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We are a locally based travel company situated in the heart of Krabi in Southern Thailand. We have over 15 years of experience in the travel tourism at Railay Beach and Krabi Town and know the area like the back of our hands. You can benefit from our inside knowledge of Krabi Province and Southern Thailand, which has something to offer for everyone.
Krabi Town, Thailand

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1,996 reviews
Very good

Sheridan W
Sydney, Australia8 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
The 4 island tour by long tail boat was a fantastic experience. The driver and tourguide made us feel comfortable and safe while we were in rocky conditions. The 4 destinations that we visited were absolutely beautiful and 100% worth the visit. Be prepared to hop in and out of the boat from/into knee deep water. Weather was fabulous on the day we went and the water is the perfect temperature to swim in. Favourites were snorkelling at chicken island and princess cave island.
Written July 31, 2018
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Jeffreys Bay, South Africa67 contributions
Aug 2017
When in Phuket a visit to Koh Phi Phi is a must. You will be offered several ways to get there . However if it to be a restful day cruising and seeing the sights then The Phi Phi Cruiser is the way to go.. You will be offered Speed Boat trips but they are very uncomfortable, bumpy crowded and not at all relaxing... So do yourself a favour and use the services oif the Phi Phi Cruiser. you won't be sorry
Written June 12, 2018
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Howrah, India9 contributions
Feb 2018
best part of the trip is snorlkeling at "phi phi ley". Monkey Island is also good. if i can customise the time, i will spend more time for snorkeling and taking bath at phi phi after lunch by reducing the time in Maya bay as well as at Khai Island
Written March 4, 2018
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Lauren E
London, UK46 contributions
Feb 2020
We booked a shared minivan from Krabi to Phuket with Trip Store and although their communication and customer service were very good, they use a company called Hatyai World Tour Co for their minivan trips who are honestly the worst travel company I’ve ever encountered. The journey was horrendous and the staff were incredibly rude. Wouldn’t recommend for this reason.
Written February 11, 2020
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Stefan S
Dear Sir/Madam, Thanks for your feedback. We will improve our staff and the quality of the transfer further to make it better. Have a great day. Best regards, Mai
Written February 18, 2020
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Steve S
5 contributions
FOR YOUR SAFETY, I implore you to read this whole review before booking with this company. What should have been a fun, normal day turned into a nightmare and could have been avoided if this company hadn’t been so negligent.

Start the day- it had been a rainy morning (more on this later)... It was still overcast and the water was choppy. The crew told us the first ride on the speedboat to Angthong for snorkeling would take 45 minutes. We stopped at Koh Phangan to pick up more passengers before heading to snorkeling. Altogether, we sat on that boat for 1 hour 45 minutes. 4 people on the boat got seasick and another injured her back on this extremely long, extremely bumpy ride. The crew had no medication, no solutions for the seasickness.

We arrive to snorkeling, and there is no land for everyone to recover from seasickness, it’s just a rock/cliff in the middle of the ocean. Hardly any shade in the water to stay out of the hot sun, and a putrid smelling boat. My wife and I got out to snorkel, which was fine enough, definitely murky where you couldn’t see too deep below you, but there were jellyfish in the water (APPARENTLY, it’s common knowledge that jellyfish surface after rain and the company still felt it was appropriate to take us to the deep water snorkeling where jellyfish could be present). The crew told us it was ok to snorkel, just watch out for them as they are generally not “dangerous”.

We watched for jellyfish the entire hour, avoiding them successfully, but in an instant, a jellyfish rose from underneath my wife, and stung her, wrapping around her stomach and both legs.

I swam her back to the boat, where the crew poured vinegar on her sting, which only made the pain worse(we later learned it may have been a seanettle, which you ARE NOT supposed to treat with vinegar). The crew said they had NOTHING ELSE to help her pain on the boat, but the island we were going to (and would take 15 minutes to boat to) would have a pharmacy and a doctor to tell us whether it was a dangerous jelly or not.

On the boat ride to the next island, her spine started radiating heat up and down and she was in excruciating pain to the point of trouble breathing. She needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible, but there was not a hospital at the next island. The tour leader said they would have a speedboat ready to take us back to Ko Samui, which would be a 30 minute boat ride. He then lead us to the first aid hut on Wo Tao Lab where their sorry excuse for emergency care supplies consisted of Tylenol, antidiarrheals, and contact solution. THAT. WAS. IT. Passengers on the boat carried more medical supplies than the hut contained.

Meanwhile, my wife is shaking, hyperventilating, hysterically crying out in pain, her extremities going numb from tingling and feeling her organs and nerve endings shutting down. The nurse at first aid kept saying “jelly not dangerous, jelly not dangerous” and the tour guide kept telling us a boat was on the way to take us back to Koh Samui, telling us “5 more minutes” and LAUGHING at the pain she was in, as if she were overreacting to a “little sting”

30 minutes later, I am LIVID that they haven’t put us on a boat to go back to Koh Samui to get her to an Emergency Room. They don’t even have any painkillers effective enough to numb the pain until then. The tour leader said he “needs permission from his boss to take her back” because there are “more guests on this island too and he has to make a decision”

This company has NO EMERGENCY PROTOCOL. They trust a “medical professional” who works in a little hut with no medical supplies who just looked at her sting and said it “wasn’t dangerous” and because of this, they took AN HOUR to put us BACK ON THE BOAT WE ARRIVED IN to take us to Koh Samui. The whole time HE LIED and said a boat was going to be there for us, a boat was then coming for us, and they ended up just driving us back on the boat that had been sitting there THE WHOLE TIME.

By the time we were on the boat, my wife was unable to walk, I had to carry her onto the boat, where she was barely conscious. After getting to the pier, we boarded a minibus the company called for us, and it took ANOTHER 30 minutes to get her to a hospital.

Once in the ER, we discovered she had a severe allergy to the jellyfish that stung her. The one redeeming quality of this company is that they covered the entirety of our medical expenses, but it DOES NOT EXCUSE their egregious negligence and lack of planning for emergency situations such as ours. Had it been a box jellyfish, she would have been dead, for the simple fact there is no emergency medical care on the tour and the crew refused to make an executive decision without permission from their boss.

The choppy water, weather, and jellyfish sting were obviously not under their control. HOWEVER, they could have skipped Angthong snorkeling due to the danger of jellyfish after rain, spent more time on the first island, showed actual concern and empathy for us, or acted with a sense of urgency for my wife who was visibly and audibly in excruciating pain.

Their negligence and lack of professionalism is entirely unacceptable and I would never recommend anyone to do business with them. I’m sure the day goes off without a hitch for most people, but god forbid you have a life threatening emergency, I promise you they will do nothing to make sure you get proper medical attention in a timely manner. Avoid at all costs for the safety of you and your family.
Written September 16, 2018
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3 contributions
Do not pay long tails in advance. First day I paid 1200 for 3 hours and since I did not get off boat for swimming or beach tour was only 90 minutes. Second time I paid 800 for one hour tour. He took me out five minutes and left me at monkey beach. I had to pay second Longtail 200 baht to get back to hotel. Both times I paid in advance, both times they cheated me. I really like the longtails but no more paying in advance.
Written May 17, 2018
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Santa Ana, CA7 contributions
We booked the sunrise tour to phi phi islands with buffet lunch. Trip advisor description said clearly “400 bhat national park fee is included in this tour price”. But from the minute we got on board, the main guide on the trip asked us for the 400 bhat. We showed her the detail on trip advisor description and confirmation but she kept insisting we had to pay. She ruined the first two hours of the trip for us the. Finally realized we were not going to give in and left us alone.
Trip advisor needs to work this out with Sea Eagle tours since the customers should not have to deal with this conflict. Very disappointing.
Written April 7, 2019
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Ian M
Glasgow, UK3 contributions
May 2018 • Couples
We decided to take a day to see a different part of Thailand and very very glad we did. The pick up was between 730 and 745...the pick up was exactly on time at 730. After been welcomed on the boat we were offered a light expected, not great Croissants, Bananas and Coffee, but exactly what was expected. During the trip over to the park the lovely staff were enthusiastic and filled part of the 1:45 trip with introductions, game plan, and some information. Provided on the boat at all times was plenty of water, coffee, tea, pepsi and 7up. Also as a nice touch, motion sickness tablets were available with breakfast. We opted for the Kayak version, so on arrival we spent about 45 minutes Kayaking to a beach where the non-kaykers were. From there we able to climb up to the lookout point of the island over looking the lagoon. After this it was lunch time back on the boat, yes it is basic, but both of us thought the Curry was really good. During lunch the boat is moved to another island, where you have the option of hiking to the top of a hill, visiting the caves, or simply relaxing on the beach and snorkeling from it. We opted for the hike to see the amazing views. Hot...sweaty...and be prepared to be out of breath even if moderately healthy....but well well worth it. Afterwards back to the boat for the 1:45 trip back home. Both ways the water was nice and calm, which is great for a couple of people that don't get on with boats.

Up until getting back to port this was a fantastic 5* trip and recommended for everyone. HOWEVER the drive back to the hotel ruined the day. The transfers are included and organised by the tour operator and therefore has to be addressed in this review.

The driver was a different driver to the driver in the morning. Of the whole day we have not sweated so much, felt so unsafe, and felt so unwell. The driver had no regard for speedlimits, blind corners, dogs, motocyclists, his passengers and basically anyone else nearby a road. He performed dangerous manoeuvres, overtook multiple vehicles towards blind corners, and sped through multiple towns. This is not a local style of driving...I've spent enough time on the Thai roads to know this...this is just pure arrogance and danger. The driver should not be allowed on the road on anything more than a bicycle, let alone carrying passengers. To top it off he had a dash cam to prove that nothing was his fault.

So unfortunately a great day ruined for us by one individual. It's a shame because everyone else went out of their way to make it a great day out
Written May 23, 2018
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Perth, Australia315 contributions
Oct 2017
There was a strong wind which means that the sea gets very choppy with large swell. The company should have cancelled the trip but some other Chinese tourists wanted to go as it was their last day in Phuket. We all went with the tour company's encouragement. Turns out they will do anything not to lose business/money. Anyway as we headed out of the bay we ended up in very large swells, going way way too fast in too small a boat for the conditions. The driver would not slow down, which made it worse! My husband is a professional boat builder and was very upset at the skipper for the way he was driving. Even on a regular trip ALL the passengers will get wet! Sit at the back of the boat for a smoother ride but you will get even wetter.

We landed hard down a few wave valleys and I was seriously winded and thought that I had cracked a vertebrae. I had to go to the Phi Phi Island hospital. None of us went home on the boat we came over on. We all went back on the ferry. The tour company did not refund money or pay for the ferry trip.

Only go on a very flat day. Flat days are rare. They are the ones where you see the perfect photos in the travel ads. Next time we will take a very large boat or small ship!
Written January 22, 2018
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Leeds, UK3 contributions
Let me just start by saying that the islands were beautiful and we did have a lovely day. However, none of this was due to the staff and company. After we were treated like cattle in the waiting area, there was then not enough space on the boat for us to sit in seats under shelter so instead were forced to sit on benches in direct sunlight all day. These seats were evidently not intended for customers and so we were constantly asked to stand up and move out of the way on a moving boat which didn’t help the sea sickness suffering among us. Furthermore, as a result of our makeshift seats, whenever information was delivered to the group explaining what was next going to happen, we were completely ignored unless we directly asked when they would flash a piece of paper in our direction with a time on it and that was it. The food was also subpar which we could have dealt with if were the staff hadn’t refused us seconds or a larger portion of the edible parts so that they could then gorge themselves. All round our experience was not quite what we were expecting and had been promised but we had a good day nonetheless.
Written April 24, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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