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Lytham St Anne's, United Kingdom3 contributions
Beware of this corrupt jewellery firm!
Feb 2020 • Couples
We were tricked into visiting Aida Gems & Jewellery shop for n Bentota. A con artist appeared at the temple in Kalutara who claimed he worked at our hotel,showed us two expensive looking rings allegedly for his wedding the next day. We were having problems with an offensive tuk tuk driver so agreed to travel with him instead but he led us not to a government general store but.....Aida. The pressure built from here on, they claim to be Buddhist’s and insist dress you dress up as if entering a holy place, shoes off! Next lots of chat about how famous they are, selling to our Queen, the Netherlands royal family etc etc. then letting you handle blue sapphires. The pressure builds and finally the sale when you ate asked to name price for your choice, then you are promised a huge discount but we are talking big numbers! Upon returning to our hotel in Kalutara we asked if the con man worked there, of course we had fallen for the whole story!
Next day I returned to Aida to get a refund but they refused and wouldn’t move. I did trade up the earrings for a more valuable necklace for the original price BUT still felt cheated!
Avoid at all costs....your cost
I am going to post this on social media and see about a complaint to the Shri Lankan tourist police and their tourist board.
Please contact me if you have had a similar experience.
Martin & Ann. martin.skyrme@hotmail. Com
Written February 29, 2020
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David H
Well, UK14 contributions
Avoid at all costs- which will be your cost !!
Jan 2020
These people use touts -"Hi i work at your hotel " then suck you in "i buy Budda Blue Sapphires for my wedding from a Government shop" You end up being taken to an independent store and bullied/pressured into buying,by which time your friend will have disappeared ,and left in a very threatening atmosphere.Even the sapphires are of poor quality .A real racquet and not a good advert for Sri Lankan tourism.The sad thing is the charade they play with Buddist shrines/no shoes or bare legs and talk of Karma ..hypocrites..they only want YOUR money.
Written February 5, 2020
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Simona Ž
Watford, UK36 contributions
Avoid this place by all means!
Jan 2020 • Couples
Avoid this place! It is just another tuk tuk scam.

Its hard to leave without buying anything because they push you hard to buy. We refused to pay high prices and then they reduced prices but we managed not to buy anything (thanks God!). What annoys me the most is that they work together with tuk tuk scammer and tell lies to people about Galle Fort being closed etc.

Go to legit places in Galle Fort or buy jewellery from the hotels and avoid this place by all means.
Written January 25, 2020
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1 contribution
Jan 2020 • Family
We were scammed Hard! I took a ring that was apparently 1550$ But got it for 1000$ which I was so happy about but then discovered when I got the certificate that it is 14K gold not 18K and when I got it priced they said it is not worth more than 500$!! We also got a pendant that we custom designed and when we took it the next day they told us the chain is not included even though we discussed the length of the chain the day prior and when we insisted on what we discussed they gave us a chain and we found out that it is not the white gold chain we paid for and they gave us a silver chain instead!
Written January 12, 2020
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Ben Jawson
Stanmore, UK2 contributions
Genuine place Gems & Jewellery
Dec 2019 • Couples
i was in Aida Gems in bentota sri lanka 2nd December,they started from gem musium , work shop and gem cutting process. my intention is not to purchase anything but the way they assist, service, presentations my mind force into buy something ,so ended with nice blue sapphire ring for my wife, she wasn’t with me when i buy that. she was very happy. also i should say about the price it is very reasonable.

how i come to know about reasonable price when i back home,i went for insurance its says 35% more than what i paid there. i am very happy. if anyone want to buy any gem or jewellery i am recommend to all AIDA GEMS.
Written December 9, 2019
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Rockhampton, Australia3 contributions
Very disappointed
Jul 2019 • Couples
Do not buy from this company. I made a purchase in Galle and put my ring away carefully until I got back to Australia. I wore the ring once for about 3 hours and lost a gem out of it. I was obviously fooled by there claims of quality etc. and their promises to fix the problem. I have 6 weeks of emails with promises I will have the gems sent to me, but still nothing has arrived and I still have no tracking number. I’m not even sure how much cost would be involved in replacing a stone, when or even if they ever arrive. Very disappointed, as I did really love the ring, but now it’s really ruined what was a souvenir I spent more than usual on 😿
Written September 6, 2019
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Janice G
Chislehurst, UK20 contributions
Took full advantage of us being on holiday ..
Apr 2019 • Couples
We were on holiday in April from The UK and purchased a white sapphire and diamond ring from Aida. Spending a lot of money - it was our honeymoon. Since returning I have not only had the ring valued and the stones are of extreme bad quality and not worth the money we paid but also the settings of the ring have come lose and a stone fell out. As you can appreciate we are extremely unhappy about this. We were told by the Mahmood (manager) that they were of top quality and he boasted of all the clients he had in the uk including royal family members. On the ring being delivered to our hotel as promised It was obvious it was either not the right ring/ a poor imitation
Or a really bad resize job. Because we had to have the ring resized, the manager said it would be built up not hammered to stretch. Not only did we have to return the ring the same day as on delivery the band and setting was were cracked, it was obvious it had been stretched and not polished and so had a crack which was visible on the band. There was no hallmark on it either?? So it was returned and the manager said he would sort it out and we would be sent a driver the next day to pick us up from our hotel and take us back to the jewellers to make sure all the work and awful workmanship has been corrected. Unfortunately this was due to happen on Easter Sunday (day of terrorists) the jewellers was closed and we were sent a tuk tuk to pick us up to take us to a hotel next door to the jewellers were the ring was behind the reception. It looked okay but didn’t have anyone to tell anything different to anyway and we were flying home that evening. Considering we were sold on the fact you have clients all around the world, the UK and even the royal family (I realise as I write it down how gullible I was) but truly believed that Aida gems and jewellers in Bentota was a name we could trust, I am aggrieved that this has happened within 6 weeks of returning to the UK. Is this how you sell to UK people - sell it and hope they leave the country before it falls apart? We will be speaking to the national newspapers back here in the UK as I used to work for the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror and still have contacts there. Please can you reply with how you are going to rectify this awful situation please. So if anyone else has any issues please message me and I will pass this on as well.

I emailed them directly but have not heard a single word. I be calling them as well but wanted a paper trail!
Con artists! I am so upset, what was a big spend for us has turned into a waste of money!!
Written May 24, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Wimborne Minster, UK78 contributions
Poor workmanship
Feb 2019 • Couples
While on holiday my wife and I purchased sapphire and diamond jewellery from AIDA Bentota. After a very short time and only worn three times one piece broke in half and then one diamond fell out. Report from our local jewellers,clasps of poor standard recommend further work to ensure stones are secure. Obviously my wife does not wish to wear her jewellery in fear of it breaking again. We are at present in communication with Aida and hopefully they will provide the after sales service and support. Up until now the cost of repairs have been reasonable and fair. So they should reimburse these costs. I shall update as this progresses. Hopefully with good news. Their prices are higher than average but we chose them because we had hoped to receive a higher than average customer service.
At the moment my wife’s sapphire ring is ok but will probably have this inspected as well. Not really how one would like things to turn out. what should have been an exciting experience.
Ofcourse please see for yourselves,but ensure the workmanship is how it should be before giving your money over.
Written April 13, 2019
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Vijay V
Colombo, Sri Lanka3 contributions
Mar 2019
Not a great place to go. You get taken there under false pretences and they try to sell you stuff you do not want. Then they will not refund even if you change your mind in a few minutes
Written March 11, 2019
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gosport78 contributions
Sapphire ring
Mar 2019 • Couples
Make sure you take plenty OF cash. Or tell them a budget. Ask for some form of discount on any large purchase. We bought a lovley sapphire ring. It comes with its own certificate. We have now also had it certifed and valued in the UK. And we are very happy with the result.
Written March 1, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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