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Male1,955 contributions
Local village
Dec 2020 • Friends
Half a day trip is enough to see villagers life. They do a few handicraft like wooden boat, coconut bowl, Batik, honey and crab farming. All would take a few minutes to stop. You can rent motorbike or hire a motorbike to go around.
There is also rice field and a lot of buffaloes and goats!!
Written December 11, 2020
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia86 contributions
Kanabnam View Seafood & Fish Farm
Mar 2020
private boat 300B (2-way) from chaofah pier. 5min to ko klang. just for lunch at kanabnam. didnt tour the island. fresh seafood & reasonable price.
Written March 9, 2020
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Pierre & Camille
Bern, Switzerland56 contributions
So close to Krabi and yet so far away
Jan 2020 • Couples
We visited Ko Klang in the morning by motorbike. You can cross the river by boat (20 baths per person and 10 baths for the bike). The boats leave from a small pier located south of the marina in the Thara Park. This island is so charming with no car (actually we saw one) but a heavy trafic of motorbike in the morning. Local people are smiling and very welcoming. To our knowledge, there is only one resort in the south coast. You can find small grocery stores and gasoline in the island. We also found a small trail in the mangrove. The beach is gorgeous and there is no rocks. You will feel alone... It’s definitively worth a half-a-day trip if you are waiting for your laundry in Krabi.
Written January 12, 2020
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Itt P
1,236 contributions
Authentic Fisherman Culture
Jan 2020 • Friends
Koh Klang translated as “Middle Island” in Thai, located at the mouth of Krabi River in Thailand’s charming southern province of Krabi, is a flat, 26-sq.km island surrounded by rivers, canals, mangrove forest and the Andaman Sea. It is the closest island to Krabi town with only a less-than-10-minute ride on local long-tailed boat ride from one of Krabi’s downtown piers. Its internal 6 km long road linking one end of the island to the other allows no cars but only motorbikes, bicycles and local Tuk Tuk’s or motorbikes with permanently-attached side cabin. While around 70% of its residents are indigenous people who have always made their livings from the sea, around 99% of them are devout Muslims. Mangrove forests on the north and east coasts of the island occupy 80 percent of the island’s space. The environment is varied from mangrove forests to rice fields where water buffaloes and goats are seen year round. For years, life in Koh Klang seems to have been frozen far away from hustle and bustle of urban life just across the river.
Written January 4, 2020
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Singapore, Singapore32 contributions
Travel back in time at ko klang
Jun 2019 • Couples
A must go when you are at krabi town! A short boat ride of 20 min will bring you back in time at ko Klang village. We absolutely loved our trip as our boat driver Ali rode us through a mangrove - it was really magical. He even let us had a try at steering the boat!

When we reached ko Klang, Ali recommended us to his Friend ‘Heavy’ to bring us around the village on his tuk tuk. We were worried about the rates as we were running Low on baht. But Heavy assured us not to worry about the payment as he said we can give however much we think he deserved after the tour. Heavy is the friendliest person we met the whole trip, he is always laughing and enthusiastically showing us around. He grew up in the village so he knew the place inside out. He introduced us to so many interesting sights and people - rice field, kite making, chicken singing, boat carving, coconut carving, batik making, crab farming, bee keeping, etc etc. What we loved the most is how welcoming the villagers were to us and it is as if they are one big family. We will 10/10 recommend Ali and Heavy to anyone who wish to experience ko Klang! We gave Heavy 600b at the end and would have given more if we were not that strapped for cash.

How to go:
Catch a boat at Chao fah park pier - give a call to our boat driver Ali for a ride (0836351556) at around 300b to and fro
Catch a tuk tuk to go around ko klang - we recommend our guide ‘Heavy’ (Ali can arrange for heavy to bring you around) at around 300b per hour for around 2 hours.
Written June 17, 2019
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Julianna K
4 contributions
Best of Thailand
Dec 2018 • Family
Just off the coast of Krabi Town on the river is a small village called Koh Klang and it was magnificent. It’s an incredible experience that shows the real lives of many of the people who travel in to Krabi for work. You take a long tail boat from chao fah pier and as soon as you step off the boat it’s like another world. We had to walk a little ways until we finally found a Tuk tuk and our guide Das was amazing (vest #17) and also speaks English pretty well. He takes you to the miniature boat carver, batik fabric painting (where you can paint your own fabric for 50bht), a bee keep, and so much more. There’s also a rooster singing contest every Friday at 4:30 but I guess it wasn’t happening the Friday we went. This truly was an inspiring stop during our vacation. Ladies be sure to cover your shoulders and legs in order to respect the mostly Muslim community here.
Written December 28, 2018
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Jessica M
22 contributions
Authentic Thailand
Mar 2018 • Couples
Today we went off the beaten track, across the river from Krabi Town and visited Ko Klang. It’s authentic Thailand and many locals get the boat to Krabi from Ko Lang to work. I’d recommend anyone visiting Krabi to go and explore. Even better is there’s hardly any tourists!

How to get there:-

> Take a long tail boat from Chao Fa Pier (100baht for 2 people)
> Hire a Tuk Tuk (200baht per hour)
> He will take you around Ko Klang and you will visit authentic Thai experiences, eg the Miniature Boat Carver, Fishing Farms, Schools (on a week day), Bee Keepers, Etc.
> Muslim Island so cover shoulders and wear longer trousers

NOTE: when getting on the long tail boat do not split your trousers from crotch to bottom - you WILL get laughed at by the locals. I’m not talking from experience, honest.
Written March 31, 2018
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Edinburgh67 contributions
Only minutes away, and you feel like your miles!
Feb 2018 • Couples
We had 3 nights in Krabi and wanted to do something local. So we jumped on a long tail over the water 20bts each and then got a tuk-tuk guide for 2.5hrs to show us Ko Klung. This is where many of the locals live and ferry over to Krabi for work and school. Our guy Guss (#17 vest) has very good English and was able to explain lots about the island and the people. (400bts) There are no cars on the island and only one main road. As I am a preschool teacher I was interest to see the 4 schools on the island. The locals and educators were extremely friendly and I even got to play with the preschooler! Children excited and shy at new people.
We saw a few mosques, rice fields, Bee man, local fishing area a fabric shop, which you can paint your own fabric, very addictive only 50bt. We also got taken to a wooden craftsman. It was a lovely way to spend the morning, to see the relaxed and peaceful way of life. Ladies be mindful it is 90% Muslim so t-shirt and skirt/trouser bellow the knee.
Written February 6, 2018
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Belgrade, Serbia12 contributions
Jan 2018
very nice beach! Not crowded, not noisy, and water is crystal clear! Only when the tide is really low, you have some rocks so it's more difficult to get in the water, but it was at the end of the day so we had a really ncie time. At the beginning of the beach there are some small places with local food: nice portion of phad thai and a big mango smoothie = 100thb!
Written January 23, 2018
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Gary B
95 contributions
AMAZING small island near Krabi town - real rural life and NO cars !
Jan 2018 • Family
My partner and I visited this amazing picturesque small island with our local Thai friends and their small toddler 1 and a half year old daughter. We parked for free at Thara Park in Krabi and took the longtail ferry boat across the river for only a few baht. We had a sidecar tuk-tuk tour of the island, which has no cars or trucks and is extremely quiet and traditionally rural. We saw how rice is still grown and harvested in the same traditional way, and how it is still ground down and sieved in traditional ways and for sale in 1kilo bags. Next we went to a traditional artisan carpenters house and saw his workshop. There we purchased a few handmade gifts from his small shop, which were inexpensive. We then went to a traditional family farmstead with goats chickens and ducks and then to the fishing area. We ended at the fish farm and restaurant beside the river where we had an amazing Thai seafood and chicken meal. We returned to Krabi again by longtail ferry and in all we had an amazing and interesting 4 hours.
Written January 18, 2018
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