouting at me and smashing the receipt onto the table. I was so intimidated and shocked that I left the shop in tears (I truly felt like a 8-year old being mobbed). My boyfriend had waited outside, and when he saw me being so exhausted, he got angry, entered the shop and screamed at the boss that he should never dare to treat me like this again. After a loud discussion, he finally got the money back, even wanting to leave some dollars "for the inconveniences", but as soon as he had gotten the money back, the boss got even more aggressive, swearing at him in the worst way and telling him he didn't want his money.

When I later found out about the change of the shop's name and when I read through all the negative references here on TripAdvisor, I was horrified. How can this business still exist, and why the hell does it treat its customers that badly? How come the boss is able to even violate people and nothing can be done about it?
Please, DON'T GO THERE. Nobody deserves being treated like that and they don't deserve a single Dong.

My recommendations for finding a professional tailor in Hoi An:
1. Research the tailor before you pay! Even if you can't find any reviews by googleing the name - type in the address and make sure the shop hasn't changed its name (due to the high amount of negative reviews customers had written).
2. Don't go for the cheapest - tailors with many good references might charge a bit more, but they tend to do a very good job and produce high-quality products that won't fall apart after some months. You never have that guarantee if you buy from an "unknown" cloth shop.
3. NEVER pay up front - only leave a deposit and make sure you'll get your money back if you're not happy with the product. Good, professional tailors will agree on "No like - no pay".
Written June 9, 2016
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Jim D
Alkmaar, The Netherlands31 contributions
Nice Bags, friendly help, heavy negotiation.
Dec 2015 • Couples
We had friendly help but a little pushy. Just be clear what you want and how you want it. We choose 2 bags and at that moment the negotiation starts. At this moment you must choose a maximum price for yourself we are satisfied with the total price. Two days later we could pick up the bags. Everything was fine and they keep their promises. The bags are really good quality.
Written December 30, 2015
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melbourne43 contributions
Do Not Shop Here
Nov 2015 • Friends
Please do not come to this shop, pressure selling and promises they do not keep. Asked them to copy a vinyl bag they had in the shop but make it in leather, the lady wanted cash up front and stupidly I believed her about they are a professional shop, no complaints, look at all my customers. Told to come back the next day to pick up bag, arrived early and was told, bag not ready they would deliver to our hotel at 5 pm, but did not arrive until after I went to bed. Picked up bag from reception that morning, it was terrible...stuck of vinyl after I paid for leather, actually threw the bag in the bin. Tried to call the shop, no answer and the email address on their card does not exist. Lesson learnt, never pay up front for anything.. You have all been warned.
Written November 28, 2015
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Jeff B
Gold Coast, Australia1 contribution
Keep away from this one
Nov 2014 • Couples
Like many other reviews, the soles fell off my shoes on the 10th day of wear, very pushy and confident sales staff who after payment lost interest fairly quickly. Keep well away!
Written January 30, 2015
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Valdez, AK5 contributions
Worst place ever
Jan 2015
I had a pair of shoes made and stupidly paid for them before they were finished. They were not ready for a fitting when promised and didn't deliver them
To the hotel until way past 10pm, too late to repair. Shoes were uncomfortable and still smelled af glue 4 days later. I left them behind in Hanoi as they were unwearable. Avoid this place at all costs.
Written January 20, 2015
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