Huay Sua Thao Karenni Village

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Huay Sua Thao Karenni Village

Huay Sua Thao Karenni Village

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The Hague, The Netherlands9 contributions
Meaningful encounters in Huay Pu Keng
Nov 2019
I have visited Huay Pu Keng in Mae Hong Son province twice. They are the first and only Kayan village that offers workshops. You can try your hand at weaving a hairband, making a brass bracelet and/or bamboo cup. You can also make a hike and learn about medicinal plants. Furthermore, you can plant trees together with the villagers.
Next to the Kayan, there are 4 other tribes that are living in the village: Kayor, Tai Yai, Red Karen and Pakayor. They have so many interesting stories to tell! You can also do a homestay to stay a bit longer. Please ask for Aye Muang and Pay Yu, that organize tourism activities in the village. It's really valuable to learn and experience life in the village, go see for yourself!
If you want to read more reviews: there is another page on Tripadvisor about Huay Pu Keng, called "Long neck village".
Written January 25, 2020
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David H
Vancouver, Canada986 contributions
A world of it's own.
Oct 2018 • Friends
Friendly locals and an amazing place to stay a night or two and enjoy the jungle and local surroundings. Very basic food choices but all very fresh. A jumping off point for the elepant safaris but such a little sweet spot to visit. Be sure to talk to the locals and try to help them out by buying some of their jewellery.
Written April 6, 2019
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Los Angeles, CA93 contributions
Great idea for how to make refugees self-sustainable
Oct 2017
We visited this village on a regular one day tour that every place in town offers. It was a nice village and the Karen people were friendly and dignified. This is one way for them to earn some money through charging entrance fees, and also each family sells beautiful handmade scarfs. So please visit and buy souvenirs from them, and treat the people with respect.
Written October 16, 2017
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia82 contributions
A row of shops. Not what I expected
Dec 2016 • Couples
This village was very different to one that I've been to in Chiang Mai 8 years ago.
This village was only a row of shops with ladies with brass on their neck selling goods; and I had to pay 250 baht per person to enter the village just to have a look at the row of shops!

My previous visit to a long neck village was an actual village setup with the villagers in their houses and very few were merchants.
Written December 31, 2016
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Izmir, Turkey420 contributions
Good experience to visit karen people...
Aug 2016 • Couples
I was wondering the karen people history because of george orwell - burmese days.
Finally I have visited this village. It is very interesting to see their life , listen their history ( escape from mynamar, coming tayland, relations with japanese.) Beucase of life conditions some of the karens move to Pai. But if you want to visit real karen village, you should definitely go the mae hong son. You can only reach by boat. The village is very close to mynamar border. Unfortunately, new generations does not wear neck equpiment, they are not living as old karens. So by near future , they can lose their old culture. If you want to go and see this interestig people, you should be in a hurry. Do not forget , the real location is mae hong son. Not pai or chiang rai.

Written August 21, 2016
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia67 contributions
If you're a fan of a freak show
Aug 2016 • Business
Sorry people, but visiting a village where (with all due respect for their traditions) you can take a picture with fake (only half) rings around your neck... it felt like visiting a freak show 100 years ago. So sad that these people have to make money by selling souvenirs to foreigners who take pictures with these ladies.
Apart from the ladies, the village is next to nothing, it will take you 20 min to visit the whole village and you will be leaving with a bad taste...
Written August 14, 2016
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Cape Canaveral, FL3 contributions
Elephant Tour was Excellent
Jul 2016 • Friends
The Karen Village is magical. Sun was a great host and you can quickly see how much they care about the elephants. Not only is it a once in a lifetime experience but they make sure you learn how to properly take care of an elephant. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Written July 31, 2016
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Ebbw Vale, UK42 contributions
Conflicting thoughts on this visit
May 2016 • Friends
We visited the Long Neck Karen as part of a motorbike tour and I'll be honest I was looking forward to it from the minute we arrived in Chiang mai, now that might conflict with the title of this review so let me try to make sense for you.
The village is up in the mountains so we left our bikes and rode up in the back of a truck driven by a young lad who looked about 12.
We were lucky in that there were only half a dozen other visitors there and our tour guide took time to tell us all about the village and the women we would see, we began walking up through the village to be met by dozens of stalls all selling pretty much the same things. We stopped with one lady who seems to feature in every brochure, review and photo I've seen of this attraction, we were given a talk on how the rings are put on their necks and felt how heavy they were. There were photo opportunities with fake neck rings etc.
Our guide told us to be sure to ask before taking photos and we respected this.
The souvenirs obviously raise money for the community as do the rugs and throws you can buy, but I can't help but believe it's turned into more about the income from tourists than a way of life for the people there.
At no time were we pressured or hassled to buy anything, the ladies and often children just sat on their stalls, smiled at you and pointed to the goods on sale. It felt a bit awkward passing by one person and then buying something a couple of stalls up, but hopefully the income is communal and they all benefit collectively.
I'm not saying don't go, you will learn about the culture and the reasons behind the practice, go with an open mind, look forward to the experience and don't be disappointed if you feel it's a bit commercial. I'm glad we went as we were here for the culture of the country and these ladies certainly fell into that category.
Written June 15, 2016
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Steve F
Truro, UK89 contributions
A typical tourist rip off, don't go.
Nov 2015 • Solo
The locals are being exploited by outsiders who charge what they think they can get away with for you to enter. I didn't pay but just walked in with the accompanying threats but they can't charge entry. OK if you want to photograph some one with a long neck then give them a tip, that's fair. There are other villages that are harder to find but without this ripoff. The taxi drivers are in on the act as well instead of looking after your interests. I complained to the Tourist agency with no result. Buy a postcard instead of staring at someone.
Written February 18, 2016
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Thailand1,593 contributions
You visit because it is —
Nov 2015 • Couples

This attraction, it seems is a natural lure for the human instinct to observe what's different about other peoples elsewhere. Were it not for the unusual practice of women wearing rings around their necks as a differentiating feature, we're not sure these peoples would be significantly different from a visual perspective than many other nomadic peoples worldwide. Of course, they ARE different, given their cultural heritage and geography.

We were fortunate to have native Thai, Khan and Kayan speakers with us during our visit to this place. These people originated from Mongolia during the Bronze age. Others have spent a lot of time here describing the women of this culture and their practices. We will forgo that here. Please see other reviews or material on the Internet for lazier descriptions about these people.

This is one of 3 "storefront" villages in area where the women of this culture sell their wares. That is to say, only some women and children remain behind to sell items to generate income while other members of their village wander.

Some items for sale are hand-made --- others are acquired through trading with other peoples in the region. The primary purpose of this village is to present the front to sell items to tourists. It also provides lodging and shopping opportunities for residents.

If you decide to visit, questions of ethics and protocol will arise in your mind as to how to act and what to do. Here's what we did.

We wandered through the village into the "shopping areas". The latter are simply temporary, covered structures where the vendors place their wares. If we liked something, we looked at and asked questions about it, and if wanted it, we bought it. We always took pictures with the sellers when we bought something. When we didn't buy but wanted a picture, we asked permission. In a few cases, we left a gratuity of 10 or 20 baht when we didnt buy something but otherwise had an enjoyable and informative conversation with a vendor.

In the end, we can assert that shopping here is a unique experience. Many of the items sold can be bought at the local street markets in neighboring towns. You visit here to see the women and their long neck rings. That's it. The rings do not elongate the necks of the wearers. They push down the clavicle and related bones in the neck area causing the unique appearance.
Written January 28, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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