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Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal: Tickets, Tours, Hours, Address, Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary Reviews: 3.5/5

Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary

Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
10:00 PM - 1:00 AM
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Very good

Kolkata (Calcutta), India19 contributions
Bethuadahari: A Roadside Nature Reserve
Dec 2020 • Family
One can falls for the jungle of Bethuadahari, situated near about Krishnanagar in Nadia district. It takes more or less 4 hours from Kolkata through NH 34. The forest of Shal, Segun gets deep to deeper from the entry-level, which is actually perfect enough for nature photography. But if it's about Wildlife, then, No, it's not satisfying atall. The only pond, we have seen (though the map tells of 4 ponds) reserves 4-5 Gharials. More to say, an enclosure is there, shown the Peacocks, some other species of birds , which is merely attractive . Only one 'Nilgai' is there, where maintenance is not so good. Allover, lack of maintenance has vividly shown in the sanctuary. Plants, shrubs are not properly signed in the board. Even in the bird enclosure, u can't locate the unknown species, other than the Peacocks. Unfortunately, we had with some disappointing experiences from the forest staffs. The museum near the entry gate(entry charge 2/-), will help you to reveal the stories of Nadia as well as Murshidabad district. Ticketing only with 50/- , this 170 acres of Jungle aka sanctuary, definitely can be a destination for a One day trip.

(Note: arrangements are there for night stay, only then you can experience the wondering of Spotted Deer (Chital Harin), or Lengur etc.)
Written December 28, 2020
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Kolkata (Calcutta), India3 contributions
Bethuadahari Forest
Dec 2020 • Family
I went to this sanctuary with my family on 25th December, 2020...we were so exited about the place but after going there we were not satisfied by the sanctuary... N here is my honest review..
The place is not as good as other Forests because the security guards were not allowing us to go to the front of forest with foods..we know that & we were not going with foods.. We were going to forest with Christmas Cake to cut the cake... They didn’t allow that!! They started argument with us n behaved badly...when my father was going to quarry with other police or security, the main security guard started argument with him also...we were dumbfounded to see that that security was checking my father,uncle with thermal scanner n we were 7 in no. He didn’t Thermal checking with us...
After that when we went to forest to see the nature n animals, we found nothing.. We only saw some beautiful peacock, a nilgai,gharials nd trees,but we listened that there were deers upto 250,butterflies, langurs...we didn’t found these😑.we were mostly dumbfounded to see that some visitors were eating, how they carried the foods??!!! Their checking process was not as tight as they were showing, saying! The maintenance of forest is not good... There were many sits to sit down but they didn’t allow us to sit there😑...we r not so much satisfied by the place... We thought that we will be satisfied but we r not...I can recommend the place for photography 🙂
Written December 28, 2020
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Suhail H
Kolkata (Calcutta), India12 contributions
Short Trip to my Village
Mar 2019
Far from, the cacophony of the cities, villages provides with the peace of mind to both mind and body After a long period, I visited my native. It was a short but yet a very memorable trip.
Written July 2, 2019
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Jharna S
Mumbai, India425 contributions
Strictly okay!!
Oct 2018 • Friends
Its a man made patch of greenery, that's way can it be called a sanctuary. We saw a few spotted deer and some monkeys.
Written February 27, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

5 contributions
Bethudahari horrible night
Aug 2018 • Family
I went Bethuadahari wildlife sanctuary 16-18th Aug'18 with my family. We booked WBFDC cottage by Rs. 500/- Per day through their Online booking mode. The jungle is very beautiful and dense. We felt very thrilling. You can see deer only if you stay in the forest cottage. They come near cottage after 6.ooP.m. From 8.00a.m. to 9.00a.m. before coming outside visitors you can see deer having their food at some fixed places. We could see one ''Daras' Snake the security captured from outside and freed it in the jungle in front of us and saw a small ''comodo' or ''Gosup' except the deer, 'Gharial' and some birds in the jungle.
Food facility is very poor. Caretaker of the cottage can provide food but it is very costlir than outside. You only get breakfast bread, butter, omlet, benana, Ghugni and tea, cake, biscuit outside the wildlife sanctuary. For other food you have to go to Bethuadahari station or opposite side market. Auto fare from Station Rs.10/- per head.
The forest cottage room & bathroom is good. Indian comode system. But there are two single bed of different size and torn bed covers and mattress. Windows are not covered by nets so it is very risky to keep open the windows at night in the jungle. Insects were entering in the room in the evening. Small type Mosquitoes are there. We could not sleep 2 nights for hotness since we had to go to bed by closing all the windows and doors. There was suffocation but we were unable to open the windows. One small 'bat' entered our room at first night and we saw it was moving outside our mosquito net. My wife got fear & screaming. Later it was flying into the room and got hurt by the running fan in the room and fall on the floor. Very much horrible. In the morning I throw it away by broom.
The Securities there are very much helpful, but some of them ask for some 'Boksish' at the time of departure.
We went from Kolkata station to Bethuadahari Station by Hajarduari Express. Returned by EMU local trains from Bethuadahari station to Ranaghat to Naihati to Bendal to Howrah line. You can go straight to Sealdah by EMU locals or passenger train Lalgola-Sealdah except the Express trains. You can also go by buses.
You can only book 'Beduin' from Salt lake ''Aranya Bhavan' and Krishnanagar, rate Rs.1000-1200. A/C. Non A/C. facilities are there. Saheb Bangalo which is very much inside the jungle can only be booked from Salt Lake, Kolkata Aranya Bhavan which is used for Officers, MLA, MPS, ministers. You will only get it if there is no such booking.
You will also get one good hotel 'Swastidipa' outside and opposite of the gate of Wildlife Sanctuary..
Written December 12, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kolkata (Calcutta), India164 contributions
Short trip to Bethua on a shoe-string Budget
Nov 2018 • Friends
one fine weekend set out for a 2 day trip to Bethua (as the locals call it). Details below:

--> My friend & I were determined to keep this as much a budget-trip as possible. I had booked the Bethuadahari WLS Cottage online via WBSFDA. Set me back by a princely sum of Rs. 1,000 for two nights
--> We took the Krishnanagar Local from Sealdah Station at 7.53am. This is a hopping train, which simply implies that in spite of being a local passenger train, it dows not stop at every station that comes in the route. Train was crowded as expected, but we managed ato get our seats
--> Reached Krishnanagar at 10.10am. Nothing much on the way, except that we patronized almost very other hawker who was selling some thing edible
--> Took a toto from the station to the Rajbari, cost us Rs. 10 per head. The old Rajbari is a sad site, while the new one is closed to visitors. There is a small opening in the gate through which you can view the cannon that the Brits supposedly gifted to the Raja for his help during the 1757 sepy mutiny
--> Got another toto to take us to the famous Adhar Chandra Das sweet shop. To our surprise, they had only one door opened and customers were not being allowed inside. We had to place our orders standing outside and they would hand over the packets once payment was made. Their is a pretender by the same name located just beside the original, but we preferred to stick to the original. Belive me, the sarbhaja & sarpuriya was just simply out of this world. They also had the famous Nikhuti, but we were too full to sample it. Maybe next time....
--> Hired another Toto to take us to the Church. It is really worth a visit, but do keep in mind that it closes sharp at 12 noon, only to re-open at 4pm
--> Another toto took us to the Old Bus stand. En route we requested the driver to take us to a wine shop to stock up on our favorite poison. Managed to get a local bus which was heading for Plassey
--> Word of advice: There are Express buses which are much faster than the local ones. However, they do not stop at the WLS gate, so you will have to travel all the way to Bethua town and hire a toto to come back a good 5 kms. The local bus wasn't bad though - we managed to be at the gate by 1.10pm
--> Carry a print-out of the online booking receipt. We showed this to the guard at the entrance, who called up the caretaker. The famous Shanker - as mentioned in the earlier reviews here on TA has left - the place is now looked after by a young guy by the name of Shuvo. Very polite and likeable character, he will also serve you meals cooked by his mom at their home located just outside the WLS
--> There are 2 cottages - one with Indian style WC and the other Western. The guests who reach first get the western style cottage, while we ended up getting the other one. But no complaints though - the room was spacious and clean and the bedsheets seem to have been changed that very morning. Only disappointing thing was the cottages are located right at the entrance - we had been hoping to stay more in the interiors of the forest
--> Shuvo's mom is a very decent cook. Do not expect anything fancy, but the food we were served was tasty and adequate in quantity. The total amount for
4 x 2 meals Shuvo charged us was about Rs. 500, which I thought was very decent. However, she does not serve breakfast, so the only option was to have bread & omelette in the shacks located outside the WLS
--> Please do carry all toiletries, towels and of course, the tipple of your choice. The shops outside serve tea, biscuits and have a limited stock of cigarettes
--> We took a night stroll with the torches in our phones tuned on. The guard on duty warned us not to venture beyond a certain point, as the place abounds with venomous snakes
--> Next morning we visited the pond where there are 3 gharials as well as the Nature Interpretation Centre. One interesting point: the entry fee to the Park has now been increased to Rs. 50, though it was free for us
--> On the way back, we asked Shuvo to call us a toto for drop-off at Bethua station. Managed to get seats on an unreserved passenger train that reached Sealdah in a little less than 3 hours
Written November 16, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kolkata (Calcutta), India10 contributions
Bethuadahari two day trip
Jan 2018 • Family
The place is well connected from Kolkata , however its not justify the name 'Sanctuary'. We only able to see two Gharial and one deer (on very remote distance). Other than this not even see birds. Apart form big trees and morning or evening walk around the jungle within defined (by officials) route .
There is lot of improvement needed interns of hotels , food , wildlife availability etc, in compare to Nandankanan I will give 1 out of 10. I stayed in hotel call Swastideep just opposite to Sanctuary main gate, this hotel is good considering location , cleanness, staff cordiality and there support outstanding. But lack of good food and variety, I would say any traveler will be highly disappointed, no proper restaurant ,menu card nothing.
Written January 29, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Shibaji D
Kolkata (Calcutta), India137 contributions
A cute reserve forest close to Kolkata
Nov 2017 • Couples
Bethaudahari is a quaint little manmade reserve forest in the Nadia District of West Bengal. The place is bang on the National Highway 12 (a 4 hour 140 km drive) and also well connected by the Rail Link from Sealdah, Kolkata.
The Highway is in shambles at certain stretches (was told that this was due to 4 Laning work). There are umpteen number of eating joints enroute – we had breakfast at a place named PM Inn, near Kalyani (about 80 kms from Kolkata).
Once we reached the Forest Guest House at Bethuadahari, the entire effort of driving in seemed worth its salt every which way.
There’s a 2 room Cottage just at the Entrance of the Forest – this belongs to the West Bengal Forest Department and can be booked online on the Forest Department's website for a meagre Rs 500/ night per room. (If one can pull strings, there’s another Forest Bungalow deep inside – looked decent)
The booking register indicated that not many people stay in there round the year – the local guards told us that most tourists come in the day time, roam around and leave in about 2-3 hours – the gates open at 9 am for such visitors. If you are staying at the Forest Guest Houses, you are allowed to move around freely inside from 08:00 in the morning till dusk.
We had reached around Lunch time – lunch (simple rice and fish, well cooked) was arranged by the person (Mr Shankar) assigned to look after the cottage guests; the person was very enthusiastic – enumerating tales of the forest from his experience. Roamed around the forest in the afternoon. As soon as we left our cottage, we could see Deer strolling close to the staff quarters; we were told that the staff feed them regularly and hence, they come out of their homes. The walk through the forest is lovely and scenic – you could smell the trees as it were. About a kilometer inside the forest, there’s an alligator farm – we could see a few of them basking in the sun; we ofcourse, did not see any more deer then.
Evening descended pretty early – we retreated to our cottage for some home made snacks, courtesy Mr Shankar. Out again, just outside our cottage, a herd of deer were loitering – we could spot them in the moonlight!
Dinner was again a homemade rice-chicken-sweets and off we were for a well deserved sleep. The cottages are well furnished (don’t expect fancy stuff) with reasonably equipped washrooms. It is advisable to sleep under the mosquito net (available with each bed).
Woke up early and got ready to see the fauna inside – the staff feed the deer at about 07:00 hours – so entry to the feeding zone is restricted till 08:00 even for residents – the logic being that the deer would leave their food on sighting humans – and would be left starving for the day.
We were advised to be at specific locations at 08:00 hours from where we had unrestricted views of atleast 50 deer feasting; seeing us, they observed for some time, before making their way into the jungles; we left the sighting place and in a few minutes the herd assembled to complete their meal. We trailed them to the pond where they descend for drinking.
It was now 09:30 hours – the deer left one by one and we retreated to our cottage.
It was a short and sweet holiday.
I would advise visitors from Kolkata to spend the night inside the forest to get the real feel – going in after 9am is a waste!
Written December 8, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kolkata (Calcutta), India48 contributions
Much wild, not so much wild life
May 2016 • Solo
This is a portion of erstwhile zamindari forest cordoned off for primarily conservation. It is a small place, with one walking trail that will lead through and around the sanctuary. The walk itself can't be more than 2 kilometres. There are other branch trails but those have been barricaded. Maintenance isn't exactly the buzz word in this place.

That said, this is a beautiful, green place to find some quiet and serenity. Bang on NH 34, yet once you go inside, the noise from the highway fades off, and you can't help but notice the cacophony of bird calls in the dense forest. At the entrance there's a board that says, among other precautionary things, "don't speak too loud, let nature speak to you." That is precisely what you need to do here. Quiet down, and let the silence seep in, as you walk through dense greenery.

Immensely value for money for a 10 Rupee entry ticket. Two wheelers parking cost 5 rupees (flat, a day), four wheelers 20 (if I remember right). There are two cottages "Mayur" and "Mayuri" right at the entrance that I was told can only be booked online via WB forest department website. The rest house is deep inside and has to be booked from the forest department office at Krishnanagar, or Aranya Bhawan at Salt Lake, Kolkata. Two AC rooms and a cook who will prepare meals to order. There is another guest house called "Bedu-inn" nearby which has slightly better cottages (I was told) which can also be booked online.

If you are coming from Kolkata, you'll want to take NH34 through Madhyamgram, Barasat, Ranaghat. It is a single lane highway almost all the way, and pockmarked in stretches: two lanes of opposing traffic. You'll want to be careful while driving as it's not the best of roads. Although 4 laning is in progress, given our government's track record, it is hard to say when this will be completed.

In short, quite literally far from the madding crowd, a place to get up close with nature, a place to experience silence, spend a night with yourself, or with your family and friends. A good weekend getaway from Kolkata.

NOTE: Probably the best time to visit would be the monsoons or the winter. If you visit during the monsoon, carry some Electral water - the heat and humidity inside the forest is oppressive.
Written June 14, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ahmedabad, India440 contributions
Bethuyadehari, smell of nature in side locality,
Dec 2015
Bethusdehari reserve forest is 135 km away from kalkata, nadia district which is well connected by road and train (lalgola fast passanger) with Kolkata,
This is a deer park, rather to say as reserve forest, but it is the place where you can smell the nature and feel the wild atmosphere,
The entry fees is 10 RS only per person which may be the cheapest forest of india, no charges for camera, but if you are carrying move camera or video camera it will cost 1000- 300 RS,
I have visited the place in dec 15, as I have reached by 12pm, no deer was spotted in morning season, there was a break from 12pm to 2 pm, at that time no one is allowed to stay inside the jungle, so I have reentered again and able to spot 3 deers, this park was developed by taking a pair of spotted deer from alipore zoo of Kolkata in 1969 which breeds in the forest and not the count is 200, so it is advisable to get early walk at 9am, (the opening time is 9am) as the guides says,
There is no personal guides available forest guards are there in many places they guide the road, also you are allowed to walk only a small part of the forest the rest area is closed for visitors, as in an incident some tourist was killed a deer once,
There was a small lake for boating and in other lake 8-10 gharial are there, also there is a zone of birds and a caged nilgai where the kids can enjoy, two forest cottage was also available for night stay,
Lastly saying do not came to bethuyadehari with much more expectation of jungle, you can freshen up your mind with greenery of nature bird sound boating and can able to spot deer and mongoose there.
Written December 30, 2015
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