Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

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Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

Hutsadin Elephant Foundation
As from 1st October 2017 we are proud to announce that trekking will no longer be offered at Hutsadin, instead we offer our visitors a range of activities that promote a close interaction with our elephants. In a safe environment for both elephant and visitor. Here you can take a bareback ride, walk with an elephant, shower and feed them or simply visit us. We also offer educational talks 3 days a week and a 3 hour mahout experience is available twice a week. Check out our website activities page where you will find full descriptions of the activities that we offer along with costs.
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Washington DC, DC5 contributions
Oct 2021
I don't know how much of a sanctuary this is, and it's certainly not a quality experience with the elephants. I read an earlier review where someone speculated this was really more of a private business. Given what I experienced I think that's possible.

First off, the mahout carried a bullhook with him the entire time, which no legitimate sanctuary uses. They also chained the elephants, and several of them were head swaying in agitation. (You don't see either of these things until after you have paid your money.) Both factors should be immediate red flags. If I had known in advance we never would have gone.

Secondly, they seemed to want to get rid of us as quickly as possible, even though the place was completely empty. (We were the only visitors there.) Their website says you will 'walk alongside the Elephant for approx 30 minutes depending on the Elephant's pace.' Our walk lasted 14. The grounds are fairly extensive, but they stuck to a very short-looped path. The elephant wanted to hang out and munch grass (and why wouldn't she, bc when we were done it was back to being chained), but every time she stopped on her own they commanded her forward. (One must wonder what training methods they use to have her respond so quickly and obediently.) I kept asking them not to rush things, but they ignored me.

Upon our return I complained to the manager, but she seemed indifferent. She said we needed to get back to have 'time to wash the elephant.' I told her how disappointing it was and asked for a partial refund; she said no. I asked to go around again with a different elephant; she said no. Given how empty it was it wouldn't have been much of an effort for them, but I don't think she cared.

To show you how overpriced it is, they charged me 800 THB and 400 for my son, and our experience (including walking and washing) lasted just under 30 minutes. For just a few hundred THB more most sanctuaries will give you a full day 5-6 hour program. The rather large disparity between the ratio of cost and time given shows you how little relative value you get for your money here.
Written October 21, 2021
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Dear visitor , Thankyou for your review however we feel we need to point out a few things to you. Firstly we are not a sanctuary never have claimed to be and are a foundation. Sadly due to Covid we have lost a lot of our lovely volunteers who had covered 7 days a week to help with meeting and looking after our visitors. If you had enough time you would of seen our information boards and they would off given you a better understanding on how the foundation works and what we do and how far we have come in 15 years . Friends of the foundation have worked very hard to maintain the best standards at Hutsadin. Our family, are very much loved, cared for ,given everything they need. The chains are there for your protection , the bull hook also . We have no secured land at present, if we let them off ,our family would roam and so therefore we have no control. The bull hook is there a deterrent if anything untoward happened the elephant can be controlled. We are sorry that you did not enjoy time. We are coming out of a very difficult time and we hope that Vistitors will understand this, and that we are trying to make sure that our family are our upmost priority as usual. We are not perfect at Hutsadin but our family are loved,fed and cared for. I will look into behaviour of our team. Feel free to contact me at If you need to any more clarification Kind regards Kozy Head volunteer
Written November 11, 2021
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Mari K
Hua Hin, Thailand62 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
Must visit when you come to Hua Hin. Great for kids and families. Walk with, feed and wash the elephants close up. The work the volunteers do here is amazing and it’s important to support charities like this one
Written January 5, 2021
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Province of Alicante, Spain40 contributions
Dec 2019
This elerphant foundation is cituated toogether with a budist temple.
They give an interesting description of the life of elephants and you can participate in walking the elephants, feeding, and also riding a tour on them. A good family visit.
Written August 22, 2020
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1 contribution
Feb 2020 • Couples
Ok I’ve read many responses to other 1 star reviews and sadly, the elephants being CHAINED ALL DAY IS NOT ONCE ADDRESSED!! Actually, there’s NO need to address it because there is absolutely NO excuse to have these magnificent animals chained! I left in tears. Heart wrenching. As for the cost, I would have no problem with paying what is charged IF I thought for one second more than maybe 5% was going to help the animals but I’m certain there’s an obscenely wealthy owner who benefits from the $. I read that staff convinced him to donate a small portion of the profits earned BY THE ELEPHANTS WORKING & DOING THINGS TO ENTERTAIN HUMANS to the elephants! Enraging! If he or she cared about the animals, they would receive most of the money for better living conditions. You can tell yourself the place has come a long way but if you’re honest with yourself, you’d admit the only thing that’s really improved is the owners lifestyle. Shame.
Written August 19, 2020
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Takako R
Adelaide, Australia90 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
My husband and I spent 3 hours for Mahout Experience. There are only 5 elephants and they are lucky ones that were rescued and looked after well. All the activities were nicely set up and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for those volunteer staffs who looked after us throughout the morning. The foundation is not far away from Hua Hin town and highly recommended to visit!
Written March 1, 2020
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Moscow, Russia25 contributions
Mar 2019 • Solo
I was here December 25 ,2018 for holiday vacation. I was thinking what the best gift I could reward to myself. Actually I was searching for a charity org or any foundation located in Huahin Thailand were I can give a small amount. Until I found this Hutsadin Elephant foundation. So I ask the reception to ordered me a tuk tuk a popular jeef/motor style in Thailand.It takes 30 mins from the hotel were I was checked in. The place is not noticeable from the road only the driver knows. and
I was having fun that day it's an awesome experience seeing these giant creatures, feeding them and riding (I am guilty after, anyway I'm just 45 kls 😊). Thanks to the wonderful experience Hutsadin until next time.

Written February 29, 2020
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Vaasa, Finland3 contributions
Feb 2020 • Family
We visited this little elephant place on Fri 21st of February. The drive took us less than half an hour from the Khao Takiab side of Hua Hin when we went through the city and it cost 600 THB with the driver waiting for us.

Hutsadin Elephant Foundation is not a sanctuary but they do operate in a way that elephants are treated with respect and kind care. Because we had a six year old pool fanatic with us we were looking for a quick, but comprehensive visit. This is the reason why we chose to skip the educational part and went with the walking activity only. The walk took us about 20 min and the washing about 10 min. It cost 800 THB per adult/older child and 400 THB for 3 to 8 year olds.

We walked with Boon Mee the oldest and only male elephant. The old gentleman was very motivated to walk with us because of the bananas we kept feeding him ;) (Fruit is included in the price) Nigel was our volunteer guide and he did a good job guiding us through the visit. Afterwards we were offered to buy souvenir jewellery by Boon Mee’s mahout. We felt not pressured in any way but decided to support the mahout with purchasing a necklace and a bracelet for the kids for 500 THB anyway. There was also the foundation’s own souvenir shop which was cute. In the end we gave the youngest elephant Song Kran 50 THB and we were pictured as a family with her after elephant hugs for all.

We were greeted politely as soon as we arrived and we received a packet of Jasmin rice & two small key chains as gifts when we paid at the arrival before the tour. We felt appreciated as customers and got exactly what we came for. A quite brief, but for us just perfect little visit with the gentle giants where we didn’t end up feeling sorry for the animals <3
Written February 23, 2020
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1 contribution
Feb 2020
I went for the walk with an elephant activity. I walked with the only male elephant, the mahout and the English speaking guide, stopping to feed him bananas a couple of times along the way. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to shower him with a hose, which he was so chilled about, he loved it. Then I had a cuddle from the 11 year old female rescued from the circus who I saw could open the gate to her enclosure all by herself. I disagree with comments saying this is too expensive. This is a local charity trying to look after rescued elephants
and relying solely on donations. It was well worth 800 baht to meet the elephants who were amazing!! :)
Written February 16, 2020
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Burnham-On-Sea, UK91 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
The foundation rescues working and tourism animals and cares for them. Their “work” is to go for a walk with visitors being fed bananas all the way. At the end of the walk they get a good scrub down. At night they are free to wander around the large secure compound. A great place to visit.
Written February 12, 2020
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Ava P
32 contributions
Feb 2020 • Couples
- cute and smart elephants
- friendly people
- very close drive to the city
- felt rushed
- too expensive for 30 mins (feeding, washing the elephants, walking them, taking pictures) two for 1600 baht.

It’s nice to go, great experience for one time trip! But I wouldn’t go again!
3 stars given for the expensive yet short duration!
Written February 7, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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