Mrigadayavan Palace
Mrigadayavan Palace
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  • Janka K
    Brno, Czech Republic5,902 contributions
    Staff doing their job by randomly picking people for dress-code improvement
    The place itself is wonderful. Compared to other buildings in Thailand, it's really unique and you can enjoy something not traditional, for a change. What I minded a bit was that the visitors need to fit into dress-code, which was presented to us at the place. Even through I has skirt that ended under my knees, I was chosen to provide some personal information to the staff and to put an additional piece of clothes on me. Dress-code of some other visitors was overlooked. I felt like the staff needed to pick someone just to show that they do something and I was the randomly chosen one. Walking around in extra clothes made me sweaty and uncomfortable.
    Written February 29, 2020
  • Sean H
    Roodepoort, South Africa58 contributions
    Good morning out
    Visited in December and got there early to avoid the tour bus crowds. Very interesting site to walk around and get a feel of the place. Great for photographs and spending some time out. Nice shop at the exit selling small snacks and souvenirs Large gardens that are shaded. They do have a dress code but don't worry they will have a traditional Thai type sarong that they give you and help put on. The Thais found it amusing to see a Farang with traditional wear on - as usual with Thai people its all in good faith. There are shops on the outside of the site selling food and drinks- we had some food at the one next to the old gas station and all of the food was good.We also bought some shopping bags and t-shirts right next to tje restaurant . All the people were pleasant inside the compound and out.
    Traveled with family
    Written January 12, 2020
  • teddie2
    118 contributions
    Worth 30bht
    I loved this place, it’s very tranquil, and so much history Down side, you can’t or rather we were not allowed on 2nd floor, a common theme from other reviews we read. Such a shame as it would put all the info about the royal family and their lives here so much more in content if you could visit at least some of the rooms. We didn’t go on a tour, just took ourselves, so might be worth finding out if organised tours get better access to the rooms Lovely gardens Great exhibition on the kings from King Rama1 to the present king king Rama X Nice collections of cafes outside which are reasonably priced. Be warned the palace is closed Wednesday
    Written January 31, 2020
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668 reviews
Very good

Edna H
Colchester, UK1 contribution
Nov 2020
We first visited this palace many years ago before the Thais realised it's potential. Then you could wander at will and it was divine. Now it is commercialised and spoilt, even the history has been tampered with and the sweet love story mangled. It has been under renovation for years! It is merely a chance to grab money. We first sawThis palace about 20 years ago and have checked it out every year since so we know it very well.
Written January 26, 2021
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John F
Bangkok, Thailand89 contributions
Mar 2020
Mrigadayavan Palace, one of the summer palaces of King Rama VI, is a beautiful and very interesting historic site. You can walk around the palace on a self-guided tour or you can join a tour group. In addition to all of the beauty of the structure and the period items kept in each of the rooms, the grounds are also both peaceful and beautiful. They do have a small snack and souvenier shop near the entrance, and local vendors are also found in the parking area. We visit often when friends from overseas come to see us. If you enjoy a little history, beautiful gardens and a quiet, peaceful 2-4hr diversion, this palace is worth a look. We love it.
Written February 4, 2021
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Hong Kong, China151 contributions
Apr 2018 • Couples
This Palace is quite special as it's built alongside a beach. The scenery there is quite nice but and the architectures are very special too. We spent about an hour there , took some picture and had some ice-cream . I won't say it's a must-visit place but if you have some spare time and can't think of anything else to do in Hua Hin then you can consider visiting!
Written November 11, 2018
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Hua Hin, Thailand39 contributions
Nov 2011 • Friends
Interesting to note that most of the reviews and very nice videos and pictures posted on this thread are of the wrong palace!!

Klai Kang Won Palace is still not open to the general public.
It is an active royal residence, although the king has not been back to stay in a few years now due to his ill health.
It is located just north of the center of Hua Hin ..about one kilometer from the town center. There is a jogging/ walking park open to the public daily ( wear shoes) but the palace is out of sight beyond some lagoons and you cant get near it.

Mareukataiwan Palace is a historic site and as everyone seems to agree. . ..well worth the visit. I have been there countless times ( I live nearby) and enjoy it every time. It is NOT located in Hua Hin. It is located about half way to Cha Am . .it is in Cha am. It is about 20 kilometers north of Hua Hin.

If you are visiting Hua Hin . . .I would advise using the correct name of the palace you want to visit or you will end up in the wrong place and totally confuse your tuk-tuk driver.
Pronounced: MA-ROO-KA-TAI-A-WAN. But spelled many different ways.
Written February 10, 2012
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Hua Hin, Thailand39 contributions
Jul 2011
Klai Kang Won Palace in the center of Hua Hin is not open to the general public. I hear that it is possible to be invited to tour this palace but in 10 years here in the tourist business, I have never heard of anyone visiting this palace.

There is a park on the Petchkasem side which IS open to the public for free and you will see many joggers and walkers there of an afternoon, but the Palace itself is an active royal residence and you wont get near it even close enough to see it. Note: if you want to walk or jog in this park, sandals are NOt allowed. You must wear shoes or sneakers.

The reviews here so far are of the OTHER palace in Hua Hin ( actually it is in Cha Am but you will see it listed as a Hua Hin attraction) . . .that of King Rama 6 which is called "Marukataiawan" "Mrigutavan" etc etc (spelled a dozen different ways even by the palace itself). This palace is 15/20 km north of Hua Hin proper and is located within an army base. It does have a mangrove swamp and all the other attractions mentioned in the other reviews here which obviously refer to it ( Maruekathaiawan Palace) and NOT to the Klai Kang Won Palace.

I visited Maruekathaiawan three days ago with a large family group and it is as beautiful as ever!! I have been many times as I live nearby and it is IMHO the best tourist attraction in Hua Hin. They have refurbished the gardens since I was there last. Decorous dress is required (as for a temple) and "sarongs" are provided. They used to have two tier pricing but seem to have gone to a single entry price of 30 baht for locals and for tourists. This is low season and that may change in high season. I recommend going in the morning or later in the day.

Well worth the visit!
Written July 25, 2011
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Jakarta, Indonesia2,601 contributions
Sep 2012 • Couples
This review applies to Mrigadayavan Palace in Cha-am, 30 minutes from Hua Hin, designed in about 1923 by King Rama VI (also a translator, writer, playwright, actor) and open to the public. We were driven to the gate beyond which cars may not pass, and our driver parked in the nearby parking lot where there are food stalls and a few souvenir shops. We paid for tickets to enter the grounds and to go up into the summer palace building. My wife was wearing a sleeveless blouse which was considered needful of a shawl in order to show respect, so I had to walk across the street to a pavilion where Baht 20 took care of the shawl rental, but I had to leave my drivers license to guarantee that I would return the cloth. There is not much to see in the grounds along the seaside. The grounds are very pretty with trees pruned to appear as deer or other animals. In order to ensure everybody pays, there is just one way to go up into the palace building and one way to go down to the exit. When you go up, you have to put your shoes into a cloth bag and carry them until you reach the exit where there is a pile of used bags. It takes about an hour to go through the grounds and the building which is a very interesting series of polished wood floor pavilions that are connected by rather long walkways, all of them elevated on stilts so that the cooling breeze can pass under the rooms. In order that the naturally-cooled rooms may be as cool as possible, the ceilings are super high, and there are windows on all four sides--or the rooms, such as the main dining room, are completely open. The rooms are entirely bare, but several rooms have been decorated with the furniture and costumes of the period. One ladies' pants-blouse combination looked like the uniform of some of the ladies at our hotel. The palace well and bucket were left in place so visitors could see the source of water. It would have required a lot of servants to keep the household going. The souvenir and gift shop had a few interesting items such as sarongs and art cards of views of the palace, some of them produced by local people and marketed through a royal foundation. Considering the price of admission, a view of the architecture and topiaried grounds alone is well worth the time and expense.
Written September 11, 2012
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Marlborough, UK1,441 contributions
Aug 2011 • Couples
This is a quite charming royal palace built in1923/1924 for King Rama VI - though he was only able to use it for a year or so before he died in 1925. It fell into disrepair for many years but has now been very sympathetically restored and looks in excellent condition. It is basically a series of wooden buildings on stilts linked by long open corridors. It bills itself as the longest golden teak palace in the world and I have no doubt that it is, though you can't see most of the teak as the building is painted in pleasing light blues and creams/white. The upper rooms, which is where the royal family and courtiers stayed (it is the coolest part obviously), can be visited but by timed ticket (at least at weekends) as they want to avoid too many crowds spoiling the experience. The entrance to the upper level is near the far end of the building from where you enter the palace. You can though walk around the extensive grounds and beach (not for sunbathing!) and some of the lower areas at any time, plus gift shop/toilets etc as they are near the palace entrance near the parking - which is where you buy your ticket. Plenty of small souvenir shops and food stalls by the parking area. Note that no shorts or revealing clothing is allowed in the palace or grounds though sarong wraps are available. When you go to the upper levels of the palace you have to take off your shoes and put them in a cloth bag, provided, which you carry about with you. This is to avoid damaging the fine red teak floors. There is some period furniture, much of it old European style, in some of the rooms though not much so don't expect a range of heavily furnished rooms. You go there more for the pleasant surroundings and peaceful environment.and it is easy to see why King Rama VI was so pleased to build this palace. Note that photography is not allowed inside the upper levels though OK elsewhere. Also, while we were there (a weekend), there was also a room with half a dozen Thai musicians playing classical Thai music which made a very pleasing background to one's visit around the palace. Interestingly, in the last room, when one has come downstairs again and just before you leave the building and put your shoes back on again, there is a large Reception Hall/Ballroom with not only some small statues of Buddha but also some statues of various Hindu gods and goddesses. One other excellent aspect of the arrangements is that some wheelchairs are available from near where you buy your tickets, for free though a donation is appreciated, which can be used to push the elderly/disabled around the grounds. However, when going to the upper rooms the wheelchairs have to be left downstairs and the person needs to be able to climb up the stairs. More wheelchairs are then available near the top of the stairs. Note that the palace is in the grounds of a military camp and if you are coming in your own vehicle (car or bike) the driver might be asked for ID at the security barrier at the entrance just by the main road. The palace is a mile or so down from the main road.
Written August 28, 2011
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Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand406 contributions
Jul 2015 • Friends
Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is a teak wood Palace on the beach between Cha-Am and Hua Hin was build by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) as a seaside summer retreat in 1923. Originally, the King had a Palace built on Hat Chao Samran beach, a little more North, but he was unhappy with it and decided to demolish the building and use the teak wood to construct a new Palace facing the sea in Cha-Am district. The location was found convenient because Cha-Am was by then connected to Bangkok by rail and the area was beneficial to health with its forest and fresh sea air. The Palace is built raised from the ground on pillars and entirely made from teak wood. Its very attractive architectural style is completely different from that of other Thai Palaces. The overall design of the Palace was done by the King himself, and it was built to be a very comfortable place with excellent ventilation and niches filled with water in the pillars to keep out ants. Ercole Manfredi, an Italian architect was hired to finish the design. King Rama VI used the Palace, which name is also written as Marukhathaiyawan or Mrigadayavan, as a summer residence for him and other members of the Royal Family until his death in 1925. The Palace, which is also called “The Palace of Love and Hope”, is made up of three sections connected by long covered walkways. Two long covered corridors connect the Palace with the beach, one from the King’s personal living quarters and one from the women’s section of the Palace. The section called Phisarn Sakorn consists of King Vajiravudh’s personal living chambers. There is a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room, a study room and a dining area. King Vajiravudh, who ruled from 1920 until 1925, was a great poet and while staying at Maruekhathaiyawan Palace wrote literature in his study overlooking the sea. The King’s wife, Queen Indrasakdi Sachi lived in the Samundra Biman section of the Palace, which contained a number of rooms including a living room, a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom as well as a corridor leading to a bathing pavilion on the beach. The Sewakamart section was used for official functions, offices and a theater where dramas were performed.
When the Royal Family would come to stay in Maruekhathaiyawan Palace for the summer, the furniture would be moved there from Bangkok. After the King’s death in 1925, the Palace was left deserted. Today, it has been fully restored and you can still see some of the King’s furniture like his writing desk with pencils and paper, sofa and bed. Walking around the Palace will give you a rare insight into how the Thai Royal Family used to live almost a century ago. After visiting the Palace, you can enjoy a walk on the nature trail in the surrounding mangrove forest.
Written July 21, 2015
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Bangkok, THAILAND18 contributions
Apr 2012 • Family
This place picture 's called 'Mrigadayavan Palace' or 'พระราชวังมฤคทายวัน' (in Thai language)
Due to the reason that royal family stay in Klai Kang Won palace quite often in last 3 years so NOW traveller is not allowed to visit Klai Kang Won Palace at all. But luckily for this place Mrigadayavan Palace which is belonged to King RamaVI is mostly open to visit. Clean and well kept. You can enjoy Victorian and Modern Architecture here.
In Thai, also call this place Hopeful and Love Palace or 'พระราชวังแห่งความรักและความหวัง' (in Thai language) This palace closed to seaside but visitor aren't allowed to swim. The atmosphere is peaceful and not too hot during the day. Last thing you should know is try to dress properly or else you have to pay fee for rent shawl and sarong instead
Written June 7, 2012
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Mumbai, India25 contributions
Nov 2012 • Family
A sprawling compound - most of the structures are wooden made decades back and takes you back to the old times.

Has been nicely maintained - do not miss the small items on display.
Written September 28, 2013
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