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Amazing healer
Aug 2020
Wayan really is a genuine healer and she is so kind. She scanned my body and from that she immediately diagnosed some issues and said she would prepare some medicines for the problems which would take a couple of days. She prepared a blend of herbs for me to cleanse my face, neck and chest with and then she did a reading for me that went over my job and relationship history. All the timelines were so accurate, it was spooky. Then two days later I went back to see her for medicines to clear problems with my thyroid, mouth and mucus in my lungs. This time I was to cleanse my whole body with the herbs and then the medicine was applied to certain parts of my body in the form of a scrub. A glass bottle with hot water was pressed against the mixture to warm it on my skin, then when it was dry it was removed and we sat down while she prepared a medicinal tea for me to drink to help prevent and clear any viruses in the body. There was a noticeable difference to the inflammation in my throat and chest area straight away and the day after the meeting I felt much happier and lighter with a clearer mind. I will be going back to Wayan soon to clear the remaining issues she diagnosed and I would really recommend that if you are looking for physical or emotional help that you contact Wayan. She also does distance healing as she can diagnose issues by looking at pictures of your hands, feet, underarms and spine. She can then prepare individual medicines and send them to you. If you would like to contact her the mobile and what's app number for her is +62 819-3301-7155

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77 reviews
Very good

Karratha, Australia28 contributions
May 2021

My wife and I visited Jero Wayan and came away feeling refreshed both spiritually and mentally.
Part of Jero Wayan's treatment was a medicine she has made to help with breathing and clearing the lungs which it did, Jero Wayan would like to use this to help people with COVID-19 an ease their pain.
It has been a few days now since our treatment and we are both still feeling the affects of the time we were able to spend with Jero Wayan.
Written June 3, 2021
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Miami Beach, FL3 contributions
Jan 2020
Hi All, Jero Wayan is a great healer and palm reader. I visited her first time few years ago and in January 2020 was my second time. I brought my friend with me this time. My friend was very glad that she met Wayan. We took everything very seriously healing and reading and Grand Pa visits. We spend a week in Bali and visited Wayan every day. That much work we needed. Wayan also invited couple of other healers to work with her because she take what she does very serious and takes different approach to fix the problem.
Wayan is very friendly also. We miss her already. I hope we can come to see her again soon.
Written February 2, 2020
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Jennifer P
48 contributions
Jan 2014 • Solo
To appreciate the uniqueness of Wayan Nuriasih spiritual healer and her staff at the Traditional Balinese Healing Centre is to be open and let go of your western medical centres and expensive immaculate squeaky clean quiet boutique Spa expectations. It is necessary to have no expectations throughout this journey and understand this is Bali and this is a traditional healing centre. It is true the atmosphere is chaotic, Wayan is a master multitasker and this will more than likely infuriate you and trigger your impatience and intolerance of other cultures, methods, concept of time and our narcissistic ego’s need to be demanding and in control. I had the complete package at a cost of 850,000.00RP ($85.00 approximately Australian dollars). This includes an accurate body reading (from this point on it is necessary to surrender to a new belief about your modesty/privacy), body balance with herbs etc, a herb and root scrub undertaken in a small “kamar mandi” (bathroom) by a male who sits you on a plastic chair and scrubs your near naked body with boiled leaves, whole body massage undertaken by several male staff members at one time (at this point you are wearing only your knickers and a well shared sarong laid on top of you), multivitamin lunch which is nutritious, vegetarian and rather delicious plus you are given take away supplies of appropriate natural medicine/remedies. The complete package is suggested to take 2-3 hours, however my package stretched to over 9 hours at no extra cost. My existing neck (and various other) issues were stubbornly still very tight. Wayan and her staff would not give up on me and worked endlessly on my body (I was bruised black and blue) until I felt major relief. Wayan pops in and out to see how your treatment is going and instructs staff accordingly along the way. I was even taken by the hand by Wayan to Tutti’s (Wayan’s lovely daughter) bedroom to look at my improved straightened body in a mirror. The Traditional Balinese Healing Centre was due to close for the day. Wayan spoke to myself and a young Danish woman and explained that we required further treatment and arranged for Tutti and a driver to take us to her home temple to give offerings and pray, then we were driven to the other side of town to Wayan’s Master/Teacher’s home/compound who diagnosed “bad spirits, that had entered our bodies through the negativity and jealousy of others”. We were diagnosed/treated with a knife (this was excruciating but brief), we were told that we were allowed to scream in pain if required, however afterwards there were no marks, cuts or pain on our bodies and we both were overcome with an amazing positive change in energy, peace and lightness. Whilst I am sure not everyone has such an extreme experience as I did, this confirms that Wayan and her staff at Traditional Balinese Healing Centre are dedicated to healing; doing all they can to help and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health and needs! The Traditional Balinese Healing Centre is located near the Ubud Post Office with easy accesses by foot or scooter. I will be returning December 2014/January 2015 for a service and a tune up.
Written December 7, 2014
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Perth17 contributions
Wayan Nuriasih has run this establishment at 5 Jl. Jembawan, Ubud, for many years. I had a wonderful two hour massage and lunch there when I was in Bali 15 months ago. Expecting something similar, I had a one hour massage and herb and spice rub two weeks ago, and it was very pleasant. The spices were freshly ground in front of me, and two young men did a
great massage in unison. With herbs and spices smeared all over, I needed a shower at the end. One of the men escorted me from the massage room upstairs to the little shower downstairs. My bag containing my wallet were in the massage room, and as nobody other than Wayan and the two men had access up the stairs, I decided to leave it there for a few minutes. When I came back I noticed that my bag had been opened, and A$260 stolen. However, the thief left some money, probably hoping that I would not notice. I am now quite disillusioned by this establishment. It is all about aggressively making money. I listened to two other middle aged men being assessed by Wayan, and surprise surprise, they received identical diagnoses to mine! Wayan provides a brochure detailing a 1 hour massage and treatment costing R150k, but if you attempt to choose this option be prepared for 10 minutes of hard sell as to why you should choose the two hour option at twice the price, and with more additions that will triple the price. I have also heard from several people that if you are not absolutely clear about what you are getting and how much it will cost, she will multiply the bill and argue to the point of being very unpleasant. Yes, you will get a good massage, but only go there with the exact payment and no more, and leave your valuables at home. Is this what a traditional and spiritual healing is all about?
Written November 23, 2007
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Los Angeles, CA2 contributions
Mar 2018
I was in Ubud for my birthday with my friend and we decide to give try to a “famous” healer Wayan to see what she has to tell about our health and well being... we walked inside of the “healing centre” and Wayan asked us to sit right by the entrance door (usually that is a wrong place to do reading) She was very dry from beginning and didn’t feel light and loving at all... as I know many real healers she didn’t even have presence of a healer! So she began her ritual by praying and worshipping to her Gods... usually I feel very strong bliss when someone truly prays... but I didn’t feel anything close to a prayer... then she began looking our energy fields and hands... she diagnose us both with absolutely same illnesses like we both have Brest cancer on both breasts and really dark spirits are surrounding us, that we will die if we didn’t come to far as I know myself and my friend we both are health addicts for long time and we are in a great shape and had no problem with our breath ever... some wrong predictions about our jobs and education... apparently we both had exactly same life story... then she drew with a pen on our breasts circles identical to each other...unbelievable... she couldn’t even come up with slightly different story, so at least that will sound little bit believable... after she finished her “magic reading” she came up with a price for her “healing” services 15000000 IND )))) I started to laugh and then I asked Wayan why is Divine healing is so expensive??? Oh my God she got really mad at me when I question her “Majesty”! Honestly I think that other all of “healing business” scams I saw this one was the worst!
If u like to follow this path go ahead... but I can assure u that no healing happens when healer names a price! Healing power only available to those who are not interested in profit and only desire they have is to heal people and the planet!
But overall the best healer for you is You! Just Fast on Organic Juices for 2 weeks and truly Pray from your heart and u will definitely discover ur healing abilities without any charge! Blessings...
Written March 7, 2018
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31 contributions
Jun 2014 • Solo
I thought I would contribute as well since all other reviews helped me tremendously... I still went to see Dr Wayan with no expectations, just to try it out for myself.
I agree that you will definitely not find the cleanest place and that Wayan is generally emphatic towards her clients being distracted by all sorts of things.
I got two sessions over two days - one general one (palm reading and body scanning) and the second one at different places throughout the entire day. A couple of hours at each place.
I liked what she said only to the point until I heard her say the same things to the ones after me.
Those two days people coming to Wayan were all smart, easy to get jobs, had problems with digestion and should avoid cabbage, lacking calcium and vit E. When we were 5 months and 2 weeks inside mum's tummy (OK, the others got 6 months and 1 week, 3rd person got 7 months), our parents had a big fight. Well, I decided to ignore this fact of likelihood because the herb massage I got was pleasant. I felt reenergized - but nothing else, I still had the same problems as before.
Then she saw it was not working (credit to her, she was right).. so she said it must be because of bad spirits. So she sent me to her master to the temple. He poked me a couple of times with sharp knife in back and chest after touching my breasts (and said the bad spirit is difficult to find because it's hiding...) and once done, I could leave.
As directed by Wayan, during these treatments we should always pray because that's the ultimate healing (which in fact I do believe in...) Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the temple where people usually go because I was on my period (and thus not clean and unworthy to enter...)
My problem was still there. So Wayan said it must be because of my unharmonized aura and chakras and she suggested two special priests who could work on me.
Then she invited me to her place.
The first special priest smoke one cigarette after the other and the second one was drinking beer.
I cannot comment on their ability to heal spiritually but at least this fact of their "purity" was shocking. The thought that these men will mess up with my aura and chakras was too much for me to handle - and during the whole ceremony I was praying for protection like anything. The others took it very festive, they prepared many shrines, I had to wear a sarong, pray, etc.

Maybe I was not receptive to the healing and blocked it with my thoughts but overall I felt very uncomfortable. It didn't help me much and after the last session I was dying to get out of there. The priests took pictures of me, laughed and commented that I will soon find a boyfriend (that's not true because I already have one).

So now I don't know what to think now of the whole thing...- you better check for yourself.
Written June 9, 2014
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Kew, Australia5 contributions
Apr 2018 • Solo
I cannot express my concern for people visiting this home any more...
wayan’s reading was ok but then the need to heal me further was where it became not only wrong but unethical. I was not in a healing centre, but her home. No privacy, not even treated by wayan herself. In fact her son, daughter and a man did most of the treatment. I am now covered in a rash from a substance that was put all over me. Once again... not by wayan.
I was left exposed whilst visitors came in and out of her home. She took phone calls and other clientele whilst I was in my treatment... all in the same space, she even took a shower whilst I lay there burning from whatever she put on me. When I expressed my concern she brought grandpa out to fix it..the rash got worse. When I tried to stop the treatment, she argued with me. I asked to leave. I needed her driver to take me home so I had to pay. $750 Australian dollars... you are kidding me.
I was scared, burning and did not know where I was so had to pay to get out of there. She told me I was full of bad spirits.
DO NOT VISIT THIS HOME FOR TREATMENT. It is actually dangerous.
The words Eat,Pray,Love get dropped more than I even care for anything Hollywood. We’re all being had. She offers money back as she closes the door behind you. Please don’t visit here. This woman is dangerous.
Written April 23, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

Rachael M
Los Angeles, CA36 contributions
Jul 2018 • Solo
I was with Wayan 8 years ago. It cost me $280 for a full day of treatments. Today I went back and the price was $750 and she kept telling me she "calls other healers now" um ok but I'm here to see you. She was immediately concerned with me leaving reviews all over the internet. She mentioned it right away since her address is wrong here (everyone in town knows where she is). She used some of the info I shared about myself to ask how it could benefit her. The doors are glass and I was naked with scrub all over me with people wandering in asking for appointments. I know healer types aren't the most organized, but this is beyond. Papers everywhere, no appointment book, just books people on top of each other. Bottom line: she is talented and knows all about plant remedies. She does have some gifts for sure or she wound't still be around. However, her lack of being able to run the business side of her center properly and only having 1 table prevents her from running it correctly. Also, I was robbed. Literally. Someone there stole $150 from my purse. I know who it was and when it happened looking back. Be very cautious. I'm mostly sad that it ruined my experience and day and has now tainted my last experience there.
Written July 1, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

Viktoria S
Ubud4 contributions
Jan 2015 • Family
I have met Ibu Wayan more than two years ago, and even as a medical doctor I was amazed how accurate her diagnosis was. Her daughter was also working with her, and she was incredibly patient and kind with my children. Getting to know them was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for me. At that time a lot of reviewers were complaining about her sessions being overpriced, but I would like to share my experience on this topic. While asking a reasonable price from Western people - definitely not more, than one would pay in a spa or any other naturopath, let alone healer -, she treats locals for free, even buying food for kids with severe malnutrition.
Only after many years she spent some money on renewing and repainting her place, installing new bathroom and kitchen and cleaning it entirely.
Written January 19, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews as part of our industry-leading trust & safety standards. Read our transparency report to learn more.

Jitske J
Groningen, The Netherlands29 contributions
Mar 2016 • Solo
I was not sure to give it 2 or 3 stars but I decided to give it 3 because I don't want bad karma :-)
I went there without expectations and thought there probably would be a waiting time of maybe a couple of days but this wasn't the case. I arrived about 10 in the morning and there was the famous Wayan. She said I could take a chair. After that I was not sure what would happen but she asked to fill in some sort of form and apparently she did have time for a reading. She told me the price, about 30 euros, and i thought that was a reasonable price and then she began with the proces. Suddenly some strange woman appeared asking questions while we were still in the middle of the reading. I found that somewhat rude. So Wayan talked to this woman..waiting..waiting.. and then another woman came to see Wayan. She sat down very close to me, I was not liking that. I expected some privacy for this. Before I know it there were 5-10 people all around me and Wayan didn't have so much attention for my reading anymore and she started helping a couple of people at the same time. I found this very strange. I felt uncomfortable, and realized this is probably how it works. So whenever you wanted Wayan attention again you would have to ask for it, but you wouldn't be the only one. I felt the urgency of other people also who were eager to get treated and I didn't feel good having a bit of a competitive feeling coming from the other people (I am a very sensitive person and can pick up energies of others easily). I also didn't feel comfortable that she read my hand with many people sitting around. And that being said, I didn't found her friendly at all. She didn't seem so much interested in the people that came there. For Balinese that is very uncommon, everywhere you go people usually want to know all about you, and where you are from. I became inpatient and at a point I just wanted to go home. Everything all together took about 3-4 hours. Even if you want to pay and just leave, you have to be very patient as Wayan seems to do 4-5 things at the same time, including having a massage (at a certain point she was in the back, no curtains, and I saw her breasts, that was weird). However, I tried to rationalize it by thinking that I was 4 hours at the famous Wayan's place. She read my hands and apparently she saw about 6 relationships in the past that I hadn't had at all. It all was not very accurate. I still tried to have trust in it..and overall it was a different kind of experience. So i think that was worth the money. So after it all she gave me the prices for a 'real' healing. She also said that it would take about 3 days for me. The amount seemed very reasonable but I still had to think about it as I didn't like the experience that much and was not keen spending 3 days of my precious holiday hanging around her place. A couple of days later I came back, it was a lot of money, but then again she would take a lot of time for it. When I came back she suddenly asked a lot more then before. She also didn't seem to recognize me - i thought that was a bit strange for someone who can tell the future. I said I was ok with it. Again like before she helps many people at the same time, so do not expect a very personal treatment from her. I must say her staff members are very friendly and warm people. You could see they really cared and they gave me a long treatment. I do however feel like there is not a real scientific base for this healing. People may think it is something real authentic Balinese, and believe me, it is not. I talked to many Balinese and none of them believed in the healing (even though they do have faith in theirs Gods and rituals). Healing must come from the inside, no one can do it for you. If you want a real authentic experience, go to the holy waters of Tirta Empul instead. After my treatment I asked if I had to make a new appointment. She said: ' No! I will not give that. You need to give me more money then'. She wanted to see more money if I wanted to come back. This was very odd because a couple of days before she had told me the price for the full package. At that point I had paid around 150 euro's (200 dollars) already and I started to get fed up with all the waiting, and her being unfriendly. By the way, I tried to pay, when I was ready with the treatment, and she ignored me. At a certain point I really wanted to go, and she said very rudely to give me the money. I tried to give it but she was doing other things, so I put in back in my bag. And then she yelled at me, you had the money, and you put it in your purse again. Well it was still my money. And she is very unclear on what you have to pay. So if I would want to come back I would have to pay another 100 euros. I didn't want that. I was not sure if the healing was finished or not, but she did say that I now had clean blood and for the other 'problem' I wanted help with she would give me medicine. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to go back there. She did offered for me to see her grandfather and somebody took be there. Again, this guy poked me on a couple of places, and I don't really understand how this can be healing. However my bad spirit must be removed now (come on, really?). The most important: do I feel better now? I don't feel any different. The night after it all I had a hard time sleeping and I felt ripped of. I was feeling very upset, maybe because I had other expectation, because a lot of people were so enthusiastic about it all. Maybe I had expected more friendliness and kindness, which also can be healing. Instead she asked for more and more money and I didn't feel like she really cared about my wellbeing (how can you be a healer of you don't care so much?). Also, there was no lunch, I've heard other people talking about. I don't regret I went there because now I know and otherwise maybe I always would have asked myself, what if I would have gone there. But, I do want to warn other people. Please, don't expect too much. Expect no privacy, having to spend a lot of time there, having to be patient. Don't expect amazing results. If you want something different: just go for the body reading. And expect that she will asks for a couple of hundreds of your money. She will ask more and more of it (don't fall for it). Too bad, I guess the publicity of Eat Pray Love really spoiled things.
Written March 11, 2016
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