Paka Showpark

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Paka Showpark
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The Paka Showpark bring you into the spirit of the Andaman Sea. An amazing traditional Thai dancing and lighting performance, “illumanorah show”. The long-lasting Southern Thai dancing, “Menorah”. After you enjoy a large selection of International food and Thai food, (Non-pork dishes) for your optional. End up with stroll around PAKA Art Lane, small market.
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1-2 hours
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36 reviews
Very good

Kayleigh T
Nottingham, UK2,329 contributions
Nice Show
Feb 2018 • Solo
Good show with great lighting effects and outfits. Definitley doesn't compare to FantaSea or Siam Niramit in Phuket however it is good in its own right and is something different to do on one evening. Recommend however it isn't overwhelming.
Written January 27, 2019
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Malaysia81 contributions
Was expecting a larger crowd
Dec 2016 • Friends
Honestly, I have mixed feeling with this. The performance was quite impressive. Although, I was expecting a larger crowd but quite disappointing with the number of crowds. Again, it's kinda a mixed feeling. You won't miss any Krabi experience if you didn't go to that show.
Written February 27, 2017
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15 contributions
Well-funded high school performance
Jan 2017 • Couples
My boyfriend and I came across a poster advertising the show while walking around town. Bought the tickets only expecting cultural dance performance with maybe a modern twist, but left the performance disappointed. We have seen cheaper dances in Indonesia that were way better. Heck, I've seen better high school dancing.

First, we got picked up by a nice van and when I saw the venue, I was impressed; looks exciting with all the lights. Couldn't wait for the show to start.

They opened the show with a 20-min recording of the performers. The bad introduction made me worried for lack of professionals and that the dancers get "tortured" during practice.

In the end, the hour long performance only contained around 10-min of cultural dancing, which was amateurish: Lack of energy and synchronization. There was a trapeze part that required more skill and was fun to watch, but the rest of the show mostly contained people jumping around with colorful props.

The venue is circular with the stage in the middle. Even though everyone was seated in a quarter section, they were still performing as if the place was full. That made the slow-paced show drag on with sometimes nothing really to see.

Pros: The costumes were nice, the sound quality great, cool venue, the story line is easy to follow, and the lighting made the show bearable.

At 900 baht per person without food, I would expect something better besides an awesome venue. I came here for the dancing, but left only with an illusion of how good the Thai traditional dance might be.
Written January 1, 2017
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Georgia206 contributions
Decent Show
Dec 2016 • Friends
Not exactly what I was expecting, but it does tell a story. I thought it would be more dancing, but it was interesting.

My only complaint was the buffet dinner. We sat down to a table with food already on it. It was mostly warm, not hot. All the food was spicy and my wife and I don't like spicy food. They said, "no buffet tonight." Had we known that, we would not have booked. Price was a little bit high when you consider the lack of dinner.

Several couples around us had the same comment of "where is the buffet?"

Beverages are extra, staff was nice and my daughter liked the after show photos with dancers.
Written December 26, 2016
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Natasha R
Thailand64 contributions
Inspiring but disappointing
Dec 2016 • Couples
My husband and I debated going to this show considering how expensive it is but we've been to other dance performances in India and Cambodia and really enjoyed them so we decided to give it a try. We decided on the show plus buffet dinner ticket at 1,800 baht per person. Just as a disclaimer I am comparing this to other shows we've seen which were far less expensive.

The ticket included pick up at our hotel which doesn't cover all areas around Krabi so that was a bonus for us. The driver arrived right on schedule! The venue is beautiful and seems newly built. The buffet dinner is advertise as a "seafood buffet" which included a shrimp soup and sweet and sour battered fish. Not enough to classify it as a "seafood buffet" in my opinion or charge what they do. The rest of the buffet wasn't anything special. A few Thai dishes, spaghetti, salad bar, pancakes and fruit for dessert. Maybe 6 things to choose from for a main course.

When the show started there were maybe 40 people in a venue that can hold four times that. The show started by giving a history of the dancers. Most don't have dancing backgrounds and have left their jobs to practice and study traditional Thai dance. Their dedication is in no doubt honorable! The storyline is entertaining and I found it magical. Their costumes are probably the best part of the show!

My criticism is in how badly it is choreographed. Most of the dancers ran around on stage and their wasn't much for traditional Thai dance. Again comparing this to other dance performances I've seen. Some routines went into almost a club music vibe which seemed out of place. I acknowledge that most likely the dancers are only working within their abilities and that is again honorable!

I don't have a problem paying $52 USD for a show but in my opinion the food and actual dance performance should live up to the price you're paying. This show just doesn't, maybe a $20 show at most. The reason why I enjoy cultural dance performances is so I can experience another culture and history. The show is advertised as "extraordinary cultural performance" and I don't feel that way.
Written December 7, 2016
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Alex S
18 contributions
Uncomfortable for all
Nov 2016 • Couples
Ok I just got to the hotel and I typically don't review things or venues but I had so much awkwardness inside of me that I had to share. First, let's start with the positive. The service was spectacular, unlike most of Thailand, everyone here (except some performers-I'll get to that later) were all smiles and super attentive. Top notch service. Second, the venue itself is quite beautiful. The stage, the lights and sound all very well done. It has great air conditioning too. I think the owner of this place had a good idea in mind and clearly invested money into the place and has a large staff. But it is by no means anywhere near the vicinity of Cirque du Soleil, more like a cheesy Carnival cruise show or expensive high school play. The really bad part of the show and unfortunately most important part of this show: the performers! I hate to say it because they seemed like they were trying but they need help! Please invest and hire a choreographer! The other 20 people in the "audience" and I all were really uncomfortable (like we were all looking at each other and trying to smile and figure out what the heck was happening) because some of the performers were good and some were just plain awful. Amateurs! I've seen 12 year old kids at gym better than them. And it was sad because we were right in front of them so we had to put on a good face, some were young and I didn't want to hurt their feelings but their hats fell a couple of times, no flexibility or dancing or movement of any kind, just a lot walking around in costumes. And if you can't dance or do awesome acrobatics then have a good story! The fighting scenes against the dragon was horrible! And then there was like a fish car that a guy was driving, not a performer however they gave him shirt and hat to blend in but he had on jeans! Jeans! Come on! If you're trying to be a 5 star show pay attention to details. Also, I would like to add the reason we came to this show was because my husband and I were sick all day from too much island hoping and ferries and nonstop travel, so I said what should we do from 6-9:00pm? And it included dinner (which had a wide selection but none to appetizing to us, but note-We're not crazy about Thai or spicy food...) we paid 850 THB each, some other agency wanted to charge us $1400 baht each, thank God we went elsewhere because then I would have been really upset about the price to show quality. At this moment I'm not even sure it's worth $25USD, but they picked us up and we ate and saw something. How are they making money? I don't know! Another thing I liked but needs improvement was the video they put about the history of Manorah and how a lot of the performers had to quit their jobs to dedicate themselves to dancing and this passion, it was very touching and nice, yet they didn't actually do any Manorah dancing! Odd! Also, we had to raise for their national anthem and again something i very much like about the Thai people, they all LOVED their king! Very respectful to him but why are they doing the national anthem in this type of show? Just weird things that didn't fit all night. To the owner, if you read this: hire better or more experienced dancers. The show has so much potential! There was beautiful parts and costumes were outstanding but story didn't flow and then the modern music why? Also, the fact that the stage is so close to the audience is sort of bad, especially if you're performers aren't perfect and make visible mistakes. And some of the performers were visibly upset or just didn't care or want to be there (understandable since there was only 20 of us and half of them had to perform to literally empty seats). Also, the main girl shouldn't be the lead-sorry but she wasn't good. Finally, if the venue is empty like it was tonight don't make people dance! And I'm from Miami, Florida (love to dance) but at the end they say everyone get up and dance and you're basically forced to dance in front of the performers/with them (I laughed and went along with it but could tell others were having a mini attack) maybe if it was a packed venue everyone would have been into it or if the show was great but it was neither. So ending was a bit uncomfortable, good thing is they let you take pictures and we're sweet about it, like "come please take picture".
Written November 28, 2016
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Louise W
Danube-Auen National Park, Austria173 contributions
An interesting experience! Something different I guess
Nov 2016 • Couples
I have mixed reviews on the evening. Overall I wouldn't have missed out by not going.
I'm a performer by profession so maybe I'm a little more judgmental.
I firstly thought the venue and location was very good, also the food (Thai food) as always in Thailand was great, although some of the dishes were very cold. The bar menu was disappointing. For alcohol choices they were only serving beer and wine, so I ordered a wine but then they told me they were sold out, I could only buy a bottle, I thought this was terrible as there was maximum 20 people only in the whole audience including myself. I feel the number of people created less of an atmosphere and felt bad for the performers.

During food we had some small performances. These were....interesting and I'm very glad this wasn't what the main show was like, but I guess it was entertaining.

The show itself was average, it depends what type of style you enjoy. I personally wasn't a fan and thought it was quite slow, so was glad it was only an hour. I have a lot of respect for the performers for having to perform to such a small audience, and thought they did a great job, some very passionate performers, others not so much.

My favourite part was the Costumes and lighting, I thought they were superb and it made the show what it is.

At the end they all come out to greet you where you can have pictures. Also, very cringe is they come into the audience for the audience to participate in the traditional dance. Not for everyone but it's just fun I guess.

Sadly I did think it was a little overpriced.
However if you're visiting Krabi for a while it is a different experience for an evening out
Written November 10, 2016
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Bangkok, Thailand92 contributions
Best show in Southern Thailand
Nov 2016 • Couples
Amazing performance in a perfect theatre in the round setting. The show is located in an air conditioned theatre near the airport. There are a wide variety of performances from Cabaret to Thai dancing with accompanying lunch buffet. Food is of good quality and the performances are top notch along with superb production quality, lighting and special effects. A must see show when in Krabi.
Written November 5, 2016
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Bangkok, Thailand3 contributions
Great dinning experience, Good performance, Cultures mixed
Oct 2016 • Solo
I love the show, Its Interestingly South of Thailand culture performance and very unique, the food is delicious, Incredible dinning experience for Krabi quiet town.
Written October 26, 2016
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Bengaluru, India325 contributions
The Starry Night Of Krabi
Sep 2016 • Family
This show is held in Paka Show Park. We purchased the tickets for show only. It costed us Baht 750 per head. The ticket could be purchased with dinner also. But we had visited other scenic attraction to visit so we were able to reach there by 7.30pm only. This is light and sound show which was a beautiful experience as we didn't have time so earlier we were thinking to drop it. Its good that we have included it at the last moment. As we hired the self driven vehicle for 5 days so we didn't need to get us picked up, otherwise these shows' tickets include pick-up and drop off also.One need not miss this show at all.
Written October 18, 2016
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