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Shinsegae Centum City Spaland

Shinsegae Centum City Spaland
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Very good

Seoul, South Korea256 contributions
We visited Centum City SPA land this July and totally loved our stay! They have various themed baths (water massage was fantastic) and 13 different themed spas (or Korean traditional saunas as you can name it) from charcoal room to the salt room!

There is also a big outdoor area with tons of different foot baths, which was definitely my favorite part of the spa! Enjoying the fresh air and chilling with your feel in the hotspring water is the best experience ever!

All facilities were clean and silent, just perfect to relax!

We also got food in the restaurant inside the spa facilities. All you need to do it just tap your wristband and pay as you leave! So comfortable!

We had cold noodles that refreshed us for more fun! Totally reccomend that.

You can also get a variety of healthy beverages at the scak bar, such as fresh juice or drinkable vinegar! Totally recommend!
Written July 14, 2020
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The Soul Of Seoul
Seoul, South Korea123 contributions
Spa Land is really a great experience if you want to spend the day relaxing and taking advantage of Korean bath house and sauna culture. Note that children under 7 can’t go in. But really great for friends and couples.
Written July 14, 2020
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Melissa G
Cairo, Egypt129 contributions
I have been to Spaland twice now and I've enjoyed it even more the second time round. If this is your first time going to a Korean spa, make sure that you are comfortable with same-sex nudity and maybe do some research on Korean "jimjilbangs."

Keep in mind that Spaland is a modern and luxurious version of a Korean spa, and not the commonly found, standard local spa.

Here's what to expect at Spaland:

-Pay the entrance fee of 18 000 KRW.
-Stay for a 4 hours (spa rules).
-Be assigned a locker number and key (can be worn as a bracelet).
-Remove your shoes and stow them in your assigned shoe locker.
-Receive small towels as well as a standard shirt and pair of shorts (red for females, brown for males).
-Go to your respective changing rooms (male or female).
-Get completely undressed and put on your new shirt and shorts.
-Go one of two ways: to the baths or to the saunas (you can always come back to do the other option).

Baths (separated by sex):
-Bring your towel and other showering items (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc.) - shampoo and bodywash are provided for free. I recommend bringing a waterproof bag to carry all of your showering items - it's just easier. Also, leave one towel in your locker in case your other one is accidentally taken.
-To the left is the sitting shower area. To the right is the standing shower area. Pick one (rinse your seat before sitting if you choose to sit) and wash away. This is a must as you cannot enter the common baths without cleaning yourself.
-Relax in the various hot baths. There are baths of varying temperatures so start with one around 39 degrees Celsius.
-Enjoy the private outdoor bath (women only).
-Enjoy a body scrub or massage. I highly recommend trying at least a 10 minute back scrub - this is a vigorous scrub meant to exfoliate and remove dead skin in a hard to reach place. You must enter the scrubbing room (very professional).
-Enjoy the Finnish saunas.

Sauna (not separated by sex):
-Wear your sauna shirt and shorts (no nudity).
-Bring your phone for photos.
-Enjoy the outdoor foot bath.
-Sweat it out in the various themed dry saunas (careful not to bring your phone in every sauna as some are too hot).
-Have snacks and drinks from the minibar and use your key to put your items on tab.
-Visit the second floor for massage chairs, oxygen rooms, a Western-style spa with massages and facials all for extra fees (use your key to put it all on tab) and more lounging areas.

When you leave, there is a powder area where you can dry your hair and basically get ready to leave.

Pay your tab and leave!

TIP: YouTube "how to make a towel ram head" for the traditional (and now trendy) way to keep sweat out of your face.
Written January 27, 2016
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Gilbert G
Dubai, United Arab Emirates123 contributions
Because of the review of other visitors from Tripadvisor to South Korea, we've toughen up and forced ourselves to try an authentic Korean Jjimjilbang ("heated bath") experience. We expected to be embarrassed and too shy to move around, but the atmosphere inside Spaland is different. I've read reviews that locals might stare at you, but we've experience differently. They've assisted us and we very considerate. This experience because one of the most memorable parts of our trip to South Korea, now we are looking forward to it next time.

The Run-down:
1. Pay (around 12,000 KRW/pax around 10 USD/pax). Tip: even lower price if you came in before 8AM.
2. Go up the escalator. Go towards shoe locker area. Locate your number and use it to store your shoes. Take the keys and proceed to Step 3.
3. Enter the gender-segregated locker rooms with the key with the same number that you got.
4. Strip to the level of adam and eve (everything!). Go to the public bath, Get a pink body scrubber. Shower and Scrub. Tip: Shampoo and body wash is available.
5. Explore the different hot pools with labels of the type of water that they use and temperature. Explore the cold showers in between hot pools to cool down. Explore bubble pools and jacuzzi. Ladies will have an extra open-air hot pools surrounded by mountain rocks (Men area does not have this.)
6. Quick shower, dry up using the provided extremely small clean smelling towels. Go back to the lockers, get dress using color-segregated baggy clothing.
7. Proceed to the Common Area. There is an area for different foot baths (outdoor), Finnish Sauna, and various themed Sauna (around 13-14 different kinds). Relax in an ergonomic cushions scattered around, watch TV, go up the entertainment rooms upstairs. Phones and few small things that you left in the locker can be brought inside the common area.
8. If hungry, EAT. This is one of the best places where we ate Patbingsu, a popular shaved ice dessert with red beans. The ice that they use simply melts so softly in your tongue. You can also get slow-cooked hard boiled eggs (taste different). Use only your key to register the payment.
9. After a few hours of relaxation, proceed to the lockers and do the final shower. Freshen up. Dry yourself in the open powder room where they have everything you need to face the outside world - gel, blow dryer, cream, ear buds, etc.
10. Explore Add-ons on the 3rd floor - Massage, Light room, executive rooms, beauty centers.
10. Go the counter and pay for any additional balance.

I assure you that this part of your trip would be the most memorable and something that you'd want to do again.
Written July 18, 2012
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Kansas City, MO79 contributions
Spa Land bills itself as the largest spa in the world. Korean spas are different from European ones I've been to, so be open to that difference. This is an upscale version in a large department store, but still frequented by mostly Koreans. The hot baths are separated by gender and located by the locker rooms because you are nude in the baths. Americans, don't let that scare you off. If you are uncomfortable - just change your clothes by your locker into the Spa's shorts/shirts that you're given and go out to the co-ed part of the spa - which is an amazing variety of saunas - ones with sound, light, holt salts, steam. The temperatures are listed on the outside - so you can ease yourself into the hottest ones. There are also areas to relax and a cold room as well. Here's how you stand the hottest saunas - go to the refreshment stand and get a "vinegar" drink - it is a fruity drink with tiny bit of vinegar over huge mound of ice. Take it into the hot sauna and sip on it. It really works - and the stuff tastes great. But try to be open to the whole experience. Koreans wash off with a scrubby cloth - really really thoroughly before enjoying the baths and the saunas. Try it. Families scrub each other - but you don't have to scrub your friend, just wash yourself and relax in the water. i went with my husband and son - who both also loved it. My son has lived in Korea for 4 years - so he knew what to expect. Anyway, we all treated ourselves to a massage as well as the saunas - wonderful. My husband and I had a couples massage. You can see all ages here. it seems a way for people to enjoy their friends and family and its very healthy. I loved it.
Written June 7, 2011
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Kahon C
Hong Long265 contributions
The Spa Land is quite a fancier Korean spa that is generally split into the gender specific pool area where you must be totally naked, and the stream room/relaxation/foot spa area that everyone shares and you will have to wear the provided bathrobe. It is worthwhile as an experience and a therapy after days of tight-schedule sightseeing.

The pools are around 20-45C and stream room are 17-80C, though in a bathrobe the max you can get is about 66C. The decor is contemporary and sleek with high ceilings of an airport terminal and polished details of any great hotel in town. The only setback--forgivable for the price point--is the crowd and lack of privacy. More pleasant stream rooms are always packed at weekend evenings, as with the TV room. I did not need to watch the TV anyway.

The reasonable routine is sweat it through, soak in the hot pools and jacuzzi, take a refreshing shower and leave in a total relax mode. As mentioned before, there are services and drinks subject to additional charges (to be collected upon exit, like a cruise). It worked for me, so relaxed that I got confused about the metro platforms on the way to hotel not only once, but twice.


Get in after 8pm on any day to get a discounted admission of 7000/9000W (down from 12000/14000). You shall have enough time to get the benefits (assumed aren't addicted to Korean soap opera like the locals...) and upon leaving, you are ready for bed. Grab a value dinner at the two department stores next door while waiting.

If you plan to shower, it would be better to bring the clothing and personal stuff. One noteworthy point: the outdoor hot spring is only available to women. Men only get the outdoor foot spring...

Unlike the ordinary spas in town, this one closes at 24:00 and you cannot sleep inside. It would be a good idea to stay nearby as you don't want to crawl a long way back to your bed after the spa.
Written May 21, 2011
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia16 contributions
The first word that can decribed my feeling when I step into the ladies lockers room was shocked. Well, this is probably due to the misunderstanding I got. In Malaysia(where I comes from), spa literally means massage. So I didn't expect to see naked bath and all. I have to ask my Korean friend for a couple of time before get ready for the spa ("everything? everything? even what's inside?")

So they provide you with a key that opens up the locker for your shoe and your locker inside the lockers room. Then we changed into a huge shirt and a baggy pants that were provided and went out for the outdoor foot bath. The water is warm and it's a really good place to chill. Some people would bring a book and read it there. Then we went on to some steam rooms. They have a temperature panel outside the room so that you'll basically know which temperature are you going into.

Then after entering a few steam room we went around and there is this room with massage chairs around and a personal monitor attached on each chair. But probably because it's Sunday, it's fully occupied and I saw some people were standing, waiting for somebody to get up from that really comfy-looking massage chair.

We didnt bother to wait and went down, order a shaved ice, egg and fruit juices and spent about an hour eating and watching tv with many other koreans.

After chilling and entering a few more steam rooms, we went back to the bathroom next to the locker room (only females), had a shower before diving into their outdoor pool (naked of course). They have different pools near the shower place and it's embarassing because the place is so huge and so many people were there.

Overall, it's a high class jimjilbang and I would really recommend it to tourist who really want to try to experience the Korean common bath experience. It's really clean and it has really reasonable price. the most expensive session would probably be 14,000KRW. (all entrance last u for 4 hours, if you spent more than 10,000KRW within the spaland, you automatically gets another 2 hours stay inside)

So, have fun and enjoy Spaland! it's one of the highlights of my vacation in Korea =)
Written July 28, 2011
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Singapore, Singapore62 contributions
I have visited Spaland almost every trip to Busan (this is my 5th visit!) and Spaland is not what it used to be. Perhaps this visit it is a lot busier and crowded because of chuseok (aka mid-autumn/ full moon festival). They used prohibit children under 12 years old but not this time, there were so many children of all age range, running around, opening/ closing each jjimjabang. Downers were - busy everywhere, restaurant service was super slow, and price went up. Also, I clearly remembered we paid and entered before 9am (eligible for early bird price, even on a public holiday, I read early bird still applies), but I felt like they ripped us off because we were foreigners and assumed we did not know the pricing. I also did not try to argue in English and too tired to do so after a red eye flight.

My advice is, go at off peak days and hours so you can properly enjoy the facilities. About the children entering matter, don't get me wrong, I'm not against people going as a family with young children as long as the parents ensure their children is not running around and opening doors everywhere.
Written October 7, 2017
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Singapore, Singapore213 contributions
This was a really luxury spa/ jijimbang for us. The cost is 15000won for weekdays and 18000won for weekend. Before 9am and after 8pm there are some discounts.
First you pay at the reception area with a ticket to show your number to your shoe locker. Then take escalator up 3floor. Find the locker number and put your shoes in the locker. Then take out the locker key and ready to enter. After entry, there is a counter on the right side to take your towels and clothes. Then go into the ladies/ gents area to take out your clothes.. fully naked. You will put your belongings and clothings at lockers inside the bath area. The number is same as your shoes number.
After you are fully naked, you can take a shower either standing or sitting on the stool. You can bring a small towel along with you but when you are in the pool make sure that the towel is not inside the pool. If you would like to go for some korea scrub, there is a small room with a few ladies wearing bra and panties. They are able to do scrubbing for you. 10mins- 12000won for back scrub, 25mins- 25000won for full body with a cucumber facial mask. It's not as painful as I imagined. In fact it was so relaxing and I didn't know I had some much dirt that can be scrubbed out.
After you had finished scrubbing you could try the different pools with different temperature. One of the pool has the jacuzzi where the nozzles spray at the different parts of body. There are also outdoor pool too which is located inside the ladies section. Once you are done with your bath, you can try the sauna/ jijimbang.
Overall it's an exciting experience for us. Will want to go it again if I ever come to Busan.
Written April 16, 2017
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Montreal, Canada2 contributions
It's everything exept a "Spa". Ok for the bath. Clean but without any fancy design. The hamam without any steam. A world premiere. A TV in the sauna...and TV's and cellphones in the relaxation area. Completely amazing to see 40 screens with the last news of wars and other decapitation in a "relaxation" room. Last but not least: Noise everywhere, cellphones ringing and industrial sausages as snacks"... You should come once in europe to see what's a real spa.
Written February 4, 2015
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