Bali Stand Up Paddle School

Bali Stand Up Paddle School

Bali Stand Up Paddle School
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
The first SUPS school in Bali now offer also regular SURFING classes.. We offer lessons and rental to help you learn this amazing sport. We supply paddles and specialized stand up boards for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors will give you their personal attention and share the surfing/paddling experience with you. Learning to paddle surf could be the beginning of a new lifelong passion. We only use the best boards and paddle from Jimmy Lewis Hawaii and only run classes if the conditions are good. Classes and rental ONLY with booking. We usually teach early morning to get the best conditions!
Sanur, Indonesia

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Very good

Rowan K
Caloundra2 contributions
Jul 2013 • Family
In July 2013 I hired a 8'7ft board for 8 days. Jankie and his organisation organised this effortlessly, online and without any deposit required. On arrival in Bali the board and paddle got delivered right to my hotel in a nice protected bag. I paid in US Dollars and spent 8 days surfing 8/10 foot of glassed- up Indo heaven.

Many, many thanks to Bali Stand Up Paddle Surf School for supplying outstanding service and brilliant equipment. See you again soon.
Rowan Kimberg
Written August 19, 2013
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australia7 contributions
May 2014 • Friends
I have just returned from Sanur and had two lessons
This was a great way to learn and I have been bitten by the paddleboarding bug and looking forward to my next trip so I can paddle every day
Jankie has a great business and that is because he responds to your emails ,I had problems getting a lesson to start with but that was only because he was booked out
He advised me of the various options available and away we went .
You progressed at your own level with advice from the instructor and in no time was catching small waves
I look forward top the bigger waves on the next trip
Written May 19, 2014
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Margaret River, Australia22 contributions
Apr 2013 • Friends
6 nights in Sanur with 3 SUP addicted girlfriends. We made from Australia with Janke to hire boards. On arrival Janke helped us choose the right board. They are all great condition and Jimmy Lewis brand. His business is located at Villa Puri Ayu which is also where we stayed. It is 2 minute walk to the beach and a 15 minute paddle straight out to the surf. Even though we are experienced surfers Janke or Komang came out with us in the surf each day. They were friendly and fun to surf with. Sanur has lots of flat calm water for beginners or if you want to catch waves and are fit you can paddle out 800m or so to the surf. Thanks Janke and Komang for making it such a great holiday.
Written May 7, 2013
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Jo M
Perth, Australia4 contributions
Mar 2013 • Solo
After taking up SUPing at Christmas in Western Australia I was very excited to get out and experience the Bali surf. As a frequent visitor to Bali I was looking forward to finding out more about the conditions and get some local knowledge and advise. after emails with Jankie, the owner we were instructed to go to a particular hotel which would be akin to finding a needle in a hay stack! After waiting at the shop which happened to be only 100 metres away from the said needle we received an abrupt phone call asking about our whereabouts. We explained we were at the shop location and within a matter of seconds were greeted by what appeared to be an angry tree frog aka Captain Grumpy with what appeared to be scooter with a roll cage - This was Jankie. We followed Captain Grumpy back to the hotel where I was thrown a board and asked if I wanted booties.

My fellow SUPer, a english gentleman with limited experience and I followed Captain Grumpy and his mobile board carrier down to the beach where it was suggested "do you prefer paddling out to the surf or would you like a boat for 50,000rp". Not knowing the lay of the land I naively asked what Captain Grumpy suggested was best. He responded with "well I am catching the boat" so we boarded the boat. We made our way to the spot and with very little communication our instruction was "do you want to go here or out the back?" to which we replied "what is it like out the back?" we were told double head. Both being new to the sport we opted for the safe heaven of the 6-8 foot faces of the inside.

Our two boards were then thrown over the side and we were told to jump in and thrown leg ropes to attach to the boards. Captain Grumpy suggested that we head off and he was going out the the bigger break out the back. I noted that my English companion was having trouble standing on the board let alone catching waves. I meanwhile made my way to the break zone and not being familiar with the location and the break found it difficult to find the take off point or peaks and found myself in no mans land. I paddled over a big wave and jumped over the lip and the board was pulled on the leg rope and the leg rope snapped. I now found myself without a board, being smashed in the break zone, fighting for survival. As the breakers continued to roll in, i relied on my 30 years of experience in the water to not panic and keep my head above water. Fortunately after some 20 minutes or so a fellow SUPer spotted me and assisted me while encouraging me out and providing floatation on his board.

We spent a further 10 minutes getting out of the danger zone to allow the boat which was now back on the beach to pick me up and locate my paddle. I then asked them of the whereabouts of my English partner to which they didn't seem to know his exact location.

They asked if I wanted to have another go but I didn't have the energy to do so. They took me back to the beach where I recovered on a massage table contemplating just how close a call and dangerous this episode was. Once I had regained my composure and met with my family who had been waiting on the beach completely unaware of just how long we would be, where we were going due to Captain Grumpies lack of communication after a long wait we decided to leave and paid Captain Grumpies father for the terrible experience and leave. It wasn't until our driver explained that a surf lifesaver had been looking for a missing person that we became concerned of the possibility that it may be our English friend, at which time we returned to confirm his return to shore. Fortunately through good luck and not management this was the case and an unfortunate local was missing. Captain Grumpy needs to consider his business practice when dealing with peoples lives, communicate better, give more information and be more accountable for the people he is providing with a service. There are no checks or measures in his business model and he runs the risk of someone paying the ultimate price without more care and consideration. When discussed with Captain Grumpy he was more interested in his money than what had happened. Would not recommend!
Written March 29, 2013
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Dear All, actually the story is a bit different! Mr. J told me that he was an experience SUPer and that he wanted to rent one board for 1 week to be sent to his location on the other side of the Island. That day forecast showed a very big swell and I told him. So he decided to come to our place. As we operate from a small hotel close to the beach I sent to him a very nice details map so that he can show to the driver (we are aware of the difficulties in finding our place). To cut it short with other people waiting he was late and was waiting at our shop and only when I CALLED to find out his position he said that he was in the wrong place.. Note that I never mention to go there and here is my email to him: Hello ........, meeeting place is at our Head Quarter in Villa Puri Ayu Hotel, Jalan Cemara n. 4B, Sanur. Please fidn map attached so that you can print as show to driver. See you tomorrow morning. Bye Jankie Yes when you show up late on the bigger swell of the month and let everyone wait that early in the morning I may be a bit grumpy! If you ONLY rent a board is mean that you are responsible for what you are doing. If when I tell you that waves are big you should listen and if you are not confident do not come out. Still I drop him to the safer place on the reef (name is Baby Reef... And that mean that is for babies...) while I went to check other spot, I was never asked to stay or to supervise or to give a lesson!!! Any how after 25 minutes I was back and told by the other guy that Mr. J instead of staying in the safe area followed some other local paddlers where the waves were much bigger and dangerous. He did got in trouble as he couldn't manage the size of the wave. When you do rent you do on your own risk and you should know your limit. Next time I will be more careful to who I rent boards on big days and not only rely on what I have been told. The other guy that was out there with us kept SUP surfing and was back the next 3 days!! I will make sure that he come and comment here. Bye Jankie
Written April 6, 2013
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Darwin, Australia158 contributions
Feb 2012 • Solo
Something I have always wanted to do, since seeing SUP in a magazine. I am overweight and over 40. I didn't fancy my chances at catching a wave, but yes, I did manage it a couple of times, including the first time.
Jankie the instructor I was lucky enough to have to myself, was fantastic and it is true that he does push you to do your best. It is actually a lot to remember, ie. put the paddle the right way around, don't look down at your feet etc. but once you get the hang of it, and I feel on my butt quite a few times, usually when I least expected to, it is really exhilirating. It was also just nice to be out on the water.
Sanur Beach is a great spot to learn, I was a bit concerned about being so far out in the ocean, until I got dumped and found myself standing on the bottom. Jankie explained we were on the edge of a lagoon, so that made sense. We had paddled our way out towards the Sanur Costa Concordia to find some baby-sized waves that suited me just fine but a crappy day for SUP addicts I expect.
Having never surfed before, having lived away from the coast as a child, I really enjoyed the experience of catching my first wave. As the other reviewers said, it is really an awesome experience. Might be different for others who have surfed already.
By the end of the lesson, I was getting the hang of standing up and paddling, but would need a bit more practice. Sanur is a great location to do this and the shop is right near the beach for board hire etc.
You can call Jankie from the shop if you have trouble contacting him, the girls there will dial it through for you. Reception from a landline is much better. The shop is opposite the Sanur Beach Hotel, in front of you as you have your back to the drivers waiting out front. I have included a photo if you are trying to find it as Bali streets can be a bit cluttered.
I didn't realise I could do this in Sanur until it came up on tripadvisor, when I was writing another review. I think it was my lucky day as I wouldn't have managed SUP as well in choppier water.
Jankie you are a very patient man and a great teacher, thanks for a great morning out.
I will definitely try it again as I think it is a great workout and quite addictive. Very good workout for the legs I am finding right now.
Written February 11, 2012
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Sanur, Indonesia21 contributions
Jul 2011 • Friends
A friend and I took a SUP lesson our first week in Bali. It's addictive and exhilarating, Great for all skill levels and even if you don't want to catch waves, paddling around the Sanur beach is a great workout and stunningly beautiful.

Jankie and Camun are great instructors - they really push you to get better and by the first lesson, we were riding waves. Great value as well compared to other SUP schools. Definitely check them out!

A few notes - wear as much sunscreen as possible, if you don't have a really strong strap on your sunglasses, leave them on the shore (same goes with a hat). Drink lots of water before heading out and make sure you wear a t-shirt or a rashie. Enjoy!
Written July 4, 2011
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Perth, Australia2 contributions
May 2016 • Solo
Jankie and his Sup setup came highly recommended by friends. I have done a lil Sup but required extra guidance. In the time provided Jankie personally assisted me out on the ocean in terms of, wave selection, how to use the paddle to turn once on a wave, and how to best co exist with other ocean users ie surfers, The off shore reef break was outstanding, safe and perfect for learning. Jankie and his team were never far from us the whole time. The setup here is Awsome, Thank you for the experience. Can't wait to come back to Sanur.
Ka Ki Te ano. Malcolm
Written May 27, 2016
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Surfers Paradise, Australia91 contributions
Mar 2014 • Couples
This was the best place to have our first ever stand up paddle board session. Shallow smooth waters which led out to the waves when we were feeling a bit more game. From communications with Janke right up to going into the surf with Komang, our experience was faultless. After paddling out to the surf break we tried riding the smaller waves. Komang was very encouraging all the way. Hubby managed to get up and ride a few but I didn't quite get there. It was sooooooo much fun. Thanks for looking after us Komang!!! We definitely recommend this! We had a 2 hour session and it was around $45 each. Really worth it. Take a go pro if you have one.
Written March 13, 2014
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Margaret River, Australia2 contributions
Apr 2013 • Friends
That was my first SUP surf trip to Bali with my friends and we had an absolute blast for 6 days riding fun waves at Sanur reef. Jankie and Komang did such a great job helping us to have the fun going for hours. While looking back I wonder why I did not stay out on the water for longer! The equipment is very good and great assistance. Beginners will get going and riding waves in no time. Sanur is great area for any water activity, just choose one. I am planning to go back very soon.
Written May 1, 2013
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Noosa, Australia46 contributions
Feb 2013 • Family
We turned up at the wrong meeting spot a little late and the owner came to where we were to get us and take us to the right hotel we were meant to meet at. Nothing was too much for him. He leant us extra sun shirts for my friend and her 11 year old child. Our instructor was Coman who was clear and helpful from start to finish of our lesson. Within half an hour we were all out on a small break and paddling onto waves. We spent the rest of the time catching more and more waves and this was our first lesson! Thank you so much Also the water was clean a great temperature for staying in a long time and we came home so happy with ourselves. I am going back again today to just hire a board for another go.
Written February 4, 2013
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